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26 Dec 2010 21:03
Hi Dione we are fine thanks hope you all had a great Christmas love to bonny xxx
26 Oct 2010 11:26
hi have you seen me my name is rebel i have been missing from july in the inverness area i am micro chipped and i appear on gsd rescue site and on dogs i am freindly
12 Oct 2010 17:43
Just popping by to say ´HI´ hope all is well your end xx
05 Oct 2010 18:16
hi dionne its been a while how are you and bonnyx
05 Oct 2010 16:57
Hi dine how´s you and bonny x
29 Jul 2010 08:52
Hi Dionne and Bonnie. I used to have two Yorkie boys just like you! Welcome to Pet Street. Janet, Billy, Bobby and the gang xxx
29 Jul 2010 07:31
Hi Dionne, thanks for the friends invite. I am honoured to be Cody´sfriend. Hope you are enjoying petstreet. x
25 Jul 2010 15:38
hi dionne looking forward to chatting with you and welcomexx
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