In my neighbourhood a family have just moved in, they have a cat which seems really aggressive
towards my next door neighbour cat, they do fight quite bad, the new cat has not been
neutered, Stating to my neighbour what has been going on, she said she would report this
to the RSPCA, I have told her they could do nothing, she states that they can take the cat
and neuter it, I have had cats all my life and never heard of this one, can you tell me if
this is true so I can tell her the outcome of my concern ragrding her cat

Many thanks
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22 Sep 2010 06:48
I very much doubt that this is the case. Probably the only line the "aggrieved" owners could pursue is to take the aggressive cat´s owners to the Small Claims Court to recover the vet´s fees - but they would need concrete proof that the other cat was the perpetrator.