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Emily keeps rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, tortoises and much more. She´s a real pet-lover! Emily says: ´I look after many different animals including the wildlife that our 2 rescue cats Flea and Izzy bring on on a regular basis. I love animals and always will."
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Hello everyone. As there is talk of wedding bells within the PetStreet community and it´s always nice to see peoples wedding photos. Not to mention my being a big sap, it´s been decided to have a PetStreet Mr&Mrs club.
Lets all remember how in love we were on that special day, be thankfull for the love we share now and share the excitement of the new PetStreet Mr&Mrs´
Lets hear your wedding day memories and see the photos of your big days.
Even if you´re not married and just want to share some wedding related stories or photos then we´d love to hear or see them.
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