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21 Apr 2014 14:45
Thanks for the gift xxxx
18 Apr 2014 11:05
Love the gift ´thanks xxxxxx
18 Apr 2014 10:09
Thanks for lovely gift xx
10 Apr 2014 21:59
Thank you for lovely gift xxxxx
10 Apr 2014 12:46
Glad you´ve finally found something she sounds fab, PICS please xx
09 Apr 2014 10:15
Hi Vena.Voice from the past. How are you all.Ihave a lovely old girl of nearly ten,who I took in lastJune.she is a longcoat who the people didnt want anymore.superb temperament,but iffy with dogs.
13 Mar 2014 17:32
Thanks for message,Both of mine are rescues Kyra is now 13 but sadly has CDM though she still gets around have bought her some boots for walkies.
Heiko is now 7 and is greyer round the muzzle than Kyra x
13 Mar 2014 15:47
Hi Tony, if you want to message anyone just click on their Avatar, which will take you to their profile page scroll down and youll find their message board x
13 Mar 2014 15:20
Dexter and Sadie are so 2 lovely looking GSD´s & I do love your snakes
My JRT´s are K9 & Skye the parents to the 4 hooligans who are Kobi, Zeus, Dottie & Ziva xx
12 Mar 2014 21:33
You also have 2 beautiful dogs,very nice.
12 Mar 2014 21:04
Hi Vena,thank you very much for the welcome.Dexter is the large dark haired one he turned 3 in january and Sadie will be 3 in august.
12 Mar 2014 19:37
Hi Tony and welcome, look forward to hearing about your gorgeous dogs x
12 Mar 2014 19:32
Welcome to petstreet you have 2 beautiful dogs x
22 Feb 2014 16:39
Have emailed you x
18 Feb 2014 12:12
Hi..Vena How are you??
You are still active but Main Personality Vet. Cat is missing..Is she married or what?? This was a beautiful and informative site now looks ruined ruined..
15 Jan 2014 19:18
Welcome to petstreet x
15 Jan 2014 13:15
Hi Teresa, welcome to petstreet x
10 Jan 2014 23:11
Thank re the avatar - love your sparkley fairy too xxx
10 Jan 2014 11:34
Great Avatar xx
02 Jan 2014 19:01
Love the new avatar Vena xx