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19 May 2008 21:53
Hi Speckle
Hope that your ok?
just little message to say hi
How is everything? Hope family is well?
hope speak to you soon
What you been up to?
any news?
Misty x
15 May 2008 12:04
Hi Speckle,
Thanks for the message. You are right - I sure love my ball. I could play ball ALL day, if someone could be bothered to throw it. We have 3 goats too. I, myself are more interested in chasing crows out of the garden, but my brother Paddy loves having a race with the goats (possibly the only time he actually runs - he is a bit more heavy and lazy than us sheepdogs!!!)
Anyway, enjoy the good weather and the balls. Keep in touch.
Love from Jessy and Paddy.
21 Apr 2008 19:19
Thanks for the message. We have both only recently discovered the delights of mud and water but we love it. We don't like being washed off afterwards but its worth it because playing in the mud is so much fun!
18 Apr 2008 22:06
Hey Speckle! Thanks for being my friend! We Border Collies rule, don’t we?

Lotsa licks, Floss
16 Apr 2008 21:05
hi there speckle
i like your name it's very orignal i think my names a bit boring i'm mostley white with black patches i'm about 13 years old so i'm getting on a bit so they keep telling me but there is still life in the old dog yet hope to talk to you soon my dad needs the laptop now here from you soon your new friend shep
15 Apr 2008 23:02
Hello Speckle

I am so glad to find other Border Collies on this site; we are the brains behind the folk aren't we; don't know how they would get through their day without us organising them; I expect you feel the same

Your friend

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