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My Interests
I'm Orient, I'm 4 years old! and i like to meow at any given opportunity!! I live with a girl cat, Beauty(10) who i love to play fight with...

I love to pose, as you can probably tell from my photo's....

I like......
Sitting by the grill when fish fingers are being cooked, Sitting on comfy chairs, Being outside, Posing, meowing, Telling my owners off when they sneeze...

I dislike...
Sneezes, when food isn't in my bowl... When no one is in..
My Blog
12 Jul 2007 18:52
12 Jul 2007 18:52
I escaped!!! over the back fence and round to the cars!!.. Only problem was...I got lost.. Nearly run over and had to be rescued by my owner!I still wonder why my Owner doesn't let me over the fence though...
My Message Wall
10 Apr 2008 00:45
i didn't know that there was a cat out there as pretty as me!!
25 Feb 2008 20:29
aww she is a poser but u cant blame her shes soo cutexx love star
25 Feb 2008 19:35
wow what a georgous cat she is stunning, what kind is she?
09 Feb 2008 12:25
Your Stunning.
28 Sep 2007 12:21
Hi Orient. You're pictures are beautifull. I don't blame your owner for not letting you go over the fence, you're quite a stunner xx
14 Jul 2007 22:40
You are a beautiful cat, even more beautiful than me!
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