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Laura is brainy - she´s an analytical chemist, which is forensics without the dead bodies. She recently got married to a very long-suffering chap who took on her two dogs, six ferrets and the cat, as well as Laura! She is an ardent ferret welfare supporter and likes to educate people about ferrets as pets. And she writes mystery and comedy novels in her spare time.
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Hope Rescue is not a rescue in the conventional sense. We are primarily a co-ordinating rescue. Most of our work involves moving dogs from put to sleep or emergency situations. We secure rescue spaces for these dogs with reputable rescues such as the Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and RSPCA, together with a number of excellent smaller rescues and breed rescues. We will also transport them to the rescue and cover many thousands of miles every month.
The majority of the dogs we deal with are strays from Local Authority pounds which would otherwise be euthanised once they have completed their statutory 7 days.
We use boarding kennels in Llantrisant and Caerphilly, South Wales to hold dogs if there is a delay in their put to sleep date and a rescue space becoming available. Boarding fees are one of our highest expenses but emergency holding kennels are vital as usually there are not enough rescue spaces available, particularly for the bull breeds and other larger breeds.
Whilst we remain primarily a co-ordinating rescue we have also found it necessary to take in dogs for rehoming ourselves, as we are sometimes unable to secure rescue spaces. These may be dogs with medical problems, the Oldies or some of the larger breeds such as bull breeds. We also occasionally take in dogs from owners who find themselves in emergency situations and can no longer keep their dog. These are fostered via a network of fantastic and dedicated foster homes.
We are entirely self-funded and rely on the fantastic support of our volunteers. Most of our expenses are for boarding, medical and transport costs that we cannot reclaim through rehoming fees as the dogs are rehomed by other rescues. Fundraising is therefore an uphill struggle and we are always looking for fundraising volunteers!
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