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Robert is an expert on Akitas. He is co-founder of Akita Rescue and Welfare (UK). He has two Akitas Max and Adora, who are two of the three Breed Ambassadors for Akita Rescue and Welfare. Both are Therapy Dogs and visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and day centres in London. They have also been representing the Akita Breed for the past 7 years at Discover Dogs.
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would you like to lose a bit of weight or get a bit fitter and feel fabulous? does your pet look like its getting podgy and could do with losing a few pounds? join us here on petstreet where u will get all the support you will need for you or/and your pet. lets have some fun and do it together!
Dont forget to click: see more discusssions. there will be lots more here for you to enjoy.
so have fun, lets get fit and fabulous love heather and noo x
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