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17 Aug 2008 16:59
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Cat Bite Abscess Pictures

The healing power of the body never ceases to amaze me! Check out the pictures in my work album. A cat came in about 4 weeks ago with a HUGE hole in the side of its face where are cat bite abscess had burst. With treatment, this hole healed inside a month and the cat has made a full recovery. The pictures are not for the faint hearted though, you have been warned!

Cat bite abscesses occur when a cat gets bitten or scratched, usually by another cat but they can occur from any bite injury. Teeth and nails are teeming with bacteria, and these get introduced to the fatty layers under the skin when they pierce it. The cats immune system fights the infection by creating a large amount of pus. This engulfs the bacteria and eventually puts the skin under a lot of strain until it bursts. This then sends the pus flooding out, taking with it the bacteria and the bulk of the infection. This is why if a vet finds an unburst abscess, they will lance it and drain the pus. Most cat bite abscesses will require anti-biotics to heal them.

If a person is ever bitten or badly scratched by a cat, medical advice should be sought as soon as possible. The bacteria they introduce can be dangerous and you may require anti-biotic treatment.
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