The Top 10 Unhealthiest Dog Breeds Revealed

The Top 10 Unhealthiest Dog Breeds Revealed
December 4, 2008 by Freelance Writers
According to a survey carried out by a pet insurance firm, these are the 10 breeds of dogs who cost their owners the most money in vet fees.

But let us not forget, there are lies, damn lies and pet insurance surveys!

Great Danes: The 2nd Most ´Unhealthy´ Dog Breed?

What this could actually show is, the owners of these breeds of dogs are more likely to have pet insurance. Or the owners of these dogs are more prone to taking their dogs to the vets. Or, it could be, that these 10 breeds are indeed more liable to incurring higher veterinary expenses for their owners. Take it however which way you please:

Lifespan per breed (Years) - Cost of vet bills in the last year - Cost of vet bills in a lifespan

1 English Setter 11.2 621 6,955
2 Great Dane 8.5 780 6,630
3 Poodle 12 544 6,528
4 Rottweiler 9.8 532 5,214
5 Doberman Pinscher 9.8 481 4,714
6 Pointer 13.5 335 4,523
7 Greyhound 13.2 314 4,145
8 Chihuahua 13 310 4,030
9 Beagle 13.3 302 4,017
10 Saint Bernard 8 492 3,936
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10 Dec 2008 10:52
What tosh , mine are rearely at the vets for anything othere than routine. Insurance dribble.
Rebekah , you can´t insure Shar pei because they are classed as DD.
09 Dec 2008 20:44
I agree Liz,my godsister had a toy poodle that lived till he was 18.

Also i wondered about the cavaliers too,surely after pedigrees exposed they must top the list???
08 Dec 2008 18:25
Member Removed
I wouldnt believe this I have known 3 poodles one died at 15 one at 16 and one at 18 Im also surprised by the beagle the setter and the pointer.Im actually surprised by them all
08 Dec 2008 18:16
Member Removed
mmmm strange...i thought cavilears had bad health problems but dont see them...
06 Dec 2008 10:41
I agree with comments below, i really would of expected more bracycephalic dogs for resperitory probs, shar pei´s etc for skin probs etc of the above listed dogs i didnt really expect to see them - but then not everyone insures!
06 Dec 2008 09:42
Member Removed
A dog I think would only be unhealthy if NOT cared for properly. So I have to agree with Margaret it a load of rubbish.
05 Dec 2008 19:24
As already stated, not everyone has pet insurance and are quite prepared to pay when their animals get sick. Also as already said, some people are far more likely to consult a vet than others. Like all surveys, load of rubbish and very one sided.
05 Dec 2008 11:36
Hmmmmmmmmm...I wouldn´t have said that a Rottweiler is one of the most unhealthiest breeds...´touchwood´ all of mine have been brilliant (Insured yes) but rarely ever used it for them other than for Rafika once,to have a small benign lump removed from her shoulder............other than that.....sorry..they were very healthy and made old bone´s.

I cannot speak for the rest as I´ve never owned any of the other´s...but interesting statistics anyhow!.
05 Dec 2008 10:28
Quite surprised at this list, wonder just how accurate it is ??????????