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13 Jul 2014 13:51
My 12 week old lurcher pup has yet another upset tummy, I have also noticed him licking walls and concrete....why is this? With his last upset tummy about a week or 2 ago he also had round worms I´m hoping these are all gone now but am wondering whether he has been reinvested with them? And should I worm again just to be sure?
Thanks Karen x
12 Jul 2014 18:46
Welcome to petstreet
09 Jun 2014 17:11
Happy Birthday Wendy xxx
New bladder been ordered for you heeee xxxxxxx
05 Jun 2014 17:47
June 1st, It is eighteen years to the day that I drove Lyker home from the rescue people to her new home. Lyker has been the most loyal companion I have ever known. She is now a very old and tired little whippet. I feel so incredibly fortunate that our paths crossed way back in June 1996.
18 May 2014 22:35
what lovely pets you have i have a definate soft spot for gsd not so much with snakes however Lol xxx
26 Apr 2014 18:35
Hello folks,
Lyker (Now eighteen years old!) has suffered three seizures in the last three weeks, our vet gave Lyker a blood test today and the results showed she is not suffering from either liver or kidney disease. The vet has prescribed “Pexion” to help Lyker’s seizures, however this drug appears to have very bad press, has anyone here had any experience with this drug? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
21 Apr 2014 14:45
Thanks for the gift xxxx
18 Apr 2014 11:05
Love the gift ´thanks xxxxxx
18 Apr 2014 10:09
Thanks for lovely gift xx
10 Apr 2014 12:46
Glad you´ve finally found something she sounds fab, PICS please xx
13 Mar 2014 17:32
Thanks for message,Both of mine are rescues Kyra is now 13 but sadly has CDM though she still gets around have bought her some boots for walkies.
Heiko is now 7 and is greyer round the muzzle than Kyra x
13 Mar 2014 15:47
Hi Tony, if you want to message anyone just click on their Avatar, which will take you to their profile page scroll down and youll find their message board x
13 Mar 2014 15:20
Dexter and Sadie are so 2 lovely looking GSD´s & I do love your snakes
My JRT´s are K9 & Skye the parents to the 4 hooligans who are Kobi, Zeus, Dottie & Ziva xx
12 Mar 2014 19:37
Hi Tony and welcome, look forward to hearing about your gorgeous dogs x
12 Mar 2014 19:32
Welcome to petstreet you have 2 beautiful dogs x
22 Feb 2014 16:39
Have emailed you x
15 Jan 2014 19:18
Welcome to petstreet x
15 Jan 2014 13:15
Hi Teresa, welcome to petstreet x
10 Jan 2014 11:34
Great Avatar xx
29 Dec 2013 17:53
wishing everyone a very happy healthy new year lets hope it will be good year for us all chears