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Robert is an expert on Akitas. He is co-founder of Akita Rescue and Welfare (UK). He has two Akitas Max and Adora, who are two of the three Breed Ambassadors for Akita Rescue and Welfare. Both are Therapy Dogs and visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and day centres in London. They have also been representing the Akita Breed for the past 7 years at Discover Dogs.
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My passion for animals the love that I always have for animals inspired me to do something more for them. The purpose of this Website, Blog is to help promote animal rescue, conservation, and animal welfare and help the local SPCA to find lovely Homes for dogs and cats that are rescued and homeless. Open your heart your home and give on of this dogs a lovely save home… I have always loved animals, and same friends told my many times that I’m ,,gone nuts,, about dogs and animals but that’s okay they just didn’t understand way,,,, My life its always about animals,,, We have decided to devote our spare time to help the lives of animals and I spend every dollar for Animals,,, The internet or the ASPCA Online community is really a great place to meet so many animal lover and people the help animals,,DON´T say You love animals until you can face the truth about animal cruelty and are willing to be a voice for them. Please understand. We are their only hope!!! They cannot control their destiny, nor speak of the pain they suffer.. But WE as a civilized society can ..and SHOULD...and help to put an end to Animal Cruelty! Those of us who love animals and include them in our families have always seen animal cruelty as family violence. We are their voice! It´s up to us to fight for the animals´ rights! Loving animals goes beyond pet ownership. It´s about standing up for their rights to live and be protected from abuse and cruelty My only purpose here is to educate and bring awareness to the harsh reality of animal cruelty that is rampant across the nation. We tray to raise more awareness of Animals abuse, starting to make, Blogs, website,,about this Problem bring more info and awareness to all pet and animal lover. For years, the media has turned its´ back on animal abuse to ´protect´ or ´shelter´ the mainstream of society from such horrors. Now, with the ever-increasing problem of animal abuse, violence against people its finally being exposed through the many different forms of broadcasting. But what you´re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg, lots more is to come,,,,,, Violence against defenceless animals is only the beginning of the cycle... the violence progresses to children, women, the elderly...and the list goes on,,,,, When it comes to animal cruelty cases, there is always that nagging fear that the killers will be bored with torturing little animals and move on to bigger things. Animal cruelty is fast becoming a serious issue; it should no longer be swept under the rug. We are the voice and speak, for those who can´t speak for themselves. How we treat Animals its a reflection to our culture and society. You get out of life what you put into life. We all have a voice we just need to use it. But if we stick to it we can make a difference! Have a nice Day and don’t forget your Pets and Animals,, Bob “Friends for the love of Animals “
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