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Myself and my nine yr old son just luv animals, we also rescue them, if they need a home they find us or we find them!!! Normally a doggie person, but as my dogs (9 at one time and a pet sheep) have died, the pain is too big, so we now rescue cats and at present have 6 cats, 8 kittens and a dog!!!
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21 May 2008 23:37
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30 Aug 2009 16:06

28 Apr 2009 09:27
Hi your rescue cats are all lovely!!!!!! looks like they are very happy to of found you and your son!!!!! You sound similar to my friend Jill ive lost count of her total now but they always manage to find her too!! thank goodness for you people x
27 Apr 2009 18:46
Hi, you and your son sound just like me and my mum. If there´s a sad story or something in need of a home, we´re always there, we´re suckers for it but it´s worth it eh!
25 May 2008 21:29
thanks for your message..... i love recieving them!!!! how was your weekend, mine has been pretty busy ..... especially cause everyone (dogs and 3 children) have been stuck inside cause of the rain!!!! anyway hope to speak to you soon.
25 May 2008 20:15
Thanks for getting in touch- I would love to be your friend!! I am 2 years old and am a boy!
22 May 2008 21:26
hi donna

sounds like you have a house full!!! i have 1 dog at the mo, a golden retriever but soon to have another! we collect the newist additon to our crazy home in a months time, a golden retriever puppy! can't wait although its causing a few argments amonst the children already as to what to name her!
hope to chat to you soon

kate x
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