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07 May 2015 08:30
14 Dec 2014 23:50
26 Jul 2014 16:56
Our beautiful Lyker left us on Thursday 24 July 2014 after eighteen years of unconditional love and friendship. Our love for Lyker is beyond words, I can’t accept she has gone, we are devastated and my only wish is to be with her but I don’t seem to have the courage. We just want her back!!!!
Lyker: May 1996 - July 2014. Sleep well our beautiful little girl: Love Jeff & Michelle (Daddy and Mummy). We will always love you.
13 Jan 2014 20:43
My poor monty has sadly passed away on sat the 11-01-2014 we are all devastated than he has gone x
10 Dec 2013 12:28
Went to picked Dottie up this morning at vets & was met by dog warden & court official, they said as I am taking prevention actions by already putting a muzzle on Dottie & the fact that Dottie´s muzzle broke apart when she when she went walkies yesterday, which was unpreventable & was not removed but just fell off when clip broke, she will not be PTS this time, however I must make sure the next muzzle can be fastened to her harness to prevent it falling off if the clip was to break again, plus she can no longer be allowed off her lead & must be 15 foot maximum away from us on a lead when on park. (have a 30 foot training lead that as a clip each end & can be shortened to 15 foot)

Have a new muzzle coming but its coming from America & can take anything from 4 to 6 weeks to get here, its buckle fastening one not a clip one plus they are putting 2 extra straps on it so it can be fastened to her harness without stopping her head from moving, but until the muzzle arrives Dottie can´t go walkies, so will be spending 30 mins in garden with her each day as will each of my men.

Its been decided that I will not be walking Dottie around park anymore, my men said they will be the only ones walking her when her new muzzle arrives from now on, plus she will be walked on her own not with any of the other of my dogs.
09 Dec 2013 17:42
I might have to have little Dottie PTS :-( not by choice but don´t think there´s any other choice now, you see Dottie is always muzzled when we are out as she can turn on other dogs without any warnings, that´s how she got the nickname "The evil one" brother just rang me to say Dottie muzzle came off (clip broken off) when he took her to park & before he could grab her, another dog came by on a lead with its owner & Dottie attacked the dog, brother said she would not let go & as done lots of damage to other dog, he told owner to go straight to vets & he will meet her there to pay her vets fees, which came to a staggering £957.93p brother is saying vets talked about putting Dottie down, as if a child was holding the other dog they might of been bitten, brother was by Dottie she bitten his arm fingers & leg (he´s not said how bad she bitten him yet) I am in agreement with the vet if a child was with other dog then Dottie could of turned on child too, Dottie is staying at vets tonight in isolation unit, he as given her a knock out drug to try to calm her down (she was still snarling & shaking when in vets). I will be sad to have to have her PTS but am using my head not heart in hope of making the correct choice. XX
21 Oct 2013 06:24
27 Sep 2013 19:55
Just had a wet week in Wales. Very wet but lovely break. Very relaxing.
20 Aug 2013 10:31

I have had an experience which beggars belief. I attempted to deal with this via the RCVS. Despite lots of evidence they chose not to act citing lack of legislative powers. Reading comments following the Panorama programme ´Shouldn´t happen in a vets´ my story shows disgraceful veterinary practice isn´t an isolated event. We don´t get to hear about it because most people are afraid to tackle them, compounded by RCVS inaction and fear of litgation for libel.
I have decided to risk that as my story is one of truth and in the public interest for pet owners serviced by the practice.
08 Jul 2013 07:57
The dogs were out in the garden going to wee ect, when Tiggs squats to do a number 2. I was stood by the patio doors and I could see Tiggs really straining to go. He was squatting for ages poor thing and then he started to go and did he go. This long pooh started to appear from his bottom. I stood in amazement as this thing appeared longer and longer it came out. I was frozen to the spot then he started running around the garden trying to shake this thing from his behind. I got Angel and Diva back in the house, Tiggs is shaking and scraping his bum along the floor, I wasn´t sure if I should put me marigolds on and pull it out but then I thought do worms bite? . Finally this flesh coloured worm was on the floor I grabbed Tiggs by the collar and put him inside I grabbed the shovel ready to beat the worm well more like a snake,still couldn´t remember if worms could bite thinking this worm is going to head for my pond, so I´m stood waiting shovel in the air ready to kill this worm, when I looked and there was no movement , great it´s dead. Then on closing looking I´ve realised it was one of my mums pop socks that she has to wear due to a recent op she had, and they are flesh coloured. I didn´t no if I should laugh or cry I thought the dog had some sort of tape worm because the sock had like tripled in size. I phoned my mum and she said she was a sock missing I told her it was fully intact if she wanted it back, she no thanks lol. I was so scared, I´m still not sure where or how he got the sock just glad it came out , so my experience with the so called worm lol. I can laugh now but I honestly thought this thing was going to bite me or run for water hahahahaha xxxxx
25 Jun 2013 11:45
Last night Evelyn took me for a walk around the block of flats using my cat lead. I enjoyed sniffing around the plants and bushes and then discovered a hole in the fence. How exciting! I was able to pop my head right through but couldn´t squeeze my body in.
16 Jun 2013 15:28
Not sure how many of you know, but Angel was diagnosed with Lymphoma last year, infact the same day as Dizzy was diagnosed. Anyway she has a massive tumour on her back leg which cannot be operated on because it is on her back leg muscle and while she was being examined she is actually covered in small pea like lumps and bumps inside and out of her body. The tumours at this present time are not cancerous but can turn at any time so she has regular check ups at the vets. She has more lumps on her little paws and neck now, she isnt allowed out for a walk so she is now an indoor dog. She has aged so much over the last few months, losing her brother and now this illness has really taken it out of her. But vet says as long as shes eating, drinking and going to the toilet shes ok with her check ups. She isnt in any pain she just needs rest, love and attention and to be left alone because she does get slightly cross with Tiggs lol when he disturbs her sleep. She is such a sweet girl and feel helpless yet again because I cant help her. xxxxxxx
26 Apr 2013 21:13
its Happy Gotcha Day today for Diva. Its been a year since I got her from a free ad of off Gumtree. I was so all over the place I wasnt sure if i wanted her or not, but now Im so glad I did. She has been a pleasure and she is calm and is always happy. Happy Gotcha Day Diva xxxx
11 Apr 2013 20:35
Its my second birthday today and I´ve been having lots of fun I got lots of balloons a huge bone and new toys we had a party once all of my people where home from work and school and now mummy and I are having a cuddle on the sofa oh how I love birthdays sweeties and birthday cake to you all xxxxxxx
10 Feb 2013 20:10
My 1 year old hamster lost hair on the top of his head, back and belly a couple of weeks ago. As well as losing his fur he has a lot of scabs dotted on his back with a giant couple of scabs on his belly. The scabs on his head and back are healing but on his belly it is getting worst. It looks infected now!
Thinking it was mites and it was going to get better, we now understand it is skin cancer. He has been put on steroids, which I don`t know what it will do for him; but we are hoping it will help.
He comes out mostly at night but some times during the day for some food or a long drink, when we see him during the day, we dab (with cotton wool) salt water or witch hazel mixed with ordinary Listerine ("which does seem to be helping with his dry skin and scabs"), though the vet has advised not to use Listerine anymore.
We also tried giving him boiled egg, fresh fruit and veg. Although he doesn`t like the egg he definitely likes the broccoli, green beans, peas, carrot, grapes, cheese and cucumber which he nibbles while sleeping. He has fresh food and water every day, I am thinking of dissolving health tablets into his water. We also clean his bedding or his cage out every day to keep his skin clean and healthy.
Now we are just hoping and praying he can get better even though there is not much more we can do to help him. As there may be so little time left, I shall be spending it holding, playing and being there for him.
06 Jan 2013 21:35
I came across this little fella while doing my crossposting to help animals find homes. I have now made it my mission to do all that I can to find ´Blue´ the furever home he needs and deserves. So I would really appreciate it if you could share on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and any other social network in the hope to find Blue his home

Blue lost his eyes in a car accident, he needs an understanding owner due to his disability, he can live with a quiet dog. Cannot live with children or cats.
Blue is an 18 month old crossbreed bought over from Romania privately a few months ago and due to a relationship breakdown, the adoptive owner could no longer keep him, leaving him with nowhere to go.
Due to a car accident Blue lost both his eyes, he is very lucky to be alive. Blue needs to have an owner who is willing to work with him and allow him time to adjust to living in a home.
He is disabled and needs an understanding owner who will accept him as he is and allow him to take his time adjusting to his new life.

When he first arrived at ´Furry Friends Animal Rescue´ he was very unsure about cuddling and petting. Now he likes to have gentle cuddles and is very pleased with himself when he gets them!
Blue is not an aggressive dog but he is not happy about being shut in anywhere...he is very happy to be around people and is quite content wandering about, but being forced to do anything scares him and he may react.
He needs someone who has patience and will help him work out where he is and what is expected of him. If he gets frightened when out and about on his walks (such as if a strange, bouncy dog comes along) then he will seek his handler for reassurance. This is fine to a point, but his new owner will have to balance protecting his vulnerability with allowing him to work out life and how to react to different situations.

Blue can live with other dogs but prefers quiet dogs to dogs that are constantly trying to play. He does play, but a dog who is gentle in play is necessary.
Blue cannot be homed with cats, but is fine with small caged animals as long as they are in a separate area. He will need an adult only home.
It goes without saying that Blue will need to be walked on lead for the rest of his life!
He will be castrated, fully vaccinated, microchipped and bought up to date on his worming and flea treatment.
A homecheck will be carried out and a minimum adoption fee of £150 applies.
If you could Offer Blue the loving home and care he needs please Check out Blues page on facebook at Blue´s Facebook Page!/BluesTale You will also find a link to Furry Friends Animal Rescue on Blue´s page.

***WARNING*** - There are a couple of UPSETTING AND GRAPHIC PHOTOS.

I´m going to put a couple of photo´s in my album if you wish to see Blue how he is now.

03 Jan 2013 13:48
We have a blog with updates on finding pet friendly holidays UK & dog friendly rental homes UK

full details here
16 Dec 2012 09:50
Fluffy was put to sleep on 29/11/12 due to her having a tumour on the base of her spine; she!.....very sad and she will be missed so much! She was 12 years old and was part of the family from 8 weeks will never be forgotton my little fluffball. XXX
15 Dec 2012 13:42
Its my birthday again and Im 8 years old. I got a lovely toy which Tigger pinched, so I gave him what for and I got it back. I got a chew stick which I really enjoyed. Had a short walk because I still dont like to go to far had a lovely breakie now Im going for a sleep. Im so busy a girl needs to rest WOOF WOOF.
30 Oct 2012 18:59
Had to take Diva to the vets yesterday. She is not losing any weight since I have had her so is a strict diet fi=or her now.
She is weighing in at over 6 stone and the vet said she is obese. I feel bad I have tried with her but she dosent seem to lose anything. So its no treats no NOTHING for Diva now.
I do feel sorry for her tho. Also the vet checked her over and she reckons she is only abot 5 yrs old not 7 like her previous owner said.
15 Oct 2012 12:56
Have you seen Ollie, snatched from his 12 year old owner, please watch video for more details
He was snatched by three men and a woman in Beckenham Kent driving a blue saloon type care.
15 Oct 2012 12:51
and that means that I need to eat more food! Evelyn has realized that if she doesn´t put out a bit of extra dry food when she goes to work, I start meowing pitifully.
But as I eat less during the summertime, she knows I won´t turn into a fat cat.
17 Sep 2012 12:40
06 Sep 2012 10:15
On Saturday evening the 1st Sept 2012 Casper was pts. It was the hardest decision of my life. His health had deteriorated over the months and i knew i couldnt let him suffer anymore than he already had done. On Tuesday 4th Sept i went to see him at the crem before he was cremated. He looked so peaceful. It has broke my heart not having him here. Today Thursday 6th Sept i will be going to pick his ashes up and bring him home where he belongs. The other pets are missing him too. It has been a sad loss to us all.
29 Aug 2012 18:16
Went away for a few days up to the New Forrest. Divas first time and she was great, no barking at the horses or cows. Took her out on a long trainning lead to see how she was and for her to get the feel of the place and open fields ect. All was great so after s couple of days let her off lead and her and Angel had a great time. All was great until she run and caught a rabbit, for a big girl she can move.I was horrified i just couldnt believe it, it really upset me. So it was no more off lead for her. But then a few days later while in the garden she caught a tiny bird. I still cant get my head round this, I have never had a dog that has done this before. Im worried now incase she goes for a small dog or cat, Im not sure on what to do now. So any help advice would be great thanks xxxxxxxx
18 Aug 2012 09:16
I took Diva out this morning and whilst we was walking back a lady at the bus stop was making strange noisies at me and waving me over to her. I thought here we go what now, the lady was about 65 and to be honest I ignored her at first I just didnt what a moany women having a go about staffies. But how wrong was I, this lady kept grunting at me and very vigoursly waving me over. So I went over slowly, Divas tail wagging away and she went straight upto the lady. The lady started crying and hugging Diva kissing her. It was all very strange first thing in the morning. But the lady was deaf and dumb, and from what I could make out she had a staffie just like Diva, big and round but had to have her put to sleep becuase she went blind and had something wrong with her head, not sure what tho. But from what I could make out the dog kept walking into things and had fits. This women was so upset it started me off crying, her staffie was 8 yrs old had her from a pup and she missed her so much. She was a lovely lady just wish I could have understood her more, just shows how wrong I was thought I was going to be moaned out. The lady in the end shooed us away, she was so upset, I asked if she was ok and she nodded and waved us on. I turned back and she waved at me, bless her it was such an emotional morning and I only took the dog out for a walk.
06 Aug 2012 10:05
Marmite has become more confident int he last few months and now waits patiently for me in the mornings by the food bowl. I hand her food and she takes it off me. This is the routine she is in and will always want to me hand fed the very first bit of food before any of the others!
06 Aug 2012 10:00
Unfortunately while I was away on my honeymoon Abby passed away from a stroke. She was very ill at the time and was very immobile. I left her in the best possible hands and I´m sure she was spolit rotten up until the end.

Abby was one of those once in a lifetime piggy that could never be replaced. Her bossy no nonsence attitude and our extremely strong bond made my life so happy. She was spoilt and treated like a princess. I always had to feed her first as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning or there would be hell to pay. I miss her charging into the living room of her own accord to tell me what for when things were not as she expected! I miss the little tickles I used to give her and the happy purring she gave back.

I will always miss my little lady x
06 Aug 2012 09:56
Since the sad death of Abby - Rex has taken residence with Jessica and Marmite and seems to be getting on OK. He is definately the boss piggy out of the three and likes Marmite a lot. I don´t think the feeling is mutual though!
10 Jul 2012 17:28
Evelyn received a book in the post recently.It arrived in a nice big padded envelope and when she put some of my mousey toys and a feather inside, I worked out that I could play with it.When I sit on the envelope it makes a nice crunchy noise and I am quite happy to pounce on it with lots of energy!
06 Jul 2012 09:34
Please meet Kim. Due to a marriage break-up 17 year old Kim needed to find a new home! He has come to live out his twilight years with my five girls. he is such a lovely happy chap and he fitted in straight away! Love him to bits!
03 Jul 2012 13:15
Dogs, wolves and foxes are descended from a small, weasel-like mammal called Miacis which was a tree-dwelling creature and existed about 40 million years ago.
02 Jul 2012 10:25
Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone would like to sign my petition to get a Animal Offenders Register put in place, it needs 100 thousand signatures before the powers that be let it through the door. Unfortunately only UK residents can sign.
A big thanks to you all.
24 Jun 2012 19:56
I´ve been in a constant state of worry since my dog had the parvo virus 5 yrs ago, I was led to believe that there´s a chance that your dog can either become immune or at least fight it off allot easier
if there is a next time. And this morning at 10am she became ill within minuets after we got back from a walk
drooling, pale gums and lethargic, but after a good two hour sleep she seem´d to improve, she drank a little and her stools (for she then toileted in the garden) was firm and healthy looking, she then slept again, awoke, was a little sick in the garden then went back to sleep. It´s now 8:45pm and she does seem a little more perkier now, but still I worry, as I know animals can give false impressions when it comes to their health (in case there are predators about), it´s a visit to the vets if atoll unsure tomorrow, but if anyone has any idea´s what else it could possibly be I´d like to hear about them. thanks
22 Jun 2012 08:48
20 Jun 2012 15:35
I got a phone call Monday 18th June to say Dizzys ashes were back.
I went round and collected him, but I havent taken him out of the bag yet, I just cant bring myself to do it.
He is back home but I cant look at the box.
I would also like to thank everyone for their kind words and support you have been great
17 Jun 2012 11:25
Well, its been such a long time since I have been on Pet street, so much has happened in my life, the most recent awful time as I lost our first dachshund Luna, she was nearly 11, had been ill for some time, we really thought she was going to get better, with meds and steroids, it wasn´t to be, I am still very sad, I don´t think I will ever get over the day she led on my lap, all weak and small, I hope I did the right thing to end her suffering but it hurt like hell, and to think I have two more dachshunds to go through this time with again, how do you all cope with the loss of your pets ?
14 Jun 2012 20:12
to my tc little one i loved you so much my fluff bunticus now you have left me rip my loved one may you meet new friends now in your new life.we will missyou deeply i write this with tears in my eyes as i weep for you .good luck my little will one you will always be with me xx
12 Jun 2012 12:39
Yesterday I was so excited at dinner time that I started walking round and round Evelyn whilst she was opening my packet of dinner. I couldn´t wait to eat it and kept meowing in excitement. She says that sometimes I behave more like a dog when I "weave"around her and has to be careful not to step on my tail.
10 Jun 2012 18:30
A friend of mine is conducting a research project for her Masters Degree in Companion Animal Behaviour at the University of Southampton, regarding people’s views about dogs. She needs people to complete a short questionnaire, followed by a short statement which you will be asked to read. After you have finished reading the statement you will be asked to complete a post-statement questionnaire. The study should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Personal information will not be released to, or viewed by, anyone other than the researchers involved in this project. Results of this study will not include your name or contain any other identifying characteristics.

If this is something you´d like to help with, please copy & paste into your browser to take you to the survey. Part of the way through the survey, the questions appear to be repeated, please don’t despair, this is all part of the research project. Just keep answering every question until you get to the end.

Please share this link with as many people as you can, especially those who do not have dogs. Thanks very much.
10 Jun 2012 12:14
Hi all,
Just thought I´d let you know about a free to enter dog photo comp being held by the Dogstar Foundation on Facebook. Great prizes up for grabs,it´s being sponsored by ´Born to be Found´ I´ve enclosed the link for anyone who wants to enter!/DogstarFoundation/app_172616076129800
09 Jun 2012 22:25
Casper is now 10yrs old and looking every bit his age. His health is deteriorating he now has cushings disease to add to his other illnessess. Everyday is a bonus to have him around. I am dreading to when the time comes when the vet says he can do no more for him, so i take every day i have left with him as a bonus.
08 Jun 2012 21:06
Today at 4.03 pm, my beautiful boy Dizzy went to Rainbow Bridge. He has had a battle with cancer and it was time to let him be pain free. I did have an extra few months with him, because the specialist said he had till about March. But my boy was a fighter to the end, but he couldnt fight no more, it all got to much for him and the kindest thing to do was to let him be pain free.
I miss him so much and its only been a few hours, love you Dizzy Boy till we meet again.

RIP 06/09/2004 to 08/06/2012 xxxxxxxxxxx
31 May 2012 10:27
I have seen me birthday cake its in shape of a doggy, I have also seen me harness mummy tried it on me yesterday, its blue with these shining stones on, mummy says they are diamonds, I must admit I do look gorgeous in me new harness but mummy says its only for best & not for everyday use, mummy said she as bought me another everyday harness with studs in, but I can´t unwrap it as daddy don´t know mummy as bought it, she as slipped it onto shelf with all other harnesses & leads xxxxx
28 May 2012 22:46
Good Boy Dog School
Proudly presents
Kendal Shepherd
‘Why we get along with dogs – and why we don’t!’

Thursday 28th June 2012
7:00 – 10:00pm

Kendal Shepherd is a veterinary surgeon, certified clinical animal behaviourist, expert witness on the assessment of dogs and their behaviour for most of the court and police cases in the UK, the author of "The Canine Commandments" and a "Behavioural Husbandry Within Veterinary Practice: A Team Approach" as well as being the co-author of the "Blue Dog Parent Guide"
Kendal is a regular celebrity to appear on many of the dog programmes including ”The Underdog Show” and is an active campaigner for the dog’s rights and educating the masses on Responsible Dog Ownership.

Tickets: £12 per person (We are happy to offer 10% discount for groups of 5 or more) (Cash or Cheque. Please enclose SAE if you require paper ticket when purchased by post)

Hot and cold drinks / snacks provided.

Parking and exercise area for dogs are available at the venue.
Well behaved and quiet dogs are welcome to be in the audience but please be prepared to take them out if they are noisy and disruptive.
1st Barnet Scout Hut
Priory Grove, off Westcombe Drive, Barnet, Herts.

All enquiries / payments to:
Dima Yeremenko,
Good Boy Dog School,
12 The Highlands, Edgware,
07957228 269 / 0208 931 8207 /
(places booked when paid for)
27 May 2012 22:06
Amber died me from liver and kidney failure recently I was very upset
I´m on Facebook most of the time these days theres a gro called animals for life not for cruelty on it and I joined it
14 May 2012 14:25
Hi everyone,not been on for a while. We are moving to a bungalow where the dogs will have a little yard to play in. So excited now. Just hope this will be my last move. Annie and Sonny are doing well, but I have 1 big problem as if thet see another dog, they both go mad and bark and try to get over to them. Has anyone got any suggestions as they are ruining our walks. Have a lovely week petowners and pets.
14 May 2012 14:25
Hi everyone,not been on for a while. We are moving to a bungalow where the dogs will have a little yard to play in. So excited now. Just hope this will be my last move. Annie and Sonny are doing well, but I have 1 big problem as if thet see another dog, they both go mad and bark and try to get over to them. Has anyone got any suggestions as they are ruining our walks. Have a lovely week petowners and pets.
14 May 2012 11:17
I´ve gone to work with Dad today for a change as Mum has visitors coming and I only bark the house down. I shall just snooze the morning away, then it will be time to go home for lunch and scrummy biscuits. I did a bit of sunbathing yesterday in the garden, thought summer had come but I was mistaken. Hope it will cheer up next week as we´re off on our hols. I love it as I get a week away from those pesky cats and get some peace and quiet.
14 May 2012 11:13
I am embarrassed to say that I´ve fallen in the fishpond again twice this week. What is the matter with me? I know people are saying Mouse did it and as we don´t get on too well, I´m not going to say anything and let him stew! I´ve been to the vets this morning for a check up for my asthma and the girl in the white coat stuck something up my bottom which I didn´t like at all.....I think they called it a thermometer! How would she like it if I did that to her....second thoughts, lets not even go there. I´m having a snooze indoors as its raining, have had enough of water thanks!
14 May 2012 11:07
Well, its raining today so I´m in my igloo indoors. Had a good day yesterday though as it was a lovely day and we all sat outside, even the hoomans. I go off next door where there´s a nice sunny grassy patch and have a snooze. Guess what, I am a suspect in a mugging. You know I don´t like YoYo, well, he´s fallen in next door´s pond twice this week........but people are saying "was he pushed?" and who do they think did it......ME!! Would I ever! Well, I do seem to be around everytime it happens but I´m not owning up to anything. Tee hee!
14 May 2012 10:59
Mum says I am the nicest little cat in the world, not a nasty bone in my body which is nice. I´ve been trying to catch birds this weekend but I never manage it, I´m a bit too slow. Must admit, didn´t make me feel any better when I saw the neighbour´s cat marching through my patch with a mouse in his mouth! How she does it I´ll never know, I must see if she will give me some tips?
10 May 2012 14:13
My girls had their spay done yesterday all went ok but today I had to take them to the vets as they havent eaten or been to the loo. The vets gave them both injections and it seems to have helped abit hoping things improve for them now.
04 May 2012 10:35
Hi Im Diva, first of all I would like to thank you all for welcoming me to Petstreet. I have been in my new home for a week now and all seems great. Angel has stopped jumping all over me and Dizzy let me sleep with him on his bed last night. They are both very nice dogs and they have made me feel welcome. My new mum is great, but she keeps saying Im over weight, not sure what she means but I have noticed I dont get many treats and my food bowl is smaller than Angels, but I do like to hoover the floor for the left over bits and clean Angel and Dizzys bowls WOOF WOOF.
I like playing in the garden, and there is something under our shed, I can hear it, cant work out what it is yet, but I will get it.
Must go now need a nap catch you all later WOOF WOOF for now, Diva xxx
04 May 2012 00:22
Two friends will be taking part in the Olympic torch relay this summer, both accompanied by their assistance dogs. Wendy Morrell and Karen Ruddlesden are delighted to be passing on the Olympic flame, and their dogs Udo and Coco will be right by their sides.
The big day for Karen and Wendy is 13th July, in Poole, Dorset, and the symbolic passing on of the flame has many resonances for both women. It is mirrored in the way the lives of the friends’ dogs have intertwined. Wendy’s previous dog, Caesar, trained by Dogs for the Disabled, assisted her with mobility problems, and warned her of impending epileptic seizures. However, it was a hugely significant development when Caesar started to alert when Karen’s Addison’s Disease was about to send her into crisis. Unlike other conditions like diabetes, there is no easy at home way for Karen to check her cortisol, so the possibility of a dog who could detect a problem before it became a crisis held immense hope. Medical Detection Dogs trained an assistance dog, Coco, to accompany Karen at all times.
Wendy says, “Caesar started alerting to Karen so he kind of created the job that Coco then got and then mentored Coco.”
Karen fondly remembers, “The first time we went to London on the underground, Coco watched Caesar, how he coped with it and he noticed that Caesar just lay there and Coco watched, and learned so much from him.”
When Caesar developed health problems, Coco donated a litre of blood, but sadly Caesar passed away. In time, Wendy’s current dog Udo arrived, and it was Coco’s turn to play mentor and help the new boy settle in. Thus their beloved dogs have shared and passed to each other the torch of caring for Wendy and Karen.
Taking part in the torch relay has vast significance for both women. For Wendy, the key word is affirmation, “The couple of years before I got Udo were really quite bad news - losing my Dad, and losing Caesar, and last year having all this surgery on my arm, so in many respects being offered a place in the torch relay is affirming that life does go on; there’s still exciting things to happen even though you think the worst has happened.”
Karen is nervous but thrilled to be taking part in the relay, “It’s an absolute honour and a privilege to be able to do this but I’m also excited for the charity as well.”
Wendy nominated Karen in recognition of her work for the charity who supplied the dog that has changed her life. In turn, Karen nominated Wendy for her extensive work as an advocate for assistance dog access, advising the Disabled Persons’ Transport Advisory Committee at the Department for Transport and the Metropolitan Police.
Both women have advised LOCOG on accommodating assistance dogs visiting the games, and a highlight for them will be attending the 10 meter diving final.
02 May 2012 12:55
Yesterday the little boy who lives upstairs was outside the front door and saw me through the window. He was so excited and started calling my name and laughing. He always looks out for me whenever his mother takes him out but sometimes he calls my name when I am eating my food, so I don´t want to move to the window to see him!
02 May 2012 12:52
I love chasing shadows along the floor when Evelyn is at home. She makes them appear and disappear very quickly so I do my best to catch them with both paws. I love to chase things and sometimes I even chase the shadow of my own tail so I end up going round and round in circles very quickly. Evelyn always thinks this looks extremely funny.
30 Apr 2012 08:39
Hello all, well, life is slowing down for me nowadays. Most of the time I just sleep in my bed though I´ve always got my eye on the clock so get up for a good barking session when its my dinner time if its not in front of me on the dot. I´m not that keen on walks now I can´t see and Mum says as I´m now an old lady, I can do what I like so no pressure. A few weeks ago, I had to go to the emergency vets as wasn´t well and turned out I had pancreatitis so I´m now on a special diet. Actually, I rather like the stuff as its all gone in about four seconds! Hope you´re having better weather than us, its nothing but rain, rain, rain....roll on summer.
30 Apr 2012 08:34
Hallo there, just got out of my bed to come and wish you a good week. Not much happening in my life, I just eat and sleep and sleep and eat.......bliss!
30 Apr 2012 08:33
Well, here we are three months later and I STILL don´t like YoYo, in fact, I dislike him even more than when he arrived. Hey, I didn´t come here to talk about him. I´ve had a hectic few weeks to-ing and fro-ing from home to vets, vets to home etc. As if its not enough to tell me I´ve got a heart murmur, they think I´ve got a virus in my bad eye though all the tests (which have cost Mum a lot of money I can tell you) have proved negative. Anyway, I´ve now got to have drops in my eye every day and some muck put on my food. Most of the time Maisie ends up eating it as she is such a greedy cow which suits me. Otherwise, life goes on as usual.
30 Apr 2012 08:28
Miaaaaawoooowww!!! I just fell in next door´s fishpond this morning and came home soaking from head to foot and dripping on the new carpet. Since I´ve been going outside, Mum and Dad have realised that I don´t have very good sight or hearing. This is in addition to the fact that a few weeks after I arrived, they found that I have feline asthma so I have to have an inhaler stuck on my nose twice a day to give me steroids. Its most undignified but I put up with it. I am ALWAYS getting into mischief and certainly keep Mum and Dad on their toes! You must excuse me, I´m still a bit damp so I´m going to go and sit in my bed by the radiator...aaachoooo!

28 Apr 2012 22:29
Thank you to the folks who welcomed me and Lyker. Must confess that I’m finding the site a bit strange to navigate at the moment so forgive me if I have not replied!
24 Apr 2012 12:27
I have been happily munching on a little pot of chives for the past few days. It reminds me of the grass in the communal garden but I live indoors and don´t get out very much.Evelyn sometimes takes me out for a walk on the lead but gets worried when I start making a beeline for the pest control containers. I am very curious and like to investigate everything over and over again on my walks. She says I mustn´t go close to the containers as they contain poison which will be bad for my tummy.Chives are very nice to eat!
20 Apr 2012 02:27
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20 Apr 2012 02:27
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20 Apr 2012 02:26
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13 Apr 2012 11:52
Dizzy has the vets late this afternoon for a check up. I dont think its going to be good, for the last few days I have noticed he has a terrible smell coming from him. Its from the head area so its his nose from the discharge or his mouth where the lump is. I also noticed this morning the smell from him was stronger and the discharge from the nose has blood in it again.
He is still eating little and drinking, and sits in the garden like what he is doing now sunbathing, bless him.
I am preparing myself for the worst, and IM FINDING IT SO HARD, I WANT TO SCREAM.
I no he is unwell and I no he hasnt long left but I dont want him to leave me, I love him so much, he is a great dog.
I will let you all no how we get on when we (hopefully) get back xxxxxxxxx
11 Apr 2012 12:49
its my birthday today and im very excited i got woken this morning with mummy daddy finlay emily and elliot all singing happy birthday to me yesterday they took me to the pet shop and i got to choose lots of toys and sweeties and we are going to have a party later when daddy gets home for work. i dont really remember where i was born only that mummy and daddy came and got me from the dogs trust after i was found wandering the streets of edinburgh at 10 weeks old when i first came here i had my big brother zinzan who looked after me and kept me warm at night and my grannys dogs blue and merlin (i love merlin we never stop playing) there is also oscar my aunties dog hes not so keen on my ruff play though when zinzan went away i was really quite lonely so we got poppy and i look after her like zinny looked after me im getting a big girl now but mummy says i will always be her crazy daisy xx wonder what we will eat at the party xx Big hi to all my friends sweeties for you all xx
06 Apr 2012 17:42
My darling Alice went to Doggie Heaven on Tuesday night Hope she waits for me at RAINBOW BRIDGE
27 Mar 2012 12:53
Pet sitting has changed in recent years. No longer is the only choice a boarding kennel.

Home-from-home pet care is now widely available. Your dog has a holiday at the same time as you which is a welcome alternative to boarding kennels and peace of mind for the owner. The home from home sitting service reduces stress for both parties. These dog sitting companies visit you and your dog at your own home and find out about their daily routines for exercising and feeding, their likes, dislikes and healthcare needs before taking on the job.

Next, they select the ideal host <a href=""target="_blank">Pet sitting</a> family usually from a portfolio of trusted dog-lovers. Accommodation is arranged in a warm, friendly home environment, with one-to-one dog care, exercise and feeding routines are maintained. The dog can even take his own bed and toys!
24 Mar 2012 08:59
Hi everyone, Been off line for a while, but we are back now. Annie and Sonny enjoying the nice weather and going out in the car for day trips. Hope you all and your pets are keepinfg fine, Have a lovely weekend. x
16 Mar 2012 15:24
Gobbled up some new wet food in my bowl last night and enjoyed it so much that I was meowing loudly for a second helping. Eventually I got my own way with Evelyn muttering that I am a greedy piggy! (Evelyn´s note: The new Whiskas Bite n Chew wet food claims to offer cats a better eating experience by giving them something to bite.)
13 Mar 2012 18:57
Evelyn says I am like a security guard. If I hear a strange noise, I will leap up onto the window ledge to investigate, but usually it is just one of the neighbours coming home. I like watching the birds early in the morning when they are noisily looking for food on the grass or sitting on a fence. There is a little boy called Sam who always looks for me when he is leaving the building with his family.He knows my name and always calls out the words "cat " or "Daisy". Today the window was covered in condensation so I got busy licking some of it off so that I could look out of the window. Sometimes I get to feel the wind in my whiskers if the window is open; I have to wear my harness and the lead is attached to my scratch post in case I fall out!
13 Mar 2012 10:38
Been up most of the night with Dizz. His breathing is very raspy and deep, he has had a runny nose, non stop for 3 days now. He vomited this morning which seems to have helped the breathing, Im going to the vets later on this morning. Im worried sick and so scared but I have to be strong and do what is right for my boy xxx
11 Mar 2012 19:40
today was a beautiful almost spring like day we started the day with a walk over to the lodges jax and i you could almost smell the spring air the geese were doing their mating sounds the ducks were very happilly quacking a way it was nice to sit and listen.this afternoon it was a walk down and around the park it was beautifull what made it more special for me was its the first time in two months i have been able to venture so far after my leg injury freedom at last fantastic.we met our friend peter and the gang of four and roamed freely around the park up hill down hill peter pointing out the places he as seen the wild life.our jax enjoying his self whole artedly with peters four playing and running around.a new path had been created so you could access the cemetry from the park some of the grave stones dating back to to the 1800s the sun was shining on the graves quite earie really.then we came back to the old cottage a plack on the gate reading anyone leaving the gate open will have to pay 20 shillings as back in time once more just how earie it is well you would have to see it feel the atmosphere and ask youself were is miss red riding hud or goldilox and the three bearyou expecting them to pop out and go boo.the hanging baskets the stalls out selling there goods.the new addition of two donkeys and the ducks strutting around and the most beautifull cockrail i have seen in a long time my what a time warp it feels trapped in time.ah well then it was time to carry onwards and upwards wandering home all in all a truelly grand day.
09 Mar 2012 14:28
IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT ;) klmfa9tujhl
chilling in pe.
with toekneeeeeeeeeeeeee.
and dionneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
BLUD; cause im chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
yeah. K. xox
06 Mar 2012 06:08
One of my flyball friend´s local rescue has an urgent need to raise money to repair the roof which has fallen in these past few days. They are called Angel´s Rescue & are a small rescue in the Cheshire area who care for Cats, Dogs, Horses and Small Animals. They are a registered charity & more details about their organisation can be found at

The flyballers have set up a group on facebook ( where we can add photos of our dogs to different categories to be judged by an independent (non-flyball!) person to keep things as fair as possible :D

It costs £1 per photo to enter & prizes consist of a rosette and prize (range of dogs toys & treats) from 1st to 4th place. There will also be a Best in Show award which will be a 15kg bag of CSJ dog food of the winner´s choice (for a full range of food see

So far the categories are as follows:
Best family of dogs
Best veteran (8 years or older)
Best dressed up dog
Dirtiest dog
Most appealling eyes
Funniest photo
Prettiest Bitch
Handsome Dog
Cutest puppy
Best Rescue

If this is something you feel you would like to contribute to then please join the group & upload your photo(s) - you have until this Sunday (the 11th - Crufts Sunday) at 9pm to get your entries in. If you have any problems joining the group then please let me know & I´ll try to add you. Thanks for your interest.
05 Mar 2012 15:32

To vote for Dogstar to win £5k visit this link for more info
01 Mar 2012 13:31
Today I just met a dark, tall, skinny German Shepherd named Bart!
I loved it!
We weren´t allowed off of the lead yet because we´re both kinda young (says Dad) but we still ran and did some play fighting. Dad thinks it looked like we were dancing!
I hope I get to see him again soon! It can get kinda boring with no one to play with.
20 Feb 2012 19:26
Today I´m choked with a heavy head cold. I´ve had it on and off for over a month now - so will be going to my GP to see what I can do to get rid of it. Being bunged up like this makes it even harder to breathe at night than it normally is for me (I have a sleep disorder).
I am still getting all excited when I tell people the news I got last Monday afternoon (13 February 2012). I got an email making me an offer I was never, ever going to refuse!!!! I am going to be a Games Maker at the Olympic Games in London later this summer. I´ve yet to hear about being a part of the Paralympics support teams, but am so happy to have been offered a place on the support teams for the main event. I am part of the Technology Team - but don´t know much about what I´ll be doing yet. I have to attend 3 days of training in London (that won´t be a hardship, as I like the city), and then I´ll be ´qualified´ for the Games themselves. Just to be a part of history will be amazing - and if I get a chance to go inside the Olympic Stadium or the Aquatics Centre or the Velodrome to watch some of the action, I´ll be even more chuffed. Not expecting anything there though - I will have to play it by ear when I get there. Who knows, I could see the fastest man on earth - Usain Bolt, or even one of the fastest Scots on a bike - the one and only Sir Chris Hoy!!
I´ll be attending a study day at UCL in May. I´ll be spending Saturday 12th May in the company (along with others, of course) in the company of one of my favourite Egyptologists - John Romer. He has a down-to-earth way of talking about his subject which makes it easy for everyone to understand. John will be giving 4 lectures, and I´ll hopefully get his autograph on one of his books which are currently in my library!
08 Feb 2012 16:15
A Northern Ireland animal sanctuary was robbed of £300.

The sanctuary´s proprietor was cleaning out the back of a van at the sanctuary. She had left her handbag, containing the £300, in the unlocked driver´s part of the van. Apparently, according to her, the thief closed the rear door/s of the van, locking her in the rear of the van, then the thief grabbed the handbag from the driver´s compartment. The lady said she luckily still had the van´s keys while she was locked in the rear of the van, enabling her to unlock the rear van door/s to free herself.

Now, why did she leave so much money in the unlocked driver´s compartment/ Silly, that! Also, why was she in possesion of cash, the sanctuary´s cash, cash that donees such as myself have donated? I don´t want to say this is a scam job, but could it be? This incident waspublished in a recent Northern Ireland newspaper, the write-up certainly styled to attract sympathetic would-be donees to donate to compensate the theft of the £300. Mmmm? Now, I do not hasten to say, some animal charity shops do get robbed of cash, sometimes via daylight stealing of collection boxes in such shops or via stealing cash left in shops throughout the night, when shops have closed for the day.

So, I´m sorry to say, I do truly believe there are some animal-charity related scams happening regarding money going missing. Therefore, I hate to say, I am now very, very loathe to keep donating money to, at the very least , some animal sanctuaries, not least some that apparently get robbed.
06 Feb 2012 14:06
I was watching the snow falling at the weekend from the safety of being indoors. Evelyn said my fur was all cold from where I had been squashed up against the window.My ears and nose were cold too. I was pleased to see that Evelyn had put out some extra food for me. She knows that I always eat more when the weather is cold. Been sleeping a lot in my cat bed snuggled up with my toy mouseys and sitting right next to the fan heater to get warm.
05 Feb 2012 20:42
Romany Ree xxx. Today you would have been four years old. Love you always. xxx
05 Feb 2012 20:38
5 February 2012

it is Romany´s birthday. She would have been four years old. RIP darling. Love you so. xxx
05 Feb 2012 20:36
5 February 2012
It´s my birthday! I am 3!
05 Feb 2012 10:33
Well, it´s here at last. The snow. I haven´t seen Sonny in snow yet, but he and Annie loved it. Only problem is Sonny is only 5 kg, so it is up to his belly. Never mind, he jumps about in it. Funny how dogs love the snow but not rain. Have a good day, everyone.
02 Feb 2012 17:28
Annie is having her grooming next Friday. Her coat grows so thick, she has to go every 3 months. She loves going to Fido´s grooming salon, bless her. Sonny has been once for a shampoo and blow dry, but would not have the drier. Little tinker. His coat is very fine though. just going to meet my friend to walk the dogs, hope Sonny behaves tonight.
02 Feb 2012 17:28
Annie is having her grooming next Friday. Her coat grows so thick, she has to go every 3 months. She loves going to Fido´s grooming salon, bless her. Sonny has been once for a shampoo and blow dry, but would not have the drier. Little tinker. His coat is very fine though. just going to meet my friend to walk the dogs, hope Sonny behaves tonight.
02 Feb 2012 17:27
Annie is having her grooming next Friday. Her coat grows so thick, she has to go every 3 months. She loves going to Fido´s grooming salon, bless her. Sonny has been once for a shampoo and blow dry, but would not have the drier. Little tinker. His coat is very fine though. just going to meet my friend to walk the dogs, hope Sonny behaves tonight.
31 Jan 2012 22:56
Tuesday 31st. Yukky day today. Sonny has to be bark at every dog still. I have tried holding his mouth, walk the other way, bark buster, all to no avail. Has anyone any suggestions please. He always tries to nip my friend´s spaniel Poppy. Little terrier.
31 Jan 2012 18:31
We collected Shilo from her Mum on Christmas Eve in 2004 at the tender age of just 7 weeks old - she was tiny, much smaller than her 2 brothers, with short little legs & looking just like a little white piglet!

A very confident little dog, Shilo was a typical JRT, fearless, noisy, loyal & loving, with a particularly strong prey drive - our local fields are short a few small shrews as a result of us going there for walkies. Any neighbourhood cats who thought it might be fun to tease my dogs by sunning themselves in my garden soon learned that Shilo was quicker than she looked & were often minus a few tail hairs upon leaving my garden in a panic over the fence - fortunately she never caught a cat, that would´ve been awful! I think it was more likely just the thrill of the chase that she loved.

She was my first proper flyball dog and even though she only raced for 18 months, it was clear from the very beginning that she was brought into this world to do flyball She loved it with all her heart, and her ear-piercing, enthusiastic barking whenever we were near the flyball ring let the world know just how much fun she was having. She never ran out of oomph and always put her heart & soul into flyball, regardless of whether we were at training, a demo or a competition.

Shilo was a fit, healthy dog but on one Thursday evening in July 2010 she turned her nose up at her dinner, which was unusual as she loved her food. Her colour was normal, her nose cold & wet, & she had run around chasing her ball like a looney on our walk that afternoon so I thought nothing of it. She wolfed Friday´s breakfast down as normal & ate her dinner too, but then brought it back up a while later. Again, her colour was good & other than not eating she appeared perfectly normal. She was due to race in a flyball competition on the Saturday so I pulled her out of the team as a precaution because, without the necessary input of energy from her food, she wouldn´t have the stamina to race comfortably.

I starved her for 24 hours & gave her a small meal of chicken & rice for Sunday´s breakfast - all stayed down, which was great. She had become a little lethargic but then that was to be expected as she had eaten hardly anything for 48 hours. Chicken & rice again for dinner on the sunday evening & she kept that down too - until 4am when she brought it all back up & she looked positively miserable. I zipped her off to the vet first thing Monday & whilst waiting for the vet to arrive I noticed her gums change to yellow so I knew that potentially meant she had liver problems. The vet diagnosed acute bacterial hepatitis & immediately started her on antibiotics & a drip. She started to deterioriate that afternoon & blood tests revealed that she needed a blood transfusion, after which she perked up a little & even recognised me & wagged her tail when I visited that evening. She was very tired, but at least she was up & walking & knew who I was.

Overnight she went downhill & first thing on Tuesday the vet did exploratory surgery to see if there was anything physical causing her to deteriorate as the X-Rays & scans showed nothing out of the ordinary. They found her liver to be blotchy in colour & every organ was seeping blood (apparently this is called DIC - Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation). Although she survived the surgery she died shortly after coming around. The post mortem revealed the cause of death to be Chronic Liver Disease, which caused the healthy liver cells to die and be replaced with inflammatory cells. The vet explained that it is not uncommon for dogs to appear perfectly healthy and display no symptoms with Chronic Liver Disease, especially when they are in good overall health like Shilo was, because the liver can be up to 80% damaged and still work perfectly well. By the time any symptoms are being displayed, the disease has usually progressed too far and nothing can be done to save them. She also said that from the condition of her liver, it is likely that Shilo had had the disease for several months. I was gutted that my little girl had been so ill for so long & we never knew so we couldn´t help her to get better.

Shilo was my world & when she left us so suddenly on 6th July 2010 it was like someone had reached into my chest & ripped my heart out - I still remember the vet´s phone call like it was yesterday. Although I have a wonderful family of little furkids now, it´s not quite the same without Shilo - some of the spark has gone from my world. She would´ve been in her element playing with Ruby & the puppies, they are all a bunch of hooligans too, & just as mad as she was!

Run free at the Bridge my precious Shilo, I will love you always...
30 Jan 2012 14:38
Evelyn thinks that I have been in hibernation for most of the weekend. I was sleeping in my cat bed under the coffee table amongst my fave toys. It´s nice to hide there to get some privacy.The knitted mousey was completely flattened and looked like a bookmark! My toys double up as comfy cushions and I love snuggling up to them.
The weather has been quite cold and I get really hungry. Sometimes Evelyn takes pity on me when I´ve eaten my dinner and gives me a little bit extra if I meow nicely and look cute.
30 Jan 2012 13:12
Frosty start today, but quite mild. Had a hectic weekend, so need to unwind. Took Annie and Sonny through the woods to the lake armed with a bag full of bread for the swans and ducks. The terrible twins, as I call them, nearly pulled me in the lake. Annie is 15 kg, and Sonny is only 5 kg, but together they add up to trouble. Had a new friend today, Sweet Charity, so it will be like having a pen pal. I am now going to do some housework. I keep putting it off, but I must make a start. Happy Monday.
30 Jan 2012 00:20
Just found Pet Street so thought I would put Annie and Sonny on. They have had a busy weekend travelling with me in the car. Yesterday, Uttoxeter, today Derby.
30 Jan 2012 00:19
Just found Pet Street so thought I would put Annie and Sonny on. They have had a busy weekend travelling with me in the car. Yesterday, Uttoxeter, today Derby.
26 Jan 2012 19:51
Things are not looking to good for my boy. I have noticed for the last few days Dizzy wouldnt carry a treat or eat his food properly, which isnt like him. I noticed he would eat softer foods and no dry or lumpy foods. So tonight I gave him a pigs ear and he wasnt interested, he took it from me and dropped it straight on the floor. So I thought I would have a look in his mouth, well I got a shock. The lump which was a golf ball size is now quite much bigger. The lump is resting on his tongue and there isnt much room now for food to go down. Im so worried because he means so much to me, but I no his end is near, even tho he still wants to walk, play and run. So I will be going to my vets tomorrow to see what they say, but I no it wont be good news :(
Love you Dizzy boy xxxxxxx
26 Jan 2012 11:01
Evelyn received a nice big parcel yesterday and I decided to sit on the padded envelope. It keeps my paws nice and warm and made her laugh as I wouldn´t move off from it, but settled down for a nice snooze!
25 Jan 2012 20:32
Everyone is welcome to drop in tomorrow for a doggy bag, cos it´s my birthday and I will be 13, love to you all xxxxx
22 Jan 2012 21:57
Today, I´m writing this while at work. When I get home, I´ll be watching Eurosport - the Australian Open tennis will be on. Men´s 4th round matches from the top half of the draw - so Andy Murray will be in action later. Glad to say that my favourite current player (Roger Federer) is through to the quarter finals - he´s on schedule to meet Rafa Nadal in the semi final. I´m thinking of investing in a new iPod - the 160GB version. Trouble is that I´ll have to buy an adaptor so it will play on my car music system - and a holder for it, and a charger! Munching away on some fresh fruit - got to keep myself fro eating all the chocolate and sweeties in the office somehow!!! My hairdresser is back from his holiday on Wednesday - yippee!! I´m in desperate need of a tidy-up in the hair department!!!! Its my niece´s birthday on Tuesday - she´s making me feel quite old as she will be 16!! I can still remember quite vividly the day she was born.
22 Jan 2012 15:11
I don´t like YoYo, he keeps trying to beat me up!
22 Jan 2012 15:09
I´ve just discovered this really great new game. Mum was sitting at this square thing the other day and lots of different pictures keep coming up on it. Underneath was this black thing ( have to call them things because I have absolutely no idea what they are) with lots of little squares on it and I found if I walk on it a lot, the squares go down and it changes the pictures....magic! Mum didn´t seem too pleased when I did it and shouted "get off my keyboard" and I was swiftly removed. Not one to be put off, I am soon up there again having another go!!
22 Jan 2012 09:22
I thought I´d just be visiting my friends yesterday. Of course I was asleep in the car until the "Doggy GPS" alerted me to being near the farm. On the way down the drive we spotted them, happily broswing the silage and not in their nice comfy big shed. Whilst Neil went off to fetch Sue, we walked up the road and came in from the far end, well we didn´t want them making a break for the border, or rather the road. Didn´t have to stand my ground, they saw us and decided to start off in sort of the right direction. When they saw their bosses they walked off back round and were let back in. So much excitement? Not really. They know what a collie can do, so I must have made a good impression.
We then sorted out what we had come for, put the big bag in the caravan, and then the shooting party came back. Lots of gundogs to meet. By this time of course I was nice and muddy. Back home I did get a walk into the town, er, city centre and was parked outside one of the shops. Always get some fuss there. Back home to put my paws up of course.
21 Jan 2012 22:37
I´m at work as I write this - only half an hour to go before home time. Don´t know what I´ll have for supper - depends on what I can be bothered cooking! There will be veggies involved but no chips or potatoes! There may be some tennis being watched later - as long as its not Ladies singles (I can´t stand watching them when they squeak/scream every time their racquet comes anywhere near the ball. I mean, hitting the ball over the net is the whole idea of playing tennis. You never heard the likes of Chrissie Evert or Martina Navratilova squealing when they hit the ball. Unfortunately, some of the male players seem to think that its okay to grunt every time they hit the ball. Stop, please!!! I´ll also be on Faceybook - my various farms, fashion boutiques and restaurants don´t run themselves!!!
21 Jan 2012 19:06
I am the same age as Carrick, born in June of 2004. We both came to live here as puppy and kitten although while he was born in Ireland, I am from London. Although I am a city girl, I like living in the wilds of Essex and spend lots of time outdoors unlike Rufus who is a real homebody. I rule the roost and both the boys (Carrick and Rufus) respect me! My favourite thing is my giant catnip lemon and sleeping under the duvet in mum´s bed.
21 Jan 2012 19:01
I am part labrador, part GSD and then some. I was born in Ireland in 2004 near Carrick-on-Suir so my people named me Carraigh Dubh which means Black Rock although I go by the name of Carrick. They brought me back to the UK where I used to live with a true gentleman of a lab cross called Seb who was mum´s darling boy but he went to the Bridge in 2005 so now it is just me and the 2 cats. I have passed all my KC Canine Good Citizen Awards from Puppy to Gold and there is nothing I like more than a game with my ball on a rope or a nice Bonio after dinner.
21 Jan 2012 13:35
We go up to the farm to drop off the awning, and spot some cows out and browsing the silage clamp. So we deploy ourselves (one man and dog) to the far end of the sheds to stop them heading that direction. A couple of minutes later Neil and Sue had them back in the "Bovine Hilton" again and they´d not headed our way at all, belt and braces approach eh?

Their cows are used to Meggsy, she´s a regular up there.
20 Jan 2012 19:33
´Tis very cold today - I´ve had to wear a woolen poncho (over my clothes!) all day at work to try and keep warm, and would have worn my fingerless gloves too if they weren´t at home!!! I swear they switch the heating off in winter, and back on in the summer!!! Still, as long as that soft, white stuff doesn´t start coming out of the sky!!!!!! Will be watching some Australian Open tennis later on - satellite TV is a wonderful thing to be able to watch stuff like that live "as it happens". The first of my monthly weigh-in´s is in 2 weeks time - as long as I´ve not gained any weight, I´ll be happy. Two weeks after that, I get an MOT - for my CPAP!!! Better remember to make sure its cleaned properly before I go along to the hospital! CPAP stands for "Continuous Positive Airways Pressure", and the machine ensures that my airways don´t collapse and stay so while I´m asleep! I look like an astronaut when I´m using it, but it helps to give me a good and refreshing night´s sleep, so I won´t complain!
19 Jan 2012 15:12
Today I have finally decided on a name for my shiny new car! She is a Nissan Micra Acenta 1.2, coloured "active blue". I always name my cars, so this one was going to be no exception. The name is "Isis Merytnmut". Isis was one of the most senior goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon, and was wife to Osiris. Merytnmut means ´beloved of the goddess Mut´, and is an epithet given to the Great Royal Wife of Ramesses II - she was/is (of course!) Nefertari.
I watched an interesting programme on Channel 4 yesterday - called "Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty". It was about the attempts to identify/put names to the mummies found in tombs KV35 and KV55. Various names have been suggested including Nefertiti and Akhenaten. The body in tomb KV35 was/is the most intruiging - its skull was a 99.9% match for that of Tutankhamun, which suggests a close familial relationship between the two. My guess is that the occupant of KV35 is either Smenkhare (a mysterious person suggested to have ruled alongside Akhenaten, and rumoured to be a brother of Tutankhamun´s) or (and this is more likely, I think) that its Kiya - who was Tutankhamun´s (biological) mother, and secondary wife to Akhenaten. Unless someone invents a (preferably reliable) time machine so we can go back and see for ourselves, the guessing game will go on!!!
18 Jan 2012 14:46
I´m a very happy bunny today! Last weekend, I broke a tooth whilst eating one of those Japanese rice crackers - makes a change from toffee, which is usually what breaks my teeth!!! I managed to get an appointment with my dentist for today (18 January 2012). I hate going to the dentist at the best of times, and was so not looking forward to today as I thought I´d have to have the tooth removed. To my great surprise, I was told that the tooth was repairable - and thats what happened! No pain, no anaesthesia of any kind - just a repaired tooth! Thats the kind of dentist appointment I don´t mind!!!!
18 Jan 2012 13:49
This is our first "blog". I Own 2 dogs a yorkie and a cocker. My yorkie is very laid back as long as life goes herway!! My cocker is worried about pigeons. she just doesnt like rhem one bit. I have had Ginnie for almost 3 years and Daisy for about a month. They are both from the Dogs trust. Up until recently we were on Doggie snaps. We like to go on lovely walks and rambles. Ginnie lives ghat providing its not raining!!! Daisy doesnt mind the rain she quite likes mud!! Today so far Daiay has had 3 walks. and Ginnie has only had 2!! Daisy does mornings Ginnie not always a mornng
16 Jan 2012 14:45
16 January 2012, today marks four years since Morag went to the Bridge aged only 9 months. We love you and miss you darling - always. love Mam xxx
16 Jan 2012 14:42
16 January 2012, Today is Morag´s anniversary. Four years since you left for the Bridge Darling. Love you and miss you always. love Mam xxx
15 Jan 2012 15:35
I have stupid raynaud & carpal tunnel syndrome, which is underline with other illnesses, I have diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis & angina, I love going to Castle Donington Sunday Market & car boot, I went this morning & as it was icy under foot this morning I used me wheelchair, I was wrapped up like an eskimo but after 15 mins was in a great deal of pain with the Raynaud´s, I could not use me hands at all & K9 at to hold me purse & pay for the stuff I was buying, I did buy K9 a new squeaky toy which he decided to squeak all the way home in the car (30 mins of non-stop squeaking which drove me men bonkers lol)
It as taken near on 4 hours to get me hands back to normal & for me to be able to use them again, I still can´t feel me feet yet, but am working on them, by changing me socks every 20mins & putting lovely warm pair of socks on & putting a fleecy pair of slippers on.
14 Jan 2012 11:23
Dog´s are a Man and Woman´s Best Friend. They depend on us, and if you love them they will give you so much back.
12 Jan 2012 17:44
very busy dog owner, many interests including my dog :)
12 Jan 2012 17:44
very busy dog owner, many interests including my dog :)
12 Jan 2012 11:48
I hate windy days and wish they would go away. They make my ears flap and I get all upset.
09 Jan 2012 22:49
Where do I start? Pogel was waiting for the vet to come and destroy her at the rescue centre. Her paperwork said she did not like people or other animals, was vicious and unmanagable. She had been in three rescue centres before she was a year old. Is it any wonder she was a bit untrusting?

We saw her in a VERY small kennel, she could only just turn around (NOT a dogs trust centre I would add!)and was yellow up one side from laying in her own wee.

We took her into the compound to see what she was like. After twenty minutes of playing with us we were hooked! Her kennel maid was in tears, as she had never played with any one or anything in her time there.

To this day I dont know why we were drawn to her, or her to us, but what we have today, eleven years on, is a very special relationship. She is my best friend, guardian angel, and protector. I would be lost without her.

She has been the perfect house dog from the first day, never chewing anything that was not hers, (except her tube of eye drops, but that is fair!!!) never stealing any food (even if it is on the floor) only once having an "accident" in the house, when she couldnt get out. We really couldnt ask for more.

She has become the perfect guard dog, barking and growling until we speak to who ever it is at the door and either sitting wagging her tail, or growling depending upon out tone of voice. No one gets into our house without an invitation, and several have been escorted out too!!!!

Pogel really is a very special little girl. And for the record, she is actually a "Trail Hound".
03 Jan 2012 15:55
I Patch, mummy calls me her little girly.
I am so small and quick I always zip about everywhere hehe.
I recently got 2 new brothers and I am not too sure about them yet as they are so much bigger than me! but they seem nice enough and they haven´t jumped on me.
I had to have a few teeth removed 2 years ago now as I have congenital gingivitis, but my vetty said I had done really well.
I like living with the other cats and even the dogs but sometimes I just prefer peace and quiet.
03 Jan 2012 15:51
My name is Max :)
I am a hoooge lovely black and white boy, my mummy just looves me and I am such a flirt.
I want to be friends with everyone which usually results in me getting beaten up by the cats in the neighbourhood, but I still try.
I have had a couple of operations the last one was because I got beaten up (again) and had separated my cheek from the inside of my mouth and I´ve also had my tummy ripped on soem barbed wire. (I just love flirting with the vets and vet nurses really as they always feed me hehe)
I recently got 2 new brothers (Ting and Seb) and we are all getting along great, they are big boys like me so maybe the other cats won´t pick on me now :)
As with all cats I like to sleep a lot and food is also a great thing!
03 Jan 2012 15:45
Hi my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessi.
I am the reason for mums kennel name as I am the real Jessimog!
I was run over when I was about 2 years old, I had both my back legs fractured and I separated my pelvis on my right hand side. My then daddy took me to the pdsa who gave me painkillers and sent me home for 5 days in a row! When I went back on the 6th day I was in renal failure and my other organs were failing as a result of dehydration, I was never treated for shock.
They put me on fluids and got me back to reasonable condition and told my daddy they had operated on me.
I went to stay with my mummy (the one I have now) to get better and she took me to her vets as my fur was falling out in clumps. It took my vetty a week to get my history from the pdsa and it turned out they had done nothing.
My mummy nursed me back to health and I can now move about just fine, I am a little stiff on my right side when its cold but Pogels mum gave me some medicine to help with that.
I also have nerve damage on my back which makes me pull out my fur and I sometimes go a bit nutty as I suffered from the dehydration.
I now live in Doncater with mummy and the other cats and am very happy :)
03 Jan 2012 15:37
My name is Bramble and I am a black lab girlie.
I am the oldest as mummy and daddy got me after I was rescued from a gun dog trainer.
If I didn´t retrieve for him I used to get a beating.
I am afraid of fireworks because they sound like gunshot, I hate loud noises, I am scared of
getting trapped in doors so I charge though them but I am getting better.
After watching Charlie for so long I started to play fetch with a ball everyone was so happy and
I had a big smile on my face.
I currently live with Charlie in Huddersfield but will be living with mummy and the kittys as soon
as possible.
I enjoy my food too but will take my treats into my crate so I can eat them where its nice and safe.
03 Jan 2012 15:29
Hello My name is Charlie, I am a lovely chocolate labrador!
I currently live with my daddy in Huddersfield and my mummy lives in
I used to live with 3 of the cats in the kennel and I hope to meet the others
very very soon.
My favourite toy is my ball, well any ball really as long as you will throw it or
kick it for me I will play for hours.
As with all labradors I just love my food although I can´t have turkey as it upsets
my little tummy.
I still live with my sister Bramble and I have another sister Amber (she is also on
this site) but Amber went to live at her new home when mummy and daddy broke
up (they look in one piece to me *shakes head*)
I like other dogs as long as they like me and I like kitty cats too, Jessica used to sleep
on me :)

01 Jan 2012 14:55
I play chase with charlie at times but I´m nervous of the rest of the dogs
01 Jan 2012 14:47
My age is catching up me quick I will be 12 in the summer all I like to do is get fed and sleep all day I get moody if mammy wakes me
31 Dec 2011 18:37
i have just a few words to say my border collie jax is my world everything to me to watch him run and play is something special but then again he is a special lad in times of great stress he as been there especially since a pup when he joined my family if it wasnt for him my life would be nothing i cant imagine life without him so how people can give up on theres i do not no my jax gives me 100 per cent love and affection what more do we need.i say to my lad love you special one as do we all to our on here on ps .with that i will end.
31 Dec 2011 17:02
Someone told me that today there dog had a similar experience and it never outgrew it
30 Dec 2011 15:45
I got you books of tickets in the post today to help animal the ispca sent them to me In the new year I´m going to raise money for sick, abandoned,or injured animals I hope the money I will raise will help them
29 Dec 2011 20:08
Mammy it trying hard to restore it but it will take a while the vet is trying to help mammy as well but when I have a bad day on a walk it´s bad hope I never see that dog again look what it did to me if mammy hadn´t got me on my lead if could have been worse as that dog was breed to attack It´s only takes 1 dog to make me nervous i was excellent with dogs of all sizes before this happened I am not going back to dog training mammy said as I´m excellent when off the lead playing on the beach and having fun hope this never happens to another dog and that I will grow out of
26 Dec 2011 19:28
My new friends name is Fred it´s same breed as me and it´s very fond of mammy my neighbour that Mia owns is minding it when mammy finds her camera she will take a photo of me and Fred
26 Dec 2011 19:26
My new friends name is Fred it´s same breed as me and it´s very fond of mammy my neighbour that Mia owns is minding it when mammy finds her camera she will take a photo of me and Fred
26 Dec 2011 18:48
The groomer told mammy it would take 7 months for my hair to grow back The hair has grown back were the scar was so I look pretty again
22 Dec 2011 23:43
hello my animal friends just to let you know bully and monty are doing well and still going strong they are so looking forward to xmas they have all there pressies under the tree im signing of for now speak to ya soon xxxx
22 Dec 2011 13:59
It´s always handy when Evelyn leaves her slippers by the sofa. I like standing in them!
22 Dec 2011 13:51
Now the weather has turned colder, I am usually to be found under the coffee table snuggled into my comfy bed.Evelyn has covered the table with a cloth so that it looks like a tent. It´s really good to have a hiding place to chill out and relax. I do have sharp ears and will always venture out as soon as she shakes my "treat"box!
21 Dec 2011 19:21
My boy Dizzy went to the specialist today for his CT scan.
The results are devastating, the cancer has spread to his lungs and there is nothing that can be done for him.
Sorry but I don´t no what else to say, apart from Im gutted and I have about 3 mths left to make my boy the happiest staffie ever before he is taken away from me.
19 Dec 2011 18:35
After a struggle we have managed to get the money together to get Dizzy his much needed CT scan and a biopsy on his belly.
Friends on Facebook have been great donating and doing fund raising and auctions for Dizzy. My family have all contributed also and my grand daughter done a sponsored silence and managed to raise £42.00, way to go Caresse.
So Gerry my specialist phoned me just now and he can fit Dizzy in on Wednesday at 9.20 and I pick him up at 4 clock. I will get the results when I go to pick my boy up.
Fingers crossed the cancer hasn´t spread and something can be done for Dizzy. Thanks everyone for your support you have been great xxxxx
10 Dec 2011 18:05
we did our first agility demo today - did a course with 23 jumps etc, all equipment included and even did the 12 weaves first attempt! very releived we didn´t let anyone down!!
10 Dec 2011 15:48
The Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Great Britain Welfare was the first rescue to be formed over 14 years ago and has found homes for many a Dogue de Bordeaux within that period of time. Sadly over the years with the Dogue de Bordeaux becoming increasingly popular we have seen more of our beautiful breed coming through our doors needing forever homes. They are the most loving breed I´ve ever come across. They don´t ask for much except to live out their life within a warm and loving home and in return you will receive their unconditional love. If you can open up your heart and give a Bordeaux a home we´d love to hear from you.

Who we´d like to meet:
Genuine people who want to adopt a Dogue de Bordeaux. Many of our rescues that we have come in range from over a year up to 8. The older Dogue de Boreaux gets dumped when their owners want a new model (in with the new and out wih the old without a care).
07 Dec 2011 16:07
Evelyn got out my Petnap and set it up on the sofa to keep me warm when she is at work!
30 Nov 2011 18:27
Went to the specialist today and to be honest Im still so confused and haven´t got a clue what is going on ?????
Vet said he don´t want to build my hopes up, but he thinks Dizzys tumour is a low grade tumour, because of the way he is acting, i.e.still eating well, drinking, wanting to go out, playing. The vet loved him and was surprised at the size of him and said he was great, Dizzy was all over him.
There is a BUT............. The vet can not tell if the tumour is low grade without a CT scan, and thats where the problem is, the money for the scan. Even if its low grade there is no guarantee that Dizzy will need further treatment like chemo/radio therapy, vet said he don´t think he will need this but is not 100% sure. If he cuts the lump out Dizzy will have to have like baby food , soft food for the rest of his life which isn´t a problem, but he won´t be able to play with balls, tug ropes, sticks, chews, bones act, because here will be a hole.
So basically what he is saying without the CT scan he still don´t no how bad Dizzy is.
And to be honest I don´t no what to do ??????????
25 Nov 2011 13:29
I have a new toy called a Plague Rat which is very smelly. Evelyn doesn´t like the smell at all and says it is like saltfish! I have been playing with it and chewing its tail. Sometimes she hides it for me but I can always sniff it out!She has bought some other toys too but I am not allowed to have them before Christmas.
23 Nov 2011 18:14
As some of you know, Dizzy was diagnosed with a cancer growth on Saturday in his nose. Today I got a phone call from the specialist , Dizzy has an appointment next Weds 30th Nov at 11.30 at North Downs Vets referral Bletchingley. He thinks from the information he has received from my vets Dizzy could have a Intra Nasal growth. Which if it is he can operate to reduce the size and then treat with drugs for the rest of his life, this is putting the growth in remission so Dizzy could live a happy life. BUT if the growth has not come straight from the nose i.e. like from the jaw then gone to the nose, he said this isn´t good. This will spread very quickly. He did say he will have to do his own scan and maybe a CT scan to verify what and where the tumour has come from.
21 Nov 2011 22:32
hi all well my leg is 100% and am now fit and strong so strong that mum can ride me and we are having lots of fun , it took time lots of care but with the help of my farrier my feet are now nice and shaped no more balance shoes mum said she thought they were what was making me unbalanced and she was right as allways. so please give a horse a chance we are worth it love an dhugs to all my four legged friends
17 Nov 2011 16:05
I enjoyed sleeping on a new chunky hand knitted wool blanket ( knitted by Evelyn´s mum). It is really warm and I had fun patting the big pom poms on the corners!
16 Nov 2011 16:11
Went round to vets this afternoon. Still no results in, the vet said that the biopsy they took from the lump is in a dish because they want to see how fast it grows. So vet is saying its going to be at least another 5/10 days before this result comes back. The nasal discharge results were back, and they were clear. No signs of yeast or infection, I asked vet is this good or bad and she said it can be either because they still don´t no much about the lump.
I not sure if I feel better or worse knowing this does anyone have any idea?
16 Nov 2011 13:14
I like to stand on top of Evelyn´s slippers when she isn´t looking.

During the day when she is at work, I snuggle under her duvet but she always knows that I have been there. She says the duvet looks like a cat-sized igloo.

Eat more food.

Sleep more than usual.

Snuggle up on my PetNap(little electric heater).
Use my toy mouseys as cushions for sleeping.
12 Nov 2011 08:23
Can´t believe a year has passed since we said our farewells to little George. He´s never far from our thoughts and we certainly noticed his absence in the garden this summer, and it still feels wierd not have him cuddling up to us on the sofa, bless him.

We have hedges all around our front garden and I get them trimmed every autumn. Last year George sat under the hedge whilst the guys were trimming it. He refused to move and they just had to work around him - they kept stopping to give him a rub under his chin and he loved the attention. When I phoned this year to book our hedges in for their annual trim, the first thing I was asked was "hows George?". He always made an impression did George. RIP George xxxx
08 Nov 2011 17:35
My boy Dizzy has to go to the vets tomorrow first thing to be operated on. He has a large lump on the roof of his mouth in between his nose and eye. The vet said its about the size of a golf ball. Things are not looking to good at the moment for him because, one its quite large and two they still don´t no what it is until they operate tomorrow and how deep it is in his face. Im so scared and feel sick I don´t want to lose him.
08 Nov 2011 16:28
I have two gorgeous male cats who desperately need a home in the Giffnock, South side Glasgow area!!! They are 4 years old, one called Lucky and one called Oscar! friendly and loving!!! I will be uploading pics of them!
contact the Giffnock branch at or

or call 0 141.638.5110
06 Nov 2011 16:09
Im going to have to take Dizzy to the vets tomorrow. We was out on our walk this afternoon , he has his usual roll in the grass, he got up and sneezed and blood flew out of his nose. Managed to get him home and stopped the bleed, phoned the emergency vets number and she said bring him in tomorrow to have a look.
Im worried sick now it was all ok and now this. Also I have noticed his eye is watery slightly, the same side as the nostril that bleeds.
31 Oct 2011 18:39
Im slightly worried about Dizzy. He keeps like sniffing and licking his nose. Then today he sneezed and a small amount of blood came from one of his nostrils. It wasn´t a lot but it was defo blood, also there was like doggie snot. He is still sniffing, and he seems himself, do you think its anything to worry about? I have rang vets and she said he may have something stuck up his nose? If he continues tonight to bring him in tomorrow.
Im just really worried he seems ok otherwise, eating, drinking ect. I have looked up his nose but can´t see anything but it is very dry from where he keeps licking.
29 Oct 2011 10:47
Just wanted to let people know about the Wetnose Animal Aid Pet Photo Competition, open to entries now, for more info visit
25 Oct 2011 08:31
I don´t like going to the vet and make my feelings clear by hissing and growling at him.Evelyn said she can´t take me anywhere...hee hee! I am getting so big now and weigh 7.5kg.
24 Oct 2011 09:09
(by Edward Stourton)

4/5 Paws Up!

I have to beg your forgiveness for being brief and non specific in this review; I read the book some time ago and then loaned it to a friend so have no copy in front of me to reference. However, I would still highly recommend this volume to any and all of my doggie acquaintances, as it was a very enjoyable read, which covers a wide range of doggie issues.

(I should also point out that a quick Google search for “Ed Stourton Dog Walker” or “Ed Stourton Paw Prints” will reveal links to many of the original articles included in this book, for anyone who has not yet had a chance to get their hands on a copy.) Anyway, on with my review:

Diary of a Dog Walker is a delightful title, if a bit small for my preference – I devoured it in one sitting and wanted much more. I thoroughly enjoyed Edward Stourton’s writing and found some of his insights fascinating. It is funny without trying to be and poignant at times as well.

I will confess that this is because Edward’s style was attuned to my own – I particularly enjoyed his references to canine culture throughout the ages and the thorough research that clearly went into each column. This is not some pet owner pertaining to be an expert, writing in ignorance, but a very knowledgeable man who had trivia to share which even I was unaware of; no mean feat I assure you!

Mr Stourton writes in a sort of pretentious, almost academic style – it is The Telegraph, after all – which suited me but might not appeal so much to others. This is a light read but one which is highly intelligent and people looking for a shaggy dog tale might be disappointed here.

To that end, the reason for the removal of the final star is simply that Kudu (Mr Storton’s Springer Spaniel) did not feature as heavily as I would have liked him to. This is because he was often the means of introducing and framing the story or the topic at hand rather than being a major character or plot point within them, but I still felt that I didn’t know Kudu much better coming out than I did going in.

Aside from that minor naggle however, this was a thoroughly enjoyable book and I highly recommend it to anyone, not just dog lovers. I just wish the column was still ongoing so that there was more to enjoy!
20 Oct 2011 19:31
Is sad to say that on the 18th oct sox had to be put to sleep, due to a tumour on her gut.
She was a good old age of 19, i was 7 when we got her and i dont remember not having her here in my life.
I am truly upset but am pleased that she will no longer suffer and i am thankful that she was in my life for so long. I hope she is enjoying pet heaven but i miss her so much.
No longer will i have anythin snuggling in my bed over winter to keep us both warm.
Sox you were a true and loyal friend (my baby) and will forever be in my heart.

17 Oct 2011 17:18
He had a growth on his nose and had minor surgery to remove it he´s in top form and doing very well he´s getting the stitches out on wednesday
12 Oct 2011 11:50
Wetnose Animal Aid are holding a gig in London in aid of UK animal causes, tickets are only £10, 3 great groups playing, tickets available from Andrea at Grab yours before they all go.
28 Sep 2011 13:21
I always like to sharpen my claws on my scratch post even though my food comes out of a tin or sachet! Evelyn finds it very funny that my natural instincts take over at meal times.
26 Sep 2011 13:04
was under Evelyn´s bed and she retrieved it for me at the weekend. She knows how much I love playing with feathers and thought I had eaten it when she hadn´t seen it for ages...hee hee!
25 Sep 2011 22:47
Well today it is Sunday and mummy gave me some carrot as she was making Sunday lunch and i started to play with my sound balls and throwing sawdust on the floor mummy tides up after me. I am still a it scared but i am ok when am free running around the house i even chase the cat she runs away and daddy even helped mummy tidy my cage while i was running around the sitting room
12 Sep 2011 12:52
is under the coffee table. Evelyn has put a tablecloth on top of it so that I can have my own little tent and chill out area. I like hiding there but can be persuaded to venture out if I hear a box of treats being rattled!
06 Sep 2011 12:22
Its my birthday today, I smell something nice coming from the kitchen, hope its for me.
Didn´t go for a run today its raining and I refuse to get wet again so Im staying put under the radiator.
Mum has given me a new boomer ball, Im not to sure about it, I can´t seem to break it ??????
01 Sep 2011 19:01
She is on steroids to try to prevent it but she got went to vet yesterday and was told to increase the the steroids to 1 a day and 6 o clock today she has a cut and it was bleeding so I bathed it she didn´t like me batheing it and ran off into my neighbours garden I am batheing it water and cotton wool to keep it clean I am going to ask my vet the next time what will I bathe it with I got a loan off a citrine powder to but on her cut off my neighbour think I will have to buy some tomorrow just for her if she´s not any better she has to get an injection next week
01 Sep 2011 11:31
As Abby´s condition has worsened, Rex has been knocking her over a lot accidentally so I´ve had to split them up. Rex is being bonded with Marmite and Jessica at the moment and now lives with them. There are a lot of arguments but no fights so it´s a good sign. Marmite was quite agressive with Abby when we put them together but I don´t see much sign of this with Rex so all is well.
01 Sep 2011 11:27
Unfortunately Abby is very ill at the moment. It is a suspected brain tumour although I´ve been to 4 vets with varying opinions. Her symptoms are being extremely off balance, slight head tilt, possible seizures. You can see how wobbly she is here:

She is currently on metacam as of Tuesday so it´s only been a couple of days so far and I need to report progress back to the vet on Monday.
01 Sep 2011 11:07
31 Aug 2011 11:56
In the next few hours I will be doing my first home check to see if the family I´m going to visit is suitable to foster a dog. I haven´t slept all night because I want to do my best for the dog and the family.
It is unpaid work for me at the mo but its a start in my new career.
25 Aug 2011 14:50
iam haveing a good time with the angles in heven lot of bones and things to eat love eveyone xxxx
21 Aug 2011 12:55
Thank you for your messages.
19 Aug 2011 13:58
I´m on a special tablet from me from getting dermatitis this year the vet that charlie goes to gave it to men so I will be getting it very year from now on I look much nicer without it and I don´t have nasty cuts on my head anymore
19 Aug 2011 13:53
After the blood test the vet did a urine test it showed I had a kidney infection I´m on antibotic tablets now and hate taken them I don´t even want to take them today
Also the vet said my stomach is very sensitive and I can´t have chicken or other treats any more just meant to have my normal dog food and nuts
18 Aug 2011 12:05
(By Michael Hingson)

3/5 Paws Up!

This unique tale about a remarkable Guide Dog who led her handler down 78 flights of stairs to safety during the World Trade Centre attacks is both interesting and well written, and has made us sad that we don’t offer half paws, as it really does deserve slightly more than a 3.

However, a couple of things stopped this book getting the full 5 paws up. For one, the dog featured in it too little to, in our opinion, really classify this as a ‘doggie story’. True, Michael made it out of the World Trade Centre with his Guide Dog at his side, but she seems to be mentioned as a mere afterthought at times and this book was, we thought, more about overcoming the difficulties posed by blindness than about Roselle as a character. Having said that, we did enjoy reading about her antics before and after the event, and are sure that is deserving of all the accolades she has earned in the past ten years. Sadly, Roselle died in June 2011, so will not be accompanying Mr Hingson on any of the publicity for the book about her bravery.

I doubt that will make much of a difference to the ‘campaign trail’, as it seems this book is more about educating people about disabilities than about Roselle herself. I found Mr Hingson’s constant lecturing about how the blind wish to be treated and how he lived a normal life despite being blind began to wear on me after a while. (Especially since he seems to demand equal treatment and then highlight this by detailing an occasion where he had to kick up a fuss to get things his way, therefore making people go out of their way to accommodate him.)

Equally, I doubt the value of the essays and glossary etc included as appendixes to the text. No doubt someone reading the book in another context would find them significant, but as our group are interested in the canine aspect of the story these didn’t add to my enjoyment or study of the book at all. I would have liked to have read more information about Roselle’s life and training, or, indeed, more details on any of Mr Hingson’s past Guide Dogs.

I also felt that Mr Hingson talked down to the readers a lot. Passages which, for example, explain that on September 11th 2001 two planes piloted by members of a terrorist group called Al Qaeda crashed into the North andSouth Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York felt patronising and needless, given that everyone in the world knows about the events of that day. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he included this information to make the story perfectly clear, and perhaps to make it last the annals of history or to be more accessible to people, but every once in a while he would go to the trouble of re-iterating what is largely common knowledge and it began to stand out and annoy me.

Finally, the other thing that Mr Hingson did which grated with this reader was to go on about how his religion influenced his life, how blessed he felt, how God was his guide and so on. Perhaps this is a personal thing (being an affirmed atheist), but he seemed to put more faith in the Lord to see him safely home than his Guide Dog, which seemed to make Roselle an interesting footnote in the whole thing rather than the star character. Personally, I would have enjoyed this book more if it was less about God and more about Dog.

But, all those negatives aside, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in blindness, Guide Dogs or American history, as it is a truly unique tale and gives a very good account of what it was like to be involved in a moment in history. Like his dog, Mr Hingson doesn’t get caught up in the ideology of the moment or the anti terrorism/disaster rhetoric that so many Americans are prone to when recounting that day’s events.

He tells his stories – his life story and his September 11th survival story, interweaved throughout the book – with very little self pity and in a clear and concise manner. Co-author Susy Flory has obviously had a lot of input on the actual writing and the structure of the book and it works. I’m sure this will become a popular read once it is released in the more inexpensive paperback format.
17 Aug 2011 11:40
This has not been a very good year - Kelly my beautiful dog had to be put to sleep on 5th May and if that was not bad enought my handsome Joseph died on 14th July so am very very sad and miss my wonderful companions like crazy.
09 Aug 2011 19:37

Mammy was speaking to the vet he said I have to get to another blood test and get a urine test
I´m getting it done on thursday morning so it means no walk before my vets visit
The vet also told mammy if I don´t stop eating too much food I would get fat
When she said that I thought she meant cat haha and went looking for 1 to play with
08 Aug 2011 12:08
One of my whiskers dropped out recently and when Evelyn found it, she said it looks a bit like a giant eyelash!
06 Aug 2011 15:58
He´s being getting sick recently getting sick quiet a lot a I took him to my vet about 3 times and he had to get lots of injections and 2 courses of tablets last on 1 of the days the vet took a blood test from his leg I got results yesterday and he said there´s something wrong with his kidneys so he has under go another test again I just hope it can be treated as he´s 3 now
04 Aug 2011 15:47
i cant understand why she ALWAYS leaves her bin lid open

just recently my charlies been coming home then throwing up some nights

well last night i found out what he had been doing! dirty gits been eating food out her bin! she throws all sorts of food in it thats why she has always got food thrown all over the floor because its obvious animals raid the bin

well im just a bit fed up now of it all its bad enough my charlie eats the left overs from their dogs bowl but now hes eating out their bin!

i do not want my boy 2 get sick

yes he is well fed by the way yet he still feels the need 2 bloody eat more than his own meals

my boys greedy i know!

i dont want my lola doing the same shes been in the house nearly 3 weeks now n i dont want her getting ill again just after shes got over 1 illness

i just wish the neighbour WOULD not leave food out n available for my cat 2 eat

04 Aug 2011 15:38
well vets didnt know what was up with me 2 be honest but i am all better now!
sorry mummy for giving you such worry over the past 2 weeks and a coupla days

thank you for being the best mummy ever xxxxx
01 Aug 2011 13:00
It was a month ago today that the website "Dogs In The News", reported the death of two police dogs, Milly, a five month old GSD, and Chay, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, after they were left in a hot car by their handler.

At the time, many dog lovers were outraged not just that this had been allowed to happen, again, by the police, but also that people STILL hadn’t gotten the message that dogs die in hot cars and that even leaving them for a few minutes with the windows down is unacceptable.

Well, they’re going to get the message now.

Within hours of our original post, enough people had gotten upset and spoken out in frustration and anger that Beverley Cuddy, Editor of Dogs Today magazine and well known campaigner for canine rights, had decided to use her powers to do something about. “Don’t just get mad,” she urged on her blog “Let’s stop it happening ever again.”

The way she proposed to do this was by giving the general dog owning public a shocking reminder that dogs die in hot cars every summer. In just a few short days, a slogan was devised and the amazing Judith Brough was called in to design an eye catching image.

This image and slogan were to adorn a car sticker, which we hope to soon see in cars up and down the country and around the world. Dogs In The News are offering this sticker for FREE to anyone who wants one; you can place your order here (

The campaign is coming along in leaps and bounds: there is now an accompanying video, downloadable material and web buttons, and even a merchandise store if you fancy spreading the word via a mug or t-shirt. You can find out about all the latest updates via the official campaign website.

Plus, the message has been endorsed by the British Kennel Club, as well as other animal rights groups and charities.

I’m doing my bit to spread the word by promoting the heck out of the campaign via any outlet I can think of. I hope all my readers will help me by writing a short post for their own blog or website, or at the very least placing an order for a sticker. I really don’t want to see any more tragic headlines!

Remember, it is unacceptable to leave your dog in the car on a hot day, even in the shade or with the windows down. Dogs die in hot cars. Don’t cook your dog.
27 Jul 2011 09:24
I went to bed last night and left the OH watching TV.
He has come into the bedroom and shouted SUE , SUE
What I have said politely lol, I hate being woken up. What is that on your nose???
Nothing I have replied again politely
You better get up and look in the mirror. Well I would have thought this bloke was drunk the way he was carrying on, but he don´t drink. So I have pulled myself out of bed and gone to the mirror where my nose was glowing bright green, that aluminise green.
Half asleep I thought what the ......... and then remembered I bought myself I new nose ring yesterday afternoon but didn´t realise that it was a glow in the dark one lol
22 Jul 2011 12:11
1/ 5 Paws Up!

I wrote quite a lengthy review of Mr Foster’s first doggie volume, Walking Ollie, so I will aim to make this one quite brief – especially as my opinion of him hasn’t changed much!

Along Came Dylan details what happens when Mr Foster and his partner questionably decide to bring another dog into their lives. This time around they opt not to give a home to a rescue dog, but rather to acquire a “silver” Saluki puppy with impeccable bloodlines.

This pup fares no better than Ollie did at the hands of this ignoramus and he grows up in the later chapters of the novel to display the same lack of manners as well. What was galling about Stephen’s way of raising a dog boarders on criminal when it comes to raising a puppy, and readers with strong opinions on things like puppy proofing, socialisation, and training would probably do well to avoid this tale.

If, however, you enjoyed Walking Ollie, then its sequel offers much of the same. The book is full of anecdotes and stories of the dogs (and owners) that Ollie and Dylan meet while out and about, and many “hilarious” stories of times when they were naughty or play fighting or refusing to come back when called. (Read, criminally misguided observations and repeated evidence of a total lack of training or discipline. Oh dear.)

In fact, I found this book even slightly more unbearable than the first one, due to the addition of a “delightful” new character called Phillip. Phillip is a hobo who at one point in his life had the money to acquire a purebred Dalmatian. He and his dog accompany Ollie, Dylan and Stephen on many walks (often while inebriated). While the dogs play, the owners swap stories on the two subjects which I care least about in the entire world: football and horse racing. While these exchanges and adventures were meant, I assume, to add a new dimension to the narrative, I personally found them dull and pointless, and they convinced me even further that Mr Foster and I would NOT get on if we were ever to meet in person.

As an aside, I again found the writing style to be all over the place; rambling and incoherent at times and just plain bad in others.

So I think it’s safe to say that these are two books which I would not recommend to anyone, on any level. In fact, I think it’s safer to say that I recommend you avoid them!
20 Jul 2011 18:04
heyy, well so far my falls:
1. wellie ran off with me and bucked- landed on my feet
2. rosie started bucking boncoing with me-fell against the fence:(
3. jasper started bucking n rearing with me when i had no stirrups or rein´s -landed on floor
4.Gypsy resfused then jumped the jump was on her neck for ages then fell to side-on feet refused then jumped i flew onto neck- landed on feet
6.jumping gypsy over some fillers and she stopped dead and i flew over the top! landed on my feet
7. jumping gypsy and she didnt jump just ran through a really big jump i flew forward and landed stood up;)
8. getting back on gypsy and i have 1 foot in thee stirrup´s and she set of i and flew into the the fence
9.riding gypsy bareback and she ran off bucking landed on my feet
10. riding gypsy bareback and she was cantering full belt tooward the jump and then ran out of the jump and fell into the side of the jumps(wings) but then stood up:)(tonight)

well these are my fall´s so far;) haha most of them landed stood up;)xoxoxx
20 Jul 2011 14:44
well. i rode bare back last night on gypsy and jumped her! i fell off when she ran off and bucvked but i landed on my feet! yeyee!!!!
love bettyy xoxox
16 Jul 2011 20:07
Queeny got killed this morning 16/7/2011 the man next door ran over her. ( R,I,P Queeny)
15 Jul 2011 21:03
Evelyn says I need to pay more attention to my spider catching duties. She found a big spider yesterday and got a fright.It was high up on the ceiling and I couldn´t reach it.
15 Jul 2011 10:10
Rex has escaped into Marmite and Jessica´s cage few times just lately - he seems to have an obsession with Marmite although she isn´t over fussy. I´m surprised she hasn´t torn him apart!
15 Jul 2011 10:09
I managed to get my extra large run shipped back from my parents house so all of the guineas are now outside in the day time. They are in a totally enclosed run with a cover on the top in case it rains or the sun is beating down on them.

Abby is absolutely loving the time outside and is the happiest I´ve ever seen her. She has gone all soppy and purs everytime a pick her up and stroke her. She also purs away when I place her in the run. Very good times for Abby :)
14 Jul 2011 12:50
well it been some time since i gave you all n update on me

i have been a pretty bad kitty the past 2 months lol n dont i know it

i have so far caught that one bird i put in my blog in may since then i have caught another 3 birds n i got a mouse on the 16th of june but my mummy saved that much 2 my disappointment i will admit i was ONLY playing with it i was not going 2 eat it like i did with all the birds i got
i shared my last bird catch with my new friend n lola

my new friend is a male black cat he is about the same age as me lola doesnt care for him she dont bother with him she hangs out with older cats i think she has a boyfriend shes always out n about with this white n black older cat lol shes loved around here but i protect her n beat them up lol

me n my new friend love 2 play n chase lola away, we curl up in the garden n fall asleep in this gazbo (i think thats what mummy called it) it brill it gives us shelter from the sun n its lovely n cool under there. my friend likes 2 come in my house 2 at first mummy was not allowing him 2 do this now she lets him come in n stop for abit

i have been teasing a dog next door 2 hehe he started it when i was minding my own business laying on his shed roof bark bark barking like a mad fool so now i happily keep teasing him much 2 the disapproval of mummy dearest tehhee

well thats it for now im off out again byeeeeeeee xxx
14 Jul 2011 12:18

i love the outdoors i rarely come indoors now during the day. well the only time i honestly come back is 1 for food n 2 for a power nap. mummy wants me indoors at night i keep her up late so i can be let back in most nights i dont come home so mummy gives up i think shes used 2 me staying out at night now n i think she feels im save she sleeps well so its obvious shes not 2 worried about me being out all night... even when i do come in at night i sneak back out since its been hotter mummy leaves the upstairs windows open n out n i climb out of them lol she has started getting smart 2 my plans though so its shut windows before getting me in

i have had a birthday :) so i am now 1 years old

i am still a small cat i think mummy said i will always be a small cat unless i grow anymore before i reach 2 years old. charlie is bigger then me and he is 1 on august the 13th

i have made a few friends but charlie steals the attention by playing with them i think all the cats around here just tolerate charlie for the sake of it so they do not get beat up lol. he is the bully round our area if im honest even mummy said so when shes out watching him with the neighbourhood cats i think charlie knows he rules the roost around here lol but actually if he thinks about it our mummy does because we do as we are told when she is around outdoors though we can do whatever we like unless mummy catches us

i like also 2 tease the springer spaniel next door by jumping up on the fence making him bark n making my mummy yell for me 2 stop it... you see it was charlie that started this n i just decided 2 copy. chalie is a bad influnce on me but the trouble he gets in 2 n the stuff he gets up 2 is fun until mummy finds out what we are both up 2

i have also caught my first life prey well it was a frog actually i ran off with it n killed it (mum hates when charlie gets life prey shes calls him a bad kitty i got called bad 2) lol

well thats it for now

i will try 2 regularly update you but cant say i wont remember as i am always so busy outside

bye for now xxxxx

14 Jul 2011 12:15
i thought he might of
2 be honest i think hes long gone
he was not really settling in in the firt place when i got him so when he got out i think he decided 2 find a new home
i cant blame him really since my cat charlie didnt actually give him the best welcome

some animals just come n go into your life whether its for a short time or long time

i thought i had seen him hanging around but its not him this cat i have seen was the wrong colour

:( so long short time stayed i hope your ok
13 Jul 2011 12:19
It’s Surrey Dog Life vs Dogs Today in a peculiar quarrel over magazine titles.

As you may know, I was on holiday in Canada the past two weeks, and largely internet-less. How I wish I hadn’t been! It seems I missed out on the beginning of what is looking to become quite a feud.

It all started back in February, when a lady called Lizette Roux announced the launch of a new dog magazine, titled Surrey Dog Life. The tagline on her website claimed that it was “Surrey’s First and ONLY Dog Magazine”. Anyone who regularly reads the dog press will know that Dogs Today, edited by the infamous Beverley Cuddy, is also based in Surrey. Cue an email from Ms Cuddy asking Ms Roux to remove the tagline. And apparently no more was said on the matter.

In the past few weeks however, it seems that the whole thing has descended into a bit of a – ahem, pardon the pun – bitch fight. Lizette claims that Beverley has been violent and intimidated her, while Beverley has written several blog posts claiming that she is innocent in all of this (apparently she has not spoken to Lizette since February) and that Lizette “has got some very big problems that aren’t anything to do with the canine publishing world.”

Exactly how it all happened isn’t quite clear. The first I heard of it was when the Mail on Sunday wrote a feature article about their argument.

Both Beverley and Lizette have been cryptic on the issue since, but it will definitely be ongoing for quite some time. Yesterday Ms Cuddy wrote on her magazine’s Facebook page: “Do read mail on Sunday again this week, they’ve just phoned for a quote… Amazing twist to this tale.” At the time of going to press, Lizette’s latest tweet (10:50am, Thursday 23/06/2011) stated: “My mother died last week and am still being threatened by Ms Cuddy via the ASA. Does she stop at nothing? Let me greive. Please”. On Saturday, her feed said “Just need to get Monday out of the way then can get back into the dog world.”

We will of course keep you updated with developments as and when!

Surrey Police issued a statement via their website, which said: “On June 8, police received an allegation about an offensive communication and officers have made inquiries with both parties. At this stage there is no evidence to support any criminal investigation. The parties have been advised to cease direct contact and resolve any civil dispute through legal representatives.”

I personally find the whole thing quite bizarre. These two grown ladies seem to be behaving like adolescent school girls! Lizette has been Tweeting her thoughts on the matter quite vocally (see Ms Cuddy’s blog), while Beverley posted a joke poster on Dogs Today’s Facebook page for a new magazine, called Fish Wives Weekly.

Yes, Surrey Dog Life is not the first dog magazine to be based in Surrey, nor is it the only dog magazine based in Surrey, but surely this tiny pedantic detail is not worth two respectable editors resorting to Twitter jibes and petty jokes? (I’m not taking sides here.) Why are the police and lawyers getting involved?

Ms Cuddy has additionally raised concerns about the very similar addresses from which their magazines operate: Surrey Dog Life can be contacted at “The Dog House, 163 Saunders Lane, Woking” while Dogs Today can be found in “The Dog House, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham”. Ms Cuddy told the Daily Mail: “I pointed out to her that as she was operating from a remarkably similar address to ours, some people might imagine she was part of our outfit, which obviously wasn’t the case.”

And, Ms Cuddy alleges, after discussion with another editor, that two articles in the flagship issue of Surrey Dog Life (which I have yet to see a copy of, despite taking out a subscription) were lifted word for word from the March edition of rival publication Dogs Monthly!

There’s also the odd angle of Lizette’s parents; she has asked, via her blog, for everyone to give her space to grieve their recent deaths, but Ms Cuddy claims that Ms Roux is making this up (based on past Tweets referring to them) and using it as an excuse to not talk to the press. However, there has been some extra scuttlebutt on Twitter that it is actually Seve Ballesteros (a former lover?) that Lizette is in mourning for, due to her previous career as a pro golfer. Curiouser and curiouser!

I have to disclose that I was involved with the first issue of Surrey Dog Life, and had hoped to write for future issues. All I did for this one was exchange emails with Lizette (who I actually took quite a liking to, I must say) and proofread/edit some articles, but I had no idea that the publication was going to become part of a surreal saga. At the time of working on the first issue, Lizette had just lost one of her beloved dogs, so was quite forlorn; she seemed a bit scatty but nice. I put it down to the stress of starting a new magazine from scratch during a difficult time, and had no idea that she was exchanging barbs with Beverely Cuddy on the other line!

(I should also disclose, for the sake of fairness, that around about the same time I applied for an Editorial Assistant role at Dogs Today, but that is another story for another time!)

This is one of those stories that you couldn’t make up if you tried! I am trying not to judge or to take sides. I have a great deal of respect for both of these ladies (immaturity on both parts in this particular case aside), and I would love to see them resolve their differences and get back to what they do best – dog publishing. I eagerly await the next installment of the Mail On Sunday – and that is not something I ever thought I would find myself saying!

(Written June 23rd, 2011.
13 Jul 2011 12:17
By Stephen Foster

1/5 Paws Up!

People who love dog stories will enjoy this book. People who love dogs will find it difficult to get through without raising their blood pressure!

Within the first few pages of Walking Ollie, I knew it was going to be a struggle to finish; I had to keep putting it down every few pages, walk around my flat and have a rant at an imaginary Stephen Foster! This is pitched as a “hilarious and heart warming” tale of a rescue dog, but it soon became very clear that, like the bumbling protagonist of Marley and Me, this new dog owner actually knew nothing about dogs. And wasn’t looking to learn anything about them either.

I’ll give you an example. When Mr Foster and his partner first begin to contemplate getting a dog, they go the traditional route and look into acquiring a puppy. They go to meet a Vizsla breeder who feeds her dogs an excellent diet, has them very well trained, and spends the afternoon telling Mr Foster about the show achievements and health scores of the parents, and grilling him about the lifestyle into which she’d be passing one of her puppies. Sounds like an excellent, scrupulous and highly responsible breeder, right?

Stephen and his partner write this woman off as “mad”.

They then go and visit a woman who has numerous breeding bitches at her farmyard premises, a couple of litters available for viewing and a couple more on the way if they’re interested. The health or temperament of the puppies isn’t even mentioned. I.e., to us intelligent and well informed dog folk, a puppy mill. I can’t remember why Mr Foster decides against purchasing one of her dogs, but I can assure you that it was not for the reason which you or I would have rejected her.

I could go on. Each new page brings another sample of this man’s ignorance of the wider world of dogs. He continually talks of occasions where he let Ollie off the leash to run, regardless of his dog’s total lack of recall and the danger to his pet (the proximity of a three lane highway, for example – Ollie later runs right into the road and is struck down by a vehicle, which Mr Foster seems to find funny). He also seems unaware of the nuisance his dog poses to other walkers in the vicinity.

He (repeatedly) uses the dreaded phrase “He only wants to play!” to excuse Ollie’s behaviour when greeting other people and their dogs. If I didn’t know that his sort of ‘play’ would upset and possibly injure my small terrier, I would love to meet Mr Foster and Ollie sometime so that I could give them a piece of my mind.

I am sure most of my Book Club members will agree with me. Mr Foster finds it amusing that his own dog is terrified of him, and makes no effort to understand Ollie or why he feels that way. He glosses over all his issues as being problems from the dog’s past, or just part of the dog’s personality, and seems to think that they are quite beyond his control. He often says things like “we hadn’t gotten around to socialising/training him yet”, and he mocks the behaviourist which they call in an attempt to ‘fix’ Ollie, despite the sound advice he gives.

Aside from all of this, it isn’t funny, and is written in a clumsy style which irritated this English graduate to no end! Plus, as far as I can tell, there is no real resolution or conclusion to this story – it just ends, abruptly, and no one grows in any way or learns anything. In fact, based on the style of storytelling throughout the book, I turned the last page and was startled not to find a following chapter – the whole thing has very little structure at all, and the ending is dull and unmemorable.

So, overall, not the best pick for our Book Club readers. Any book which stresses someone out is probably best to be avoided, not recommended. I apologise sincerely to all our members, and beg you to stick with me; I am sure the future titles will be much better.

But perhaps you will disagree? Plenty of people on Amazon do; this book has an average rating of 3.5 stars, and there are quite a few positive reviews. The egoist in me says that’s because they too are ignorant of the ways of dogs and so do not see the error of the authors’ ways, but then maybe it’s me who’s over thinking it. It is only a book, after all! I’d love to know what you think.

Imagine my dismay, though, at the end of the volume to discover that Mr Foster had acquired a second dog. I can hardly bring myself to begin his tale, told in our second book of the month, Along Came Dylan, but I will muddle through. We’ll be back on the 20th June with our review.

“The one interesting feature is how it reveals the author to be, well, a bit of an idiot. I am sure this is not the intention.” – reader review on Amazon

Do you agree or disagree with the above? Are we over thinking what is supposed to be a light summer read?

How do you feel about Ollie as a title canine character? Does he have any traits to admire?

This book is pitched as “humerous”, but we failed to find it so. Were there any particular moments which made you smile, and why?

Does your neighbourhood have ‘an Ollie’? Did this book make you feel any more sympathetic towards his owner?

What do you think about Mr Foster’s decision to acquire another dog?

If you liked this, try:
Amazon recommends Amazing Gracie: A Dog’s Tale by Dan Dye.

By the same author:

Nothing more about dogs (thank goodness), but he does have a few books about Stoke City FC and the history of football. He also has a blog.

We’ll be back on the 20th with our review of the follow up volume, Along Came Dylan.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy our little Doggie Book Club, and we look forward to hearing what you think!
11 Jul 2011 16:02
Miss Molly had her first litter of puppies on 7-6-11.They are so cute and tiny.
09 Jul 2011 15:45
Another sad day. Suki is forever sleeping in the sun now.
Thank you momma kat kins for coming through the bed room window when I was 12 and 20 years on she was a mouser till the end but alas although you were a kitten at heart your body just couldn´t keep up.
Goodbye my sweet angel I will love you always xx
06 Jul 2011 12:43
Just like her mum.
02 Jul 2011 08:28
Well this year as already had it´s ups and downs for me started of great spending Christmas and new year with Noo and her great family then we started house hunting together this took a few months and then in March as we was told we had a house together Prince my long time friend and companion lost his long term battle with arthritis and we had to have him laid to rest (run free on rainbow bridge my good friend) then aweek later we had all the trauma of moving house with me going back to London on my own and packing stuff up and finding lots of memorys of my pal Prince so this year as had it´s ups and downs for me but me and Noo have now settled into our new home together and are happy so i am hoping the rest of this year and for years to come we have a lot ofvery happy memorys together.
28 Jun 2011 20:35
Thank goodness I have been allowed to sit near an open window during the day safely clipped into my harness and lead to make sure I don´t fall out! Today I was watching a noisy bird on the rooftop and was slightly worried by the sound of thunder. Then it started raining very heavily. I could see the water splashing against the open window but I stayed nice and dry. Afterwards Evelyn clipped some of my claws which were a little bit long. I sometimes scratch her without meaning to do so when she picks me up and I hang onto her shoulder.
26 Jun 2011 17:02
Lucy has had a lovely few months with us. she´s very affectionate and loving but now im sorry to say we feel now is the time to let her go. Her lump on her head is a tumour and has got considerably bigger. her eye gets gunked up with a bloody like fluid which we clean regulary. her breathing is not as it should be so in her best interest the time has come. we will be ringing the vets tomorrow
21 Jun 2011 10:48
2/5 paws up

A well written story about one woman’s struggle with disability, her family’s support and the dog that helped make everything a little bit easier.

Personally, I feel that this book was mis-marketed. It is not really a dog story (the dog doesn’t make a proper appearance until Chapter 11 of 20); it is a story about a woman with a resilient spirit, and about a family overcoming illness and adversity. Perhaps I have read too many ‘my amazing life-changing pet’ books, but Harmony didn’t stand out to my mind as being anything particularly special. Don’t get me wrong, I think that every animal which Canine Partners produces is a star and exceptionally well trained and valuable to the people they are placed with. It’s just that Harmony as a character didn’t pierce my heart in the way that Endal or Henry (see reading recommendations below) did.

This might be because, as I said, I don’t feel the dog featured heavily enough in this volume to really class it as a doggie book. The prologue mentions Sally making her choice from the assistance dogs on offer, but the narrative then reverts to the beginning of Sally’s story – her climbing trips with her future husband before the diagnoses of MS. I’m not a big autobiography reader, so I’ll admit I struggled through the chapters on their relationship, her travels, early careers, wedding, children and her developing and deteriorating health problems, wondering all the while when she was going to ‘get to the point’. It is, however, a fascinating life story and if you enjoy these little glimpses into people’s lives you might fare better at the beginning than I did.

When we finally did get to the part where Sally decided she wanted a Canine Partner, we first had to read her application form and extracts from her selection interview, and her thoughts and feelings as she went down to meet the dogs. Eventually, we got to Harmony, and I waited to see what was so special about this Golden Retriever that she deserved her own book. But, while there is no doubt that Harmony transformed the lives of Sally and her family, most of all her two daughters (one who had taken on the role of Carer at the expense of her own dreams and the other with autism), I’m afraid I just didn’t see that extra special element in her that I expected.

Harmony is barely described or developed into anything more than a Canine Partner – we see very little of her personality or those funny quirks that all dogs have. This blonde animal flits in and out of the narrative, almost as though Sally forgot she was writing a ‘dog book’ and added Harmony’s involvement in events as an afterthought. I found her very unremarkable, which is not a quality that I expected in a title character.

That said, this IS a good book, which is excellently written and maintains a well paced narrative throughout. You could do a lot worse than spend a weekend perusing this volume, and I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Sally, Harmony, and their family all the best for the future. We will be especially interested to see what happens when Sally repeats her Ben Nevis adventure in 2011. And, this book will raise much needed awareness for that excellent charity which brought Sally and Harmony together in the first place.
21 Jun 2011 10:47
4/5 paws up

I am a huge fan of Bruce Fogle – it is his “Dogalog” which I used to memorise the names and characteristics of almost 200 different breeds of dog, and I find his regular columns in Dogs Today Magazine interesting and insightful. So when I heard he had written two travel books I had to give them a try.

I actually have to admit that I enjoyed “A Dog Abroad”, the follow up volume, ever so slightly more than “Travels With Macy” – mostly because I am much more interested in Europe than America – but that should by no means put you off this book. This is a highly entertaining account, which reads more like an adventure volume than a travel guide.

Bruce skilfully mixes anecdotes from history with those from his own experiences as he circumnavigates the United States of America. It’s educational, and you get a real flavour for the places and people he encounters. He is a fantastic writer, evoking the senses as well as keeping up an informative narrative and ripping pace which will make this book difficult to put down.

And, unlike the Steinbeck version – I read “Travels With Charley” in conjunction with this book – where the writer is disappointed and disillusioned with almost everything he comes across, Bruce’s discoveries are much more positive. He leaves expecting to meet a spoilt and unworldly America, as painted by Steinbeck and as remembered from his own (Canadian) childhood, but arrives to find it on the whole much more pleasant and surprising.

The other main difference between this volume and its original is the importance of the dog on the journey. Steinbeck’s book is called “Travels with Charley” but the silver Poodle is barely mentioned in it, added almost as an afterthought to his escapades in deference to the title. Macy, however, well and truly takes centre stage on this journey. Bruce talks about how she enjoys all the various trailer parks and historical sites that they visit, and isn’t above listing her faults either. This is a must read book for anyone thinking of taking their dog on holiday with them – you may have a romantic vision of beach walks and forest treks, but there are the realities of fox poo to be rolled in, ticks to check for, and border controls to pass.

This version is also much longer and more in depth than Steinbeck’s, as Bruce traced parts of his route and then also added his own jaunts up into Canada. He also actually stops in places, where Steinbeck barrelled through them or glossed over them when writing. I feel I know more from the Brit-visiting-America version than the American-rediscovering-America one!

Overall, I give this book 4 paws up out of 5. (The European chapter gets 5/5 just for being that little bit more my area of interest.) It’s a great holiday read, and I hope you all enjoyed it too.
21 Jun 2011 10:08
Garmish was put down on Sunday 19Th of June 2011. Do to old age and complications.
17 Jun 2011 21:22
I apologise for my absence from this site for a while, have been travelling a lot teaching. And now I am writing a new book, my sixth. I think I will take a bit of a writing break after that - how ever I have said that after completing every book !

So far this year I have been to Holland, Belgium, Germany and Jersey. At the end of last year I was in New York, a place I really like, and hope to be back. I spent a day at the Humane Society in New York, giving healing to the cats and dogs there. The people who run the place are wonderful, so caring and empathic.

If you are on facebook please join me there for upto date news.
17 Jun 2011 18:10
hello friends,
i don´t really come on petstreet anymore and have seriously considered erasing my account.
although i have made a few good friends on here.
i have appreciated the support i have been shown throughout my quest to uncover my passion for art.
if anyone has any GENUINE interest in having a portrait painted for a small charge which covers materials and time please see my facebook page for details (sues pet and people portraits) but please no timewasters.
thanks for reading
best wishes

12 Jun 2011 14:28
For about a month now, Maddy and I have been attending a "beginners" obedience class. Maddy is alot of fun to work with as she´s just so eager to learn. We hope to be moved up to the KC Bronze class soon and we´ve been told this is likely to happen in the next couple of weeks....woohooo!

The same trainer also does gundog training, so I´ve been taking Millie along to a "beginners" gundog class. At 7yrs young, Millie is probably a little old to be starting out doing gundog training, but when you don´t come from a shooting background it can be difficult to find a gundog trainer, and I´ve been asking around locally for years, so I´m really pleased to have finally found Denise Hubbard.

Millie & I are on week 3 of a 7wk course, with week 7 being Assessment Day, when an outside examiner will be present to either pass or fail us...yikes! Millie is pretty good though I do say so myself (I´m in no way biased hehehe!). Her sit/stays are fab and her recall is very good. We need to do more work on walking to heel on/off lead and we also need to do a bit more work on Millie´s retrieve as she has a tendancy to drop the dummy at my feet, so I need to get her to present it nicely. Millie will sit nicely to the whistle, and recalls to the whistle, but I have to work on stopping her half way to me, but we have a few little exercises to practice so hopefully we´ll master these things. I´ve also learnt that the obedience walk to heel and the gundog walk to heel are different. Obedience dogs are taught to look to their handler whilst walking to heel, whereas gundogs should be looking ahead so they can "mark" the game/dummy. We also have to walk to heel at slow, med and fast pace, slow being the most difficult but also the norm for a gundog.

There´s alot to learn for all three of us, but we are really enjoying ourselves.
03 Jun 2011 13:26
Chasing my tail ( makes Evelyn laugh)
Chasing the shadow of my own tail ( Evelyn wonders why I don´t get dizzy)
Hide and seek ( I hide under the table or on the window ledge behind a blind- then Evelyn has to find me... but she cheats sometimes by shaking my box of treats which always make me come out running!)
Sneaking in the wardrobe if the door is open.
Hiding under a cushion on the sofa.
01 Jun 2011 10:04
Take a peep at our new website and join in on our National Fun Day on 29th 30th July 2011.

Choose an event of your choice, bike ride, horse ride, BBQ, Cake stall, Car boot stall, raise funds for Wetnose and wear our black noses!

More detail soon
01 Jun 2011 05:25
It´s my 4th birthday today, I have got had lots of kisses from mummy, new teddy bear, diamond collar (think mummy got it from Crufts) also got some treats & mummy as got me a birthday cake, I am having a birthday party I am having salmon, tuna, sausages, cheese & doggie beer.
31 May 2011 12:26
A domestic, or pet Pigeon, can often be recognized by one or more bands on its legs. Other Pigeons are exhibition breeds, distinguished by their unusual appearance and sometimes odd flying behavior (as in the Tumblers). Some breeds are kept for flight competitions. The lifespan of a pigeon is 10-15 years. Pigeons and the smaller Doves, belong to the family Columbidae.

31 May 2011 12:03
Badgers are closely related to otters, stoats, weasels, polecats and pine martens.

They are largely nocturnal, normally shy, retiring animals that live in social or family groups.

A badger´s home is called a sett. The sett is an underground home, often with a labyrinth of tunnels involving the excavation of tons of earth.

An adult can grow up to 36" long and usually weighs from 22 to 27 lbs.

Badger prints are broader than they are long with five toes and five long, non-retractable powerful claws that they use for digging.

The sense of smell is the most important of the badgers senses. Badgers forage for food with their snouts constantly sniffing the ground ahead of them.

Badgers are omnivorous and will eat a wide variety of foods, although their main diet consists of earthworms, up to 200 per day.

Badgers are less active during winter months but they do not hibernate.

The mating process involves "delayed implantation". Although females are able to mate any time after the cubs are born the fertilised egg does not implant in the uterus until December.

Badger cubs are normally born in February, the number of cubs usually being between one and three. Cubs emerge about May after spending the first 8-10 weeks underground.

31 May 2011 11:58
The best-known ´traditional´ algae eater is the common plecostomus, but this particular fish is a heavyweight contender and will grow to huge proportions (45cm 18"+) so is suited only to the very largest of aquariums. A good alternative is the bristlenose plec (ancistrus sp.), which is very similar in appearance, yet only reaches a manageable 15cm (6"). Bristlenose plecs are one of the suckermouth catfishes (Loricarids), which have evolved to eat algae as their primary food source. The ´Suckermouth´ is a highly developed mouth that will rasp away at algae but is also used to scrape off the very top layers of established driftwood. The driftwood eaten by the fish is actually an important part of its dietary and feeding systems so to keep any of the suckermouth catfishes it is a vital piece of decor. There are many other suckermouth catfishes to consider, including some colourfully marked unclassified ´L number´ fishes. It is worth trying to find out as much as you can before purchasing, as some of these fish may require soft water or may grow to significant sizes. A couple of good choices for the smaller aquarium would be the otocinclus sp. or peckoltia sp. (dwarf plecs) Both these groups of fish are peaceful and the biggest will grow no bigger than a few inches. Suckermouth catfishes will usually avoid established fiberous, brush, or blue-green algae but will help to prevent its formation.
Some suckermouthed catfishes can be territorial and may squabble but damage is rarely done providing each fish has its own retreat and all will mix with tankmates of any size within reason. Although there are cases of some suckermouthed catfishes attacking fish, particularly laterally compressed species (angelfish, gouramies etc.) these are rare and usually occur when the victim fish is producing excess mucus due to illness. It would be tempting fate however to mix these fish with discus which are slow moving and produce a particularly tasty brand of mucus.

31 May 2011 11:54
This is Foxy she is my newest stray she came to me just before Christmas 2011.
31 May 2011 11:12
Photo taken with my first camera and black and white film.
30 May 2011 01:12
Died on 26 April 2009
30 May 2011 01:06
Died on 24th April 2009
29 May 2011 09:45
The serenity of the Shadforth household has been well & truely shattered by the arrival of 5 boarders who will be with us until June 5th.... HELP. I had forgotten what mischief 5 young ferrets could get into. The youngest (Stacey) has decided that she can leap, jump, FLY, onto anything she decides on and from any distance. Our normally quiet Portia has found a new lease of life and is frantically running around the house smelling for the "intruders". They ,in turn are doing the same. The damages to date are minimal (only a perfume bottle!!!!!!!!). So far the new comers haven´t emulated Portias trick of falling in a bucket of wallpaper paste (I forgot to move it- Hey, I´m only human). Got a feeling theres going to be more to follow!!!
26 May 2011 22:28
oooooh yay me i caught a lovely lil birdy

lets just say mummy was less than impressed with me for bringing in my life prey

she was shouting at me and trying 2 save this bird well im sorry but i was not letting in go no matter what i was only showing mummy what i can do

well in the end i got shut out and not allowed back in, so i finally gave up wandered off n later returned i decided 2 sleep on the armchair downstairs that night as i felt its best so not 2 upset mummy any further

26 May 2011 22:16
but cant get close enough 2 see if its mine yet or not il keep hoping
26 May 2011 14:55
Rex managed to poke his eye on some hay. When I found him he had a milky white eye and hay sticking out the corner of his eye! I removed the hay and his eye has been milky for a few days now although it has massively improved today. He is on the mend and his usual bumbly self. I had a cuddle last night and boy was he noisy - I think he is learning how to squeak as loud as Abby!
24 May 2011 16:33
McLaren sadly disappeared in April 2010, and after extensive searches we figured he went over the rainbow bridge. it was a very sad time, but we just hope he passed quickly and peacefully. Just a shame that if he was found somewhere that no one took him to the Vet to have his chip scanned. So not a purrfect solution to finding lost pets
23 May 2011 09:31

A man has been arrested after officers seized a dangerous dog that may have been used in dog fighting.

Officers from Gipsy Hill and Thurlow Park safer neighbourhoods teams (SNT) in partnership with the Metropolitan Police’s status dogs unit, Norwood’s local policing team and the borough support unit executed a warrant at 8.30am at an address in Pennington Close, West Norwood, on Sunday.

The raid came after a tip-off by the RSPCA and the dog was later found out to be a cross between a Staffordshire bull terrier and a bull mastiff.

A 38-year-old owner of the dog, was arrested for possession of a dangerous dog and taken to a south London police station.

Sergeant Lee-Ann Mills, of the Gipsy Hill SNT, said: “Through sharing information with our partners we were able to establish the whereabouts of this dangerous dog that risks the safety of our streets and communities.”
23 May 2011 00:15
i have cerated a group for staffie one how they do not desurive to get a bad name.
if you would like to join this group and feel passionate on this subject pleaz feel free to join infomation is below thank you.

Name of group: Staffys ait bad
whats subjet about: Other
what animal is it for: Dog
if you would like to no more about this group pleaz comment or inbox thank you

warmest wish´s cheryl x
18 May 2011 12:26
Dinner last night was something new... a little pot of chicken with giblets and lots of gravy.Once it had been spooned out into my bowl, it smelt really nice and I ate it up within minutes. It was so yummy that I meowed for a second helping and even sat next to the shelf where Evelyn puts all my boxes of food.To my surprise I earned myself a second yummy bowl of food which got gobbled up equally quickly.I felt so pleased with myself that I sat on the sofa purring contentedly and cleaning myself up! (Note from Evelyn: Daisy was eating the newly launched Potty About Gravy which is by Hi Life.It´s steam cooked food for cats in little recyclable pots and as Daisy loves her gravy, I knew this would make her very happy! )
16 May 2011 11:06
Sadley, blitz , our much loved stafft was put to sleep today. She was such a fighter. Kidney failure is such a cruel illness. Rest in peace my baby girl, we´ll never forget you.
16 May 2011 08:38
Abby won´t be far off 7 years old now but still seems to be happy and lively. She has a cyst on her back with could not be drained. It isn´t getting any bigger so that´s somthing. She also has a yellow spot on her lip which the vet did not want to remove because of her age (we don´t want her to stop eating as she is small as it is!). She is eating well and is showing no signs of feeling poorly.
16 May 2011 08:34
I haven´t blogged for a while but Rex managed to break into Marmite and Jessica´s cage the other night. I found him in the morning sitting next to Marmite waiting for breakfast. Marmite has a reputation as being the big boss woman and very aggressive to guineas she doesn´t know or like. Luckily for Rex he is bigger than her so there was no blood shed. Jessica was more upset than Marmite! Fished him out of there much to his disgust and but him back in with Abby (much to her disgust!)

I did his nails yesterday which was hard as he has brown nails - how am I supposed to know where the quick is?
13 May 2011 14:37
Hello all,
It´s been over a year since i was last on here. Lots has happened, some of it good, some not so good, but I´m happy now with a lovely new man and two beautiful new pets :-) one of whom is trying to walk all over the keyboard as i type lol.
Not sure how often I´ll be on here as using the comp for more than a few minutes at a time hurts my eyes and head, but i look forward to making new friends on here and catching up with some old ones :-)
12 May 2011 11:57
Monday’s story (as reported on my Twitter feed @dogsinthenews) about the request for a 24 hour beach ban for dogs in parts of Cornwall was one of the most talked about events in our feed this week. (

CindyHound, BrucetheLurcher, WhippetSociety on Twitter said that they felt the ban was unfair, while others said a ban would stop them considering Cornwall as a holiday destination in the future. “We go to Cornwall three times a year and love my walks on the beach!” remarked one ‘dog’ on Twitter (Ceddergreyhound). Some users were even suggesting a boycott if the proposed extended bans went through.

(Cornwall insists it is a dog friendly region, but the number of red Xs in this web diagram beg to differ - They also became infamous in 2008 for having to retire a specially trained lifeguard dog because a dogs’ ban on one beach included him! )

Across the country, beach bans and dog control orders are the bane of a responsible dog owner’s existence, and as we come into the summer months we will find our four legged friends are more and more unwelcome from their usual haunts. You only have to punch “beach ban” into a BBC search to see the number of areas that have recently placed restrictions on when and where canine visitors are allowed. (Just last week, we reported new bans in Devon and North Yorkshire.)

The argument is that beaches get used by more people during the summer months. Anti-dog campaigners claim that “children and dogs don’t mix”, that out of control dogs are a nuisance, and that dog mess is a health hazard. They have a valid point, of course, and it is sadly true that not everyone picks up after their dog or keeps them under control, but why should the actions of the few ruin or restrict canine activities for the many? I for one always pick up after my dog – even when he once pooped defiantly at the base of a “No Dogs On the Beach between April and October” sign in Portsmouth!

I would argue that councils should be kinder to us dog walkers. After all, we’re the ones who use the beaches and common spaces in the winter months when everyone else is tucked up inside.

If bags and off-leash sections were provided, most of us would probably have no qualms in picking up after our animals and keeping them on a short leash in busy areas during the warm months. In fact, I would probably do this anyway for my dog’s own safety – he always smells a barbeque before I see it! Equally, I am sure we would prefer to use to use the beaches during the quiet (and cooler) morning and evening hours when others aren’t crowding the beach. So why are they blocking even this option?

What are beach bans like for dogs in your area? Do you adhere to them? Do you think there should be stronger punishments for those who don’t? (A Councillor from Wales had to resign from her position this week after she was convicted of failing to comply with beach restrictions put in place by her employers.) Will 24 hour restrictions in Cornwall stop you from visiting the area with your own dogs?

Unfortunately, I think our feed will have plenty more restrictions and bans to report on in the coming months.
10 May 2011 20:03
Planning for the Good Boy Dog School Doggy Boot Camp is well on the way – we have an Obedience, Agility, Dog Behaviour and Aggression, Canine Games and training / riding with horses, Clay pigeon shoot, seaside trip, cafes and restaurants booked – and there’ll be so much more when it comes to it – just do not miss out – this year for the very first time we will be setting up a limit on a number of people / dogs attending as last year we were pretty close to the limit and our ability to handle such a project!

PLEASE SEE WHAT WE ARE UPTO: Boot Camp-2010 photos by Yulia Titovets, our photographer:

Great article by Michelle Hanson (who´s not very good at Camping! - D.Y.) and video here:
and here:
Address for the Camp is: Capstone Farm Country Park, Capstone Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 3JG

Boot Camp is here:

and here:

Unit of up to 2 adults with 2 kids and 2 dogs from the same family price is just under £300, all training, lectures, workshops and demos included as well as trips, breakfast on a daily basis, 2 BBQs, activities and handouts. Lots of freebies and prises throughout the week.

All enquiries to:

Dima Yeremenko/Good Boy Dog School,

12 The Highlands, Edgware, HA8 5HL

Tel: 07957 228 269 / 0208 931 8207


10 May 2011 20:02
Good Boy Dog School

Proudly presents

Louise Ballard

Evening of Heelwork-to-Music

and Rally Obedience training

End of term - Thursday 26th May 2011

7:00 – 10:00pm


1st Barnet Scout Hut,

Priory Grove, off Westcombe Drive,

Barnet, Herts.


Louise has been involved with dogs for as long as she can remember right from when she was young and had to make do with “borrowing” other peoples dogs to train. When she was 15 she got her first dog, a homebred Border Collie called Jill. Over the next 25 years dog training Louise has competed successfully in Obedience, Showing, Working Trials, Agility and Heelwork to Music.

In Obedience, Louise achieved being 6th in Pedigree Chum South East Region Stakes when she was 17 years old. She then competed in showing with Shih Tzu’s and more recently with her Lowchen who has qualified for Cruft’s 2010.

For the last 10 years she has competed in agility with her Border Collies, and Miniature Poodles as well as competed in Working Trials qualifying through the stakes, CDex, UDex and WDex with her Border Collie Fin, who she also trained and competed with in Heelwork to Music, qualifying him through to Advanced Freestyle. Together they were invited to Discover Dogs and Crufts on several occasions by Richard Curtis to be part of his display team.

As well as training her own dogs Louise has been instructing for the last 20 years, in pet obedience, agility and heelwork to music.

Louise is an Associate member of the Animal Care College, a qualified canine beautician and holds a Professional Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy. She lives with her husband and her 8 dogs; 3 collies, 3 miniature poodles and 2 Lowchen.

Tickets: Spectators - £8.00 (under 16s -£4.00), Handlers - £13.00 (Cash or Cheque. Please enclose SAE for your paper ticket)

Hot and cold drinks / snacks provided in Half-time break.

All enquiries / payments to:

Dima Yeremenko,

Good Boy Dog School,

12 The Highlands, Edgware,


07957228 269 / 0208 931 8207 /

Another date fro your diary:

29 September 2011 - MARY RAY AT DIMA’S DOG SCHOOL

Mary is one of the worlds leading expert trainers in Obedience, Agility and Heelwork to Music she has also been at the forefront of the introduction and acceptance of clicker training in the UK, She has over 30 years experience not only competing but in training all levels from Pet Training to Championship level.

Mary is the author of three best selling dog training books and numerous DVD’s that have promoted kind training methods throughout the world.

Mary has had a busy start to the year in 2011, after declining a all overseas invitations in 2010 she was invited to be a guest speaker on a Caribbean Cruise Liner in January, this was swiftly followed by a very busy Crufts competing in the Bitch & Dog Obedience Championships, representing England as a team member in the Obedience World Cup and of course performing one of her unique Heelwork to Music routines on Crufts Best In Show Night, this year it was to Jai Ho the well known track from the Slumdog Millionaire Movie.

Perhaps will tell us the back stage gossip from Crufts as Mary was invited by “ Ant & Dec “ to train two family members to compete on a dog agility course for the very popular Push the Button Saturday night TV Show, as you can see from the photo Dave thought he had lost her !!! It was a great competition shown live from Crufts, Mary also filmed and section of a Rosemary Conley slimming DVD, Mary did some Agility for the Kennel Club’s “Get Fit With Fido” campaign in the DVD.

Mary will have a number of her dogs with her and will no doubt be performing a musical routine for us in addition to showing us how she trains her amazing dogs some time in the most amusing way and it will be an evening not to be missed !!!

Venue:@ 1st Barnet Scout Hut, Priory Grove, off Westcombe Drive, Barnet, Herts. EN5 2BE

Our details for information / payments:

Dima Yeremenko/Good Boy Dog School,

12 The Highlands, Edgware, HA8 5HL

Tel: 07957 228 269 / 0208 931 8207


10 May 2011 20:02
Another date fro your diary:

29 September 2011 - MARY RAY AT DIMA’S DOG SCHOOL

Mary is one of the worlds leading expert trainers in Obedience, Agility and Heelwork to Music she has also been at the forefront of the introduction and acceptance of clicker training in the UK, She has over 30 years experience not only competing but in training all levels from Pet Training to Championship level.

Mary is the author of three best selling dog training books and numerous DVD’s that have promoted kind training methods throughout the world.

Mary has had a busy start to the year in 2011, after declining a all overseas invitations in 2010 she was invited to be a guest speaker on a Caribbean Cruise Liner in January, this was swiftly followed by a very busy Crufts competing in the Bitch & Dog Obedience Championships, representing England as a team member in the Obedience World Cup and of course performing one of her unique Heelwork to Music routines on Crufts Best In Show Night, this year it was to Jai Ho the well known track from the Slumdog Millionaire Movie.

Perhaps will tell us the back stage gossip from Crufts as Mary was invited by “ Ant & Dec “ to train two family members to compete on a dog agility course for the very popular Push the Button Saturday night TV Show, as you can see from the photo Dave thought he had lost her !!! It was a great competition shown live from Crufts, Mary also filmed and section of a Rosemary Conley slimming DVD, Mary did some Agility for the Kennel Club’s “Get Fit With Fido” campaign in the DVD.

Mary will have a number of her dogs with her and will no doubt be performing a musical routine for us in addition to showing us how she trains her amazing dogs some time in the most amusing way and it will be an evening not to be missed !!!

Venue:@ 1st Barnet Scout Hut, Priory Grove, off Westcombe Drive, Barnet, Herts. EN5 2BE

Our details for information / payments:

Dima Yeremenko/Good Boy Dog School,

12 The Highlands, Edgware, HA8 5HL

Tel: 07957 228 269 / 0208 931 8207


10 May 2011 20:01
10 May 2011 20:00

10 May 2011 13:16
I have a bright pink cat litter tray now and it sits nicely where my old tray used to be. When it first appeared, I sniffed at it cautiously and put one paw in to rummage around the new litter. Then I stepped in and moved around a bit before padding out and disappearing to the window ledge. Evelyn put out a funny looking round toy on the floor and prodded it to make a squeeky noise. It sounds just like the toy robin that has been with me since I was a baby! I had fun sniffing it, poking it with one paw and then licking it all over before I played with it. I love toys that squeek!
08 May 2011 16:26
We have sadly had to say goodbye to our beautiful tabby Nuzlar.
He was the last cat on the left at the RSPCA and he picked us to take him home
and what a happy but short time we have had.
I love you with all my heart and there will forever be a warm spot in front of the fridge
with a distant echo for ham.
Sweet dreams baby xx

07 May 2011 13:14
hi everyone is there anyone who have any jobs working with animals or knows any going im 15 and need to start get expayreace working with are animal firends i will do volatrie or payed.

thank you xx
06 May 2011 20:26
I have 5 baby rabbits who need rehoming cost £10 each they are helthy and happy
they are a cross between duch and frech lop sex not quit none yet so if your a rabbit lover a want to give these fluffy balls of fun a firend for life get in toch thanks xx

mob number: 07591718402
thank you. xx
03 May 2011 13:32
Been sitting by the sunny window all weekend enjoying the fresh air. Evelyn had the windows open and attached my lead and harness to my scratch post to make sure I didn´t fall out accidentally. There´s a little boy called Sam who lives upstairs and whenever his mother brings him outside, he always look out for me and waves excitedly.It was quite windy and I could feel the air between my whiskers. I looked at my cat basket and wondered where all my toy woolly mice had gone. Then I realised that Evelyn had put them into a machine so they could have a wash!
03 May 2011 12:10
4/5 paws up!

Marc Abraham is one of those personalities who seemed to pop up out of nowhere – first he was on “It’s Me or the Dog” for a very brief cameo, and then suddenly he was everywhere, even presenting Crufts alongside Clare Balding. But if you expect his first book to pander to our celebrity biography market, you’ll be very much disappointed; everything that happens in this book takes place before his rise to stardom, back when he was a humble emergency vet.

But that’s not to say that the book is dull – in fact, I read it cover to cover in one day because I couldn’t put it down. Marc successfully weaves ongoing sagas around little vignettes of encounters with miscellaneous clients, as well as telling the story of his own struggle to adjust to his new nocturnal lifestyle. He includes enough information about his personal life to flesh out his ‘character’ and give his reader a real sense of who he is, but without divulging too much. Along the way, he includes some advice on good pet care, and how not to buy a car!

There are also a few brief glimpses into the more negative sides of being a vet, including a tragic accident which leads to the death of a horse. Marc is not afraid to focus on the realities of his year in emergency surgery, rather than just romanticising it. Like any good writer, he achieves the right mix of humour and pathos to keep us interested, and his pacing is second to none – hence why I couldn’t stop reading, even at the end of the chapter! That said, it is the kind of book that you could dip in and out of between busy times if you needed to.

Unlike James Herriot, these are the stories of what it is like to be a modern vet. Because of this, I personally would have liked to have found out what happened to the work experience student Marc takes under his wing; does he decide that veterinary practice is for him? This volume does a pretty good job of portraying – albeit briefly – a modern family, too, in the form of snippets of telephone conversations and emails from his well meaning but nagging parents.

This book also precursors Marc’s current role as a campaigner for animal issues: when he refuses to carry out surgery to give a German Shepherd a fake testicle just to help it do well in the show ring, you know he is a man of solid principles. And he genuinely cares about his patients (and their owners) too, which is demonstrated when he performs a caesarean on a gerbil against all the odds, because he recognized that she was more than ‘just an animal’ to the lady who cared for her. (As an aside, Marc is also a very nice guy when you meet him in person, and his favourite breed of dog is the Borzoi.)

What this book will not tell you is how Marc went from lowly out of hours vet to the man in the blue scrubs gracing our television screens, but I’m sure that’ll be covered in the next volume. I, for one, hope there will be many many more.

“Marc is now doing wonderful work to raise people’s awareness of proper pet care and puppy farms – this book will do much to support his campaign and passion.” – reader comment on Amazon

Do you think this book is a fair and accurate portrayal of the life of a modern vet, or an idealised one?

Were there enough canine anecdotes in this volume to classify it as a “doggie book”?

Do you think Marc was correct in most of his actions/diagnoses? (For example, would you have operated on the German Shepherd if it was your decision? Could you have done the gerbil caesarean? Etc)

Would you take your pet to Marc’s practice if it was around the corner?

What do you think the title of Marc’s next book should be, and what do you want to read/discover in it?

If you liked this, try:
The James Herriot series, which was published in the 1970s, and tells of the many adventures of a country vet. If you enjoyed Marc’s anecdotes and animal stories, you’ll enjoy these books as well. Or, Amazon recommends “Vet on the Loose” by Gillian Hick.

By the same author:
Nothing – this is his first book, but hopefully not his last. For all the latest updates from Marc, I suggest you follow him on Twitter (@marcthevet).

Next Month:
We will be reading “Finding Harmony” by Sally Hyder
03 May 2011 12:08
If there’s one thing all responsible dog owners can agree on, it’s that we hate people who don’t clean up after their dogs.

I found myself thinking about this a lot this week, due to a mixture of news stories around the topic, and the fact that I am looking after my parents’ dog. You see, parts of Portsmouth beach are off limits to dogs between March and September; this is due, I have no doubt, to the number of people who will visit the seaside during those months, and the health risks that dog mess poses to those visitors. Fair enough, but if everyone picked up after their dogs, it wouldn’t be a problem, and our canine pals could enjoy the seafront too. Sadly, it seems that too many owners see picking up their dog’s deposits as optional.

You only have to do a BBC News search for the term “dog mess” to see that it’s a big problem in this country, which local Councils up and down the country are trying to tackle in different ways. They’ve tried issuing fines, creating iPhone Apps, planting flags, even painting the poo florescent colours with spray paint to draw attention to it.

There are also independent crusaders, who pick up after other people’s pets or hand out baggies and a lecture if they spot someone walking away from where their dog has toileted without cleaning up first.

However, in London this week, one of these independent crusaders had her wrist slapped for her efforts. Louise Willows from Crouch End had been campaigning against dog mess by picking up any that was left and leaving a drawing of a cupcake and the message “Please clear up after your dog” in its place. She was caught doing this by two police officers, and told that she was causing “criminal damage”. They ordered her to scrub out her messages, but let her off with a warning. (There have also been other examples of people getting told off for littering for leaving signs where they have picked up dog messes left behind by irresponsible dog owners.)

So, what can we do about the issue of dog mess on our streets, aside from ban dogs from all areas? Education needs to be a key factor, of course, as well as providing plenty of bags/bins for public use. But if the Councils are coming at it from all different angles and the general public are being chastised for helping them out, we run the risk of never reaching one solution that works.

In Capri, Italy, an eccentric mayor – who also banned the wearing of wooden clogs – has come up with an interesting method of tackling the issue. He is trying to pass a law that will oblige all dog owners to submit samples of their pets’ DNA to the government. Then, any mess found can be sampled and matched with a database to identify the dog, and his negligent owner. What we are not told is what action Mayor Lambo then plans to take, but at the moment the fine for anyone seen leaving dog mess on the pavement is 2000 euro. Presumably the DNA database will allow prosecutors to follow up on these charges, even if the owner is not caught in the act.

I personally think that this approach, while a bit extreme, is a very good one. If you know that leaving something behind meant you’d be charged for it, as they could identify you just by taking a small sample, you’d be far far more inclined to pick up after your animal. In fact, I foresee that this will almost eradicate the issue altogether on Capri.

But, there are a few small things to be taken into consideration before we implement it in the UK: firstly, Capri has a dog population of just 1000, compared to 8.3 million here; and secondly, it is already law in Capri for all dogs to have blood tests for canine leishmaniasis, a disease transmitted by sandflies, so DNA samples are readily available. The logistics of gathering new DNA and compiling, collating and maintaining this sort of database makes it highly unlikely to be rolled out to British cities anytime soon.

So, what can we do? Do you pick up your dog’s mess every time? Do you pick up after other people – or do you just step over it? Or do you go as far as telling them off or leaving signs if you see them leaving dog mess behind? What do you think the government should be doing?
30 Apr 2011 10:21
I am 3 tomorrow but mammy is very busy in the garden at the moment wish she could grow something for me as she growing her own veg this year as well as fruit

Happy birthday Charlie
Lots of love from Mammy, Amber and Lucky
23 Apr 2011 19:29
Hi for any bird lovers out there i visited this centre today and found it a great day out. It´s based near stoke on trent and has a lovely collection of birds, run on volunteers and donations it could really use some more publicity and visitors. Today was special entry for Easter just £3 (usually £5) got to see some lovely birds and was even allowed to hold some too. Also enjoyed fresh sandwiches and friendly staff with information on all the birds. They have a website if you´re interested and im putting some pics on my profile :)
23 Apr 2011 17:48
hes been gone for about 1 month now maybe like people have said on petstreet he may return
21 Apr 2011 14:32
Evelyn took me out for a walk again last night in the gardens by the block of flats. I walked around 3 times inspecting bushes, pavements, doorsteps and enjoyed being on the grass.I spotted some cars parked in the car park and tried to dive under one but Evelyn pulled me back.She says it looks as if I am a security guard checking up on everything...hee hee!
18 Apr 2011 13:27
Oh dear...she caught me standing on top of her furry slippers the other day- both of my front paws fitted nicely into one slipper then she laughed at me!
15 Apr 2011 17:01
I love the little pot of chives which is right next to my water bowl. I am always munching on it when Evelyn isn´t looking!
15 Apr 2011 10:38
The new game is chasing shadows now. Evelyn makes them move really quickly and I try to squash them by pressing my 2 front paws down but then they is very strange! Last night Evelyn took me out for a short walk around the block of flats using my cat harness. It was very dark and I went on the grass and also next to some bushes and trees. Then I heard a strange noise and kept very still but Evelyn told me it was a train going past! It was nice feeling the cold air between my whiskers. It is the first time I have been allowed out in ages. Normally she opens the window and I look out, but she always attaches my lead to indoors in case I fall out!
14 Apr 2011 20:59
Got 3 toys
And 2 reduced Christmas stockings how lucky am I I´m going to enjoy everything I got
A massage as well
I love this daddy he is much nicer to me than the 1 that gives me rich tea biscuits as when mammy is not looking he gives me treats as well
I´m enjoying the treats as well That were in the dog stockings
13 Apr 2011 20:54
I got sick tonight mammy hopes I will be better tomorrow I was put out earlier than normal as my stomach is sick and she don´t want me getting sick again in the house
13 Apr 2011 20:53
I got sick tonight mammy hopes I will be better tomorrow I was put out earlier than normal as my stomach is sick and she don´t want me getting sick again in the house
13 Apr 2011 11:50
Miska was put to sleep on 10/07/10 and I have missed her every day since she has been gone. I am now looking for a new dog and have decided to go to the friends of Akitas rescue for her or him.
13 Apr 2011 11:16
Got a lovely haircut yesterday as my hair had got so think people kept saying to mammy I was fat it turns out there wrong I´m nice and slim and still Lovely mammy says
11 Apr 2011 22:30
I am using a cool free tool for monitoring my pets. The motion detection features could also be used to see which of the dogs is climbing onto the bed / couch in your absence… If you have a caged pet, like an iguana, rabbit, hamster, etc, you could point your webcam at the cage, watch over the pet from school or work, and even share the camera with friends.
09 Apr 2011 16:30
Do you think I should tell the local dog warden about them I thought they were strays at first and they used to be around were I lived quite a lot my mum said the same 2dogs were around again today I know they have an owner as I saw her walking them 1 time Before and I´m afraidthey would get get knocked down 1 of the dogs is very nervous
09 Apr 2011 13:32
Ok, it the time of year we all have been waiting for, spring. Its amazing how quickly things change. This time last month it was cold and wet and misrable, now look at it glorious sun , blue skies and heat , oh heat how we have missed you. Its that time of year that Mack enjoys the most. Mack isn´t that fond of having bath and showers, yet he loves to get mucky, so we have a plan. In the winter its long walks on the lead until it gets snowy and in the field he goes. Thrashing through the snow rolling around , breaking icy puddles its a blast. Then it gets wet and horrible, much like me Mack doest really enjoy this lol. He eagarly waits for beautiful sun to arrive. Just like a new lamb taking its first breathe Mack kicks back into life and is brighter and more bubbly than ever. All the other dogs seem to spring up aswell , and in the fields Mack plays with his buddies. Shadow an 8mth old collie is able to tired him out and visa versa. Imagine as a child when the sun is out and you can start enjoying the sun and playing in the garden , park and every oportunity that comes around. Spring is amazing , the birds , the blosom on the trees , the sound of lambs the world is awake again.
05 Apr 2011 18:49
Mammy said I might be small but I´m a good guard dog too as I will bark if see a stranger coming near the house or hear a noise
05 Apr 2011 12:41
In honour of National Pet Month, we are pleased to finally announce the launch of the Dogs in The News Book Club. We hope you’ll join us!

How it works is simple. At the beginning of every month, we will pick one doggie related book title, and announce it here and on our social network pages (see the links to the right.) Mid way through the month, we will post our review of that title, and some questions to get you thinking. We will then be asking you to all get involved in debate and discussion around it.

This is not supposed to be a great literary club – I just thought that dog lovers might appreciate being introduced to new titles, and having a place to voice their opinions on them. And one book a month is, we think, pretty manageable, even with busy modern lifestyles.

April’s book will be “Vet on Call” by Marc Abraham.

We are even going to set you on your way with a little competition: all you have to do is tell us, briefly, what your favourite doggie title is and why. You can do this by leaving a comment on the page below, writing on our Facebook wall, tweeting @ us or using the ‘Contact Us’ form. On the 10th April, we will select a winner from all the submissions received.

The prize is five doggie paperbacks, which include the first three Book Club titles*. (“Vet on Call” by Marc Abraham*, “Finding Harmony” by Sally Hyder*, “Travels with Macy” by Bruce Fogle*, “The Dog Listener” by Jan Fennell & “Cesar’s Way” by Cesar Millan.)

We hope you will join our little group, and enjoy the titles we have chosen. Thanks for stopping by!
05 Apr 2011 12:39
This afternoon, after seeing this ( on Twitter, I once again found myself frustrated at the proliferation of ‘designer breeds’ in the dog world today. I wonder if I am alone in this?

It all started with the Labradoodle: a cute name for the crosses produced between Labrador fathers and Poodle mothers by the Royal Institute of the Blind in Australia in the late 80s. They were bred in an attempt to mix the hypoallergenic properties of the Poodle and the skills of the Lab for a blind woman with allergies.

The ‘inventor’ of this breed has since admitted that he regrets its creation ( and the effect it has had on hobby breeders and pet owners the world over. This is because it quickly became popular and people began to breed indiscriminately to meet the demand. The breed was also marketed as being good for people with allergies, even though we now accept that not all of them inherit the Poodle coat and so this claim cannot always be upheld.

And then came the Labradollie (Labrador X Collie), the Chiadoodle (Chihuahua X Poodle), the Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel X Poodle), the Puggle (Pug X Beagle), the Shnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle), the Dorgi (Dachshund X Corgi), the Labernese (Labrador X Bernese Mountain Dog) and all their silly friends. (The less said about a Bulldog X Shi Tzu the better I think!) Nowadays, any accidental mating between two dogs can be easily turned to your advantage – you can claim the pups are “purebred Pomaweilers” and make a profit out of them!

My stance: A ‘designer dog’ is the puppy that idiots pay £1000 for because it has a silly name. A ‘mixed breed’ is the “Poodle x Labrador” it becomes when it is admitted to a rescue center later because its owners didn’t realise what their cute bundle of fluff would grow into.

I have nothing against these ‘breeds’ as individuals, but I do dislike what they represent.

We have enough problems trying to encourage people to health test before they breed and research before they buy without adding trendy, easily available designer dogs into the mix. Pro-designer dog people argue that the original pedigree dogs were created this way, but when has creating a dog breed quickly just to meet popular demand, or for the way it looks ever resulted in something positive? (I refer you to my earlier example ( of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.) Some sources even call them “hybrids” – a moniker chosen, I am sure, to add to their allure. And then celebrities Tweet about their adorable ‘Yorkie-poo’ and a designer dog trend – in the sense that it is a mere fashion accessory – is born.

My other fear is for the poor dogs who have to bear these whims of human folly – that first link gives us a look at a charming ‘Boston Lab’, a Labrador X Boston Terrier. Think about it though; such a mating, taking into account their relative sizes, must make for an awkward time for the father, or an equally awkward and painful conception and birthing process for the mother! Why would we subject our pets to that, other than to produce something totally unnatural for the sake of our own perception of what is ‘cool’, or to make money from the resulting puppies because we can sell them on as a ‘rare breed’. This pairing is highly unlikely to occur in nature.

Equally, they show us a ‘Bassador’ and a ‘Mastador’ – Basset Hound X Labrador and English Mastiff X Labrador respectively. All I see are heavier-set Labs, with the troublesome skin folds of the Basset and the drooly jowls of the Mastiff. What other genetic traits (eye problems, extra stress on joints, cancers etc) have they inherited along with their looks? What exactly have we achieved from this mating of personalities and appearance?

On the other hand, dare I admit it, a Puggle looks to me like a healthier, happier version of a Pug; those lengthened legs and streamlined shape make for less waddling, which is good because that nice visible snout must make it easier to breathe!

There are some advantages to mixed breed dogs, I will give you that. This isn’t about preserving purebred bloodlines or any specific dislike or mutts or crossbreeds – it’s about calling a spade a spade. What you have is a mixed-breed dog. Enjoy its company and its temperament, but don’t pretend that it’s something that it’s not. And let’s not get so engrossed in creating trendy new hybrids that we forget that the health and happiness of our dogs, and the puppies they produce, should be tantamount at all times.

And, especially, let’s not get caught up creating sillier and sillier names for these creatures! On the other hand, these are pretty funny:
05 Apr 2011 12:39
We’ve all heard of the Labradoodle and the Puggle, but have you ever wondered how far we’ll go with silly designer dog names? Here’s a list of some of my favourite suggestions:

Collie X Lhaso Apso = Collapso, a dog that folds up for easy transport

Spitz X Chow Chow = Spitz-Chow, a dog that throws up a lot

Bloodhound X Borzoi = Bloody Bore, a dog that’s not much fun

Lhasa Apso X Basenji = La Senji, a pretty pants sort of dog

Pointer X Setter = Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet

Kerry Blue Terrier X Skye Terrier = Blue Skye, a dog for visionaries

Pekingese X Lhaso Apso = Peekasso, an abstract dog

Labrador X Curly Coated Retriever = Lab Coat Retriever, the obvious choice of research scientists

Newfoundland X Basset Hound = Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisers

Terrier X Bulldog = Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes

Bloodhound X Labrador = Blabrador, a dog that barks incessantly

Shi Tzu X Jack Russell = Jack Sh*t, an ignorant dog

Malamute X Pointer = Moot Point, owned by…oh, well, it doesn’t matter anyway

Collie X Malamute = Commute, a dog that travels to work

Deerhound X Terrier =Derriere, a dog that’s true to the end

Poodle X Miniature Pinscher = PooPin, a dog for constipated people

Samoyed X Norwich Terrier = a dog not well bred, nor poorly bred, but between bread

Beagle X Deerhound = Beadeer, a dog constantly asking for favours

Chihuahua X Whippet = Chiapet, may be ordered from a TV ad

Smooth Fox Terrier X Chow Chow = Smooch, a dog who loves to kiss

Can you think of any more? I’d love to hear them!

(With many thanks to the Dogs In Canada Annual 1997, and Beverly Cuddy)
03 Apr 2011 21:40
I wanted food yesterday and in ever cried up in my mammys face instead I followed mammy around the garden and had a little play with here as well when she came in she fed me she said I´m getting cute and even called me princess holly
01 Apr 2011 17:22

March was a fantastic month for MK Dog watch. we have now partnered with Pets at home and will be holding Dog watch weekends over the year. All our members can now get 10% discount at P.A.H, dog grooming, 4 x dog training schools and other local pet stores, chipping, 24 hour locks smith and free smart water to mark your valuable items. We now have over 500 members and growing!

31 Mar 2011 07:20 Lennox is a loveable 5 year old family member. He´s an American Bull dog Labrador cross that we have owned since he was a little pup. As responsible dog owners that also foster for numerous Northern Ireland dog shelters we had Lennox as a young pup Micro c...hipped, Neutered, DNA Registered, Pet Safe Registered, Insured and Licensed every year with the Council without fail. On Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from our family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. The Council, without seeking any proper professional guidance declared Lennox to be a breed of "Pit Bull Type" and so they wish to kill him simply because he has the appearance of said breed. The Belfast City Council took Lennox from his loving family home using a wrongly addressed warrant and using copyright ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) breed standards guide which the Council were never authorised to use, in doing so the Council broke international copyright laws and for doing so have recently been issued with a ´Cease & Desist´ order from ADBA Inc. Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the Council have removed him from his home where he lives with my Husband, myself, our 11 year old disabled Daughter, his kennel mate Juicy a 2 year old female boxer and various foster dogs. Belfast City Council are pressuring our family to sign him over to them to be destroyed however we feel the need to fight his case, he cannot speak but we will be his voice! If this was a human we would declare this racism. We ask every kind hearted compassionate person for your support, don´t let them murder him. This may be our dog today but it could be your best friend tomorrow! Please visit Lennox´s main website for further ways in which you can help. Thank you for your continued support. <a href=""></a> more
Page: ?26,347 people like this
29 Mar 2011 19:26
The girl was only about 27 and has a german shepherd dog she is bring it up wrong she told me all she has to say to the dog attack and the dog will attack either a person or another dog I´m going to say it the ispca hope she won´t let her dog attack Charlie went I´m not around or I won´t be very happy
29 Mar 2011 18:03
Mammy it is trying to find out still who that dog owner is as she found out that dog is still around hope it don´t nip me again.
29 Mar 2011 12:42
:( he was out last night all night n its the afternoon now n hes not back
23 Mar 2011 15:45
another cat!!!
a male oh no!!!

am not sure what 2 think so i am just gonna keep my eye on him and figure him out

23 Mar 2011 15:43
well i dunno what 2 think he comes in my home and he seems so laid back but what if he just decides 2 turn on me then what he might flatten me :(

i hope we get on to be honest it would be nice 2 have a brother finally so we can talk about feline girlies! teehee right i am going for my cat nap on the window ledge byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
23 Mar 2011 15:36
i do have a name my names ty but colette doesnt like that as she doesnt think it suits me plus the name was given 2 a dog that she loved he was a staffy but he went 2 rainbow bridge in september 2010 due 2 dying from parvo.. its understandable really why she wants 2 rename me

i am just settling in and i must say i have settled in very well already

i just need acceptance from 1 human who didnt know i would be coming as he gets grumpy about colettes passion for animals and would rather not have had pets at all but when lola came here he fell in love with her n when charlie came here he didnt like him because he was a male cat but then within a few weeks he was accepted so i hope its the same for me... i doubt she would get away with anymore pets and i overheard colette talking saying that she will not be getting anymore pets now as shes happy with me, lola n charlie

i also need 2 be accepted by the cats living here as they are a little hissy and growling at me it doesnt really bother me that they are this way because i know that i am in their home

i am really vocal at the moment but i am not in any distress

i have eaten a good meal since i came here, charlie scoffed all his food i think he thought i was gonna nick it 2 be honest but the truth is i wouldnt i have my own

anyway i must go now as i think its time i had a cat nap!!!!

bye bye xxxxx
22 Mar 2011 11:12
Wetnose Animal Aid are holding their Fun Day on the 29th - 30th of July 2011. Visit the website to find out more and how you can take part.
19 Mar 2011 09:46
I´ve decided that I´m going to try and have a go at collecting some photographs of the rare breeds of dog living in my area. It´s not going to be easy and I´m slightly hesitant about setting myself this task as I realise it could take years, and I´m going to have to make sure I have my camera with me at all times. I will open a NVB album on my profile page and upload pics as I get them. Wonder if this is a good time to upgrade my camera!

Wish I´d got a photo of the smooth-coated collie when I saw him.

18 Mar 2011 19:33
Mammy is worried about me I was licking the crumbs off of greaseproof paper that feel on the ground in the garden while mammy was gone for a rest when she found out she was worried about me as the vet is closed now she hopes I won´t get sick tonight
16 Mar 2011 21:16
I´m delighted as Mia found a way to get into our garden to have a play I don´t go into here garden yet she must be a very clever girl mammy reckons she is pushing her body through the fencing to get in for her play with with me
15 Mar 2011 15:57
i now have 5 dogs, lacey my rottie, cagney my staffy, mylo a gsd x saint, otis my chi ad opel my patterdale lol busy busy busy oh yes
12 Mar 2011 17:24
Today I am heartbroken I had to have my two cats put down due to ill health, Truffles my Tiffanie boy 15.5yrs had crystalization of the skin which formed in his mouth, No cure for this illness, Cruse 21yrs had a tumour in his stomach, The RSPCA done a wonderful farewell on my cats and really
made me feel special, whilst they injected them they both layed side by side it was beautiful,
they gave me a clippping of their fur to keep. on a lighter note Dolce my rescued staffy is
doing very well she had put on weight she is alert but as staffy owners know has to be babied and
wont leave my side. I naturally will get another cat as I have had felines all my life, I will look at
the rescue centre for pedigrees or a breeder who has retired a queen or stud and wants to rehome
Let you know how I get on? Jan
12 Mar 2011 13:15
SOS FOR JAPAN AND THE ANIMALS Wetnose Animal Aid has started an emergency appeal for animals in the Japan Earthquake, please make cheques payable to Wetnose Animal Aid Ltd - "Japan Appeal" and send to Newgate Lodge, Newgate, Kirby Cane, Norfolk, NR35 2PP....

Or make a donation via the website at
Let Andrea know via email by putting ´Japan Appeal´ in the subject heading.

Thank you
12 Mar 2011 11:37
Stars turn out for Wetnose/Burgess Animal Awards 2011

Blue the border collie was locked up in a shed for eight years and needed £5,000 of operations due to years of abuse, he won the UK’s Best Rescue Pet Competition run by the Sunday Express his award was presented by Stuart Winter Environmental Editor of the Newspaper.

He was honoured by Wetnose Animal Aid at their awards in London on Friday before a galaxy of stars including Brian May from Queen, TV presenter Anthea Turner and actor Martin Clunes. Blue’s mouth and gums were full of splinters and metal staples after spending his days scratching the floor and banging his head desperately trying to escape.

Actor Peter Egan fought back tears as he read out Blue’s story. The eight year old animal was rescued by dog lover Karen Branthwaite of Addlestone, Surrey.

Another story was read out by Actress Sheila Reid from Benidorm about Penny who was caught in a snare while giving birth to her puppies, not a dry eye in the house. Penny who was there with Wendy Turner and her owner Ellen Stevens was a little star.

Awards were given to 6 rescue centres from Hedgehogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses with Boon Lott Elephants, Ace from Egypt and a special Life Time Achievement award for Virginia McKenna for her years of dedicated hard work. There was also 2 Hero Awards for the Police Dog of the Year which was Jasper and Cain and for 2 National Patrol Dogs Bren and Lucy for the brave work they do at our airports as well.

Brian May and Virginia McKenna gave 2 powerful and awesome speeches which got a standing ovation, a magical day for both animal rescue centres and the people who give these animals a second chance.

Gavin and Andrea set up Wetnose after running there own dog rescue centre for 12 years, we raise funds to give to the smaller centres around the uk and Abroad. Donations always welcome to help those in need. or

09 Mar 2011 13:07
I had a really good time chasing my own tail last night- it is such a good game! Then I ran under the coffee table and played with my fave feather! Evelyn laughs and says normally it´s only doggies who chase their own tails!
09 Mar 2011 12:23
Seen a dog you like at Crufts? 46% of dogs (both crossbreeds and pure breeds*) bought in the last two years have suffered health problems and all of the 50 most popular breeds have some aspect of their body that can cause suffering.** [Get Puppy Smart exaggerated features factsheet:]

Crufts uses breed standards to describe how a ‘perfect’ example of each breed of dog should look as the main judging criteria, which the RSPCA believes encourages the breeding of diseased and disabled dogs. The RSPCA will not have a presence there, sending a clear message that urgent action must be taken to improve the health and welfare of pedigree dogs.

Continue reading at

*Research was conducted by TNS via OnlineBus, an internet survey. A sample of 7,272 GB adults aged 16-64 were interviewed. Of these, 848 people had acquired a puppy in the past two years. Interviewing was conducted by online self-completion from 23 November 2010 to 20 January 2011. **Asher L., Diesel G., Summers J.F., McGreevy P.D. and Collins L.M., 2009. Inherited defects in pedigree dogs. Part 1: Disorders related to breed standards. The Veterinary Journal. 182: 402-411

Disclaimer - written on behalf of the RSPCA.
08 Mar 2011 14:21
We´ve all been there...your pooch or your cat just refuses to do something you want them to do, right? Repeating and cajoling and trying to coax them to do what you want and still not having any joy is simply frustrating. The next best thing? Bribe them! Yes, they CAN be bribed to do certain things!

Instead of speaking to them verbally, show them what you will reward them with if they follow your command - when I say show them, I don´t actually mean physically. Show them ´through your mind to theirs´. It´s not as way out there as it sounds, trust me! It works.

So, your pet is being a little, shall we say, naughty! You want him to do something/stop doing something and he is refusing and you are losing your patience.

The thing to remember here is that your animal has a natural instinct to do what he does. Are you wanting him to do something which is against his natural instinct? If that is the case, it must be remembered that an animal´s free will must be respected. For instance, if your cat chases mice and kills them, you cannot expect this very natural and inborn instinct to be stopped. This is what cats do. This behaviour is part of who they are.

However, if you want your dog to stop jumping on the sofa, this can be worked on. Your dog does not have a natural inborn reflex to jump on the sofa...although you would think so by the amount of times you have had to tell him off for it!

Whenever I want to connect with one of my pets, I avoid having them there in front of me. Instead, I prefer to be in another room away from them so that I am not distracted by their movement or presence. I then take out a photo of my pet, usually on my laptop, and tune in through the animal´s eyes.

There are many ways that a person can connect and communicate with an animal and no right or wrong ways to do this. With practice you will find your way of doing this and each animal communicator will have various ways that feel right for them.

The first step that I take is to root myself totally to my "here and now". I am grounded fully and this way I find that I have a clear channel to do what is necessary to get the most out of the conversation between myself and the animal I am intending my connection with. This is the same for when I connect with a human being.

The difference in connecting with people and animals is that I tend to verbalise my communication with people more using words in my mind and use pictures less. With animals, it´s the other way round. This is because I find that animals relate to being shown rather than being told. This is just something that I have personally found in communicating with hundreds of animals over the last few years.

So, lets begin.

Imagine that you have the attention of your pet in your mind´s eye. First ask if you may speak to them. This takes practice and perseverance and in time, you will notice and "feel" the connection. Each time I communicate with an animal for the first time, I literally introduce myself to them. This may sound silly and awkward but trust me, they need to know who they are dealing with! With my own pets, they are fully aware that I am connecting and tapping in to them constantly so there is no need for me to introduce myself to now, they know exactly who I am!

In your mind´s eye, show them, literally like a moving film, what you are wanting to say to them. Lets take the sofa jumping dog from our example above. If you picture in your mind that the dog is jumping on to the sofa, this is exactly what he will think you want him to do! It´s crucial that you get your thoughts right before you begin! Instead, picture in your mind that he is sitting on the floor near the sofa. Move the movie in your mind to him considering or trying to jump on to the sofa. Then imagine your hand commanding him to STOP! Imagine him stopping in his tracks and you with the same hand giving him a biscuit or a treat and voice your appreciation of him listening to you. Repeat this several times from start to finish. If your connection is strong (and this takes time and practice!) your dog will receive your images and next time he has ideas of jumping on the sofa, will immediately "remember" what was sent to him from your thoughts and will almost taste the biscuit/treat that awaits him! To congratulate him, eventually when he does stop jumping up on to the sofa, allow him a treat to appreciate his good behaviour.

This procedure works even better if you explain to him why you would like him to refrain from jumping on the sofa. For instance, you could say to him that he has a perfectly nice and comfortable basket to sit in (please make sure he does have a basket before telling him this!) and that the sofa is for you and your people friends and not him and his dirty paws!

There are a lot of intricate steps to follow to make the connection even clearer and stronger between your pet and yourself and can usually be used to implement change in quite a few different behaviours. This is purely a quick way to connect which I use when I want to quickly pass on a message to an animal that I am familiar with. I hope this works for you - give it a try and be persistent!
04 Mar 2011 12:20
Sleeping on my PetNap heater which is on the sofa.
Hiding under Evelyn´s duvet and making myself a cat shaped tunnel!
Meowing for extra food( the extra portions are to keep my strength up you know!)
Being cuddled by Evelyn!
Sitting in front of the fan heater.
Sitting right next to the television when it is switched on!
Sitting on top of Evelyn´s cashmere cardigan which is nice and soft.
03 Mar 2011 16:29
When I am curled up on the sofa Evelyn says I am like a furry cushion!
03 Mar 2011 12:35
Come and take a look at my website

Up to date info on all my bunnies & any babies born :-)
02 Mar 2011 15:13
I would like to apologise to all those that had frequent contact with me.
Unfortunately since last October we became homeless and loveless..all as a result of a relationship break-down

Happy news is..Tonic and I are now settle in a lovely part of Sheffield, we are both settling in our new home. He seems to enjoy the surroundings, plenty of fields, farms and other play mates for him. Seems we are destined to be in the countryside.

I lost everything I owned and now starting a fresh..which is damn hard at my age ;-).

So we are back to keep an eye on you all...and hopefully make some new friends along the way.
01 Mar 2011 18:33
I´m sorry to have to let you all know that Tabitha was put to sleep this morning after becoming unwell around 3 weeks we felt she no longer had minimum quality of life and it was unfair to prolong her illness. The vet believes she had cancer in her chest cavity, she had become very thin and was no longer able to walk more than a few steps. After 17 and a half wonderful years together she will obviously be greatly missed.
01 Mar 2011 18:33
I´m sorry to have to let you all know that Tabitha was put to sleep this morning after becoming unwell around 3 weeks we felt she no longer had minimum quality of life and it was unfair to prolong her illness. The vet believes she had cancer in her chest cavity, she had become very thin and was no longer able to walk more than a few steps. After 17 and a half wonderful years together she will obviously be greatly missed.
26 Feb 2011 22:27
Having LOTS of difficulty with "potty" training Basil. As we know, they´re not just emptying their digestive system/s. they´re "marking" their territory. And Basil´s territory is THE WORLD ! I can take him outside, he´ll do his "business" - and then come indoors and do the same ! Usually in different places ! He gets rewards (food treats and praise) when he goes outside, but nothing (not even a NEGATIVE response) when he does it indoors. There´s no particular timings involved (except when he´s just woken up, when he gets taken (carried) outdoors (otherwise he´ll do it where he stands ! ) I´ve just about run out of ideas. I´ve tried litter trays, newspapers, "puppy pads" and short of putting a "nappy" on him (which I know has been used by some - but not an option I choose to use) and I can´t keep him outdoors all the time, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
22 Feb 2011 16:49
check out my dog blog at

for a lighthearted look at parenthood, visit
18 Feb 2011 20:02
To book onto this course, email

Pea is thrilled to be invited to teach on the Isle of Wight for a second year. Come and learn the basic techniques of animal communication. You will be able to practice communication with animal guest-teachers and also your own animals, linking in with them through their photo. Specifically designed meditations will help quiet your mind and enable you to reach animals on this subtle, intuitive level. At the end of the day you will be equipped with the tools you need to communicate with your loved ones at home. This course will be in the village of Northwood just south of Cowes.

"A fool proof way of connecting with animals."

Cost: £85. (£35 deposit to reserve a place)

Early Bird Booking: Book by March 7th and save £5.

Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: Northwood WI Hall, 364 Newport Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight PO31 8PL.

There is plenty of free car parking at the venue.

Reaching Cowes: Cowes is centrally located off the south coast of England. Choose from the frequent Hi-speed Red Jet passenger service or the Vehicle/Passenger ferry which operates between Southampton and East Cowes, Isle of Wight. InterCity trains operate from London Waterloo to Southampton.

From Lymington, Wightlink offer Vehicle / Passenger ferry services to Yarmouth. A similar service runs between Portsmouth and Fishbourne, Isle of Wight. Passenger ferry services operate between Portsmouth Harbour and Ryde Pier Head.

Buses: There are buses directly from Newport or Cowes approximately every 10 minutes. Details on request.
14 Feb 2011 19:30
2 all the ladies

have a purrrrrrrfect day xxxxxxx
06 Feb 2011 17:24
I went dog training again today with mummy & we at to take my puppies, due to no one being at home to walk them, there was a lady at training who mummy calls Mrs Rottweiler, she calls her that because she as 5 Rottweiler´s, well she came today without her dogs as they are in or coming into season, so she walked right over to mummy & took all my puppies from her saying she will look after them, as we were going outside today to do the training.
When we were half way through our training we heard a "scream of woo there" we all turned to see Mrs Rottweiler being dragged by my puppies across the park, she had taken Zeus, Kobi, Ziva & Dottie´s head halti´s off, mummy put them in these halti´s so she can walk them all together, well they dragged her into the small stream, as they were trying to catch a leaf, I looked up at mummy & she had her hand in front of her mouth, then I looked across at our 3 trainers to see them with their hand in front of their mouths, all the trainers & mummy were trying not to laugh, but all the other dog owners were laughing their heads off.
The trainers ran across the park to Mrs Rottweiler & took my puppies from her, they gave all my puppies a treat, then walked them back to were mummy & me were, Mrs Rottweiler stormed right over to mummy & said "your dogs are a disgrace & need firm disciplining" then she walked off shouting she will never be coming back, by this time the whole class were laughing so much, that the trainers called it a day.

30 Jan 2011 19:07
Caspers health started to progress since being on the thyroid tablets with him losing weight, his health has since took a turn for the worst since with him now being diagnosed with a heart murmur last month. This month hes been diagnosed with alzheimers.The vet has put him on tablets to thin the blood and ive seen some slight improvement with him. He will be 9 in April and as he has a life span of 10yrs i fear that day looming nearer where i might have to do the decent thing. Im dreading when that day comes and although i try not to think about it his age and health problems keep reminding me. Will keep you posted although i dont get on here that often as i would like to.
30 Jan 2011 11:50
For wk 3, we were given the task of teaching our puppies to bow, and when it came to it, Maddy was the star of the show and won a lovely rosette and a tug toy for doing the best bow in the class, so I was the proudest puppy mummy in the class.

Wk 4, Assessment Wk - Couldn´t believe it today, we had been set another trick to practise which was "touch". Basically, this involves getting the dog to touch us with their paw and again, we won the rosette and another tug toy for Maddy´s "touch". The instructor can get her dog to touch her anywhere...if she holds out her hand or foot, her dog will touch with her paw. We´re not quite up to that standard yet!

We were also assessed on keeping our dog´s attention when standing chatting to other people (ie not letting them jump up at people), passing other people and dogs while keeping the dog´s attention etc, as well as sit, stay, watch, down, stand. Needless to say, all the pups were brilliant and really all passed with flying colours.

I´m now aiming to do Bronze with Maddy and Silver with Millie. Can´t wait!!!!
27 Jan 2011 19:33
running free now with the other hamsters colette had... 2 chinese hamsters, 1 other syrian hamster, matilda, thomas and james and all the other pets colette had... and all my other furry friends that have passed on 2 the next life

27 Jan 2011 19:27
my baby died today :(
21 Jan 2011 21:30
I wet mammys rug and slipper but she never gave out to me she thinks the reason I had it was I have a sore swollen paw so I got cuddles mammy don´t use the litter tray for me and lucky we just normally let her know when we need to go outside
21 Jan 2011 17:30
21 Jan 2011 11:10
Wetnose Animal Aid - Tel: 01508 518 650

What´s the difference between 2010 and 2011?

Answer Wetnose Animal Aid is trying even harder to raise funds for animal rescue centres who are struggling so much, they have had a 45% drop in donations and more animals coming in which is causing so many problems.

Awful stories of an increase in cruelty cases, like the 2 Lurches that were hung from a Bridge in the last few weeks, cats being hit in the face with shovels, dogs being kicked and beaten, horses being starved and left out in this cold weather with no food and no clean water. Its heartbreaking to know why people do these things!

But Wetnose is still promoting many animal rescue centres and giving support in any way we can, this year in March we are delighted to announce our second Wetnose Award show which is in Westminster, London on Friday the 4th March at 1.30 till 5pm.

We bring many animal people together, we know one big charity is now helping Dogs in the Philippines which is great news, so we all help each other and give awards to rescue centres and some of our special hero´s.
Last year we congratulated 13 rescue centres for their hard and dedicated work with the RAF Sniffer dogs for their work overseas.

We know how hard is it to work 24/7 all in weathers and be called out at 10am at night to pick a stray or injured dog we did it for 12 years.

This is why we are so keen to bring animal people together to stand up and say others get plenty of help and support so should our animals, be it Wildlife, Pets, Cattle all animals should have a right to live and be treated with respect. If we don´t respect our animals then how can we expect our children too!

This year we are awarding more rescue centres with an award going to the Police dog of the year and the Boarder Patrol Dogs who work at airports.

We have a big award for the Born Free Foundation which Brian May from Queen will present to Virginia McKenna. We are thrilled to have Martin Clunes presenting an award to Ace Animal Care in Egypt and Nick Knowles with Boon Lott Elephants in Thailand. Other guests include Peter Egan, Lorraine Chase, Susan Jameson, Julie Peasgood and more.

Our host for the afternoon is the lovely Wendy Turner Webster and Ingrid Tarrant will be interviewing our rescue centres and celebrities.

We still have a few tickets left at only £20.00 each so if you would like to come and see and meet Wetnose and see some of the work we do, we would love to meet you. All monies raised goes straight to our Rescue Centres to help keep them going.

We have other events coming up soon, so watch this space, but please help us to help those who need it most...........

Thank You
Andrea Gamby-Boulger

20 Jan 2011 16:21
Hello there!
The other day my mum put on my collar and lead and lead me outside it was very cold and frosty but i enjoyed the fresh air! She took off my lead and chased me round the garden for a bit then for some reason put my lead back on!? You´d never guessed what happened next!........ She took me out the garden!!! I trotted down the road and mum opened a big gate It was very muddy in the lane and i refused so mum had to carry me down (i´m so spoilt!) then we got to the river down the bottom of the lane and i peered over the edge it was very fast so yet again mum picked me up then carried me up a steep hill. When we got to the road i was squirming so much mum had to put me onto the ground and i ran on ahead so eager to get home! I was so cold when we got home i had to sit down in the yard until mum came and toom me in (i have mum twisted around my little paw!). After that i had a hot back and dryed off. I was so tired i slept for 4 hours!
19 Jan 2011 23:41
18 Jan 2011 23:01
Gorgeous boy
18 Jan 2011 22:57
Good boy
18 Jan 2011 22:30
Mammy is kept busy getting tablets for me and Amber as we are both on tablets now she got some for me today to help get rid of my cold so that I don´t pass it on to Amber again or to charlie
18 Jan 2011 15:02
The time has come to provide you with a little more detailed information that may help you to make an informed decision with respect to the "convenience" of commercial food versus the "work" involved in preparing your own pet food.
17 Jan 2011 10:15
Well, we´re continuing to practise our lead walking and Maddy is doing this very well, although she is still very wary of passing traffic at the moment, so I´m deliberately incorporating a little roadwalk into all our walks.
Maddy now understands "sit", and her "downs" are improving too. Today, out walking, we were practising our "stays". I was just getting her to sit and then stepping away from her to the end of the lead and returning with a treat after a count of 10 - she´s getting quite good at this now. She also understands my toileting command of "hurry up", which is useful!
We did very well in the trick competition, coming 2nd with our "spin´n´twist" move. This week we´ve got to learn to bow, so it will be interesting to see how we do with this.
16 Jan 2011 16:54
Would you like to talk with your own animals at home? Come for a day course to learn the basic techniques of animal communication with Pea Horsley, author of "Heart to Heart". You will be able to communicate with animal guest-teachers and also your own animals, linking in with them through their photo. Specifically designed meditations will help quiet your mind and enable you to reach animals on this subtle, intuitive level. You will leave with the tools you need to begin communicating with animals at home.

"A foolproof way of connecting with animals."

Animal Thoughts courses stand out for being different. Why?

No. 1: We believe in small group sizes (from 6 to 20 maximum):

Through experience we find that this is the best learning environment for the student to ignite their innate ability to communicate with animals and to build on that ability. Whether you come to these courses as a complete beginner or with some experience, Pea will encourage you and teach you techniques you can take home to communicate with your animal loved ones.

No. 2: On our courses you will practice with a variety of real animals:

You will communicate with these guest-animal teachers and the information you receive will be verified.

What Others Say About Pea´s Workshops:

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"When you go on a course with Pea you receive so much more than you expect. Her genuine love of animals warms your heart and her experience and knowledge is exceptional."

"Pea has managed to achieve a perfect blend of teaching, exercises and animal volunteers - mixed with her caring down-to-earth manner, which made learning that I am capable of communication with animals an absolute pleasure!"

"I had come to the workshop extremely sceptical but this was not something that Pea shied away from. Infact Pea´s honesty about the whole day and examples from her personal experiences made me feel comfortable. I could say what I wanted, without feeling stupid or embarrassed, but also that perhaps there was something in this animal communication.´

"Pea´s courses are an excellent way to explore communicating with animals. Highly recommended."

Venue: Dartington Foxhole Centre. Sunday 6th February, !0am - 5pm. Fee: £85.
All materials, handouts and refreshments (tea/coffee and biscuits) are inclusive.

To book a workshop please email - for a booking form.
Or call 020 8696 9121.
16 Jan 2011 15:57
I´ve studied canine psychology for a number of years now (it was people that put me off becoming a dog trainer in the end and so i didn´t take it any further). I still however give humble advice to people who are willing to listen and thankfully I´ve had many return to express their gratitude. Now that I´m finialy getting my first ever puppy I´m actually very nervous, ´its time to put my money where my mouth is´ as the saying goes.

Now any of my friends will tell you I´m an over thinker, its a curse. And i know I´m simply freaking myself out for no good reason. But a pup is my dream, and not like any dream where you live it then be done...-this- is a life-style change... which is a massive change may i add. On top of the fact I´m one of the worlds biggest procrastinators..(I´m an artist after all).

So far my network of friends have all said the same thing "oh shut up you´ll be fine!" and deep down i know i will but its other factors... what if someone else does something stupid....such as rich teaching him to get excited at the wrong times. Children/ people teaching him its OK to blindly walk across a road (That has happened to me before....a couple saw Skye and called her into the road...seriously W.T.F mate!?)

I guess I´m starting to realise how lucky i was with Skye, she was left in a garden for the first 6 months of her first home its not surprising she is so eager to please. She is such a good girl my Skye *gives her a stroke while she snoozes next to me on the sofa* she is also the sort of dog that settles down too. Which out of the three mallies we looked after, all of them didn´t quite get it at first, but again I´m sure with a pup it´ll be different, and he is such a laid back lil´ bear anyway. Yes that´s all it is really, in a nutshell I´m nervous about training. I want for this puppy to be a well adjusted, well mannered, chilled out moot.

Also this means i have to get my rear in gear and learn to here i come!!! *rubs hands together!* Yes Richard has just brought a Honda CVR(?) buuut its short wheel base and the boot is tiny..."we can put the back seats down" he says, completely unknown to him i planned to get a Tailgate crate fitted to it...Ya ´know for dog safely and all. I´ll Also be buying a Scooter off of a good friend, and hopfully joining them in training sessions next year ^_^

So yeah, there is a lot to do and above all i hope i do right by the dogs, always.
16 Jan 2011 15:57
MessageI´m yet to pick Tomsk up and yet already he has opened up so many doors for me. Tomsk is literally a ´platinum membership card´ a ´one way ticket´ into the Malamute world, and i have been welcomed with open arms. Through one 5 week old puppy i have gained friends I´ll probably keep long after he passes from this world. But its not just his breeders, I´ve now met other new mally mum´s who have shared their weekends pictures and videos of the pups, we have already spoken about meeting up at rallies and i can´t wait to watch the litter and not just my own pup grow!

Other Mally owners have shared so much time talking to me about their experience. They seem just as excited as we are, and of course offer comfort when my nerves kick in. Its an amazing feeling to know that i have so many people that are willing to help at any turn, and any bump. And it makes this journey all the more exciting, as i know I´ll never be alone, I´ll always have my mally family to stand behind me!
16 Jan 2011 15:56
I have spent so much time on the Icebay malamute fourms (plz see links at the bottom of post) Looking at their information and looking onto members websites. I have found a few i liked but only one replied. It was a showing kennel that showed a great deal of promise. However i was tipped of by PM of another breeder who was trying to breed and working stock litter. I was linked a website and became smitten. and thus started the many many emails between my breeder and me.

I was quizzed on my lifestyle and money situation, which are things breeders should be asking. She came back to me one email questioning my apprenticeship. Asking me what would i do if it fell through. I think some people would have been insulted by that, but i was impressed! The breeder is in charge of finding the puppy a responsible suitable home, and the question i was asked was a reasonable one!

Sadly her Dam didn´t fall pregnant, my breeder then let me know of another litter which one her males sired. A few Phones calls later i was put on another waiting list, and a viewing date was booked.

And so the 2hr and a bit journey up to see the litter started early on Saturday. (The breeder of the shire was there also so i got the pleasure of meeting and thanking her too!)

The puppies are 5wks old and utterly adorable! I got to meet Tomsk (breeding name, as I´m yet to name him) He is an absolute bear! the Biggest of the litter and super chilled out, which is what I´m looking for in a mal as Skye my Northern Inuit is a chilled out dog (its always a good idea to go for a dog that matches or compliments your current dogs personality.

I have an absolute blast with the breeders and i can safely say i see some good friendships for life ahead of me! (Breeders should be apart of and around for you and your dog at ANY stage of your dogs life)

I learned a great deal yesterday, i got to see both parents paper work, and see how the breeders interact with their dogs and puppies. Its was good to see they weren´t afraid to start the disciplining on the pups (when play got too rough) by breaking up play fights. Also praising pups for toileting on the paper (Evan if it overflowed on to the floor lol, bless em they tried!) Also i learned its an all day thing, so next time i plan to go up there i won´t plan it around anything.

I plan to go see him again in a few weeks time, they would like to meet Skye, so i will be taking her up there too. (Skye won´t meet the pup, but I´m sure I´ll go for an extra cuddle ^.^)

Icebay Malamute fourms =
16 Jan 2011 15:55
It´s no secret that as a child i was obsessed with wolves(still am), i have always had a very deep connection with them. Now imagine my sheer joy when my father told me there were dogs that still looked a bit like wolves that pulled massive sleds across the snow in the Arctic! The idea was simply so romantic and i think i fell for the idea before Evan seeing one.

So now imagine my reaction when my father asked me if i wanted to go see a sled dog rally where they pull wheeled sleds ( ´Rigs´) here in the UK!

So off we went to Wellington Country park for my first sled dog rally, i was 10yrs old.

I don´t think I´d been more in awe my in tire childhood, There where hundreds of dogs, mostly Siberian huskies, i also saw a few Samoyed´s! While looking around we came across a land rover with two massive dogs chilling out underneath it, They were so very handsome and we chooed "my aren´t you guys handsome!" only to be spoken back to!

And that was the moment i fell head over heals in love With the Alaskan Malamute.

Its a typical mallie thing to ´back chat´ and be vocal, this is known throughout the mallie world as ´Wooing´ and is perhaps one of the things i love the most about them. They Are a LARGE dog with an impressive pulling power. And lets face it.....they have teddy bear faces and enjoy cuddles! (so long as it means getting on the sofa with you and watching the telly)

I am now 25yrs old and i am still very much in love with the breed and still dream of having my own team. I have been researching the Alaskan Malamute on and off for 15yrs and I decided last year it was time for me to finally get my dream dog and take the plunge into the working mallie world.
16 Jan 2011 13:59
Angel Fergus, you were only four year old when you went to Doggy Heaven on the 18 Jan 2011, it will be 3 years and I miss you so much, you were a one off but you sent me Jingles who needed a good home. Run free my wee man. THERE IS A LITTLE CORNER I VISIT EVERY DAY, NO ONE KNOWS I GO THEIR OR HOW LONG I STAY. IN THIS LITTLE CORNER I SPEAK TO YOU ALONE WISHING I COULD HAVE YOU BACK AT HOME. WHERE IS THIS LITTLE CORNER I VISIT EVERY DAY, ITS RIGHT HERE WITHIN ME IN THE CORNER OF MY HEART.
15 Jan 2011 13:54
died few days ago have kept myself hyper so cant cry
14 Jan 2011 20:37
I am home now mammy collected me Charlie was very excited to see me he welcomed me home I have sore gums so going to be tablets for a while and get another check up in another month the vet gave me painkiller type antibiotics so it means. I am eating more food than normal and the vet said I was very good also from Amber
11 Jan 2011 20:48
1 of the cats in my area has very bad diarrhoea my vet said to bring in Amber tomorrow because of his weight lose recently to rule that out he will stay in my vets starting tomorrow about 2 o clock for 24 hours to rule out diarrhoea as that might have caused his weight loss
10 Jan 2011 12:16
Have you ever wondered what your pet is feeling or thinking?

Then come along to this workshop.

What is animal communication?
How does it work?
Opening the five senses.
Preparation for animal communication.
Questions to ask an animal.
Communication with an animal using pictures.
Fun practice.

* No experience necessary.
All you need is an open mind and a genuine love for animals.
Please bring with you a note pad and PHOTOS of your chosen animal(s)

The workshop will be on SATURDAY 9th APRIL 2011
10.15 am to 5.00 pm

Quantum House
66 Churchway
London NW1 1LT
Nearest tube: Euston

Fees £75 (lunch not included. However, tea/coffee and biscuits are included)

To book your space on a first come first served basis, please visit:

Hope to see you there:-)
10 Jan 2011 12:06
I am very excited to present this brand new workshop which will help your animals the natural way.

A brief introduction to Dr Bach and his system.
38 Bach Flowers Remedies.
Common emotional problems in pets
Common fears in animals.
Selecting the right remedies for your pet(s).
How to create a custom bottle of remedies.
Cases studies.

* Please note that the BFRs are suitable for animals with emotional problems only.
Animals with physical ailments should see a qualified veterinary surgeon.

The workshop will be on SATURDAY 19th MARCH 2011
10.30 am to 5.00 pm

Treadwells bookshop
33 Store Street
London WC1
Nearest tube Goodge street or Russell Square

Fees £75 (lunch not included. However, tea/coffee and biscuits are included)

To book your space on a first come first served basis, please visit:

Hope to see you there:-)
10 Jan 2011 10:33
Maddy attended her first training class on Sunday. Peter did the handling this time (I did it with Millie), and they both really enjoyed themselves. Maddy is soooo keen, which makes her very rewarding to train.
The trainer, Rachel, outlined the basics of lead-walking, sit, down, and the "watch me" exercise, and at the end of the session she also set everyone the task of teaching their dogs a trick, which was "spin and twist" - spin = turn clockwise, twist = turn anti-clockwise.
Well, I´ve been having fun this morning with Maddy and Millie. I brought Maddy out first and with the aid of my clicker, we´ve practised sit, down, and spin´n´twist. In class, she couldn´t get the hang of down, but with the clicker, it´s taken her just a couple of minutes to understand what´s required.
I put Maddy back to bed and got Millie out. We went through sit, down, stand, in and close, and also we had a go at spin´n´twist - great fun! All the while, we can hear Maddy sitting in the crate crying, then I thought to myself she seemed to sound closer, so I checked, and guess what, she´d jumped the babygate from the utility room and was sitting in the kitchen!
08 Jan 2011 17:46
happy birthday 2 me mummy gave me a really big birthday cuddle n says my presents are on the way they didnt arrive in time for my birthday nevermind the big birthday cuddle was all i needed :)
08 Jan 2011 17:38
harry who is 1 today :)
06 Jan 2011 11:43
I am looking for people interested in partaking in a photographic project exploring the relationship between dogs and their owners. Stylistically I am aiming for informal portraits of dog/s and owner/s either in a local park, back garden or home setting. I am hoping the project will culminate in a book and exhibition and I am offering anyone who is interested a free copy of the portrait I take.

Please get in touch and let me know a little bit about you and your dog.

For examples of my work checkout:
05 Jan 2011 23:01
To all friends on Petstreet...

Thank you for Christmas & New Year greetings.. Sorry mine back to you all is a bit late but had a few things to deal with.....
Had 6 extra furries over Christmas while their owners were away but they´ve all gone home now. Laurence (guinea pig) who has been getting very frail over the last couple of months saw Christmas & New Year with me but has now sadly gone to the gp garden in the sky.. He was 7.
Everyone else (touch wood) is fighting fit and looking forward to warmer days..

May you all have peace, hope & happiness in 2011..

Rosie xxxx
05 Jan 2011 18:24
My name is Louie (Amigamia Bobbysox)
I´m a 1 year old, male, blue mitted ragdoll.
I have an extremely long tail, and people seem to love my big blue eyes :)
05 Jan 2011 13:50
Here is an update about Sara Ross and The Horse Refuge. Please follow the link.
There is also a Facebook page setup to help Sara and her animals, if you´d like to join then look for ´Help Sara Ross and The Horse Refuge´
04 Jan 2011 16:20
The vet did blood tests. On Amber today she said he could have liver failure not. Sure just did blood tests to rule it out allow said he was unweight for his age And that he has a few teeth missing the blood tests are been sent to a lab to get them tested for different things will have the result of them next week he is also on painkillers and antibiotics as he is sneezing just hope the blood results will come back ok as I am worried here thinking about them
Amber seems a lot better but I think he has a bad diarrhoea so my vet is going to start monitoring him tomorrow for 24hours free of charge
03 Jan 2011 21:07
I am going to bring Amber to the vet soon has he lost.weight and is sneezing with a cold hope he don´t have cat flu
02 Jan 2011 07:56
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31 Dec 2010 16:04
hey colette (mummy) do you think its at all possible i can have something new?

i mean i know ive had more then the kittens but you know like a treat would be nice thankyou

i wouldnt mind a corn on the cob treat you buy from the pet shop

31 Dec 2010 15:50
today when mummy came home from shopping she fed me (fed late this morning) as mum ran outa food n they didnt have anymore kitten dry food in the shop near us so she gave me some chicken, then after finishing my food mummy got out 1 of my favourite toys its like a fishing rod basically with a toy at the end me n charlie had 1 but we broke it so we got a brand new 1 again
also then something else came out the bag it was a lil pink mouse hmm im not really sure about it right now as its kinda strange it looks a lil like harry so i am thinking maybe it will bite me something

anyway i am going for my afternoon snooze upstairs outta the way of noisey charlie :)

31 Dec 2010 15:46
today when mummy came home from shopping she fed me (fed late this morning) as mum ran outa food n they didnt have anymore kitten dry food in the shop near us so she gave me some chicken, then after finishing my food mummy got out 1 of my favourite toys its like a fishing rod basically with a toy at the end me n lola had 1 but we broke it so we got a brand new 1 again
also then something else came out the bag it was a lil blue mouse it looked so fun n it shakes when mummy pulls this string its well good i love playing with this is my first mouse toy so im delighted with a different toy :)
also mummy bought me a brush for my fur as i get knotty alil so i do need a good brushing regular mummy just used 1 of her old combs for the time being now i have my very own :)

well thats it for now its playtime again now with my new mousey :)

27 Dec 2010 20:14
Mammy went on a night out last night to meet her friend when she back I was limping as my paw was sore so she got warm water in a small bowl to bathe my paw and then left me sleep on her bed all night I seemed to have done the trick as I am not limping any more
26 Dec 2010 23:41
Hi folks, I´m Maddy and I am part of an 11 puppy litter born In Ireland to a German Short Haired Pointer Cross mother and a Red Setter father sometime in early September 2010. Six of us (including me) were sold/homed and the final 4 (Matthew, Margaret, Mabel and Martha) were given up for foster.

An Irish foster carer Mandy, had been caring for my siblings for about a week when she got a call asking her to take a single puppy (me) who had been found abandoned in Cratloe Woods, on the Limerick / Clare border and was languishing in the county pound. When Mandy arrived to collect me from the pound, she saw that I was a replica of the 4 pups she already had - further enquiries elicited that in fact there had been 2 puppies sold/homed in the vicinity of where I was found and so I was taken into foster. I never got to meet my littermates again as Mandy was afraid that I might have picked something up during my stay in the pound, so I was sent to another fosterer. From there I travelled to Wales to the Many Tears Animal Rescue and was then sent out to foster in Surrey. Three weeks or so later, my new family came to meet me and brought me home to live with them.

It´s been a long journey but I am now much loved, well fed and have a wonderful playmate/sister, Millie to snuggle up to at night, and I´m going to be starting puppy class in the New Year - I can´t wait for the fun to begin, hehehe!
24 Dec 2010 18:48
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY xx santas coming yipeee
21 Dec 2010 18:42
Amber is gone missing all day dont have time to look for him as i have to attend an awards cermony shortly
20 Dec 2010 12:47
I have several bunnies who need new homes. They are all under a year old. Please go to my website for further details : Bunny Adoption Page.
19 Dec 2010 14:23
Since the last time i was on Petstreet, which was a couple of years ago or more, i lived in a one bed flat, i have since moved to a large two bed second floor flat and have my four raggies running around happily with a spare room to themselves as well as access to all rooms and acvitiy centres to jump and play on. They will have a new floor to ceiling one this Christmas for their present and are spoilt rotten.

If there is anyone out there that i can help to rescue or rehome ragdolls or birmans, please get in touch as these are gorgeous breeds that need a quiet home but also allowed to run and play to their hearts content.

I have been disabled since i was 17 (am not 36) i have been told i can´t have children so my focus is my cats and making sure that they are happy. I work a few hours a week but my cats never go without.

Please get in touch if i can help at all.
19 Dec 2010 14:19

Petstreet has certainly changed after the last time i was here and for the best of course! Its great to see so many people on here.

Well Done Petstreet

15 Dec 2010 10:25
Its my birthday today and Im 6yrs old. Im so excited I wonder what mum has got me?
Wonder if its toys, treats or both WOOF WOOF.
Will let you no what I get, coz Im off for a sleep its cold and I need to get under that radiator before Dizzy WOOF WOOF xxx
13 Dec 2010 22:31
Megan Died today at about 17.30 hrs she was in the R.S.P.C.A clinic being treated for a slipped disc. And this morning when i phoned i was told that she maybe able to come home to night as she,d gotten up and walked a couple of paces during the night. And that she would be on cage rest. I was to phone back about 5ish to find out if she was aloud home i was one really excited owner thinking about my wee baby poss coming home. At about 17.20 hrs i phone the clinic and spoke to some one who put me on hold and was kept on hold for about 15 mins. Then suddenly a lady came on the phone saying that she was a vet and saying she was so sorry. And i thought she was about to tell me that wee Megan wasn´t coming home after all. But she said that while i was inquiring if she was going to be coming home Megan had had a Cardiac arrest and that she was trying to save her. My wee Megan had passed away while i was on the phone waiting to see if she could come home. I cant believe that she,s gone She has come home but in a body bag and not as i thought id be bring her home. If there´s a god up above i dont think that he likes me to bring me more heart ache with the loss of other pet so soon after last month with the loss of Gaga and in August the loss of Huggie Bear. Megan i will love you for ever sorry i wasn´t there to hug you and say good bye xxxxx
11 Dec 2010 16:40 my lovely and terrible pet dog. She is such a card! Always looks to please, apart from when she is earnestly pleasing herself and delights in being house last! It´s taken about 4 years to gt to this point. She has been a terror. Suppose it has something to do with her being a rescue dog. I adopted her from Chesterfield RSPCA when she was just a couple or so months old. She had a bad start with her mother and some of her siblings dieing of parvo virus. This meant that she had to be quarantined and was placed with a carer on her missing out on crucial socialising skills from her mother and pack. She went on to be kenneled but caught kennel cough and once again had to be quarantined. I took her home with me whilst she had the kennel cough. Upon reflection, RSPCA denied that her illness was said ´kennel cough´ but it was because a friends aged dog caught it from her and was quite poorly with it. Honey has had every behaviour disorder in the book and still suffers with separation anxiety. We are working on it! Honey is a cross German Shepherd with something else and we think it is Rhodesian Ridgeback. She has the looks of a Ridgeback but not as much muscle and smaller. Anyway, she is my very own Ridgeback Shepherd...the first in her unique variety and RESILIENT as hell.
11 Dec 2010 16:11
It is very cold in the mornings and to my surprise Evelyn is up before me these days.Normally I would be up very early and calling her for my breakfast, or licking her hand or hair to wake her up! I like to sleep on the sofa next to some of my toys which I like to squash like cushions. My Mousey in Pyjamas and Little Duck are good to lie on! Evelyn can tell when I am sleepy. She says I have blobs at the corners of my eyes which she has to remove. She bought a little baby pink T- shirt for me to wear so that I don´t get too cold.
10 Dec 2010 14:47
my chicken is 14mths old and she has one eye shut with goo cumming out please can u help
07 Dec 2010 22:11
I used to sit right next to the heater until my whiskers were nearly touching it. Now Evelyn has bought a new fan heater which blows out air and makes a lot of noise. I was hiding nearby initially to keep an eye on it. This morning I decided to be brave and sat right in front of it. It was so nice and warm that I snuggled closer and closer to it and then gave a meow of protest when she switched it off!
07 Dec 2010 16:45
Hi Everyone!

The Animal Madhouse team and I need your help!

Channel 4 are currently deciding whether or not to commission a second series of the show. So we would be very grateful, if you did enjoy the series and would like to see another one, if you could write to Channel 4 and let them know! - this link will take you straight to the channel´s feedback page which is the best place to leave your opinions!


06 Dec 2010 23:49
06 Dec 2010 19:22
i would have loved to be in work with mammy i saw her before she went to work and i missed her terrible but i was very excited to see her when she came home i even ran to greet her
05 Dec 2010 18:44
i have gone closer to mammy when she is off of work as she ruins me with treats and attention and talks to me i will be wagging my tail and licking her face like mad when she comes home from work mammy said she will get me some dentastix when they run out as she works in a supermarket doing retail there
05 Dec 2010 15:49
i am going back to work tomorrow after a year and a half of work i will be back working in retail say charlie will miss me as he so used to being around me i will miss him and will be delighted to see him and my 2 cats after work as there all great company
05 Dec 2010 15:29
Sara Ross & the horses of The Horse Refuge in Kent have been evicted through no fault of their own. Sara has managed to borrow a bit of land from a farmer for the horses, but she is living in a shed near by. A page has been started on Facebook in support of Sara & the horses and to hopefully bring awareness to Sara´s & the horses plight.
If you live in the Kent area and have any spare blankets / clothes that Sara could have and hay for the horses that would be brilliant.
Sara has dedicated herself to the horses and other animals she´s looks after, when donations started to fall she started using her own money for the animals and now that has run out and has been left with nothing, but she still won´t give up or leave the horses / animals hence living in the shed. If you feel you can help in anyway then please join the facebook page (link below) in the discussions section you will find a contact address, email, telephone number of who to contact.
One contact is Andrea Gamby-Boulger of Wetnose Animal Aid email!/pages/Help-Sara-Ross-and-the-Horse-Refuge/174429209251989
Thank you for your support
01 Dec 2010 20:12
i love going out in the snow in the garden i start eating it and come in every time with my paws covered in snow and ice
01 Dec 2010 14:57
Tonight is the last in the current series of Animal Madhouse at 8pm on Channel 4, so don’t forget to tune in!

This week I see Eric, a Border Terrier with very unfortunate toileting habits! He hasn’t had a solid poo for over a year and is very gassy as well! Eric was one of my favourite cases on the show, he was a lovely dog with lovely owners who were really keen to help him. I did all sorts of test and started him on treatment and after a few ups and downs…………….. well, you will just have to watch won’t you?!

The other vets also have interesting cases, including a duck who’s walk is too waddly and a rhino who needs to pedicure! We also continue our neutering campaign and go out and about meeting the public and discovering their opinions on breeding and neutering.

I really hope you have enjoyed the series, Channel 4 are currently considering whether to do another or not, so if you want to see us again, please write to them to let them know!,Kb=C4_Author,Company={2EA1BB9C-510E-44A5-A481-01EB1DDA1669},USETEMPLATE=contact_ve.tem
30 Nov 2010 16:13
jst got a new horse called ed a gorgouse strawberry roan 15.2 hands. only fell off him once !!! where as my pony (lucky) ive literally lost count she bucks 24/7!!!!! my cat, i swear hes getin grumpier, hes always bitin me and scrachin. but i do luv him realy...xxxx
30 Nov 2010 13:07
Here is the link to the novelty hats I´m selling on ebay in aid of Wetnose Animal Aid.
27 Nov 2010 08:45
Today is the first day of the St Matthews Christmas Sparkle event and we can´t wait to go to church this afternoon to see George and Millie featuring on the vet´s Christmas tree. The church will be open to visitors every weekend throughout December and there will be a vote for the best Christmas tree - no prizes for guessing which tree will be getting our vote!!!

26 Nov 2010 20:29
found out yesterday theres a brown wild rabbitin the street as well they must have coming from the field 10 minutes away from us but have decide to shelter in our street i didnt see the brown wild rabbit as my neighbour saw it if they have babies i hope to catch them and bring them to my vet who will give them a loving home
25 Nov 2010 21:38
yaay now im called charlie :) instead of him or mr
25 Nov 2010 21:02
i love my new home :) my sister is wonderful n keeps me busy
im not keen on having my photo taken though lol
25 Nov 2010 20:59
we have so much fun, running around n play fighting with 1 another we both now snuggle with each other when we sleep i dont even bother beating up my mummys naked feet now or try 2 shoot out the door and im teaching my brother where we can go n cant in other words where ever i go he can lol
25 Nov 2010 20:49
theres 2 kittens now argh

24 Nov 2010 17:32
Just last night i came home with my brother from the field and mum let me inside. It was really cold outside and i went and muched up all the food in my bowl. When I came into the living room i found out mum had made a log fire!
i was so happy that i jumped up on mum and gave her a little wet nudge with my nose then started to playfight with my bro. when i calmed down i trotted over to the fire and stuck my nose right in the flames (ouch!!)! My nose got burnt! But i was fine and settled down soon. I hope theres another fire tonight!!

Does anyone else love the feeling when you come home to a nice warm home !?
23 Nov 2010 22:40
In this weeks show I meet a horse called Sting who has a problem with falling asleep. His owner, Pippa, is able to ride him without a problem but she has to get on board quickly because as soon as he is tacked up, he starts to nod off! Pippa put a bridle on him during the show and I was absolutely amazed that within a few seconds Sting’s knees began to buckle and he went to sleep! Being in a strange place and surrounded by cameras I was sure he wouldn’t perform! Watch to find out what we do with Sting and whether he manages to stay awake.

Also, this show continues our campaign to promote responsible pet ownership and neutering. I visit the RSPCA hospital in Birmingham and see a dog having an emergency operation to remove an infected uterus, a common complication of not spaying. Look away when I cut into the affected organ if you are eating your tea!

The other vets also have great cases including a Cockatiel with an abnormal beak and a monkey who needs to morning-after pill!

I hope you tune in, and tell all your friends to as well!

23 Nov 2010 21:00
Had to see the vet at the weekend and didn´t like it when he took my temperature. I hissed at him immediately which gave Evelyn a bit of a fright! I have been given some more nasty tablets to take for a few weeks with my food. They don´t taste very nice at all, The tablet is hidden in my yummy food but I always leave it until last!
23 Nov 2010 19:47
i am chewing my paw lately and it makes it sore mammy tells me to stop so i stop for a minute and they start chewing it when she is not looking i might have to get an injection to heal it up again as i my back paw is gone red and looks sore she is using special shampoo to stop me eating it but it dont seem to work
23 Nov 2010 15:45
ive been here nearly 2 full days n im already loving my mummy n snuggling with her last night i fell asleep next 2 her my sister by mummys feet
lola is cool 2 last night we played for almost 4hours. i enjoyed chasing her around
im a lil hissy n growly at my new daddy

mummy was really upset 2 last night when she found i was a lil lumpy under my chin and neck mummy was stroking me n decided 2 look at why it was bumpy (i had a collar on when i first came 2 my new home and it was far 2 tight so mummy got daddy 2 take it off) from where the collar had been mum noticed i had very red skin n it looked like i had bled slighty i also had 2 matts under my chin mummy got rather angry by this point and told daddy he looked at my neck n said it looks ok though its red but not infected and doesnt look like the collar had cut in 2 my neck but they will be keeping an eye on me, daddy cut out the matts and mummy gave me a lil brushing down and she commented on how much better i looked just by having my fur brushed i am little underweight 2 it seems so mummy feels like shes actually more like rescued me
mummy was going 2 stay in contact with the ones who had me before but mummy has now decided that she wont bother since she feels they really didnt either care about me n care for me or they didnt know how 2 care for me

well im sleepy so im gonna fall asleep close 2 mummy n have a nap

see you soon x
22 Nov 2010 20:02
it stays at the end of our garden and hiding in the edge out of charlie way my neighbours could not catch it as they spent a while trying to catch it in there back garden
i will see 1 of them wednesday night and ask them do the want the local animal welfare number
22 Nov 2010 18:17
im elle and my favourite colour is red and my favourite animal is a elephants and guinea pigs. my BFF is Lizwhos on this website! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Nov 2010 23:53
well he was supposed 2 be a she mummy realised after he did a pee behind the sofa because the words were ´yuk stinks whatever it is the cats done´ lol
well im very interested in playing but he just keeps hissing n growling at me but it dont bother me 2 be honest hopefully he wont always be this grumpy

right no time 2 be on here ive got my brother 2 annoy by staring at him
21 Nov 2010 23:42
hello i dont have name yet as when i came here 21st november my new owners were told i was a female but i am a male
i was introduced 2 my new sister lola a lil while ago n im hissing and growling at her as i dont really know how 2 act towards her right now

i have liked being on my own so far i have explored the front room, a lil of the hall way n my mummys room


i was born on the 13th of august 2010

i am really fluffy n im grey and white

right im off now as im still trying 2 figure out lola

pics will be up soon and hopefully il have a name 2
20 Nov 2010 13:21
found out last week at my grandmas the my groovy little jack russel is no longer with us, and will never lick my fingers or nip my nose again.still cant type for crying as i just finally came to terms with it.
19 Nov 2010 20:32
she hopes to have a romance with him i really like him and he really likes me and he likes the cats as well and hates animal cruelty
he spoilt me rotten the other day by giving me rich tea biscuits he bought a packet for me and mammy
i just hope things work out for mammy as she meet this person while bringing me on a walk
19 Nov 2010 11:40
I am trying to locate Nerys, she helped me to buy my pet skunk and i want to ask her a few questions ref he seems to be having trouble walking and my vet doesn´t seem to have a clue what to do, please contact me Nerys
18 Nov 2010 15:22
i hate my sister, she always gets the attention!
18 Nov 2010 14:03
I just wanted to update everyone who gave me advice regarding my 2 cats, who use to like (not love) each other, then started to hate one another when I moved house.

I tried everything, medication, anti depressants etc and cant afford behavioural therapy, so now I have come to the conclusion they will always have to be separated at all times, its a sad time in my house hold but its for the best ;(
17 Nov 2010 17:53
hi there need help just came home from work spots of blood everywhere checked out keevah and yes its coming from her lady bits but shes just turned 7 months is this about right .not that clued up on that dept .help ...
16 Nov 2010 21:46
This week on the Animal Madhouse show I deal with two very different animals with two different problems! Max is a Staffie who spends rather a lot of time ´pleasuring´ himself in the most acrobatic manner and ´Herman the Sherman´ is a tortoise who has taken offence to the cats he lives with!

The other vets deal with a ferret who can´t walk, a elephant who might be pregnant and a very fat skunk!

I really hope you´ll watch the show to see how things turn out! Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday 17th November, at 8pm!
14 Nov 2010 23:19
This Remembrance Day wont be forgotten in a hurry... It was the day that Lily chose to attack her little sister Dot..
Of all the gerbils, Dot & Lily were the only two left living with mum, Bella. They´ve been happy togehter for almost 2 years. Dot is still small but Lily was her best mate - until today.....
Something sparked off the biggest punch up ever.... Bella tried to intervene & got a bite too.
But poor Dot was left covered in blood & in shock.
As I type, she is tucked down inside my jumper wrapped in some warm fabric. I´ve bathed her wounds & given pain relief & fluids but I may well lose her from the shock..
Poor little girl. She has a battle on her hands. Keep fighting little one.....
I´ve posted pics of the aftermath in a new album. Please dont look if you are squeamish.
13 Nov 2010 17:58
Greyhound called Pizza who was ill treated. Rehomed 9 times in 3 months before us. Afraid of people.

13 Nov 2010 17:55
Honey (The Boss) is an ex-racer who retired after 26 races. We got her direct from the training kennels 2005.
13 Nov 2010 17:40
The picture of Pepci´s mouth before her op (see MY PICTURES) shows cancer (Osteosarcoma), She was sent to the Anumal Health Trust, who did the operation removing part of her lower jaw, and then four sesions of chemo. The operation took place on May 10 2010, 3 weeks after she first went to the vet with a very small lump on her chin. The picture was taken by AHT before her op. This type of cancer usually occurs on a dogs leg, so is very rare on the jaw. We were told the the operation was filmed. The cancer had not spread anywhere else. It cost £6180.00 from her first visit to our vet to the last chemo session at the AHT. But she´s worth it. She has had 2 checkups with the vet so far and the next will be in February 2011.
12 Nov 2010 17:21
I am sad to say that time finally ran out for our little George today. We noticed last night that his breathing had become very heavy and we could really see him taking every breath. This morning when I went into check on him and Millie, he was fast asleep in bed with her and didn´t get out of bed until well after 12 today. He still hadn´t eaten anything by 2 this afternoon and even refused his medicated yoghurt which he usually loves. My friend came round and we both thought he was having to struggle for every breath so I phoned our vet and OH took him at 3 this afternoon.

George has been a bit of a bruiser in his time and has come home with a torn ear, half his face hanging off and a puncture wound to his leg. Three years ago he survived being hit by a car and came home after a 5 day absence with a dislocated leg - after six weeks resting in Millie´s crate he was back to his old self. He was a friendly little cat and loved visitors, making sure he got to sit on every new pair of knees! He liked visiting his pals Fluffy and Dusty and was quite upset when Fluffy moved house a couple of years ago. He has spent the last 6yrs showing Millie who is boss but we think he loved her really!

We take comfort from the fact that George had a long life and spent most of it in the same home, having been adopted from our local Cats Protection when he was around 2yro. We are just a bit upset that one of our lovely neighbours saw fit to involve the RSPCA and we had a visit from them earlier in the week. Being the twit that I am, I invited the rs woman in and let her see George. She took my details and our vets details but I refused to answer any questions concerning Millie. She proceeded to lecture me on the importance of keeping in regular contact with our vet and should our vet advise he be pts and we didn´t do that then it could become a welfare issue. I told her that OH and I did have one or two brain cells between us and that we realised George´s days were numbered but said I thought we were best placed to make the judgement call and we certainly didn´t need any input from the RSPCA.

12 Nov 2010 13:17
i found a gorgous pet rabbit that was black in colour abandoned in our garden today i cant keep it my mum and dad said i but a name on it called holly as it nearly christmas and it was down near our holly bush in the back of the garden my cats are not 2 bothered with it i have a home organised for it if it comes back again but how do i catch it i reported it miss to the local animal charity it dont stay in our garden all the time it goes to my neighbours garden
10 Nov 2010 14:53
The curtain pole in the lounge fell down after I had been running around and it made a loud noise which woke Evelyn up. She wasn´t happy with me and shouted at me after rushing into the room to see what had happened. I ran and hid under the table. I could see her trying to fix it but she couldn´t manage it. Oh dear:(
10 Nov 2010 09:33
"HEART TO HEART: Incredible and heartwarming stories from the woman who talks with animals."

This is a brilliant Christmas gift idea for your animal loving friends and family. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon and see what others are saying about it!

Only £4.49!!!
09 Nov 2010 21:42
Over the summer I have been filming a brand new television programme for Channel 4, called Animal Madhouse. In it myself, 3 other vets and 2 vet nurses, see a variety of pets with unusual (and, sometimes unpleasant!), problems and do our best to help them. We also go out and about to farms, zoos and horse yards to meet less domesticated creatures! A huge passion of mine, and the shows, is responsible pet ownership, and to this end we are running two campaigns; a ‘Fat Camp’ highlighting the health issues associated with pet obesity and a neutering campaign which focuses on the huge problem in the UK of unwanted pets and the health benefits of having the pets neutered.

This week I go to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary and meet Ned, who was one of the horribly abused horses rescued from Amersham, but he needs surgery because something is missing! The operation is fantastically interesting, watch out for his guts trying to escape! The show also features Donald the sex pest, and somewhat confused, duck who keeps trying to mate with the chickens he lives with (!), a couple of alpacas who are having problems in the reproduction department, a balding chinchilla and a dog with a disgusting head!

I hope you tune in!
09 Nov 2010 20:24
Me mum has been looking at Auntie Vena´s link posted re the tea tree oil story on the home page and in particular the section on older cats. Apparently, in human terms I am approx 83-92 years old! Not bad fer an old bruiser, eh?
09 Nov 2010 03:13
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08 Nov 2010 19:51
On Sunday somefink terrible ´appened, and yer won´t quite believe this folks but me mum has only gone and taped up me catflap, yeah that´s right there is now parcel tape right across it, meanin´ I am now a prisoner in me own home an´ just to make matters worse I am sharing a cell with that blinkin I keep telling her...WILL YOU STOP WASHIN´ ME FACE !!!

Me mum says I am too old to be crossing the road outside now so I won´t be able to go visitin´ me mate Dusky anymore but she says keepin me in is fer me own good. She´s bought me a super delux covered litter tray with it´s own swing door and I gotta admit it does look pretty smart but fer now and just to keep her on her toes I´m just gonna pee next to it instead of in it hehehehe!!!
08 Nov 2010 19:07
It was very noisy all weekend. I kept hearing loud bangs coming from outside.Evelyn says they are called FIREWORKS. I kept dashing to the window to investigate and sat on the ledge pressing my face against the glass to watch the sky with all the pretty colours. Afterwards there were lots of furry bits on the!
08 Nov 2010 18:12
Well my Dizzy is definitely not stupid, a sod but not stupid.
As most of you no Dizzy has had a bad leg now for awhile and has had a cone on since September, by the way we are on the 4th cone now because he gets getting them off and destroying them.
Anyway I noticed a few days ago the sore on his leg was still looking raw and not healing, been backwards and forwards to the vets and she is saying carry on with the cone till its healed completly, blah, blah, blah. But yesterday I noticed the sore looked wet and I felt it and it was. OH says Im losing the plot how is he going to get to it with cone on, another blah, blah , blah. So I thought nothing of it cleaned it as usual, dried it. This morning Im thinking no this isnt right it is wet coz the leg was a different colour, it goes like tear stained because of his white leg. But then Im thinking HOW??????????
with the cone on. So me the detective watched the little sod through the door when he thought I wasnt watching. Well you are not going to believe this, but the cones have holes in to adjust to different size necks of different breeds of dogs. The little sod licks, yes he licks through the holes of the cone to get to the leg.
Well I dont no what to do now I give up ???????????
07 Nov 2010 20:29
05 Nov 2010 17:58

Oh dear, I´m in trouble again & in the princess pushy´s pen, I have to rest my old injury, as I forgot myself again in my moment of madness when my best pal, wandered into my field. I did my old greeting & bucked & squealed & raced down the field to her, skidding to a halt with a sore leg and covering my best pal in mud at the same time... I think I´m in the PPP because of my sore leg......not because I covered my BP in mud :( although that was quite funny heeeee!
05 Nov 2010 17:07
It has been 3 months since Lodge that Dog launched a UK Dog Sitting & Boarding Directory website! We have just published our November newsletter on our Dog Blog if anyone is interested in reading how we are doing....
05 Nov 2010 14:08
Saw a couple of blue and black birdies flying around outside the window, making lots of noises and then landing on the top of the roof.I was watching them with great concentration!
05 Nov 2010 14:06
This morning when Evelyn was getting ready to go to work she opened a cupboard in the kitchen to get something out, leaving the door open. It is near the floor so I was able to wander in there to have a nosey around. Then when she was about to shut the cupboard door, she spotted my head looking out. I had been just about to settle down in there but she called me to come out. It seemed like a nice hiding place at the time!Hee hee!
05 Nov 2010 14:03
There was some very yummy food last night in my bowl...chicken and duck in gravy! I gobbled it up so quickly that Evelyn couldn´t believe it. Then I meowed and kept following her until she guessed that I wanted a bit more to eat. So she rattled my treats box and poured a few out for me. I gobbled those up too and looked at her with my head tilted to one side, sat up straight with front paws neatly together meowing. Hooray! She got the message and opened a second tin of the yummy food. It is good to eat more food now the weather is getting colder:)
05 Nov 2010 12:49
If you want to hear what animals wish to say about their likes, dislikes, hopes and fears and what they feel about life, death and the afterlife, this is the book they´d want you to read.

"Heart to Heart: Incredible and heartwarming stories from the woman who talks with animals" is largely written by them - the animals. You can hear their voice and how they feel about....well, jsut about everything.

"Heart to Heart" is the purr-fect Christmas gift for all animal lovers!

Available on, Easons, Tesco, and all great book shops.
03 Nov 2010 13:08
Daisy & Charlie are smitten with thier new puppy, and they all play lovely togeather, Charlie is a absolute star for 10 months, with he´s recall & basic command´s, he walkes to heel with Daisy. The credit goes to Daisy, charlie mirrors her. Dillon has just learnt wait, as feeing time he dives in everyones bowl, i have to give him belly rub with he´s wait command :) They are all sound asleep, untill 2-3 ish then it´s play time :)
01 Nov 2010 18:53
It is so nice being able to jump onto the window ledge and play with my mouseys without bashing the E collar on the wall. I am finding it easier to reach my food bowl too. Evelyn is getting a bit worried about me. I still like to lick my tummy nice and clean and am starting to lose a bit of fur there again. She says I mustn´t overdo it but I like being well groomed! I am still having some tablets from the vet with my dinner- they taste nicer than the last lot which I used to leave at the bottom of my bowl hoping to get away with it :)
31 Oct 2010 21:17
gardening friend
Best girl
31 Oct 2010 17:36
we have another poorly stray cat with us tonight. its left eye was all gunky and had dry blood around it. we have cleaned it up best we can. it also has like a lump on the bridge of its nose poor thing. we went to our nieghbours to ask if it was there´s they replied ´ what the one with the blind eye, no its not ours it just hangs around here and next door.´ which goes to show they new something was wrong with it! does no one else care!!!!! we are taking it to the vet tomorrow.
29 Oct 2010 22:12
When I went to feed the animals tonight, I found Willow dead in the tank she shared with Pip. There wasnt a mark on her so I assume she died from natural causes.
I´m gutted because she was still only a ´baby´ and it wasnt her time.
28 Oct 2010 15:15
After much nagging (err. sorry Debate) with my wife, I am considering having a go at Archery. Liz and my "adopted son" already participate so they want me to have a go. The health warning is cause I am the original "Should have gone to SpecSavers" man. The only time I hit 2 spherical objects straight was when I stood on an upturned garden rake. So if you are in the West Midlands, be warned. (I´m not telling you where I´m shooting, got to have some fun, haven´t I....)
27 Oct 2010 20:27
well i didnt mean 2 do it but i knocked off harrys cage where mummy put him

ive been on my bestest behaviour now... my way of saying sorry 2 my mummy
27 Oct 2010 20:21
this morning lola jumped up on the side where i was and off went my cage with me in it mummy panicked like hell... i was scared but mummy cuddled me so im ok

naughty lola
27 Oct 2010 20:17
Please sign and pass onto others, why cant ITV or channel 4 do a show just like Children in need but for animals? If £2 million pounds could be raised every year for animals just think what good that could do. see wetnose club or wetnose on facebook.
26 Oct 2010 13:33
Urgent help needed for Sara at the ´Horse Refuge, please read below a letter from Sara. If you can help in anyway then please contact Sara on 01797 270555 Or Andrea at Wetnose on 01508 518650

Hello Friends,

As you can imagine the last few weeks have been a nightmare (sorry for the pun) I have managed to get my stables taken down and stored in a temporary place and packed up as much as possible, but here in a nut shell is what is happening, still need donations and still need a farm to find very soon. If you can help with a location please call me on 01797 270555.

1) Eviction process well underway - bailiffs were due on 22nd with vet, knackerman etc. but I appealed and got an extension until Wednesday. They are all due to return on 5th November so we have to be gone well before then.

2) I have got most of the 96 animals to safety - we have lost 4 and I think we may have to have at least one more horse put to sleep. I am suffering with nervous exhaustion at the moment but can’t give up on them.

3) We have to re-assemble stables somewhere as they are only in temporary accommodation so we need help for this.

4) We have been hoaxed by someone who offered to buy a nearby property and convinced everyone - but they were hoaxers. We would not be in such a state if we had not all (solicitors included) been taken in. The matter has been reported to the Police.

5) I hope to have all the animals out in a few days and I will be living in my car!

Please help me and my animals in anyway you can, they need help NOW as winter is upon us fast and that means lots of winter feed and warm stables for the old ones.

Keeping everything crossed

Sara Ross

Horse Refuge

25 Oct 2010 13:20
The horrible Elizabethan collar was removed at last. The vet gave me an injection and I growled at him in protest. I am so pleased to be able to clean my fur properly again. Evelyn gave me some yummy treats to eat when we got home and also brushed me with my special baby brush.
25 Oct 2010 08:31
Betsy is a gorgeous staffie female who came to Once Loved Dog Rescue from the pound where she was on ´death row´ Unbeknownst to anyone, Betsy was in early stages of pregnancy at the pound, and she gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies on September 16th 2010. These babies are now 5 and a half weeks old, and will be looking for loving forever homes when they are 8 weeks old on November 11th. Betsy is not looking for a home as she will be staying here with us :)

To read about the babies and see their photographs, please see:
24 Oct 2010 12:10
About Desmond we got desmond from dogs Trust in June 06 he had been a stray at 4 mths old with a broken front leg he would eat anything but one day he chewed my dentures he had to have a op he made the local paper and the daily mirrow also his story was in a womans mag we love him to bits and ahs turned into a lovely boy .
23 Oct 2010 21:55
Daisy & Charlie now on he´s 11 month have bonded beauitfully, charlie training is going well and he is a little star,:) today we have a new arrival, a male dobermann 7 week puppy, he´s settling in really well, and it´s only day one. Ruby buddy & sid are great with him already. We´v named him Dillon, in memory of the wonderfull 3 years we has with Daisy´s brother. We were debateing over our next member of the family, but a knock on my door this morning settled that and now we have Dillon, how luck am i.:))
23 Oct 2010 21:05
Just Want to ask a question 2 anyone who has more than one dog....
im think about getting a female dog so rocky will have a friend but im worried how rocky will react just asking if someone could give me some advise please?
22 Oct 2010 21:30
I have a new cat Misty.The very irresponsible seller/breather sold me a kitten of the wrong sex wrong colour and with such a thin and brittle bones that in fist 3 months she broke both her hind legs ,fractured her pelvic bone. I cannot describe you my horror and the sorry I felt for that little 8week old kitten. I couldn´t get back to the seller as she disconnected her mobile and just disappear. After taking Misty nearly every week to the Vet with fracture or broken bones the Vet started to insinuate that I am doing something to this kitten. Horrified I demanded she does the X-Ray. We then learned that Misty had a calcium deficiency and hairline thin bones. The Vet wanted to operate and if unsuccessful to amputate Misty´s leg or put her to sleep.
I nearly freaked out. I demanded Misty back in to my care as it was X-mas and nothing would have been done in any case. I decided to take things into my own hands. Out of fear I took Misty away from that Vet and went for second opinion and decided to build her up with a help of holistic Vet and raw food fortified with Vitamins and minerals plus bone meal and Taurine.

I kept Misty in a large cage to restrict her movements helping her with her daily bodily functions as much as I could.Gradually she started to respond and after 3 more month I took her to the new vet (the one I went for second opinion) and he just couldn´t believe his eyes. He was looking at 4-legged Misty. Healthy, mobile and absolutely perfect.
She continues to grow healthy and is the most astonishing kitty I ever had a priviledge to have as a companion. She occasionally comes and succkles my neck. Is incredibly obedient!!!!! Listens to everything I say. Sometimes I just can´t believe it my self. My beloved Sammy knew what to choose. He knew that I will not give up.
21 Oct 2010 18:57
Stop this cruelty and law-breaking
We now enter the next phase of Animal Aid’s important campaign to stop the worst of the brutality in slaughterhouses. We are demanding that the supermarkets only buy meat from animals killed in slaughterhouses fitted with CCTV cameras. The slaughterhouse owners will listen to the supermarkets, who are their main customers, and the supermarkets will listen to their customers – you.
21 Oct 2010 18:09
i brought charlie with to animal awareness night i learned lots of information here is some of things i learned
Dog Breeders are not allowed in the city if the have 12 dogs as there dogs wont have enough space
Dog fighting is very bad here
Keep toy dogs like the bichon frise in a back garden with the gate closed to prevent them getting stolen
Mircochip and put a tag on your dogs collar with dogs name and your phone number on it in case it goes missing

21 Oct 2010 17:41
Consider the following
Time to look after it
Patience to train it
Understanding of the animals needs
Love it dont neglete it
21 Oct 2010 17:24
I found some great Dog Trust easy training videos and thought I would share them with my PetStreet friends....
20 Oct 2010 12:12
Wetnose is committed to helping the smaller animal welfare organisations such as ´Walk with Donkeys´ in Crete, ´The Horse Refuge´ in kent + many more throughout the UK & abroad.

I have started this ´Chipin´ to help wetnose carry on the vital work they do, and in the hope that some money can be raised for ´The Horse Refuge´ in Kent who have now been served with an eviction notice. Sara has been desperately raising funds to secure the future of the horses + the other animals she has rescued. Sara has put everything into helping these animals and the last resort will be to have them put down, which we can´t let happen.

Please help Wetnose to carry on helping people such as sara at The Horse Refuge by making a small donation, a £1 can go along way as every penny can.

If you would like to make a donation how ever small please click the Chipin link below.

Thank you for your support
19 Oct 2010 21:45
Hi guys hope this find you and your fur babies all well just wanted to say sorry i havent been around so much lately but as some of you know i have been arranging and have now started my apprenticeship in childcare. This is something i really enjoy but can also be very tiring! I also have to do workshops for maths, english and all the childcare basics and am also looking at getting a paid job as my apprenticeship is only voluntary :/ hopefully once i get into a new routine i will be back to being an active memeber again :D

x x
19 Oct 2010 17:59
i didnt mind wearing it and was not pulling mammy along as much
19 Oct 2010 13:02
Help all animals in care this Christmas
Well here we are again and Wetnose now in its eleventh year, has been busier than ever before. We raise funds to help smaller Rescue Centres in the Uk and some abroad, we have visited many from The Animal Kingdom in the Philippines, to Pro Animals in Romania, SAT in Spain, Holly Hedge in Bristol, Paws Animal Sanctuary in Sussex, Farm Animal Sanctuary in Worcester and many more. But what saddens me after talking and seeing a lot of people this year, is that this has been a terrible year, Rescue Centres are full up with animals they can’t re-home, many have had a 40% drop in donations which means they have struggled and some are at an all time low.
Most Centres see cheques coming in every week, now there lucky if cheques come in every month! This is seriously hurting a lot of Rescue Centres and in the Winter months donations are down as well.
Most big charities like the RSPCA receive over £120 million every year, that’s fantastic you might say, but that’s down on other years. The trouble is that the hundreds of smaller to meduim size Centres get nothing like that, a few thousand a year if there lucky and there the ones really suffering this year.
So please if you give a donation for Christmas please give to the smaller Rescue Centres the ones that really do need your help and support, even if its giving a few tins of dog or cat food, it all helps.
FACT: Only 0.05% of funds is for animals, so just where is all this £6 billion pound charity money going too every year?

FACT: For every 4 children’s charities there is only 1 animal charity, that’s billions of pounds being raised for children every year.

FACT: Every 4th house in every street has an animal in it, cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, fish, bird, ferrets and so on, and that’s without chickens, sheep, and other outside animals. That’s millions of animals at some stage of their lives that may need a Rescue Centre to help them.

So please remember when you tuck into your turkey and stuffing on Christmas day, is that poor little dog or cat down the road getting a Christmas dinner too? Please give a little however small… know it makes sense.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger
Wetnose Animal Aid
18 Oct 2010 18:37
Dizzy went to the vets today for his check up on his leg. The good news is the lampshade can come off HOORAYYYY, BUT
as soon as we have got home and he has gone to lay down what did he do, start licking the sore again.
I dont no what to do to stop him from licking and gnawing the leg.
Help please, thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
17 Oct 2010 20:26
thats our husky keevah nearly 6 months and as she gets bigger shes becoming harder to hold on the lead ,she just wants to run run run i know it in them to run but is there anything i can do to try and slow her down ive tried the treats but treats all the time aint good any suggestions. any info would be great cheers mark n annemarie...
17 Oct 2010 09:18
Right were do i start.
I had about a 3 hour in depth conversation with "one of the biggest dog fightersrs in london" on friday night i was at my friends flat with missy and he came over.
Firstly he offered me 60 thousand pound what i said no to then he offered me £200.000! for me to let him take missy back to london cos she was bred there.

this is what he said i quote " lemme take missy back to london for 2 weeks, she´ll come back the best fighting dog"
and i said " yeah and missing limbs not in a million years" then he said " ill give u 20 grand "no" 30,40,50,60 "what not even for 60 grand" " me - no" okay "200.000 grand"
i said " you can wave a million pound in my face i will not let you take her to london"

Then i started questioning him about dog fighting, I said its because of people like you that there thousands of dogs in shelters dont you care? he said "yeah but what can i do the rspca look after animals a certain way i and i care for my dogs another"
but what your doing to ur dog is not animal care its cruelty
"nah nah staffs and pitbulls are born to fight they want to fight. as he was sayin all this he was grabbing missy about making her growl and stuff i was continually tellin him to get his hands of my dog" i said to him if staffs and pitbulls want to fight and are born to fight how come missy doesnt fight? he startled for a moment..... what she´s never had a fight? me "nope". "she wouldnt hurt a flie she even likes cats" he was shocked by this he said really loudly " SHE LIKES CATS" i was like yeah.

then i asked him how much he makes of a dog fight if his dog wins. he said 2grand. i said what to you do if your dog doesnt win. but is still alive but injured that it cant fight it anymore. he said "give it to one of my mates" i said dont you take your dog to the vets first he said no then he straight up lied and said yeah he does. but he doesnt.

this is were i started getting upset.
He said the reason missy doesnt fight cos shes confused cos ive stroked her and cuddled her and "treated her like a human" she´s forgot her routes she was bred into. im wrong for stroking my dog dogs are meant to get cuddles. he thinks.
He said missy needs a good few bites on her neck from another dog and that will sort her out she remember what she was born to do. makes me sick.
I asked him how many dogs he´s had in his life he said 20 hes only 25! i said were are they all he said ive still got 4. but the rest of them are dead or in shelters. i said how did they die he said thru dog fights i said dont u miss them he said course i miss my dogs ilove my dogs i miss my dog that died 3 years ago. i dont no how someone who treats animalslike that say they love there dogs.
i said to him why did the rspca take some off your dogs. he said " cos the dog was covered in scarring".
He said if his dog doesnt fight right by the end of the fight he will drag his dog out the "ring" take him home lock him in a cupboard for 3MONTHS with no food just water. and then the dog will no he needs to fight better. I said to him how would u feel if that was you. he kept saying there jusr dogs there just dogs. but i said on a serious note imagine if you got beaten up really bad on the street stabbed and whatever and thrown in a cupboard imagine how´d you would feel he stopped for a second i think i got thru to him a bit.
conversation carried on further then i said to him where are your dogs now u live in london anmd your always in hitchin whos looking after your dogs. he said his mates go round feed them walk then andthat. then puts them back in there cage there always in there cage dogs are not meant to be inside there meant to be outside in cages. i said if your want to keep your dog outside thats fine but the law is a dog should be outside in a heated kennel! he just carried onto say i know another girl just like you that says this stuff to me and is against dog fighting.

I said how can you put a dog in a to fighting ring and stand there watching dogs screaming with pain and evening dying while u stand there waving ur cash about. he startled for a minute. then he said wel if the dog wins im 2 grand up. that was it i was in tears! he was like why are u upset im sorry im sorrry! i said im not upset it just angers me. he said ok i wont do it again iw as like yeah rite.
Apparently like this boy is a big man like everyones scared of him and has his own gang" i said him why dont go and beat ur boys about and tell them to look after there dogs!
i said bcos people like u people run away from me in the street grab there children of the floor move there dogs away./ he seemed to look a bit bothered by it.

he was like me and should make a programme. that was all what said really.

i cant belive these boys do this to there dogs. and think the dogs want to be treated like this.
i really wwant to do a bloomin programme i want this to stop.
The rspca do a great job in rescuing dogs that have had years of suffering but something needs to be done so no dog has to suffer in the first place!
16 Oct 2010 17:48
everytime i hear the door open i shoot right out past mummy... i think its funny mum doesnt
i know why though its because im not spayed yet! i love giving her the run around though i havent tried getting out the garden i dont want 2 i just want fresh air mummy says shes not taking any chances though... mummys just being a good owner though she talks 2 her friends n says she cant afford me getting pregnant n doesnt want 2 add 2 the unwanted animal population plus spaying will help me in the health department 2
i know i should behave n stay in but i cant help it
13 Oct 2010 18:49
i had an infection in my anal glands mammy knew sometime was not right so took me to the vet yesterday i didnt like waiting to be seen so i tried to escape the vets while waiting to see him luckily i was on the lead he gave me an injection and didnt yelp but tomorrow i am going back there at 11.30 in the morning as the vet said i have come back i dont want to wait around to see him tomorrow but mammy says i will have to so she will have to carry me into the vets room
from charlie
11 Oct 2010 20:40
After living together since birth - almost 2 years - these two girls had one major fight today & almost killed one another... My daughter found them both covered in blood & very subdued. She immediately separated them & set up another tank for Olivia.
Phoebe has a badly bitten shoulder & cannot put her left front foot to the ground. Olivia has bites all over her tummy & round her face.
Why do animals do this? What makes them turn so viciously on their cage mates?
They are both on medication but their chances are only 50/50.
I´m gutted this has happend. It just goes to show that we cant take anything for granted & to always be prepared for the unexpected.
The Petstreet ladies named my gerblins so they´re part of the family too. I´m hoping they´ll recover but am prepared for the worst..... :-(
11 Oct 2010 19:06
i seem to have forget some of the things i was thought and mammy said she is not going back to the dog trainer with me as it is 2 expensive she is thinking of clicker training me at home do you think its a good idea she thinks it worth trying
10 Oct 2010 20:35
its well cool outside walking and running and leaping about outside, also when i was out today for the first time i went 2 use the toilet :)
08 Oct 2010 18:00
i will be attending animal awareness night on the 20 of october with mammy i might make some new friends
08 Oct 2010 17:55
storys of rescued dogs and rehomed dogs will be told
a vet will there to for a chat
as well as a dog trainer
its on the 20th of october i will was told i can bring charlie to it
there will be refreshments
08 Oct 2010 16:24
The summer months seem a distant memory and autumn is slowly setting in. I love the autumn trees full of vibrant colour and the cozy nights in front of the fire with Hugo curled up on my lap. I have just written my autumn antics blog and thought you might like a read...
07 Oct 2010 14:19
i am going to enter lucky, charlie and amber in a competion for world animal week it needs 180 words or more so hopefully i will be lucky i will write about lucky and how i found here, how i got amber and ambers history and how i got charlie and all about him as this week is world animal week
06 Oct 2010 17:49
i took lucky to the vet at 2 o clock today the vet checked her out and said she has allegy dermatis she was giving an injection for it which she didnt like and started sulking in her cat box she is on anti inflamtory tablets and antibotic tablets for her dermatis
06 Oct 2010 08:57
As some of you know, last wednesday i had to have my beloved fudgie cat pts. she´d been with me for 16 years and spent practically every night of those 16 years sleeping on my pillow. her not being there now is a massive loss and i can´t quite believe i will never see her again :-(

What this has highlighted to me, however, is that the loss of a pet is something that none of us really want to think about but really should plan for so that our wishes can be carried out properly.

We had decided the week before fudgie was pts that the best thing for her would be to stop her medication and therefore i had an idea that the time would soon come when she would no longer be with me and i decided that that was the time to start looking in to my options, while i still had a fairly clear head and the ability to make important decisions. so i started to think about what i wanted for her, ie burial, cremation, ashes kept / scatterd, casket choices etc. I looked on line for crematoriums near to me as i decided i actually wanted to "be there" and take her to the crem rather than just leaving her with my vet and them arranging it all. There were a few options in my area but i soon realised that a lot of them did not do "same day" cremations and i really wanted to just get her home with me asap. The place i used in the end was called Chestnut Lodge ( and they are one of the founding members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria - which put my mind at rest that fudgie would be dealt with in a sympathetic way and that i would get the service from them that i would hope for. it seems to me that pet bereavement is handled quite baldy in a lot of cases and this association seems to have been put together to set down some guidleins to try to get some regulation in to the industry.

They were very sympathetic when we arrived and asked if we wanted to spend some time with her before the cremation. they had a little area put by where they laid her out for us and we sat in private with her. once we had said our goodbyes we went to the office to discuss options, ie if we wanted a specific casket etc. we decided to just have her ashes returned in a "scatter tin" as i was waiting for a necklace i had ordered to come from the USA to put some of her ashes in. they kindly said that once this arrived we could take the ashes back to them and they would fill the necklace for me so that i wouldn´t have to do this.

we got a call a few hours later to say we could collect her. we were given a lovely tin with fudgie´s name on it along with a condolence card and on the back of this is a small piece about how she was handles whilst in their care and a guarantee that the ashes returned to me were my pets. it was all quite tasteful. they confirmed that the ashes were in a bag inside the tin rather than just loose and when i looked they had placed a piece of tissue paper and a dried flower on top of the bag - which i thought was a nice touch too.

fudgie is now on the fireplace in the lounge until the arrival of my necklace, so that i can always have a small piece of her with me. i have also brought a nice casket for the remainder of the ashes.

the thing this has taught me is that although it is not a nice thing to think about, if you want something doing with your animal after it dies, then you really do need to thik about it prior to the event as chances are, your mind will be a bit all over the place afterwards. i had a few days to make arrangements and even then i messed it up by arranging the cremation at 9am saturday only to later realise that we would have to leave home by 7.30am to get there in time and the vets wouldn´t be open that early (they vets held on to her until we made arrangements for her) so we had to collect her the night before and had to keep her in the downstairs loo as its the coldest room in the house - not the most respectful thing to do! but again, this shows that things need thinking about in advance, i was adamant i wanted the ashes the same day and had not thought through the fact that the process takes a few hours - just things you don´t necessarily think about at the time when you are so upset.
04 Oct 2010 19:52
Went to the vets, I was so excited thought i was getting this thing off my neck. But NO , that lady says I have to keep this lampshade on for another 2 wks. I mean what is she thinking, I cant scratch my own ears properly I have to give mum that look so she does it for me. But sometimes a man needs to do it himself. WOOF
One good thing tho i havent got to take those big pink tablets anymore so that good news, time for a snooze I think WOOF WOOF for now zzzzzzzzzzz
04 Oct 2010 19:39
No more tablets and the vet didnt have to drain the leg. Which is great news, she said the swelling is going down nicely on its own.
BUT, the lampshade stays for at least another 2 wks so the leg can heal properly. So Dizz is still one unhappy staffie.
04 Oct 2010 12:39
UK’S BEST RESCUE PET COMPETITION - Ends October 30.10.2010

While it is essential to have rescue centres providing temporary homes for our pets, it is also essential to reward the big hearted people who open their hearts and their homes to a ´second hand´ pet, which often may not be the easiest animal to take in if it has experienced stress, trauma or cruelty.
Therefore as part of our awards ceremony we are working with the SUNDAY EXPRESS to find UK´s best rescue pet and recognise pet and owner for their special and most unusual story, be it overcoming some behavioural adversity or rehoming and rehabilitating a pet against all the odds.
The winning pet (cat, dog, rabbit, rodent, guinea pig, chinchilla, pony) and owner will be featured in the SUNDAY EXPRESS and invited to the March 2011 Wetnose Burgess Rescue Aware ceremony in London next March 2011 to receive their award at the star studded event.

The winner will be presented with a trophy and will also receive a lifetime supply of food for the winning pet courtesy of Burgess Pet Care. Travel expenses and overnight accommodation in pet friendly hotel will also be provided for 2 people together with 2 tickets for an evening show and meal so they can make the most of their trip to London. If the winners are bringing their pet we will find an alternative suitable activity that can include their pet. To nominate you’re pet as the UK’s Best Rescue Pet please visit to submit your entry. So tell us all about your rescued pet in no more than 750 words. Good Luck….

All nominations to be sent to Wetnose Animal Aid, Newgate Lodge, Newgate, Kirby Cane, Norfolk, NR35 2PP. Closing date is 30.10.2010

03 Oct 2010 08:46
Lois and I visited a LFS yesterday as I´d seen some Endlers Livebearers there and I´m told they are a rare find in fish shops but this particular shop always seems to have them. After speaking to the shop owner, I bought 3 males - I tried getting him to sell me 3 for £7 but he wasn´t having any (shucks!) so in the end I paid £2.99 each for them. Anyway, when I got them home and was settling them into our tank...guess what? There was actually 4 babies in the bag with the adult male endlers..hehehe! Now, looking in the tank this morning, I can just see 2 of the little fellas so not sure whether the other 2 are hiding or have been eaten, also no idea whether they are male or female.
30 Sep 2010 19:10
well ive been rather busy this month
firstly ive been exploring outside abit of course i dont wonder far but its rather nice out there but my mummy shuts me in whenever they go out the door because i am right out there when the door opens
i am that curious about outdoors that mummy has now got 2 shut all the windows or open them on alil otherwise im right there stepping out of them i find nothing wrong with it but mummy was well upset (silly humans)
also i love playing with harry (the hamster) but he bites me i still go back for more mummy says its my own fault even though they put him far up out my reach i can now get up there mummy says its just harry protecting himself
mummy also says im well disgusting because i eat and swallow flies she loves me when i kill spiders though

well thats it for now bye! x
29 Sep 2010 08:56
With increasing numbers of people looking at natural therapies to help their pets, it is very important for therapists etc to remember that in the UK there is a veterinary act. This means that a vet must first be consulted about an animal´s problems, and has to give approval for a non vet to treat an animal - horse, cat, dog , rabbit, bird etc.
Anyone who does not work within the law can be prosecuted by the RCVS.
You can of course give natural therapies to your own pets and horses, but not if it means that the animal suffer because it does not receive veterinary attention.

So the golden rule is - natural therapies are complementary to veterinary advice and care and a vet must give approval for a non vet to treat an animal, that includes healing,animal communciation, massage, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, cranio sacral therapy, etc.When in doubt ask for veterinary approval.
28 Sep 2010 19:28
a while a ago in park charlie was having fun playing with some dogs until another dog joined him and i was told that there dog would charlie kill them yet he was off the lead i knew this person who was in charge of this the dog was old and aggressive and not muzzled
i acted quickly and but charlie on the lead and warned others of this dog i never reported this yet do you think i should report it
28 Sep 2010 13:27
gyspys here left the pet alastians out to attack on dog they see the dog warden and the police wont do anything about it as there fed off them a small dog like charlie was attacked by them recently it make me sick i think i will have to start carrying a stick to protect him
27 Sep 2010 19:17
Not just an animal?

Well what can I say, this blog is just to let you in on my journey as THE PET PSYCHIC, Yes, you may chuckle, but I really do talk with animals. I’m not odd, new age or hug tree’s, (what ever floats your boat) no, I am just a normal lady with a love for animals, that have simply turned my world upside down and found me in the most amazing and truly remarkable jobs that anyone could have.

Perhaps it would be best for me to explain how first, well it is all done through intuitive/telepathic ability, something we all have within us and also the good news is we can all learn how to open up to receiving and sending info to our animals easily. I teach thousand of people throughout the world how to do this and trust me when I say -IT WORKS!

Firstly let me point out that the word – PSYCHIC means nothing more than using your gut feeling/intuition.

It certainly isn’t anything spooky, unfortunately the media have mixed up the definition with the word – MEDIUM.
MEDIUMSHIP or Psychic Mediumship – is what we know is a direct link to spirit! So communicators are using their PSYCHIC ability (senses/intuition/feeling/telepathic mind), so I hope this can explain it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Animals are sentient beings, they feel, they love, they hurt, they grieve in fact they feel just about everything we humans do, they are just not human.
My life as THE PET PSYCHIC, is to show people this is real, communication is NOT here to replace any medical/veterinary/training work, no, it is here to work along side, enhance and add an a remarkable proven dimension to our knowledge of animals so far.

Animals are very much clearly capable of sending messages via images/feelings/senses, so we humans are able to connect on an energy wave length that we can only get to through relaxation, something which people who do activities such as yoga/pilates/meditation know all too well. They will often say their pet will try and interrupt what they are doing, sometimes even sitting on them, almost like being a magnet! This is because as our energy relaxes, we become closer to the animals wave-length, almost like tuning into a radio wave, they feel it and try and connect.
This would be as a communicator the point we would focus on sending or receiving information.

Animals are more than happy to connect, and depending on how intelligent they are, depends on how detailed the connection is, i.e you may just get simple one answer words or perhaps a whole series of images, words and explanations.

Each animal is an individual just as humans, the truth about communication will come to the forefront of the scientific community one day, and whilst we cannot explain the details of how it works through the knowledge of quantam physics clearly just yet, we will perhaps one day know that what most thought was the impossible, will become the ‘possible’ and hopefully the norm!.

More and more holistic vets who use non traditional methods are becoming more interested in using communicators such as myself as an enhancement to their clients, not only does it help the animals, but in a way we are able to help the people deal with what their animals are going through thus taking the pressure off the vets so they are able to deal with the animal.

Whilst their are many amazing animal communicators out there, there are a few not so good, so I truly believe recommendation is a must, at the end of the day the information they give is either right or wrong – it’s that simple!
Communicators like myself will be able to work via photo’s quite simply, so with no need to even visit the animal in question we are able to help more animals than usual.

I don’t ask anyone to believe, I ask people to give it a go and make their mind up for themselves, I know I have helped thousands of animals and their people, and will continue to do so on the behalf of the animal kingdom – if only we would listen.

Joanne xxx
Author of the book THE PET PSYCHIC
27 Sep 2010 18:59
I had to go to the vets again today. I wasnt none to happy WOOF. When we got there a lady said HI and said, you do look so sorry for yourself and stroked my belly. I mean come on, wouldnt you feel sorry for me walking around with this thing round my neck?
The vet had a good look at my leg and she said the lump was still there, and Im sure she said I got to come again. Im none to pleased about this WOOF, I got this thing still on and more big tablets to take.
Im not happy at all , sleep time I think, MUM wheres the blanket WOOF WOOF zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
27 Sep 2010 18:53
Well the lampshade stays on for another week, so Dizz isnt to happy.
He has more anti biotics to take, and we have another appointment for next Monday. If the sore is still risen , the vet thinks that there maybe puss under the sore so my little boy will have to have his leg drained.
He isnt in any pain, she had a good look at the leg but she is worried about the lump.
27 Sep 2010 18:50
mammy phoned the vet to get tablets for my dermatis and he said i might have to go the vets and get it checked out hopefully mammy can get the tablets for it without having to go to the vet as i hate going into the cat carrier and mammy has a hard time getting me into it
26 Sep 2010 13:04
Well Im shocked to say the least. Took Dizz out for a walk, as most of you no Dizz has a lampshade on at the moment coz he has a bad leg. Im still in shock to be honest, the amount of people who said awwwwwww bless him, dont he look cute , is he alight. Im just not use to this, people are normally crossing over the road and running a mile. One old women in particular was in a car and she wound the window down to ask me if he was alright. I nearly fell off the pavement they are normally winding the window up shouting DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE lol
Well if this is what it takes to get people loving the bullys, Im afraid Dizzy the lampshade stays HAHAHAHAHAHA
25 Sep 2010 19:37
For over nineteen years, the folks at Veloce have concentrated their publishing efforts on all-things automotive. Now, in a break with tradition, the company launches a new imprint for a new publishing genre!

The Hubble & Hattie imprint – named in memory of the two, much-loved West Highland Terriers who gave Veloce’s proprietors Rod Grainger and Jude Brooks so much love and stoical friendship – will be the home of a range of books that cover all things animal; be these dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or elephants – all produced to the same high quality of content and presentation as our motoring books, and offering the same great value for money.

Our first book under the new imprint was Winston ... the dog who changed my life, the touching story of how the author rather unexpectedly becomes a dog owner when his wife returns home with a puppy that she found abandoned and tied to a cemetery headstone. Winston quickly takes over the life and home of his new owner – introducing him to a completely new world in the process! Described as “An enchanting story . . .” by Graham Bell of The Daily Express.

This book was soon followed by Know Your Dog – The guide to a beautiful relationship, Smellorama! – nose games for your dog, My Dog is Blind - but lives life to the full! and Waggy Tails & Wheelchairs, with many more titles planned.

Our books are intended to promote understanding and compassion between species, dealing with the subject of animal welfare in an holistic and insightful way, bringing benefit to the animals concerned and the people who live and work with them.

We would love to hear what you think about our Hubble & Hattie books, your ideas for new books and, if you´re a budding author, your book proposal.
24 Sep 2010 14:03
About this time last year, Portia, a 6 year old ferret started to loose her coat and by Christmas she was completely bald with the exception of her legs (looked as if she had leg warmers on!). However, her coat is now coming back with a vengence BUT not on her face. She could be a skin head ferret!!!!!!Will try to get photy on site when she wakes up. Interesting to note to ferret people that one of her siblings has also lost her coat, haven´t heard if its grown back yet.
24 Sep 2010 12:03
Three years I was living alone, and I was sitting on my doorstep having a cigarette thinking how nice it would be to have someone to talk to and cuddle. I suddenly heard a miaow, and a big ginger cat come sauntering up to me. He had a friendly look on his face and came right up to me and sat on my lap and started purring. I thought I was dreaming, and whenever I tell this story most people think I´m making it up, but it´s all true.

I gave the cat some milk, and carried on playing with him all day, he disappeared later that night and I thought that was the last I would see him. The next day I went to out to go to the shop and to my surprise I opened the door to a friendly looking ginger cat. He had come back. So I had a play with him again and he came into my little house and had a nose about. Once again, when night came, he went off again.

This carried on for a few days, I asked my neighbours if they knew who he belonged to, but nobody knew. It got to the point where, he had come to stay pretty much full time, only leaving the house to go to the toilet. I put flyers up and posted them around the surrounding neighbourhood, trying to find out who he belonged to, but hadn´t heard anything, so I kept him as a house guest, which he seemed to like quite a lot.

After about 2 weeks I returned home one day to find him sitting on my doorstep looking very sad and sorry for himself. He had blood on his beautiful orange tabby coat and his eyes looked very bad. I wrapped him up in a blanket and took him to the nearest vets and explained everything. The vet said he looked like he had been attacked by another animal, possible a fox or dog, and had a few other problems with him, but since I couldn´t find his owner, he would have to go into a cat home. I couldn´t bear this happening to my feline friend so I said I would pay the vet bills, and that he was going home with me.

Which he did, and I don´t think he minded one bit, he had already established himself there and liked being around me. I needed to give him a name I thought, but he wasn´t mine really, nor did I know his real name, so a la Breakfast at Tiffanys I decided on Puss, it was going to be Cat like in the film, but he did resemble Puss from Shrek, in looks and personality.

The last 3 years have been so much fun with him, after moving again he became the cat on the block and although very independent, he showed me nothing but love and affection, as well as a passion for sausages! I noticed recently he was getting sad, and sleepy and just generally being not himself. I thought at first it might of been the introduction of my puppy Dexy, but after a week I took him to the vet just to make sure.

That´s when I was told he had a tumour, and it needed operating on straight away, I burst into tears and held my cat, held him so close and cried. The vet took him in that day and operated. I sat with Dexy in he waiting room, refusing to go anywhere. After about 30 minutes, the vet came out and from the look on his face I could tell it was bad. The tumour had attached itself to most of his internal organs, and there was no way to help him. He was an old cat, about 14 years old and the vet said it was best to let him go.

I pleaded with the vet to let me have some time with him, and I sat in the kennel area floor, holding my Puss, he was groggy from his op and seemed like he knew it was his time to go. After a while, I lost track of time, the vet came back and asked if we were ready, at which point I agreed. I carried Puss into the room, and the nurses attached a IV to his little paw, I never let him go and held him as he was put to sleep, thinking about all the love he had given me and how he had been there for me. Heavyside layer from Cats kept playing in my head, and I thought how he could be at peace and be reborn as a new kitten.

It´s been a week now since all this happened, and I still cry for him each day, I still have my lovely little Dexy, and my other two cats that live with my mum because I didn´t want to uproot them, but Puss was a special cat to me. I never knew him as a kitten, and he wasn´t really mine, but he found me when I needed someone, he entertained me when I was bored, he stole my dinners, he made home in the bottom of my wardrobe, he loved his green shoe lace, and he was one of the greatest cats I ever had the great fortune to meet, let alone look after.

So goodbye Puss, you meant the world to me and I´ll never forget you x x x
24 Sep 2010 08:40
Hi all my animal & human friends, today (Friday 24/09/10) is a very big day for me, I am going to be neutered, mummy is very worried about me, but I am very calm, as the nice vets as said they are going to monitor me all the time & they have some yummy chicken, for me after my operation. My operation is at 10 o´clock & the vets are going to ring mummy just before they operation & just after I come round. Mummy & Daddy will be able to take me home around 5 o´clock this afternoon.
23 Sep 2010 10:48
Hello all, would like to say a big thank you to my fellow pet street members who have taken the time to look at dexy´s blog, she has now had over 300 visits and getting more popular each day.

I thank you all for your help to get us here and love reading and talking to you all here on pet street!

Puppy kisses and love to all

Dexy and SJ x
23 Sep 2010 08:36
we have just launched our new venture
its called
we are hoping that all dog owners will support us
please come and visit us
23 Sep 2010 08:10
Dog Owner? have a look at our new website
we have a great range of customised dog products
to make your pooch feel really special
22 Sep 2010 08:40
I saw this funny TV add on you tube and wanted to share it with my friends at PetStreet, I hope it makes you smile!
22 Sep 2010 00:24
l have been unfortunate enough to be in this position lately when Max went missing and though l was lucky enough to be reunited with him l now understand that feeling of complete helplessness. On my search for him and endless phonecalls l was given the address of this site it and the information and help they gave me was excellent they posted a page on their site with pics and details, supplied a poster that l could print off (a much better one than l could ever have made) and they even phoned and emailed me less than an hour after l had posted the ad to make sure they had all the details and give me advice and a mobile number that l could call day or night for further advice, l was actually picking him up when they phoned as l had got word literally just as l finished posting the ad and they handled everything on their side, changing the dogs status to reunited, posting messages to local dog helpers that they had emailed with details ect, so if you have lost or found a dog or even if you just love dogs and would like to support this site and the great work they do log on and become a helper. lets make sure lots and lots more lost and stolen dogs are reunited with their owners
21 Sep 2010 23:49
Max was found yesterday and handed into Aikenhead Road police station where the officers there didnt recognise his breed and mistaking him for a type of collie passed him onto Cardonald kennels who thought that he was just a crossbreed with no disernable type but when they were contacted today they had another dog in who they thought might be him (funnily enough a collie cross) when l went up the corridor and saw that it wasnt him my heart sank till l heard a whine and saw his nose poking through the bars further on IT WAS HIM, l was so relieved l was shaking like a leaf and so was he. unfortunaly we had to wait another 30 minutes as the kennels charged me 70pounds and l had to go to the bank but he`s now home safe and sound although he has lost some weight, being sat on by Gypsy (l think she missed him) and dreaming of his exciting adventures
21 Sep 2010 23:29
HI everyone thought it was about time I wrote something on my blog as its been such a long time. We are all doing very well Monty my westie is still going strong at 13 and Buster is 1 on thursday can you believe it? He passed his Puppy foundation course and is looking forward to doing his Bronze award on Sunday. He is still a very nervous dog but we are getting there. On the 10th of October me and my hubby are off to Joanne Hulls Workshop we can not wait as I have always wanted to know more about communicating with animals. So Excited lol. Well I think that will do for now will let you know how we get on on Sunday til then take care xx
21 Sep 2010 17:14
Hi everyone, well what a year its been so far, I certainly don´t get as much time to get on here as I would like. Anyhow, thought I´d pop on and say hello and let you know what´s been happening.
2010 saw the launch of my book THE PET PSYCHIC, a story of my childhood through to today, the heartbreaks, the tears, the laughter and the heartwarming stories. The book has done fantastic so far and AMAZON.CO.UK and ASDA have both enjoyed great sales! whoo hoo.
I must apologise though, everyone who has read it tells me it has them in floods of tears? what can I say but ´welcome to my world!´ lol animals are the ones that can bring out the true emotions of everyone!
Anyway its available online or in the larger stores of ASDA, get your tissues ready lol
and just to let you know my second book is coming out JULY 2011.

Well apart from me keeping busy with the many UK workshops this year I also did two out in costa blanca and costa del sol, very hot but we had a great time and met some lovely animals.
The ´Home learning´ course that I offer has gone really well too, 12 modules, easy to follow and a great way to learn communication with not only your own furry babies, but others too!

And my animals? well Tia my gorgeous horse has been backed and is now enjoying lovely hacks out across the countryside with her friends, she loves it, so it is giving her so much confidence.
Toby is still going strong, he is being ridden nice and slowly to keep him active as he is now approaching 18!
Rosie my borzoi is still here after nearly losing her to piometra, but she survived and is doing great, and Ollie her kennel mate is as mad as ever! lol
The cats, Oshan, Aspen, Chana, Vegas and puss puss are all doing great too, chana is in season and spending most of her time flirting with Vegas who has absolutely no interest in her :(.

So all is great, it´s been a year of ups and downs so far, but excitement is never too far away, so until next time,

Joanne xxx
21 Sep 2010 17:06
This is the first day joining per street. I am trying to figure everything. I am new to being a pup Mum. I am a convert. If you had said you would have 2 cocker spaniels a year ago I would of said you were crazy. Now I dont know why I waited so long.
21 Sep 2010 09:59
I went to the vets yesterday and I dont like them. The vet tried to touch my leg but I wasnt havent that, coz it hurts so I gave a little growl. Then the vet put a thing over my mouth so I couldnt bark or anything. I didnt like that at all. Then she put this thing in my neck and it stung me but it did make my leg feel abit better.
Then to completely humiliate me she put a thing round my head, the vet said it was to stop me licking my leg. Well WOOF, Im not to happy about this I keep walking into the doors and mum keeps giggling which Im finding rather cruel.
As for Angel she keeps following me about and trying to bite my new fashion accessory and Im not having that either.
Well time for a sleep I think the sun is out so let me get some rays WOOF WOOF zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
21 Sep 2010 09:51
Took Dizzy to the vets last night, and the vet said it looked quite bad. She isnt to sure if there is anything under the sore mass as she called it like a lump or bite that has become infected. So we have to wait and see when the leg has healed over abit. She gave him an injection in the neck and gave me some tablets for him,and I have to take him back next week Monday. Also Dizzy has a lampshade which he isnt very happy about but tough love is called for to stop that licking.
20 Sep 2010 14:11
Been to see the vet and he gave me a nasty injection. I hissed at him and made it clear I wasn´t happy. I am still wearing the Elizabethan collar:(
20 Sep 2010 12:51
Max has gone missing around the Bridgeton area of Glasgow if anyone has seen him PLEASE PLEASE contact me as l am heartbroken and sick with worry l can be contacted at l just want my wee boy home
20 Sep 2010 10:37
I got another sore on my leg. Mum isnt to pleased, but I dont no how I got it?
Mum has been cleaning it and creaming it but it has got really bad now. I have been licking it when mum s not looking, so I think its my fault. Now I got to go to the vets and I dont like the vets, so Im none to pleased WOOF.
But I just want to be better so I got to go, will let you no what happens WOOF WOOF
20 Sep 2010 10:18
Dizzy got another hot spot about a week ago. As soon as I saw it I started bathing it and applying cream, which I did to the last one. But this morning it has grown over night its about the size of a 50p pence and it looks awful. So its a vets visit, which I was trying to avoid. Because i dont no if anyone remembers but last time he got one I took him straight to the vets because I didnt no what it was and they gave him tablets which he had a really bad reaction to. So Im worried sick about taking him, but he has to go it looks like a burn and it looks very sore.
I have kept it clean and creamed it but now its just blown up over night, and now I feel guilty.
But i wont have those tablets again so Im worried now what the vet will give him?
19 Sep 2010 19:54
1 story was about a french mastiff attacking a pregant woman
the other was stories about dogs on the lose attacking other dogs
19 Sep 2010 08:40
I met Noos and Dave for the first time yesterday at Crystal Palace train station.
When Noos said she was coming to London, Dave contacted me so we could all meet up without Noos knowing.
It was such hard work me keeping a secret but PHEW I done it.
I saw them both as I came down the hill and crept up behind Noos and just stood there. Dave recognised me and I just waited for Noos to turn round, and when she did she was lost for words. Which must be a first for Noos lol. She gave me a big hug and she was shaking bless her.
We went for a cuppa and then we went for a walk round the park it was very nice, the sun was shinning and Noo s and Dave looked very happy together. In fact they wouldnt leave each other alone and I was feeling like a gooseberry hahhaha.
We had a fun couple of hours till next time...........
17 Sep 2010 21:55
in the countryside i saw a rabbit today it was my 1st time seeing 1 since to came to live with my mammy i tried to chase it but it went 2 quick away from me it seemed like a clever rabbit as it hiding in the ditch from me yet i could smell it but couldnt figure out were it was as i didnt get a chance to and had to go home with mammy a while ago i saw a fox for the 1st time as well

were mammy lives all i get to see is cats,people,and dogs and lots of traffic
17 Sep 2010 20:35
my New black with grey lionhead is absolutely gorgeous.
He loves lying on his back on our lap having his tummy tickled.
I´m trying to bond him with my female, who is also gorgeous, and I feel highly intelligent!
she´s a little narky with him though at the moment, nipping through the wire mesh.
16 Sep 2010 17:21
I went to South Africa with my uni about 2 weeks ago and have recently come back with lots of pics to show off! We stayed Mankwe Wildlife Reserve and learnt lots while I was there. We did some burn management, which is when sections of the reserve are burnt to allow for the nutritious grass to grow through, scat analysis which is basically looking at poo and seeing inside it, what the animal has eaten, did some tracking and learnt to identify different species footprints and poo, did some transects (on foot and in car) couting the animals we saw as we went so we could learn to mathimatically work out an estimation of the number of animals on the reserve, we also went on drives on the reserve almost everyday and did some night drives too to look for the nocternal animals!

We even left Mankwe to go to predator World, Pilanesburg Nature Reserve and Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre to see how the animals are managed differently (and to look at all the lovely animals lol). We had also set some camera traps to see the shyer animals too. It was a packed 2 weeks and I´m so glad I did it, I´m going to see if I can go again next year!

I´ve uploaded some of my images into this album already and still have more to put up :)
15 Sep 2010 19:54
i can stand on my 2 paws now and give mammy the paw at the same time mammy smiles when i do as she thinks its very cute
14 Sep 2010 13:24
I managed to wriggle myself out of the Elizabethan collar early this morning and enjoyed a few hours of freedom until Evelyn woke up and refastened it onto me.
11 Sep 2010 14:38
I found this short film of the ´ Hero Dogs of 9/11´ and wanted to share this heart touching video.
11 Sep 2010 13:15

Please sign.. take a min if you love Animals you will
10 Sep 2010 21:07
i havent been on here in like 2years now and ive had an amzing time with the dogs including starting competing in agility here are some results:

champ shows

zenas won - res best bitch 2nd open bitch(paington champ show) and about 5 3rd places at other champ shows and a 1st av working at an open show

marley- 2nd junior bitch 3rd puppy bitch and loads more placings

agility results-

nelson- won his first placing the other day winning 3rd place in steeplechase with 33secs and hes also won 2 clear rounds

rico- won 3 clear rounds

and including some companion shows the most recent ones are from nelson which is 1st best movement 4th toy group 1st junior handler and much much more wins

ive been having the time of my life and i now do b-tec animal care and environmental and land based studies diploma.

10 Sep 2010 12:19
Today I met Conan in Bishops Park, we ran, played and barked and I stole Conans mini tennis ball (because he is a tiny chihuahua whereas I´m a cross with Sealyham Terrier) I then had some breakfast after which i passed out from exhaustion! That Conan is energetic...!
10 Sep 2010 00:35
Has To Sadly Say Rocky Has Broken His Leg And Has To Go In For A Op On Monday And A X-ray 2moz Im Am Very Worried At The Minute And Have Got All My Finger Cross For Him.. He Hasn´t Cried And Is Being Very Brave.... More Than Me I Keep Cry :(...
09 Sep 2010 19:55
mammy came home from holidays to today i was delighted to see her i was barking at her as if to say where have you been and then i gave here lots of tender loving kisses she got me a present of a swingshot tennis ball thrower which i love she said she never saw 1 of those in the petshops where i live
08 Sep 2010 11:18
She woke up today and saw the Elizabethan collar on her bed minus me! I was hiding quietly behind the lounge blind until she called my name and stroked me on the head. After feeding me some breakfast, she tied the collar back onto me.
07 Sep 2010 18:01
im on holiday in killarney now not feeling 2 great as i was sick last night i cant wait to see Charlie,Amber and Lucky on thursday as they will cheer me up a bitglad i just went for 3 nights and no longer
07 Sep 2010 11:41
It has been a very busy 1st month for our UK Dog Sitting & Boarding Directory. More importantly, I have had lots of comments from dog owners asking when their regions will be up and running! Hugo and I hope to have England covered in the next couple of months, and would like to thank those owners who are waiting patiently.

I have just published our 1st newsletter if you would like to see how we are progressing!
07 Sep 2010 07:39
I was having real trouble trying to get to my food bowl last night because the Elizabethan collar is very wide and keeps banging against the floor and the bowl. Evelyn had to hold me still in position right in front of the bowl so that I could enjoy my dinner. Afterwards I tried to wash my face with my paws but the collar got in the way so she had to wipe my whiskers for me with a damp tissue.I have been doing my best to get the collar off but she says it has to stay on until the vet sees me again:( I keep bumping into things at the moment and it feels very strange.
06 Sep 2010 19:34
mum and dad took me to the vets today, my paw was a bit funny so they took me to see if i was ok. turns out i had a blister on one of my pads and the vets squeezed the puss out, she stuck this thing up my bum which i was not impressed about and she stuck to needles in me and now i have to take these tablets, hope i dont have to back anytime soon!
06 Sep 2010 12:25
A week ago I had to go to the vet for my check up. I had been scratching a patch of fur on my neck until it looked very sore. He gave me a horrible injection and I hissed at him. Then he inspected my tummy which was a bit pink from where I had been licking.
Today I had a return visit and watched with great interest when the nurse made a plastic hole thing. Then she put my head into it. I didn´t like that so I hissed and tried to bite the vet.I was trying to run away but Evelyn caught me and calmed me down. I have to wear that horrible thing until my next appointment with the vet. Evelyn says it is called an ELIZABETHAN COLLAR.
05 Sep 2010 23:21
Its my birthday wonder what mum has got for me. Im so excited hope its lots of treats and maybe a new ball. I cant wait till she gets up in the morning WOOF WOOF.
05 Sep 2010 17:41
my mummy hasnt been home since friday night daddy was here but i meowed loads n was waiting 2 see my mummy she finally came in today and she gave me lots of cuddles

i hope the next time mummy goes away like this she takes me with her he he
05 Sep 2010 17:25
05 Sep 2010 13:17
Well what a shock we got today, my other half was cleaning our upstairs tank and took out the pump which he then took outside to clean. He took the top off and put it to one side to clean the bottom half. 20 mins later when he picked the top back up he found a fish inside it! This was no ordinary fish though as we havent seen it for 4 months! We presumed it had died and been eaten but no after 4 months of being stuck in the pump and 20 mins out of the water he drops out of the pump and into a gap between 2 slabs! My other half got him up as quick as poss and hes now doing laps of the tank like nothing ever happened! I´m not sure how long he´ll last but wow what a fighter.
04 Sep 2010 13:34
mammys sister will be looking after me and her neighbour and her aunt will be looking after me as well there going to a pet friendly hotel for the 1st time but mammy is going to view it to see what it is like as i dont want to stay outside i would love to sleep in mammys room she said if its lovely i will go the next time with i would not be able to travel this time as there traveling my buses and mammy asked the bus driver could i go on the bus and he said no
04 Sep 2010 09:36
Isn´t Felix handsome?
03 Sep 2010 11:12
Our beautiful rescue dog from Greece arrived on Tuesday at 3am!!! The first few hours are covered on the home page.

HIS FIRST DAY was such fun, he explored the house and the garden with us it must have been mind boggling, he had never seen so many things that we don´t even think of, carpet, Sofas (which he is enjoying immensely I might add!), radio, TV´s etc and in his case he hadn´t even seen grass! He even got to go up and meet my horses which he was unfazed by! We just couldn´t believe how lucky we were to have this amazing, beautiful dog, he certainly has bought something special to our lives and for that he will be eternally loved.

Day 2... meeting the cat for the first time... nothing really came of it, he sniffed and she hissed.. she has been avoiding him since poor thing... there no doubt will be more to happen here soon so watch this space!!! Still she still get´s mummy and daddy at bedtime and is on her favourite diet of prawns because I´m feeling guilty! His favourite thing is cuddles... on 2 legs!!! He is constantly up on his hind legs coming in for a cuddle, its adorable! He is exploring the garden much more and starting to sniff around but still scared to mark his territory anywhere! We spent time chasing around the garden with him and he was running back and forth to us as we called him... pretty impressive stuff for day 2.... very proud mummy! He is not yet sure what to do with some of his toys and doesn´t understand the concept of chasing a ball... I think he just has fun watching us make fools out of ourselves! We went in our pool today and he wasn´t quite sure what to do but I am sure in no time he will be in there swimming with us, you can see he is dying to try it! The evening was spent all three of us cuddled up on the sofa... perfect end to a perfect day!

Today... Day 3... Hubby had to go back to work in London so it was just the 2 of us. We went for our first walk in the forest, which he loved. I have a very long lead and just before it ever got to the end he would be running back to catch up with me.
When we got back though he was missing daddy a little bit and wouldn´t eat much. We went out in the garden several times and today is finally getting the concept of chasing the ball.... after watching me do it like an idot several times!!! Now he loves it and runs around like a greyhound... there will be no hope for the bunnies if he sets his sight on one! Oh and finally he marked his territory in the garden! Later my friend came around with a 2 of her dogs and we introduced them one at a time... at first he was really timid and not sure what to do and kept coming back to me but once he started to play it was wonderful... Tail wagging furiously in the air as they all ran around and chased each other, it was so lovely to watch.
I was supposed to do alot of work today but I seem to have been constantly running downstairs just for a minute and coming back about 40mins later!
Tonight he has dined on minced beef, rice and sausage... well I couldn´t have him go hungry could I?! Now I am trying to get some work done and the cat has gone and plonked herself right in the middle of all my paper work... hense this very long blog!

I have probably bored you senseless but to the rare few who may still be reading (and found some enjoyment) I will continue with my blogs... so watch this space for the Hector saga as my gorgeous clumsy puppy starts to mould me into the mummy he wants me to be!
02 Sep 2010 00:48
working away for two weeks is a nghtmare, cant wait to get home to my boys and hairy girl morgan :-)
01 Sep 2010 20:50
It took my husband 4 long years to persuade me into getting a dog, my main concern was that we enjoy our occasional days out and weekends away, what would we do with the dog?

As usual my husband won the battle and Hugo arrived. At 8 weeks old he was a cute tiny ball of fluff and from that moment our lives completely changed. Hugo brings so much joy and laughter to our family, we now experience wonderful country walks, and my son has bonded to Hugo just like a boy and his dog should.

It’s not until you own a dog that you realize the different types of services available to look after your dog when you are away from home, this inspired me to create a UK Dog Sitting & Boarding Directory allowing dog owners to find Boarding Kennels, Home Boarding, Dog Day Care, Dog Sitters and Dog Walkers, all at the click of a mouse saving lots of searching time!

In August 2010 was born, a unique directory helping dog owners find the care they sometimes need. I would just like to say a big thank you to Hugo for giving me inspiration and helping fellow dog owners.
31 Aug 2010 21:00
i am sleeping more and sometime i forget where i am when i start to cry for food i was doing it my neightbours house down the road the other day mammy heard me and called so i followed her up the street slowly
31 Aug 2010 11:02
mummy finally won daddy over with some name suggestions i had 3 names fifi, peppa and my name im called now

yaay i have a name now
31 Aug 2010 10:52
I was just doing normal bunny stuff, when this cat just grabbed me and dragged me around. it hurt, and i was in shock. a lady with a broom was looking for this cat and was shouting "GEORGE!". i wonder what it meant. so any way, she said something to some one, then chased him a little more. finally, i was free! another woman came out and picked me up. she was stroking me and called out to someone. next thing i know, a girl comes out, my owner-to-be. she stroked me and took me inside.they put me in a cage. huh. that was different.they got some food and put it in, and some water and some bedding. then they took me upstairs and my owner put me on her lap and just stroked me for ages. i tried to run behind the sofa a couple times, but she got me back both times. i cant wait till tomorrow!!!!
30 Aug 2010 14:17
I just have to get this of my chest. Since 10.30 this morning we have been looking for the OH car keys.
He is all dressed and ready to go carnival, but no keys.
We have searched high and low, pulled all the cushions off the furniture been through the laundry basket, searched the shed he even went through the rubbish thinking he has thrown them away.
I thought like him and went in the fridge and the microwave , washing machine. But nothing.The spare key the battery had gone so he couldnt use that. I even got the blame and I dont drive.
WELL, after much searching and turning my bungalow upside down he found them.
WHERE, in his pocket. Yes his trouser pocket you no that little pocket just above the the bigger pocket on the front of jeans. I didnt no whether to laugh or cry or just throttle him.
So after4hrs of searching he has just left to go carnival, I hope he has a good day coz when he gets back he has to put all the stuff away which he pulled out before he left LOL
29 Aug 2010 18:32
bicker alot my goodness me
mummy wants 2 name me but daddy doesnt like any of the names
mummy said she is mine and daddy said well shes mine 2
what they dont know is il own them - they are my staff lol jk
29 Aug 2010 11:04
ive had many fish (tropical + gold fish all in RB)
2 cats (fluffy (family cat) 12yrs old she lives with my parent - my kitten who is in my pets now)
7 hamsters 2 chinese hamsters 5 syrian (all in RB now) :(
2 guinea pigs (a sneaky fox ate one the other i think died of shock few weeks later both in RB) :(
2 rabbits (passed away n living in RB) :(
2 parakeets (passed on 2 the next life RB)

RB = rainbow bridge
29 Aug 2010 10:27
last night mummy had gone upstairs it was about 1.20ish this was the first time mummy and i had gone up the stairs late night, daddy was watching tv so mummy was mad at him for that well she decided 2 go on the laptop for abit i didnt mind i was playing in her room well i started 2 get sleepy so instead of looking for a place 2 sleep i decided it would be fun 2 try n sit on the laptop well mum moved me about 5 times before giving in and calling it a night then she snuggled down and i snuggled down alil under the covers n laid on my mummys right shoulder (i purred for awhile) n we both fell asleep must say though i think my mum was like damn a kitty telling me its bedtime lol... mum fell asleep before i did though
28 Aug 2010 23:59
Hello, please visit Dexy´s official blog made by a dog!

Woof woof, thank you x
28 Aug 2010 21:23
Is Very Happy 2 Say Rocky Is Feeling So Much Better After Nearly Losing His sight It Still A Little
Sore But Can Full See. He Is My Little Fighter xXx He Really Dose Take After His Name =D
27 Aug 2010 19:51
Missy gave birth to a litter of one early hours of yesterday morning and it was born dead :( im devasted cant stop cryin missy doing well. she seems ok
27 Aug 2010 17:17
well my human mummy got a kitten on the 24th i were rather shocked seeing a tiny yet bigger head then my whole body appearing outta no where

my mummy has had 2 move me up 2 a higher place now because the kitten is jumping up onto my cage - naughty kitty
27 Aug 2010 12:07

now a flies caught my attention bye bye!
26 Aug 2010 23:48
i am 8 weeks old today
26 Aug 2010 21:59
i had a play in the park today and got lots of treats off someone i know to see and that mammy knows
26 Aug 2010 10:51
my human mummy is getting concerned about my ability 2 get up on higher places but im a kitten im only exploring
i climbed up the curtain and hopped onto the radiator (mummy says she hopes i dont do that when its time for them to go on again when the weather gets colder)
i then thought it would be fun 2 jump from the radiator up 2 the window sill
mummy let me explore but as soon as i wanted 2 jump off mummy got up real quick n picked me up she thought i might hurt myself

25 Aug 2010 19:09
Hi everyone!

Where has the sun gone it has been raining for days! I do have a confession to make, it started raining the day i brought a sprinkler to water my brown dead lawn!

I am sure many of you are walking your dogs in the rain, how can we not, their little furry faces waiting by the front door when it´s time for their walk.

I don´t actually mind walking in the rain, it´s when I get home and have the major task of drying Hugo with a 1300 Watt hair dryer! He thinks it is a great game, barking and running around the kitchen!

I am going shopping this weekend to buy myself a descent rain mac, it will probably then stop raining and the sunshine will reappear, hopefully in time for the August bank holiday! Have a great one!
25 Aug 2010 17:47
shes gone 2 her new home now so its just me, my human mummy, daddy, mummy n daddys kids and the hamster

25 Aug 2010 16:33
Hello! sorry I´ve been away for a while, I´ve been busy busy and have now updated by site. Please check out and see what you think,
I now to acrylic paintings also, check um out! x
25 Aug 2010 12:00
i came 2 my new home on the 24th of august 2010 - i dont yet have a name. i was born on the 2nd of july 2010

so far i am just settling in to my new home
my sister came with me but she will be going 2 a new home sometime soon if not my new family may keep her to
at the moment i am sleeping alot but have had some play time to my mummy bought me lovely toy and ive played with it alot

more 2 me later my pic will be up soon and hopefully i will have a name soon my mummy has been deciding lots
24 Aug 2010 20:24
mammys brother brought me out to the beach on sunday and i went for a swim her brother had to rescue me when the waves knocked me over as i was out of my depth
23 Aug 2010 12:25
So I haven´t been around for a long time long story won´t bore you with it but 1 thing I have been up2 was going back to my studys doing a course on canine psychology I have almost finished and I´m on a case study is about puppy´s and was wondering if you guys could help me with it, I have done a puppy questionnaire and need people to fill it out, its all confidental no names wil be giving this is all being done on a professional manner. Thank you for those who will help hope ur all ok and of course your furry friends r doing well as well. Here is the questionnaire send me ur answers through private mail or email them to me at
1, At what age can a puppy go to a new home?
2, Does a puppy need vaccinations before he can go for his first walk?
3, True or false: does a puppy go through a fear period which may last until appox 11 weeks of age?
4,How often does a puppy need to be taken outside for toilet training?
5, Why do puppies chew?
6, What training would you give a puppy to help with toilet training?
7, At what age does training begin for a puppy?
8, At what age should a puppy be socialised at:
Household items
9, What would be classed as punishment when treating bad behaviour?
10, How much exercise should a dog have a day?

Thank you for the help as I said its all confidental :)
22 Aug 2010 21:34
i like to play and kiss charlie when i have enough i let charlie know but i wouldnt hurt him he is a very good friend of mine
22 Aug 2010 17:19
whenever mammy goes out i miss her and when ever she comes back i give lots of tender loving kisses
22 Aug 2010 17:17
mammy told me i remind of pip as she was a mammys girl as well only im more closer to my mammy whenever she is in the garden as i am never far away from her think charlie is jealous as he gets annoyed seeing me 2 close to mammy
22 Aug 2010 15:51
As alot of you I have had many problems with Angel and I still do.
But what I about to write may seem silly to some, but it is a great achievement for myself and Angel.
Angel has always been slow if thats the right word to use, She will sit on command straight away but to do anything else like down or paw you would have to repeat over and over like you would training a puppy. Some days she would do a command no problem, but then the next day she would have forgotton and you would have to start all over again. It was like she had a memory block she wouldnt no what you was asking her.
But for the last 3 days she has sat when I asked her and, yes gave me her paw on the first time I have asked her. This is the first time ever she has done this. Im just so pleased with her. Normally she cant remember anything.
I no some people may find this silly but to me this is just great. I do basic things with her everyday but she never remembers any of it the next day.
So now for my next trick ...............
21 Aug 2010 18:32
finally I am home so happy ,please help other rescue dogs like me
21 Aug 2010 16:35
this is my new home and family I am so happy ,everybody loves meeeeee.
20 Aug 2010 20:45
before i used to bark at mammy when she went out and came back after a while i have stopped all that and i am now licking the face of her
20 Aug 2010 15:25
Come and join as..................................
18 Aug 2010 21:19
Diarrhea is a sign of intestinal disease in dogs just as in humans. Eating inappropriate food is one of the main causes of diarrhea. There are also worms, bacterial infections, viral infections, and parasites causing diarrhea in dogs. Many dog owners feel frustrated because what’s good for them might not necessarily be good for their pets. When a diarrhea is severe you might need a solution from the vet. Your dog will lose lots of fluids & therefore dehydration is inevitable. In any case, better safe than sorry. Contact your vet immediately if your dog has diarrhea. In young puppies diarrhea most of the times is caused by viruses and parasites. Diarrhea can dehydrate older dogs as well. Do not fast any puppy younger than 7 weeks but contact your vet immediately. Since diarrhea is not a disease but a symptom, many times other symptoms such as vomiting, fever*, and loss of appetite accompany it. Any cheap brand dogs’ food may cause diarrhea. Also, some dogs have lactose intolerance or simply have a reaction to spicy food.

18 Aug 2010 20:30
Mia cant figure out why the garden is fenced off but she comes in and we have a great play together which is fun
18 Aug 2010 20:28
Every since mammy got the fencing in she decided to clean up the back garden for me and get rid of any rubbish that was behind the shed and under the holly tree
18 Aug 2010 11:07
When i blow in my dogs face he gets anoyed at me but if i take him the car then he sticks his head out of the widow. Why? :D
16 Aug 2010 15:35
Hugo has a busy week ahead!

Monday - Meeting his doggy friends in Ampthill Park.
Tuesday - Wash Cut and Blowdry at the grooming salon.
Wednesday - Woodland walk in Whippendell Woods followed by a pub lunch.
Thursday - Annual health check and booster - not such a nice day!
Friday - Going to sunny Devon for a weekend away!

It´s a dogs life!!!
16 Aug 2010 08:03
Got so many new products to add to my site I don´t know where to start. Am particularly pleased to have found a great organic pet food supplier as I think there is a lot more awareness out there now about the contents of pet food and what affect it can have on our pets. Does anyone have any info to share on changing their pet food and what happened?
14 Aug 2010 09:25
Its my birthday today, I have had a birthday breakfast of sausage, bacon & black pudding it was yummy, I have had a new coat for winter, 2 new toys & 2 packets of chews.
Mummy says we are having a doggie party later with a doggie birthday cake mmmmmmmmm I am liking being 1 year old.
I can´t wait until I am 2 then I can have another birthday breakfast.
14 Aug 2010 09:23
Its my birthday today, I have had a birthday breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon & black pudding it was yummy, I have had a new coat for winter, 2 new toys & 2 packets of chews.
Mummy says we are having a doggie party later with a doggie birthday cake mmmmmmmmm I am liking being 1 year old.
I can´t wait until I am 2 then I can have another birthday breakfast.
14 Aug 2010 09:23
Its my birthday today, I have had a birthday breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon it was yummy, I have had a new coat for winter, 2 new toys & 2 packets of chews.
Mummy says we are having a doggie party later with a doggie birthday cake mmmmmmmmm I am liking being 1 year old.
I can´t wait until I am 2 then I can have another birthday breakfast.
14 Aug 2010 09:22
Its my birthday today, I have had a birthday breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon & black pudding it was yummy, I have had a new coat for winter, 2 new toys & 2 packets of chews.
Mummy says we are having a doggie party later with a doggie birthday cake mmmmmmmmm I am liking being 1 year old.
I can´t wait until I am 2 then I can have another birthday breakfast.
12 Aug 2010 15:00
Each year vets report more cases of dogs poisoned by chocolate. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which can be very toxic to dogs. Theobromine is found in cocoa beans, caffeine in coffee and tea. The highest concentration of theobromine is found in dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is less dangerous as it contains less amount of caffeine. Chocolate could be very harmful even if you administer moderate amounts to your dog. One of the symptoms of chocolate dog poisoning is fever*. Other symptoms might include low blood pressure, increased heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Try keeping chocolate products out of your dog’s reach.

12 Aug 2010 14:59
Dog’s Addison disease occurs generally when your dog is under heavy stress. This disease is more common in dogs than in humans and it happens more often in female dogs. The dog’s adrenal glands stop working properly. These glands regulate the way a dog´s body controls levels of water, sugar and salt. There are two hormones normally deficient in dogs with Addison disease: cortisol and aldosterone. Cortisol helps to deal with stress besides converting food into energy and managing the inflammatory response of the dog’s immune system. Dogs with Addison disease can experience low body temperature*, muscle weakness, collapse, low heart rate, etc. Temperature that falls below 99 degrees or rises above 104 degrees Fahrenheit requires immediate attention. You can take your dog’s temperature with ThermoPet* and contact your veterinarian. In most cases Addison disease it’s hereditary. If you discover the disease ahead of time though pills and injection can help keep your dog healthy. Most dogs are able to survive the crisis.

12 Aug 2010 14:57
Usually people are allergic to dogs with lots of hair. However, some people are allergic to dog saliva and urine. The best way to find out if you are allergic to certain type of dog is trying being around it for some time. You might need to spend at least a week with the dog you are purchasing and observe how you react to it. Keeping your dog in the patio, bathing your pet weekly, keeping your pet away from the furniture, washing your hands after touching your dog, and using allergy-reducing sprays might help. Nonetheless, no matter how much you wash your curtains or vacuum your floor, if your allergies are killing you the best thing is not to have a dog at all. Generally the symptoms involved with allergies are itchy eyes, red itchy skin or a rash, fever*, runny nose, and asthma symptoms. Children get more incidents of cold and asthma when allergic to dogs. There might be a type of dog you are not allergic to. The question is which one? You are on your own to find out. Good luck!

12 Aug 2010 13:21
I work all day with Jude my owner in Poundbury, Dorset at Veloce Publishing. There´s a picture of me on this page cogitating hard about our next project. Our first book under the Hubble & Hattie imprint was Winston ... the dog who changed my life, the touching story of how the author rather unexpectedly becomes a dog owner when his wife returns home with a puppy that she found abandoned and tied to a cemetery headstone. Winston quickly takes over the life and home of his new owner – introducing him to a completely new world in the process! Described as “An enchanting story . . .” by Graham Bell of The Daily Express.

This book was soon followed by Know Your Dog – The guide to a beautiful relationship, Smellorama! – nose games for your dog, My Dog is Blind - but lives life to the full! and Waggy Tails & Wheelchairs, with many more exciting titles planned. See for full details

Our books are intended to promote understanding and compassion between species, dealing with the subject of animal welfare in an holistic and insightful way, bringing benefit to the animals concerned and the people who live and work with them.

We would love to hear what you think about our Hubble & Hattie books, your ideas for new books and, if you´re a budding author, your book proposal.

Must get back to that cogitating now ...
11 Aug 2010 14:56
I´ve written an article on how to whistle train your dog, if very easy and hugo really enjoyed learning ...
11 Aug 2010 11:28

This morning I had just put my dogs back on their leads after a quick run on the playing field. We were heading back across the field into a little street (that then leads onto a busy road)
Then this little JRT appears waring NO collar (he was an entire male) he made a total pest of him self kept trying to mount my dogs (all three of them) my leg and the bloody little thing also did a wee up me!!!!!
Now Tinsel put him in his place then sat down (lol) I had to pick little Angel up and poor Masie he wouldn´t leave her alone (she is spayed)
I shouted over to this woman who was on her drive way, "do you know who´s this dog is??" she said "Oh yes he only lived round the corner and knows where he lives" What a help that was. I was at this point running late as needed to get home to get to work and my own three dogs were getting quite stressed out!!!!!! I needed to continue that would mean road walking but he just kept on following us. So I phoned the dog wardon (have his mobile no in my phone) The dog wasn´t waring a collar and also did a pile of poop on the school field!!!!!! (it was too early so he didn´t answer but i left him a voice mail and he has since called me back for discription of dog and area and says he´ll take a drive over to see if its still roaming around)
I was so stressed out and none of my dogs enjoyed their walk either. Why are people so stupid??? I mean he could of been attacked if my dogs decided to turn, he could get run over or even stolen as he was a very sweet friendly (over friendly dog)
09 Aug 2010 08:09
Sparky was treated like a celebrity yesterday. A bunch of students were taking it in turns to have their picture taken with him.
08 Aug 2010 19:56
I have just killed myself laughing for the past 20mins watching bones chasing his tail. It cracks me up every time he does it. Are all dogs this mental? lol
08 Aug 2010 15:19
hi everyone,as you can probably see i am new to all this but i am looking forward to making new friends ( that would be especially good in my local area for dog walks etc.) and learning new things about alsorts of pets not just never know i may even be able to help someone with my knowledge. ha! ha! not disclosing my age but you never know i have got a few years of experince.
hope to connect with someone soon.
08 Aug 2010 11:21
There are several species sold as Giant African Land Snails, these are:

East African Land Snails (Achatina fulica)
West African Land Snails (Achatina marginata)

The other snail that is sometimes seen is the very large Achatina achatina that has been recorded at over 37cm in size from snout to tail and a shell size of 27cm.

Achatina fulica is a tropical snail, but can survive cold conditions, even snow, by aestivating (equivalent to hibernation). Snails are hermaphroditic (both male and female), and after a single mating can produce a number of batches of fertile eggs over a period of months. This does NOT mean that they can mate with themselves, they still require a partner A. fulica lays eggs in batches of 100 to 400 with up to 1200 being laid in a year.

Eggs are spherical to ellipsoidal in shape (4.5-5.5 mm in diameter) and are yellow to cream in colour. These hatch after about 8-21 days under tropical conditions. The eggs hatch releasing snails about 4mm long. After eating their own shell, the baby snails move straight onto adult food, maturing in six to nine months, depending on temperature and food.

These snails grow up to 10mm per month. After 6 months, the Achatina fulica is about 35mm long and may already be sexually mature. Sexual maturity takes 6 to 16 months, depending on weather and the availability of calcium. This snail lives 5 or 6 years, sometimes as many as 9 years.

Snails are one of the easiest of the exotic pets to keep. All you need is a reasonable sized tank (plastic or glass) with a secure lid, some general-purpose compost, a small water dish and a heat pad.

Snails should have fresh substrate every week and this should be at least 1-2 inches deep to allow the snail to bury itself as it would in the wild.

Snails will eat almost any vegetable or fruit, just make sure that you rinse the food well to ensure that any pesticides are washed off. Mine are rather keen on Peppers, Cucumber and Cos lettuce. They have also eaten apple, nectarine, grapes, banana, peach, plums, etc They will also eat brown bread and moistened dog biscuits. Please ensure that ALL vegetable food is washed before use as otherwise residual pesticides may cause the untimely death of the snail.
Snails need calcium, and to get this the best source is cuttle fish bone (same as you use for budgies). Without this calcium the snails shell will not be very strong and maybe slow to grow.

Snails are also fond of the occasional drop of beer. Not to much, as you´ll end up with an alcoholic or pickled snail!

Snails don´t seem to mind being handled, you might not like to be slimed though!
A word of warning though, please treat them gently as you can easily damage the new shell growth at the base of the shell.
08 Aug 2010 11:11
MeAchatina fulica is a tropical snail, but can survive cold conditions, even snow, by aestivating (equivalent to hibernation). Snails are hermaphroditic (both male and female), and after a single mating can produce a number of batches of fertile eggs over a period of months. This does NOT mean that they can mate with themselves, they still require a partner A. fulica lays eggs in batches of 100 to 400 with up to 1200 being laid in a year.

Eggs are spherical to ellipsoidal in shape (4.5-5.5 mm in diameter) and are yellow to cream in colour. These hatch after about 8-21 days under tropical conditions. The eggs hatch releasing snails about 4mm long. After eating their own shell, the baby snails move straight onto adult food, maturing in six to nine months, depending on temperature and food.

These snails grow up to 10mm per month. After 6 months, the Achatina fulica is about 35mm long and may already be sexually mature. Sexual maturity takes 6 to 16 months, depending on weather and the availability of calcium. This snail lives 5 or 6 years, sometimes as many as 9 years.

Snails are one of the easiest of the exotic pets to keep. All you need is a reasonable sized tank (plastic or glass) with a secure lid, some general-purpose compost, a small water dish and a heat pad.

Snails should have fresh substrate every week and this should be at least 1-2 inches deep to allow the snail to bury itself as it would in the wild.

Snails will eat almost any vegetable or fruit, just make sure that you rinse the food well to ensure that any pesticides are washed off. Mine are rather keen on Peppers, Cucumber and Cos lettuce. They have also eaten apple, nectarine, grapes, banana, peach, plums, etc They will also eat brown bread and moistened dog biscuits. Please ensure that ALL vegetable food is washed before use as otherwise residual pesticides may cause the untimely death of the snail.
Snails need calcium, and to get this the best source is cuttle fish bone (same as you use for budgies). Without this calcium the snails shell will not be very strong and maybe slow to grow.

Snails are also fond of the occasional drop of beer. Not to much, as you´ll end up with an alcoholic or pickled snail!

Snails don´t seem to mind being handled, you might not like to be slimed though!
A word of warning though, please treat them gently as you can easily damage the new shell growth at the base of the shell.ssage
08 Aug 2010 09:17
Quick word in my defence please?

Many of you guys here are reading stories and posts on me and mine. I am touched and complimented in many ways, but not surprised to hear many un-educated and ill-informed bloggers leaving their opinion on something they have no idea about, or just foul-mouthing me never even having met me or seen anything I do.

Thanks for the support from those of you that tried to stand up to these bullies, but save your time - it is a mob mentality, and I do not think you can get anywhere with people that just know better.

Infatuation, or Obsession with my persona is a sickness, and I am puzzled about the fact that so many avatars here are joining in having nothing better to do than just pouring it back and force feasting on numerous non-true allegations the others left. Anna for once - mis-representing the facts and falsificating statements. With no grounds to base her accusations on, she enlists he own "facts" and "witnesses" even though I am sure she knows it is doomed as made-up and pitiful. Anna has made persecution of myself her little life´s ambition and goes to an incredible lengths in order to organise "Anti-Dima" petitions, collecting signatures and talking about me with so many un-suspecting dog owners on a daily basis.

Mandy was recently reported by me to the local Police that contacted and warned her and this is the reason she´s now quite. Malicious Slander is a crime, but I do not wish the retribution, everyone has the right for an opinion and a say, but there´s a limit on how much personal attacking one can do. It potentially can harm the business built-up over many years, and just merely upsets me. I do believe in people´s goodness, and trust that everyone can be helped. I do not want to part with my believes.

For the time being I just get on with my business, organise events and teach others as well as myself. Boot Camp 2010 was a huge success, being the busiest ever, and dogs (over 50 there) were all fab!

So if any of you guys have any desire to learn more about what you actually read here - please feel free to pop along and see it all for yourself. Speak to people who saw, and not heard from someone who heard from someone else... And think - would all you read actually make sense? Why do you think none of those "concerned" ever reported my wrong-doings to the appropriate bodies? I Did graduate with merit and MSc and BEd, but unfortunately decided to leave my PhD after the first year. I will complete it when work is not so hot, it´s on my "to do" list. And NO, I have not being investigated or sued, or ever abused any dog by doing despicable things those liars "saw" me do. And I DID do study many dog-related activities and had projects with military, circus, TV behavioural show and research institute (of a dog temperaments and response types) and hundreds and hundreds of trainers teaching anything from Clicker training to Chock-chains and pinch-collars. This is where I designed my own personal approach to dog training from. Hand Feeding is my love-child, and I am passionate about it, whether you Hand-Feed your dog onto stopping unwanted barking or teaching it to compete at Cruft´s Obedience. What goes on in Dog World is best learnt by seeing and understanding. It does not mean that one shall follow everything and from everyone, but "Hear-Say" attitude is not for me. I know most of the outstanding names in Animal Training world personally and spend a lot of time travelling around the world meeting with some of the most famous names in the business. Over the last few years our Club has grown so we often invite those speakers to talk at our venue making life alot easier for me and followers of the motivational Handfeeding way. We are (there are 6 of us working at the Good Boy Dog School) very fussy about who we invite, and what methods people practice around us. We do not allow Chock-chains, Electric training devices or any other harsh techniques to be used in training, and we always encourage people to slow down in their ambition to "rehabilitate" the dog, teaching them to go slowly and work on convincing the dog to decide to work with, rather than against the owner. Steady and step-by-step reward-based programme is the only starter course we do. No exception.

Amazing, but somehow still going on. Don´t those souls have a life?

Look out for our appearances in the Media, News and just around - we have so many projects coming up this year alone. Register your interest by emailing me on
and check out my website:

07 Aug 2010 20:40
It was Hugo´s 3rd Birthday yesterday! He opened his present in the morning, a fluffy monkey which he loves! In the afternoon I arranged a 2 hour dog walk with his doggy friends - 4 dogs, 3 humans!!
Then in the evening he had a very special doggy dinner and lots of cuddles on the sofa!!

06 Aug 2010 17:49
I am part of a The Best Hamster Club and contribute to the best Hamster Site which is:

I also wrote a great hamster book which is:

Hamster Club Guide Book is the ultimate best hamster book for all hamster owners, since it provides lots of expert hamster advice. This hamster book will help you with most aspects of hamster housing, feeding a hamster, hamster behaviour, hamster reproduction, hamster health and hamster important tips! This hamster book is also full of beautiful coloured hamster photos and also provides lots of natural remedies to use when a rodent vet is not available.
06 Aug 2010 16:59

Hi all,
I´ve taken on a Siamese cat who loved his previous owner dearly and is deeply offended that he now has to live with me and my half-Burmese Lily. Thai is 7 and he is not happy with the situation but was very stressed in his previous home. He spends most of his time rolled up inside his blanket at the top of the stairs. Food is his big weakness and now he will take food from my hand some of the time and is quick to shout if dinner is late and has also now shouted loudly for an evening game but he can break this off in a second if he feels the bootlace is a threat to him. I´ve sprayed catnip over the carpets and sprinkled catnip in his favourite areas and even used Rescue Remedy in his water but he is very slow in coming to terms with the situation. Has anyone got any other suggestions? He is not happy being touched by me so massage is out of the question. I´ve had Thai about a month now.
Cheers, Deb
05 Aug 2010 16:46
When we bought Millie, we really had no idea about health testing, responsible breeders, byb or puppy farms. We decided on our preferred breed, bought a copy of Loot and looked for springer spaniel puppies. We rang various numbers on the Thursday looking for a bitch puppy, visited a breeder on Friday and collected Millie the following Monday. She was 6wks old.

There were three bitch puppies sitting in the whelping box but the dam was nowhere to be seen, and although we weren´t happy about it, we accepted the breeder´s explanation that as the puppies were now weaned, their mother had been taken for a walk by her son.

Millie stood out straight away with her liver face and multitude of freckles. The other two were mostly white and whilst they sat back she came straight to us without any hesitation. The breeder wanted us to take Millie there and then but (a) we weren´t ready for her at home, and (b) she wasn´t yet 6wks at that point, so we paid a deposit and arranged to collect Monday.

Then, the breeder asked whether Millie would be a pet or a working dog and we told her she was going to be a family pet. She responded by saying Millie was the best choice for this as the other two pups had better working pedigrees. Up until that point, we´d assumed all three pups came from the same litter but clearly this wasn´t the case. To make matters worse, once the pedigree papers came through from the KC, the breeder was shown as a man and not the woman we had visited.

Since then, we have had our eyes opened to the mistakes we made, and although we love Millie to bits, if we´d known then what we know now we would never have visited that “breeder”.


If any of you wish to avoid the mistakes we made and become "puppy farm aware", please click the links below:-
05 Aug 2010 11:13
Beware dog owners, the picnic season is in full swing....
04 Aug 2010 12:51
03 Aug 2010 20:10
unfortunatly, nibbles has died.
he died a couple of months back now, but haven´t had chance to come on petstreet.
he had a good, life but we still have his much loved brother upstairs in the bathroom as usuall, he doesn´t "weet" no more, i think it´s to do with nibble´s death.
but be back on sooon. x
03 Aug 2010 12:10
BSL does not improve public safety or prevent dog bites.

BSL ignores the plight of victims and potential victims of non-targeted breeds.

BSL is costly.

BSL requires each and every dog to be identified as a breed—something that has proven impossible to do accurately and objectively.

BSL makes targeted breeds more desirable to irresponsible and criminal owners.

BSL does nothing to make irresponsible dog owners accountable.

BSL punishes responsible dog owners.

Not a single canine welfare organization supports BSL.
02 Aug 2010 08:29
Hi there
01 Aug 2010 18:57
Miska was put to sleep today after a long illness her liver gave up.
01 Aug 2010 16:33

The Canine Psychology Centre is downsizing and I´m looking for homes and pack leaders for my two Staffies. Pics of both are on my profile. Hendrix is 2, a Pedigree blue, very funny, lovely temperament, quite high energy when anywhere new but calm and settled at home. Great on the walk, good recall, good with other dogs. Loves people. Due to size and strength and tendency to play mouth occassionally, I don´t think he´s suitable for small children. Doesn´t like cats. He´s been with me for a couple of months and had his temperament thoroughly assessed. He´s a great dog and will make an adorable pet.

Harley is also approx 2, a smaller red staffie. Can be wary of new men but very affectionate and loyal once he knows you. Not suitable for small children and no good with cats. Excellent recall, very calm, good with other dogs.

If you think you might be suitable for one or the other, please get in touch direct on...
07554 649272
01 Aug 2010 12:41

At the moment I am filming a new TV series for Channel 4. It is going to be a version of ´Embarrassing Bodies´ for animals and we will be meeting and helping all kinds of creatures, not just pets! The show is also keen to promote responsible pet ownership and in particular highlight the problem of unwanted pets and over-flowing rescue centres. They especially want to bring to the publics attention the fact that many animals have to be put to sleep because homes cannot be found for them and use this to educate people on why they shouldn´t breed from their pets unless they have a very good reason. Are there any PetStreet members out there who have experience of working in rescues and having to euthanase healthy animals who would like to talk to us about it?

They are also running ´Fat Camps´ for over-weight pets, where you can get free treatment and advice for an obese animal (of any kind, from rabbits to horses), so if you would be interested in this, please also get in touch!

31 Jul 2010 14:10
Today my mummy had a email from the family who now owns Ruby, it says Ruby as settled right in, is eating well & having lots of cuddles/kisses, they are going to continue taking Ruby to obedient classes & will send some pics of Ruby as they are going on holiday to Wales next Friday xx
30 Jul 2010 22:23
I may be very quiet
but theres not much that I miss
my mommies up to something
I could feel it in her kiss

In my ear she whispered
"kye I want you to keep still"
I do hope she hasnt got
for me a nasty pill

oh my golly gosh
where did that stuff come from
I´ve been flea precautioned
with somthing called spot on

my mommie she is smiling
is this her idea of fun
well the only pleasure i´ll have
is knowing the others will be done

30 Jul 2010 15:32
Aspirin can affect dogs as much as it affects humans. It causes renal failure and affects the circulatory system. However, if you give your dog the right dosage it’ll alleviate pain, reduce fever* and inflammation. Make sure you take your dog´s temperature with thermoPet, the only non-contact dog’s thermometer I know of. Ask your vet about the right dosage to give to your dog. Aspirin can be very toxic. Some symptoms might include anxiety, blood vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, extreme thirst, etc. Have a watchful eye if your dog shows any of these symptoms or you suspect your dog has aspirin poisoning. Keep aspirin out of your dog’s reach. Don’t ever leave your purse on the floor if you have any medications inside.

30 Jul 2010 15:30
The first thing you do is monitoring the temperature regularly and specially 4 days before the due day. It takes about 58-63 days from the time your dog was bred. Your dog’s temperature is supposed to drop down to 98. The normal body temperature* of a dog is 101.5° F. She will probably vomit and stop eating. She’ll be restless and seeking for a quiet place to have her puppies. However, she’ll have no pain from contractions. Some people recommend preparing a box for her to have her pups. About 24 hours before the labor milk is produced. Be prepared to assist the mother when giving birth, if necessary, and remove the covering membranes from the puppy, clean the face and also remove mucus from face and nose so that the pups will be able to breathe. Applying iodine at the end of the umbilical cord might help to prevent infection. It’s not healthy for the mother to eat most of the placentas. She might have diarrhea for a few days. There is about 30 to 60 minutes between births. The mother rests a little after each birth. The room temperature* should be no less than 70° F and cold floors should be avoided.

30 Jul 2010 15:30
Try brushing your pet’s teeth regularly and provide your dog with a healthy diet. Some people give their dogs treats that help remedy bad breath. However, a healthy diet will not only eliminate displeasing odors but it will also promote your dog’s health*. Some people recommend a raw diet as this is what dogs are designed to eat. Most commercial food has artificial color, salt, sugar and flavoring added to make your dog eat it. Dogs get addicted to junk food just like humans. Brushing your dog’s teeth will also help as it’ll stop bacteria from entering the bloodstream and spread to your dog’s kidney, liver, heart, and at times the brain. Usually small breeds are the ones that have unhealthy teeth. Oral diseases in dogs can affect their immune system and reduce their ability to fight infections. Therefore your doggie is left exposed to infections. Bad breath is a symbol of bad health. Any preventive* care will help you save some bucks!


30 Jul 2010 15:29
Let your dog take a 24 hour break when he has upset stomach. After that give him some boil rice and skinless chicken. Yogurt and cottage cheese will help the inflamed intestines. You can also mix Gatorade into the dog’s water bowl. Animals, unlike humans stop drinking when they feel sick. You need to do everything in your power to avoid dehydration. Some symptoms of upset stomach are lethargy, vomiting, persisting high fever*, increased thirst, abdominal pain, constipation, and loss of appetite. If your dog remains sick and refuses to drink fluids a trip to the vet might be your last option. Most dogs overeat and like eating rubbish. They have no idea of what tastes good or bad. They just try everything they find on their way. Dogs have a less developed sense of taste. However, their sense of smell is more developed than humans. They can get a lot of information through their sense of smell. Dogs are meat lovers. However, they can’t make a difference between the different types of meat. If your dog eats pork there is a risk of your dog being infected with food borne disease called trichinellosis. This disease is caused by an intestinal roundworm. Trichinellosis isn’t that common in USA. Your dog should be fine if you avoid raw or undercooked meat. Nevertheless, chocolate, onions, caffeine, raw eggs, wild mushrooms, raw fish, fried food, cornmeal, and nutmeg will also make your doggie’s stomach upset.

30 Jul 2010 15:28
Just like humans most pets don’t like drinking water or they might just simply forget. They usually like fresh water so adding a couple of ice cubes to the water might help and also in order to provide a better taste try giving them some filtered water. If your doggie is very sick try giving him/her some beef or chicken broth. They love how it tastes. Dogs should drink 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. Every time you take your dogs for a walk take some water with you. You should contact your Vet if your dog is under or over drinking. That could be a sign of illness. Beware of contaminated water. There is a parasite called Giardia found in a ponds, lakes, and puddles. This disease is called beaver fever and it affects humans and pets. Some symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and low grade fever*. This parasite robs the intestines of essential nutrients during digestion. It can also cause allergies. Consult your Vet and ask about the new vaccine to treat this condition.

26 Jul 2010 23:39
I am a good girl
yes I am
I look after our cats
whenever I can

Tonight a strange cat
into our garden did come
it scared Baby Elvis
you should of seen him run

So up the garden I went
with a woof woof get out of here
his tail was large and fluffy
and his eyes looked rather queer

He spat into my face
so I woofed at him again
then he made a noise
as if he were in pain

He jumped onto the fence post
then he ran away
so I told my Baby Elvis
its ok now come and play

I dont think he will come back
for I told him good, GET GIT
mommie says I AM A GOOD GIRL
cos I listened when she said sit

26 Jul 2010 16:06
Meeting with Dima
26 Jul 2010 16:04
A couple of things which aren´t in the video ... link:

Dima arrived with four dogs and immediately pointed out that it was getting hot and there was no shade where the Editor had set up the camera. We suggested that we move to a shadier place and I asked Dima if he had water for the dogs (none of us had dogs with us). Apparently Dima does not think it is a good idea to carry water for dogs on hot days. Interestingly, whilst he told us that his dogs are never more than 40´ away or out of his sight he did not appear to have noticed that during the interview one of the dogs disappeared for about five minutes and came back wet - obviously he´d discovered a nearby ditch to lie in to cool off and have a drink. (We didn´t move by the way).

Dima did not complete his degree in animal physiology either in the Ukraine or in the U.K. He denied various reports that he had worked training animals in circuses in Russia, although his display of dog dancing reminded me of things I had seen as a child but which are banned in circuses here now. Why it is so fashionable in the dog world I do not know - but each to his own.

Dima initially said that he needs to work with owners and their dogs together, but when I pointed out that his website merely states "owners presence preferred" he agreed that some dogs arrive with drivers, housekeepers, nannies, etc. - none of whom have the vaguest interest in the dog.
I have no idea how this works for the dogs or the owners, but - let it pass. It´s a fact of life I suppose.

It´s only my opinion, but I thought that the Staffie he had with him (only for five days) would have been better wearing a harness than a collar since - as you can see in the video - there was a lot of pulling against the collar when Dima was holding it, and subsequent throat-clearing.

I am STILL hearing things about Dima´s treatment of dogs. The latest was about five days after the interview was filmed and concerned an incident on the Heath Extension, although Dima assured me that he no longer walks his dogs there. I have no way of corroborating this report but it was claimed that a complaint was made to the Heath managers and that they are dealing with it, so maybe we will learn more in due course. Then again - maybe not.
26 Jul 2010 16:04
A couple of things which aren´t in the video ...

Dima arrived with four dogs and immediately pointed out that it was getting hot and there was no shade where the Editor had set up the camera. We suggested that we move to a shadier place and I asked Dima if he had water for the dogs (none of us had dogs with us). Apparently Dima does not think it is a good idea to carry water for dogs on hot days. Interestingly, whilst he told us that his dogs are never more than 40´ away or out of his sight he did not appear to have noticed that during the interview one of the dogs disappeared for about five minutes and came back wet - obviously he´d discovered a nearby ditch to lie in to cool off and have a drink. (We didn´t move by the way).

Dima did not complete his degree in animal physiology either in the Ukraine or in the U.K. He denied various reports that he had worked training animals in circuses in Russia, although his display of dog dancing reminded me of things I had seen as a child but which are banned in circuses here now. Why it is so fashionable in the dog world I do not know - but each to his own.

Dima initially said that he needs to work with owners and their dogs together, but when I pointed out that his website merely states "owners presence preferred" he agreed that some dogs arrive with drivers, housekeepers, nannies, etc. - none of whom have the vaguest interest in the dog.
I have no idea how this works for the dogs or the owners, but - let it pass. It´s a fact of life I suppose.

It´s only my opinion, but I thought that the Staffie he had with him (only for five days) would have been better wearing a harness than a collar since - as you can see in the video - there was a lot of pulling against the collar when Dima was holding it, and subsequent throat-clearing.

I am STILL hearing things about Dima´s treatment of dogs. The latest was about five days after the interview was filmed and concerned an incident on the Heath Extension, although Dima assured me that he no longer walks his dogs there. I have no way of corroborating this report but it was claimed that a complaint was made to the Heath managers and that they are dealing with it, so maybe we will learn more in due course. Then again - maybe not.

26 Jul 2010 10:53
i hope i can catch it i got upset as the poor thing in the left on its own at 9 last night to run down a street and go onto a busy road if i wasnt going to a party last night i would have loved to taken it home but i would not be allowed to do that as my mum wpould go mad
25 Jul 2010 10:45
As most of you no I went to the Not Guilty Vigil yesterday, and it was amazing.
There was a good turn out of people and the atmosphere was full of emotion, there was tears, there was laughter, there was quiet moments for the loss of many lifes due to BSL.
I heard some stories of what had happened to some of these peoples pets and how they were treated in police custody.
It was strange, here was a group of people, and I knew none of them but I felt like I had known them all my life. People came and kissed your cheek, smiled, shook your hand, hugged you there was a connection and it felt wonderful.
I also will never wash my hand again, I got covered in doggie drool by Karma.
Karma is a dog that was in police custody for most of her life because she was supposed to be a PB and has just been recently released and is now in a foster home.
A scroll was read out with all the dogs names that had died through BSL, this was so emotional and flowers were laid and candles lite. But remember the names were only some of the dogs that had died that they knew about, there is loads more.
The letters were taken to Downing street and I hope and pray that all lettters are read and something is done about BSL.
I had a really good afternoon, talking to people who were all fighting for the same thing and it was a great feeling.
24 Jul 2010 22:32
mammy gave a hug and said i was a good cat i would hit charlie as charlie is like my best friend
i got attention off of mam and charlie as i am not into toys anymore
24 Jul 2010 16:09
Just got back from my holiday in Italy, had a fantastic time, weather was great, food was fantastic, lots to see and do, however, I really missed Hugo! It is so nice to be back with Hugo, we had a great walk today so much more fun than sitting on the beach!
24 Jul 2010 14:50
The bond between an owner and their pet is hugely important and it is understandable that people become concerned if they feel this relationship is being exploited. Recent TV and newspaper articles have played on this fear, claiming to be exposing a flawed and corrupt veterinary profession, when nothing could be further from the truth. This is frustrating for my colleagues and I; it erodes the vital bond of trust between an owner and their vet, can make it more difficult for us to persuade them of the correct treatment or investigations for their animal and is very depressing.

One of the issues we have in the UK is that because of the NHS, many people are not aware of the true cost of medical and surgical care, or of the medications themselves. For example, the price of a bitch spay, will vary between practices and sizes of dog, but the average is probably around £200. Compare this to the equivalent human operation, a hysterectomy, which comes in at several thousand pounds. Clearly it is not surprising the human surgery is more costly but when one considers that the comparative levels of expertise and care are similar; both require experienced surgeons, nurses and involve both pre and post operative care, you can see how vets are providing great value for money.

I think many people feel feel that the money they pay for their pet´s care goes straight into the vets back pocket but running a veterinary surgery is expensive, particularly in terms of staff. For each vet in the practice there is likely to be at least one veterinary nurse, not to mention receptionists, support staff and managers. Veterinary medicine is very manpower heavy; most patients will need at least two people to care for them; one to hold them and a second to administer medication, anaesthetics or operate. Also, most practices have extensive levels of equipment such as x-ray and ultrasound machines, surgical instruments and medications, all of which need to to stored and maintained. The veterinary profession is highly regulated to ensure safety and high practicing standards, something we are very proud of, but it also comes at a cost.

Vets are very hard working, regularly doing 10 hour days or longer and many also cover their own ´out-of-hours´ duties for emergencies. In fact, all vets have a legal obligation to provide 24 hour care for their patients, it is one of our guiding principles. However, our average salaries rarely reflect this commitment, especially compared to our human equivalent, the GP, who has ´opted out´ of round-the-clock care. A typical assistant vet´s wage will be about £35,000, which is well below that of other similarly qualified professionals. GP´s, for example take home around £100,000. Vets, and their nurses who earn even less, are not in this profession to make money and nor do we want to be. We chose our job because we enjoy working with animals and their owners and care passionately about animal welfare.

Often vets are placed in an extremely difficult position by people who are unable to pay for their animals. All vets are pet lovers and many will provide discounted care to those in need. However, they cannot do this for all as ultimately they have a responsibility to keep their business afloat and profitable. Also, vets are a highly trained professionals providing an expert service, so of course should charge for their time and expertise. Ultimately owning a pet is a privilege and not a right and it is the owner who is responsible for their animal´s health care needs. There are several charities who provide low cost or free treatment for those on low incomes but it doesn´t stop vets coming under an almost daily pressure over costs.

I am proud to be a vet and to be part of a hard working, animal loving and honest profession. I accept that there are always going to be elements who do not practice to the highest standards or have dubious charging methods but these are few and far between. I have no issue with such people being exposed but in my experience the shows or articles on this subject concentrate on this tiny minority and tar us all with the same brush, damaging the public´s perception of vets and making our job harder. However, I believe that the vast majority of pet owners are very happy with their vet, trusts them and understands that we practice only to serve and protect the best interests of their animals.
23 Jul 2010 12:25
It is an innocent little blog about ravens ... and dogs ... and the weather ...
21 Jul 2010 23:48
My computer went down n there was no hope for it so i naven´t been on here for such a long time

anyway I am back and my news is I am a grandmother to a gorgeous 15 month old baby boy and he will have a baby brother in August and I cant wait, Jake still bounces about like he is still a puppy even though he will be 10 years old this november.

He can´t get used to my grandson he hyperventilates every time he is here poor thing then when he goes back home Jake gives a heartfelt sigh of relief and settles down and goes to sleep.

21 Jul 2010 16:12
I have been out this afternoon and I have just ordered my T shirt ready for Saturday. Went to Snappy Snaps you take a picture in on a disc and they put the pic on the T shirt. Im having some writtening put on it also. Im quite excited I pick it up tomorrow afternoon.
I cant wait to see what it looks like.
21 Jul 2010 11:06
20 Jul 2010 18:32
well the hawking/hunting season is nearly here so now john and i are off work this week need to get ourselves fit again ready for some lung busting chases lol.
20 Jul 2010 16:47
The other day Chester the rabbit suddenly passed away...The entire day he was fine but by night he suddenly got very weak. We kept him warm under a blanket but sadly passed very quickly. Just hours before he was loving the attention we were giving him and happily munching on a carrot, he even gave us all bunny kisses, I´d have never of expected his health to change so suddenly. We all miss him dearly, he was such a happy-go-lucky rabbit, always ready for love and attention and would race me to the back door. Every day I would always comment on what a lovely rabbit he was and how happy I was that we had him...and now he´s just doesn´t seem real...

This is the last ever picture I took of him...
I loved taking his photograph, he was such a handsome boy :´(
20 Jul 2010 16:02
I have just got back from teaching animal healing in Canada. The Canadians are genuinely friendly and very protective of the wild life in their national parks, far more measures in place than in the UK. I live in the New Forest and there are no protected areas , hence wild life here is under a great deal of stress. In Canada they often close tracks/areas to lessen human impact on wild animals and the situation is carefully monitored.

So what did I see? A female grizzly bear eating wildflowers on a hill side, a female moose and her tiny calf, a male moose with big antlers wandering down a road, elk, mule deer, eagles, hawks, white pelicans, chipmunks, ground squirrels, coyotes, a pine marten, a badger ( they look quite different to our Uk ones) , foxes , hummingbirds and lots of other beautiful birds.

My favourite place on this trip? It´s got to be Lake Louise very early in the morning before the tourists arrived - the water was as still as a mirror with the glacier reflected in it and birds singing in the forest on the mountains. Pure magic.

20 Jul 2010 14:14
Well, I´ve been having great fun trying to get George to take his daily tablet (for heart disease). I´ve tried wrapping it ham, crushing it and hiding it with tuna or a little white fish, or mixed with a tsp of yoghurt. I have found the crushing/hiding it in strawberry yoghurt to be most successful, but even here he knows there´s something not quite right about it and I have ended up wiping some on the back of his paw so he has to lick it off.

But now, I´ve got it licked (sorry!), the foolproof way of getting him to eat up all his strawberry yoghurt is to put the saucer down for him and make sure Millie sits right in front of him while he´s eating it...oh yes, I´ve got him sussed now, as long as Millie is in attendance he eats up every last drop and licks the saucer clean, LOL!!!!
18 Jul 2010 11:49
HI, i´m a newbie so is there anyone who wants to talk DOG.
Any Westie Friends out there?
16 Jul 2010 15:09
Two days ago, I discovered that my oldest fish was dead in the back of the tank. I would have put it down to old age if it wasn´t for it being CHOPPED IN HALF!! Straight away I though... Crayfish! But it was really wierd, the Crayfish hadn´t ever eaten a fish before. It gets angry at the big ones sometimes and one cut one of the Gouramis tenicles but nothing resulting in death! About two months ago another one of my fish died of old age, I saw it dead but decided to get it out later because I was in a rush, but when I came back it had been eaten, most probably by the Crayfish. Do you think the Crayfish killed the latest fish or just ate it once it was dead? If its killing fish it will have to be put in a seperate tank but this would cost money. What should I do?
15 Jul 2010 17:47
Well the day is nearly here and im praying it don´t rain at the weekend. very nervous as i have to go on stage and make a speech! Doing a mini run at work tomorrow so hopefully get some people to sign up to Dog watch and Duke as a photo session with our area Commander! told him no lifting his leg up against her table leg or I´m in big trouble ;-)

I so hope this will be a big success and have all fingers and toes crossed ....
15 Jul 2010 07:59
Another year has gone by
when that certain someone took you away.
I ask myself why?
You was my dog, my joy , my life they had no right to help themselves to you.
You made me laugh, you made me strong you was my bundle of brindle and white.
Its been 6 years long that someone stole you from me, I still ask why?
I looked for you both night and day,
phoned every vets, looked at every dogs missing site for my bundle of brindle and white.
I still have your ball, your bowl, your lead waiting for you to come home to me.
You have a brother and sister now which you would get along with just fine,
i wish you would come home so you could be mine.
I still miss you Missy with all my heart,
I still look for you now just hoping I may find you,
But its been so long now, just hope and pray who ever took you,
treated you with love and cared for you as much as I did.
Always thinking of you Missy
my bundle of brindle and white xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14 Jul 2010 10:37
hi ive just joined pet street im looking for a english bull terrier pup or one a a little bit older if anyone knows one for sale in wales or there abouts please let me know. would also like to hear from bully owners or any advice thanks
13 Jul 2010 21:33
My poor old girl died on 2nd july. I keep telling myself i was lucky to have had her for as long as i did but i miss her so much. She was always so sweet natured,very loving and im lost without her :-(
12 Jul 2010 18:41
Usually people are allergic to dogs with lots of hair. However, some people are allergic to dog saliva and urine. The best way to find out if you are allergic to certain type of dog is trying being around it for some time. You might need to spend at least a week with the dog you are purchasing and observe how you react to it. Keeping your dog in the patio, bathing your pet weekly, keeping your pet away from the furniture, washing your hands after touching your dog, and using allergy-reducing sprays might help. Nonetheless, no matter how much you wash your curtains or vacuum your floor, if your allergies are killing you the best thing is not to have a dog at all. Generally the symptoms involved with allergies are itchy eyes, red itchy skin or a rash, fever, runny nose, and asthma symptoms. Children get more incidents of cold and asthma when allergic to dogs. There might be a type of dog you are not allergic to. The question is which one? You are on your own to find out. Good luck.

12 Jul 2010 13:02
My little pot of chives has been put into the rubbish because it got all dried up and yellow from the sun :(
12 Jul 2010 13:01
Evelyn was having a tidy up over the weekend and moved her bed to discover a rather large stash of my feathers underneath! She was very surprised ! I had been playing with feathers over the past week. She always gives me new ones if she can´t see any lying around because sometimes I eat them up. I like sniffing at new feathers and pouncing on them.
12 Jul 2010 10:08
Felt too hot this weekend to do much running around with my toy mouseys and slept a lot on the lounge window ledge. Evelyn put my harness and lead on when she opened the window to make sure that I didn´t run out! Lovely to breathe in the fresh air through my whiskers. I purred in appreciation and she gave me some treats! I liked stretching out on the wooden floor to cool down as well. Evelyn calls it the tiger position...don´t really know why. I have my front paws together when I lie on my side and my back legs together too.
10 Jul 2010 16:00
my scottie is wonderful ! is there any other scottie owners out there?
09 Jul 2010 22:56
All our ferrets are rescue´s. we love them to bits. would have more but 4 are a handfull on there own. we used to have 4 staffs , we lost jake (molly n rubys dad) to cancer 2 yrs ago and ruby was put to sleep through being ill + dog aggressive. He was so special, but so are all our animals. there love is unconditional.
Amie belongs to John she is such a baby around him , i will be hopefully having my own Harris Hawk
08 Jul 2010 20:15
If you are going on holiday and your dog is staying with friends or family i´ve got a great tip .....
07 Jul 2010 18:05
Please click on the link below to see if you can offer to foster or adopt any of the dogs featured on Canine99 Rescue, a small rescue based in London, that specialises in dogs that most would likely condemn or simply give up on.

If you cannot foster or adopt, then please help where you can and perhaps join the forum and in spreading the word!.

Thank you.
07 Jul 2010 07:45
she is just the most beautiful little kitten i`ve seen - and she gets away with everything just by looking at you awwwwwh
06 Jul 2010 19:22
keevahs getting final jag and chipped tomorrow not be long till she gets out for the great long walkies then maybe just maybe she will settle down better at night .
03 Jul 2010 18:52
How awsome is this guy-the way he read´s dog´s is amazing!
03 Jul 2010 18:15
i went to see the music and live acts at spraoi in the park mammy brought my water bottle for me and filled it up with cold water from the tap i meet looks of other dogs down there and i got some icecreem for being very good a bichon frise wanted to be friends with mammy so she rubbed it and rubbed me at the same time
02 Jul 2010 22:03
Dog watch is hot of the press and will be sent to every home in Milton keynes
I cant believe my Boy will be a star!!

For all rescue Dogs this is for you XXXX may you all find kind loving 4 ever homes..... love Duke xxxx
02 Jul 2010 14:47
If you would like to donate with us online and securely please visit our ChipIn page to donate via paypal.

Here is the link:

We´d like to thank you for your support and generousity. As the saying goes "A little goes a long way".
02 Jul 2010 14:10
As of June 2010, GrASS is now about 1.5 years old. GrASS is currently aiming to raise funds to acquire land on the mainland of Penang, Malaysia as land on the island itself is scarce & very costly. With this in mind, GrASS has decided to bring together a few other animal shelters & independent pet rescuers whom have the same goal in mind to make it all come true.

Because we do not have land, we are limited to the number of strays we are able to take in. Our shelters are fosterers, rental of boarding facilities from pet shops/ pet care centers and our own homes.

We have successfully rehomed about 120 dogs & 50 cats in total so far and have about 15 more in hand which we hope will get a home real soon. Where possible, we adopt as many as we can and care for them to provide them a great life in a home with loving families.

Here are the details regarding the land required:

Land size: 4 acres
Price: Approximately Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 6.00 per square feet
Sum: Approximately MYR 1.05 million

Building funds are estimated to reach about MYR 5 million which we hope to include, utilities connections (water, sewage, drainage, piping, communication lines, electrical connections etc), shelter areas for animals brought in, animal hospital/clinic,workers hostel, shelter necessity storage facility etc.

Upon turning 2 years old, GrASS would seek help through applying for a few of the RSPCA Sponsorship Programmes that have been listed on their site one at a time until each goal has been accomplished where it is needed the most.

For those who would like to drop us any queries or become sponsors please do contact us:

Our E-mail: & our website address is:

We are also available on facebook -!/pages/Green-Animal-Shelter-Sanctuary-GrASS/100857366624655

Our snail mail:
P.O. BOX 10,

Our Banking Details
Bank Name: CIMB
Branch: Fettes Park, Penang, Malaysia
Account Name: Penang Green Animal Shelter and Sanctuary
Account Number: 0712-0013392-52-6
02 Jul 2010 13:54
The main source of funding needed to carry out the objectives will be through private donations, corporate sponsorship under the CSRP (Corporate Social Responsibility Programme), fundraising events, and donations made in return for specific tasks as listed below.

GrASS expenditure:

Whilst the majority of staff and helpers will be volunteers, including voluntary vets, other expenditure is expected to be for the following:

? Rental for Land
? Rental for premises
? Utilities: - electricity, water etc.
? Minimum support staff
? Animal foods
? Animal medicine
? Equipment
? Veterinary fees (at cost)
? Exhibition materials
? Campaign materials
? Manufacturing of products & materials

GrASS income:

Public donations are important to help sustain the society’s daily operations and activities, e.g. educational workshops, exhibitions, campaigns, medicinal requirements, pet food, cleaning utensils, and other bare necessities.

Other means of possible income for the shelter, other than those already mentioned, would be by providing such services as listed below:

? Adoption & Rescue
? Boarding
? Dog Walking
? Grooming
? Dog Training
? In-House Pet Sitting
? Animal Psychology & Behaviour Center
? Holistic Treatment
? Pet Accessories & Necessities
? Veterinary Clinic
? Animal Transportation
? Library
? Animal playground and recreational centre
? City farm tourist spot.
? Pet Leasing
? Pet Photography
? Pet Therapy For People
? Recycling Drives
02 Jul 2010 13:39
Shelter, Medial and Care work:

To help control and balance the stray population after the Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program by monitoring the population data (statistics) via tagging in each district.

To provide support to people outside of the Society who are already caring for strays, and support and encourage others.

To rehabilitate and rehome as many stray animals possible.

To have a mobile half priced animal clinic which provides the basic medical treatment i.e. neutering/spaying.

To provide an avenue for the public to place stray animals and or give up their pets, if no longer able to care for them.

To provide an avenue for retired race horses and or horses that are no longer capable of racing.


To conduct educational workshops and or exhibitions about animal welfare at schools, and other public venues in order to increase the awareness of the public.

To establish a small city farm in order to add a ‘reality experience’ for visitors, educating them in animal welfare and food production.

To establish a pet leasing program to enable people who have no prior experience and or knowledge in pet ownership, to live the experience of the responsibilities of owning a pet before getting one.

To make visits to rural areas to provide them with medical check ups, advice and education on animal welfare.

Legislation and formalisation:

To campaign for additional protection and the enhancement of current Animal Protection legislation, provide data for as well as aid the creation of an Animal Welfare Bill to include strict penalties to deter abuse.

To standardise microchip readers that meets the international standards.
02 Jul 2010 13:38
Fellow Readers,

I am J.Scott founder of GrASS which is currently based in Penang, Malaysia. This is a country that has a dire need to create a better educational concept regarding animal welfare & many other things related to the animal world and the environment as well.

Here is a little about what GrASS is about:
GrASS is a non-profit organisation founded by Ms. Scott. It is run by a group of friends who want to promote the awareness about stray, abused, neglected, abandoned, & unwanted animals. We want to stop CRUELTY TO ANIMALS~! We want to help impose heftier fines & better laws for animal rights, protection & insurance. We rescue & re-home as we feel that all animals deserve second chances to live a better life in getting a good loving home, & to spend it with those they love.

Our E-mail:

Our snail mail:
P.O. BOX 10,

Our Banking Details
Bank Name: CIMB
Branch: Fettes Park, Penang, Malaysia
Account Name: Penang Green Animal Shelter and Sanctuary
Account Number: 0712-0013392-52-6

About GrASS

In January 2008, due to an escalating problem of strays, abandonment and animal abuse, and apparent lack of animal protection, the concept of the Green Animal Shelter and Sanctuary (GrASS) was formed by Joanne Scott and friends.

Current methods of clearing strays from the streets by capture and shooting, regularly hits the news headlines as residents and visitors alike, voice their distress over this situation.

The group of friends therefore, got together, to work out a way to humanely create a win-win situation, whereby the population of strays is controlled, existing animals are better cared for and when possible rehoused and the public is helped – through workshops and exhibitions -to understand the wonderful value of sharing and caring for these animals.

Whilst on a small scale this work has already begun, it was clear that a more established organisation was required, together with a shelter and clinic. Research into other animal shelters and stray handling programmes was undertaken to find a good solution, and the idea of GrASS was born.

GrASS operates on a no-kill policy and hopes to give every stray animal a better chance in life by getting them rehabilitated, trained and adopted by members of the public. GrASS is a voluntary organisation.

Thus by having this shelter, it would not be necessary to shoot the strays anymore and also it will improve the economy of the state through showing that we are compassionate about saving the lives of animals.

GrASS would also like to create a pet or animal friendly environment where pets are given the freedom to appear in public given the criteria that the owners are able to handle their pets well and also to clean up after their pets. This will encourage the public to train their pets through positive reinforcement obedience classes and also adopt a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) image for their pets to be friendly and well behaved in all or any environment or situation.
01 Jul 2010 22:10
13 dogs in a vehicle squished and bunched in together that says it all ! An individual who puts dogs in this situation has absolutely no right to have any duty of care for dogs in any way shape or form.
Everywhere in civialised Europe there are by laws on numbers on dogs in vehicles and the conditions that must be in place before they can be transported.
Since the Uk is supposidly a place of dog lovers and with over 8 million dogs as pets and people using "dog walkers" for whatever reason surely with one thing and another this is now a "trade" that must be regulated properly just as a child minder would be.
There needs to a restriction on numbers of dogs per person at one time just as there is with for example how many children one adult can supervise in certain situations.
many things are hard to regulate though for the sake of dogs and their peoples piece of mind Dog walkers need to be registered with the local council and the open spaces in which they walk and like other services that use open spaces dog walkers toon need to pay for the space they use.
It´s all to free easy and unregulated and when that changes it will be advantagous for Dog and people.
In order for a dog walker to be registered they would first need to pass a competence/aptitude test to show their ability ,that they have insurance , know how to handle an emergency situation and theat they have the basic good citizen skills.
Whether one uses an accountant, Doctor, Dentist, teacher etc they are all regulated and have to have a certain level of ability and competance ...... Hopefully the seed is sown and real change will occur.
And to the individual who left 10 plus canines in a vehicle with the engine running to get further canines Shame on you and really what goes around comes around.
Lessons must be learned and change must happen .
These individuals know who they are and that what occured was absolutely wrong however much they defend.
Wonder if the aforesaid was the same person who a friend of mine approached twice on the Heath extension in Hampstead about why she had beat a dog about the head and verbally chastised it so it cowered and urinated in fear when she had returned not quite the instant she was called and when this was bought to the womans attention she denied it before asking what business was it of her anyway so deny and then defensiveness usually = G U I L T.
Denail Defensiveness and Threats = What kind of "dog walkers can they possibly be"
01 Jul 2010 20:26
Dog bronchitis usually affects small to medium-sized breeds that are over one year of age. The causes of dog bronchitis are not always known. However, researchers say that cigarette smoke and urban pollution could be one of the causes that lead to bronchitis. The overpowered immune system of a dog with frequent viral or bacterial infection is most of the time unwilling to protect the dog from such infection. Therefore symptoms such as wheezing, loss of appetite, frequent gagging and sometimes fever may occur. A dog´s weight is very important factor to control the aftermath of bronchitis. Usually average-weight dogs with bronchitis display less severe symptoms than obese dogs. Cigarette smoke, dusts, or sprays must be removed from the dog’s environment in order to facilitate their fast recovery. Consult your veterinarian if severe symptoms such as fainting after coughing or fever occur. They usually prescribe cough suppressants and anti-inflammatory drugs. Till next time, good luck in life and health.ssage
01 Jul 2010 13:51
I really am enjoying PetStreet! Why didn´t I join ages ago! Hugo and I have got some friends now and we have been joining in with some discussions on the forums! Next step is to join a couple of Clubs!
30 Jun 2010 17:47
I am not allowed outside as it isn´t safe for me but with the weather being so hot, Evelyn put the cat harness onto me and attached the end of it to a long belt hooked onto my scratch post. Then she opened one of the lounge windows a little bit to let in the air so that I could have a little sniff and cool down on the ledge. I was happy to sit there and look out of the window and stretch out until I looked very very long! She also gave me a nice surprise- a little wet cloth draped over my body for a short time to cool me down. I like looking for little ants and squashing them with all my strength with my 2 front paws.
30 Jun 2010 17:41
In the morning I am usually on the lounge window ledge behind the closed blind enjoying the sunshine and the peace and quiet. Evelyn will always call my name and when I don´t respond she will say Hello hello hello really quickly. I then jump onto the floor with a thump and go to her hand, brushing against it backwards and forwards with the side of my face to greet her. I know that my breakfast bowl is filled soon afterwards and she puts fresh water into my bowl. I never used to respond to the words Hello hello hello until she rewarded me with a stroke behind the ears or top of the head, or said Good Girly to me...or even gave me a few yummy treats to eat. I am gradually trying to understand what humans say. I think she is trying to understand my meows because she will sometimes meow back to me- we end up having an entire few minutes of meowing to each other.
30 Jun 2010 12:02
She didn´t go to work for 2 days and was resting on the sofa( my fave spot for snoozing) so I kept an eye on her!
29 Jun 2010 10:46
Hi everyone! You have probably guessed it´s my 3rd day on PetStreet. Everyone has been so friendly, I think me and Hugo are going to have fun posting messages! I just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone, especially Vena who has been very helpful in my learning process!
29 Jun 2010 10:31
beautiful Kizzy is blind ---she has no eyes. I am her forever foster mummy supported by the wonderful Little Dog rescue who pay for all her medication and her previous operations!
29 Jun 2010 10:29
to win for the rescue that I support The Little Dog Rescue a £1000 pounds or even more.

The above link tells you about my beautiful George and the help this rescue gave him and to vote of course! Thank you Mary

28 Jun 2010 20:24
forginer woman branded me that as she had her dog off the lead and out of control her dog was lucky not to get knocked down by a car yet i had charlie on the lead and under control on my walk
28 Jun 2010 15:34
Those who know me personally, may very well claim that I am a bit of a dark family can certainly vouch for that as can my hubby and close friend´s......what you see is what you get of that am I am proud and genuine but beneath the surface lurk´s a side to me that many may find quite- well sordid & sinister some might say (LOL)!.

It all started when many years ago (well OK not that many but quite a few at least Hee-hee), my teachers throughout my Junior through to High School became rather concerned at my chosen subject material when given a project to do in History.

Whenever Class was told to put together an essay and often drawn illustrations on a particular subject, I chose one of two things - either Witches and Witchcraft back in Medieval times or the Romans.

OK, so so far, that´s not too bad is it.....after all, there´s plenty to learn and most students learn about such stuff through history in history anyhow, along with World Wars, Pearl Harbour, the Vikings, etc, etc...but when I particularly selected the ways of how witches were persecuted and put to death and chose the Gladitorial games and Arena games of the Roman Empire, my teachers found it all a bit disturbing and brought up this concern at a Parent´s evening one time.

If anybody has watched the film ´The Addams Family´ where the teachers take Gomez and Morticia Addams to oneside about their beloved daughter Wednesday´s interest in the burning of witches, then you´ll know what my own Mother went through back in the early 80´s (LOL).

My teachers would remark that I was very talented particularly in English and Art and that although a quiet, very reserved child who had no particular friends and remained aloof from other´s although excelled in certain subjects esepcially in those that I had a particular fondness for, my frequent choice of witches and Gladiators, was a little peculiar!.

Of course, my Mother laughed it off and said, that she had noted that I often read many detailed reference books on such topics when at home, that I had borrowed from the library and was often found drawing picture´s depicting Chariot races, Gladitorial combats and whatnot but thought it a fair healthy interest and so long as I did not get mixed up in the Occult and physically harm other´s, there surely was nothing wrong in a child learning such stuff and earning Gold stars for all her efforts in her subject when it came to marking - of course, the teachers could say very little and assured her, that I was fine to continue as I were, although I´m sure they thought me still somewhat strange and no doubt my Mother a little odd too (LOL)!.

As I grew up, I watched avidly everything I could on Romans and grew up with the like´s of ´Ben Hur´, ´Spartacus´, ´Ano Domini´ and most other Biblical time pieces along with documentarial material on the persecution of witches throughout the today, am I still fascinated by such stuff, all those years later ????.............ABSOLUTELY! (LOL).

To my utter delight, I loved ´Rome´ when it was aired although many couldn´t stomach the series to be honest BUT to die for by far has got to be SKY´s Bravo production ´Spartacus - Blood In The Sand´.

THIS IS NOT for the faint hearted, squeamish or easily offended - it´s serious stuff and has taken any Roman/Gladitorial lover by storm......I´ve watched it every Tuesday night (10pm) since it started 5 epidode´s ago and will be devastated when the last of this series is aired tomorrow night.

What is one to do without a Roman in their life ???? (LOL) and YES, I have always said that if I could regress back into time, I´d love to go back to the Roman Empire time period BUT of course, I could never be a Christian and certainly not a slave but a lady of the highest calibre in the highest´s not because I´m a snob (far from it) but I value my life too much (Hee-hee).

So whenever I hear/see the words ´There´s Something About Mary´.....I secretly smile to myself and think - Yup, there certainly is (LOL).
28 Jun 2010 14:37
Hi everyone! Well it´s my 2nd day on petstreet, I think I´ve got a lot to learn about Gifts & Friends!
I´m sort of getting to grips with things so please bear with me! If anyone can give me some tips & tricks I would be most gratefull! Anyway, I´m having fun and I´m sure I´ll have lots of new doggy friends soon!
28 Jun 2010 14:26
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28 Jun 2010 10:34

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27 Jun 2010 14:37
Hi I´m Anna and my dog is called Hugo. We are new to PetStreet but hope to make lots of doggy friends! Hugo is great company and we love going walking together! We meet lots of interesting owners and dogs while out on our daily walks, we thought it would be nice to meet lots more great doggy people while we are at home!
26 Jun 2010 13:14
Jiff had an operation yesterday and is feeling pretty fed up!!
He has 4 bald patches! and stitches in his eye and leg.
I dont think he was very amused when he woke up with a PINK bandage on or a bucket on his head! Get well soon Jiffy xxxxx
26 Jun 2010 11:14
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25 Jun 2010 20:09
mammy got me a dog lollypop
a new collar
and dentel rasks
25 Jun 2010 13:17
Evelyn sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me some yummy food for my breakfast. She said that my babyish looking face hasn´t changed since she got me as a kitten!
25 Jun 2010 10:39
Met a lovely little dog called Moo last week whilst teaching. He was my demo dog and I knew little about him before I started the consultation. The first thing he communicated was a hurt left paw, then a sore back, and that he felt betrayed by some he had long trusted.

Took Moo a while to settle into the healing as he is a ´ busy´ dog, and likes to be doing something. Then he became sleepy and relaxed, leaning against me. Several big yawns followed and a big stretch.

What I picked up made sense to the owner. Moo´s best doggy pal had suddenly turned on him
( hence Moo feeling betrayed) biting his left paw in several places, and then Moo had taken a tumble off a log pile hence the sore back.

Saw Moo a week later and he was much better, all energy blockages gone - both emotional and physical.
24 Jun 2010 23:51
i have just had someone e mail me on face book
asking if i could help rehome their staffy witch i don´t mind
i gave him some sites of Ware he could advertise
his staff
when i asked him why he was rehoming his dog as it was 8 years old
the reason he gave me was that his daughter has just had a baby
& its not fair the dog staying in the kitchen all the time because of the baby
why the dog has to stay in the kitchen because of a new baby
i will never know
wont that make the dog more jealous anyway ?
the dog is apparently very good with children so why put it in the kitchen ?
is it me or do other people feel the same way
to rehome a dog at 8 years old is very sad & sometime can´t be helped
but i think that this is just silly
24 Jun 2010 23:51
i have just had someone e mail me on face book
asking if i could help rehome their staffy witch i don´t mind
i gave him some sites of Ware he could advertise
his staff
when i asked him why he was rehoming his dog as it was 8 years old
the reason he gave me was that his daughter has just had a baby
& its not fair the dog staying in the kitchen all the time because of the baby
why the dog has to stay in the kitchen because of a new baby
i will never know
wont that make the dog more jealous anyway ?
the dog is apparently very good with children so why put it in the kitchen ?
is it me or do other people feel the same way
to rehome a dog at 8 years old is very sad & sometime can´t be helped
but i think that this is just silly
24 Jun 2010 22:40
went for a paddle in the water fountion in the park today and had a drink of the water in it to keep me cool
24 Jun 2010 12:12
I have been busy playing with a huge feather for the past few days. Evelyn brought it home for me and I love it so much especially if she throws it into the air for me to catch with my front paws. It makes me jump up a lot and she says it is very good exercise for me.
22 Jun 2010 18:25
Dog’s Addison disease occurs generally when your dog is under heavy stress. This disease is more common in dogs than in humans and it happens more often in female dogs. The dog’s adrenal glands stop working properly. These glands regulate the way a dog´s body controls levels of water, sugar and salt. There are two hormones normally deficient in dogs with Addison disease: cortisol and aldosterone. Cortisol helps to deal with stress besides converting food into energy and managing the inflammatory response of the dog’s immune system. Dogs with Addison disease can experience low body temperature, muscle weakness, collapse, low heart rate, etc. Temperature that falls below 99 degrees or rises above 104 degrees Fahrenheit requires immediate attention. You can take your dog’s temperature with ThermoPet and contact your veterinarian. In most cases Addison disease it’s hereditary. If you discover the disease ahead of time though pills and injection can help keep your dog healthy. Most dogs are able to survive the crisis.
18 Jun 2010 20:37
up & ran rouToday (Friday 18/06/10) I took Kobi & Zeus for their bronze dog test, both failed with flying colours, this is how they failed, I will start the the gormless one Zeus.
I walk Zeus to where test is being done I get him to sit why we check records then was asked to walk Zeus to heel around the marked out ring, but the idiot decided that he was going to pull my arms out of their sockets, I was then asked to get Zeus to sit, stay, recall & down. I walked in front of Zeus took lead off & told Zeus to sit & stay, but Zeus just looked up at me with this gormless look on his face & walked over to the examiner, one failed dog.
Now its Kobi´s turn he is top of the puppy class so was looking forwards to showing him off, what a fool I was, in we walked handed over details then test starts with a fantastic walk to heel, then we got to the sit, stay, recall & down, I got Kobi to sit took lead off him then told him to stay I walked 6 foot away turned to face him & no dog as Kobi as followed me & was sitting behind me, I smiled at him & again told him sit stay & walked 6 foot away again turned round & called Kobi to me, he stands up stretches forwards then backwards sat back down had a flea, I could of swear he had a smirk on his face, I recalled him again & he jumped nd in a circle chasing his tail, second failed dog.
Zeus got zero out of 50 points & Kobi got 10 out of 50 points & to pass you need a minimum of 40 points, I guess its back to the beginner´s puppy classes, instead of going up to junior puppy classes for these 2 perfectly behaved dogs.
18 Jun 2010 20:36
Today (Friday 18/06/10) I took Kobi & Zeus for their bronze dog test, both failed with flying colours, this is how they failed, I will start the the gormless one Zeus.
I walk Zeus to where test is being done I get him to sit why we check records then was asked to walk Zeus to heel around the marked out ring, but the idiot decided that he was going to pull my arms out of their sockets, I was then asked to get Zeus to sit, stay, recall & down. I walked in front of Zeus took lead off & told Zeus to sit & stay, but Zeus just looked up at me with this gormless look on his face & walked over to the examiner, one failed dog.
Now its Kobi´s turn he is top of the puppy class so was looking forwards to showing him off, what a fool I was, in we walked handed over details then test starts with a fantastic walk to heel, then we got to the sit, stay, recall & down, I got Kobi to sit took lead off him then told him to stay I walked 6 foot away turned to face him & no dog as Kobi as followed me & was sitting behind me, I smiled at him & again told him sit stay & walked 6 foot away again turned round & called Kobi to me, he stands up stretches forwards then backwards sat back down had a flea, I could of swear he had a smirk on his face, I recalled him again & he jumped up & ran round in a circle chasing his tail, second failed dog.
Zeus got zero out of 50 points & Kobi got 10 out of 50 points & to pass you need a minimum of 40 points, I guess its back to the beginner´s puppy classes, instead of going up to junior puppy classes for these 2 perfectly behaved dogs.
18 Jun 2010 14:02
Evelyn bought me a present last night- a new scratch board which goes on the floor and has a straw mouse on the top. It is identical to the previous one that I have worn out already- previous straw mouse had been chewed and worn out by me!
17 Jun 2010 12:56

Can you walk 5 miles with OR WITHOUT your furry friendly companion?
Would you like to help raise funds for sick animals in care?
Get your friends or family to walk with you.
Well now you can…its so simple just pay £12 to join and you get a T-shirt, poster, map, badge and your sponsorship forms. Get your friends and family to sponsor your walk so the more miles you do the more pounds you raise……easy! - Saturday 11th September 2010 from 10.30 till 2.30 AT EASTBOURNE PARADE.
All monies raised is going to The Horse Refuge in Kent,
Paws Animal Sanctuary in Sussex and Wetnose Animal Aid.
TEL: 01508 518650
If you would like to join in please email me
16 Jun 2010 15:32
One day on the weekend, we went to Shrewsbury for a day out. It was a great day and we got loads of clothes shoes etc, we were on the way home and we were discussing our new pet Krusty the crayfish (NOT Krusty the clown from the Simpsons lol), that we had got from Pets at Home in Aberystwyth. We were discussing the fact that a Crayfish´s aim is to escape the tank, but if their gills go dry they will die....

We got home and dad opened the door and saw a small blob shaped thing on the floor, moving across the kitchen tiles. He walked over to it and turned on the lights and saw...... KRUSTY! She had escaped out the back of the tank, where there are holes for the tank light cables and must of fallen (amazingly without a scratch) onto the floor and made her way over to the carpet! Luckily her gills were still wet and, even though the cats were in, they had not seen her! We taped up the holes and plopped her back in the tank unharmed.

Even though she had a tramatic experience from escaping last time, she still hasn´t given up trying!
15 Jun 2010 23:26
Parrotfish are mostly tropical, perciform marine fish of the family Scaridae. Abundant on shallow reefs of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, the parrotfish family contains nine genera and about 80 species.

Parrotfish are named for their oral dentition: their numerous teeth are arranged in a tightly packed mosaic on the external surface of the jaw bones, forming a parrot-like beak which is used to rasp algae from coral and other rocky substrates. Many species are also brightly coloured in shades of blue, green, red and yellow, but are not especially popular in aquaria. Although they are considered to be herbivores, parrotfish eat a wide variety of organisms that live on coral reefs. Their diet may sometimes include living corals (polyps). Their feeding activity is important for the production and distribution of coral sands in the reef biome and can prevent algae from choking coral. The teeth grow continuously, making it hard to curb overgrowth in the aquarium. Ingested during feeding, coral is ground up by the molar-like teeth in the throat. It assists in digestion and is later excreted with the fish´s other wastes as coral sand.

Maximum sizes vary widely within the family, from 20 cm (TL) in the smallest species, such as the green parrotfish (Leptoscarus viagiensis) to 1.5 m (TL) in the largest species, the bump-head or giant parrotfish (Bolbometapon muricatum). A commercial fishery exists for some of the larger tropical species. Their bodies are deep, with large, thick cycloid scales, large pectoral fins and homocercal tail fins. The pectorals are the parrotfish´s primary means of locomotion, the tail only used when speed is required.

Parrotfish are diurnal and stay within shallow waters of no more than about 70 metres in depth. By night they cram themselves into crevices, some species secreting a thick coat of mucus as a sort of sleeping bag. The mucus is thought to mask their scent from nocturnal predators and may serve to protect the fish from infection by parasites.

The development of parrotfish is complex and accompanied by a series of changes in coloration termed polychromatism. For most species, adult males and females have different colours, the females usually displaying drab tones of green, brown or grey, and the males vivid, conspicuous colours. In the mediterranean parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense), it is the females that have vivid coloration with the males being drab grey. In most species, the juveniles have a different colour pattern than the adults and some tropical species this juvenile coloration can be altered temporarily to mimic the appearance of other species. As the juveniles mature they enter what is termed the initial phase coloration during which they may change colour and sex. For most species, initial phase fishes are usually males that have the beginnings of the adult male coloration. However, initial phase fishes may include sexually mature females. The high variability in coloration of parrotfish has led to the different phases of many species being erroneously classified as different species in the past. Coloration is highly variable even among members of the same species. This "identity crisis" is shared by their close relatives, the wrasses of the family Labridae.

Known by some as the "cows of the sea," grazing parrotfish of most tropical species form large schools grouped by size. Harems of several females presided over by a single male are the norm in other species, the males vigorously defending their status at any challenge. Curiously, if the dominant male of a harem is removed, one of the females will change sex and adopt the terminal male coloration. Parrotfish are pelagic spawners; that is, they release many tiny buoyant eggs into the water which become part of the plankton. The eggs float freely, settling into the substrate until hatching
15 Jun 2010 20:19
We have had Jake since he was 8 weeks old and he has been an absolute angel, he is now 11 years old and our circumstances have changed so much in the last 22 months and its forcing us to look for a new home for our boy, although he is 11 he thinks he is still 2 and still has lots of energy and loves playing outside with his favourite ball, we need to find a loving home where he can spend the rest of his days and be happy and content, he is good with children and when out walking he is great with other dogs and just wants to play, he has never met cats so couldnt say how he would be with them, we have a little boy who has a kidney problem and takes most of our time along with our 4 year old, we have been criticised for rehoming an 11 year old dog but we have no alternative now and have to put jake first....if you or you know of anyone who can give our boy a new loving home please send me an email with a little about yourself and your home as it is very important that he goes to the right people..we are in Nottinghamshire..

15 Jun 2010 15:48
WOOF WOOF, went for a run and it was good. We saw the horses I had to give them a little gruff just so they no Im not scared. Mum told me to shhhhhh and leave so I did as I was told.
I got my legs dirty which Im not to happy about because that means mum has to wash me down and I dont do water to well.
Well I can smell my dinner so I will be off now WOOF WOOF
15 Jun 2010 15:45
Im in the New Forest and Im having a great time. We went for a run on the moors and it was great.
I saw the horses and mummy said I was good girl coz I didnt bark at them WOOF.
I also ran through all the mud and now Im all muddy WOOF WOOF time for a wash, food and sleep I think.
12 Jun 2010 20:59
A really easy question

A dangerous dog is easy to spot.... He will have a dickhead attached to
the end of his lead.
11 Jun 2010 15:44
A dog which I re-homed about a month ago which we knew was pregnant has just given birth to 9 puppies. I discussed everything with the new owner who works in the offices of a country estate and regularly takes in orphaned lambs and she decided that she wanted the puppies to be born at her home rather than in the kennels and then when they are old enough to leave their mum they will go to the kennels for re-homing. In the meant time we (the Council) will pay for any treatment and the worming of the pups. She is a beautiful collie x lad. She has the cout of a chocolate lab and the physique of a collie and all her pups look just liks her
11 Jun 2010 12:57
I am adding new content daily to my rabbit facts site, come over and have a look,
10 Jun 2010 09:17
Hi I´m Ash. I think I´m about 8 yrs old. I was found by my dad when he was doing his job a few years ago. I was wandering along a road trying to find something to eat when I was found. I was very thin and also very weak I only weighed 18kgs (I now weigh 38kgs) My dad picked me up and put me in his van and took me home where I had a good bath and some good food. My dad and Amy looked after me til I felt better and now we all live together and have some really good times.
I think that I am the best at everything we do. I like to make friends with all the dogs we meet at work and when we´re out and about. My dad says that I am a wus but thats just because I let Amy do all the security work and I spend my time making friends xx
10 Jun 2010 09:03
I´m Amy. I´m 10 yrs old. I used to belong to a family who used to set me on to anyone who passed our property and so I ended up in trouble and I was taken away by the RSPCA inspector. The inspector knows my dad because of his job and I was pushed on to him to be trained to be a good dog and now I live with my dad and my ´brother´ Ash. We all go to work together and I enjoy meeting all the other dogs who aren´t as fortunate as me but I must say that I like to tell them that I´m in charge even though my dad thinks that he is lol
07 Jun 2010 12:35
Enjoyed snoozing on window ledge for ages, playing with my mousey toys and feathers, sniffing and investigating Evelyn´s little mini rose plant, keeping an eye out for the occasional ant marching across the floor...and then eating it after patting it with my paws!
07 Jun 2010 08:41
Im off to the New Forrest tomorrow for a short break, a well deserved one I must say.
I m so excited I havent been up there since xmas and thats not like me.
Just cant wait for the peace and quiet and the open land so Dizzy and Angel can have a good run, without any hassel from anyone.
Not sure what time Im leaving yet but as long as Im out the door at some point tomorrow and in the New Forrest by tomorrow night, I will be a happy bunny.
07 Jun 2010 05:52
Hey everyone,
My best friend and I have recently gone into business together doing dog walking and pet care. We have just got our website up and running, so if anyone wants to have a look and let me know what you think, any feedback would be much appreciated.
Thanks xxx
06 Jun 2010 17:43
Today i did my 12.2 mile charity walk it was very hard work but worth it :) if anyone would like to add a last minute sponsor then please use this link:

Even a pound would be fab its for help the heroes :) there´s a pic of me at the finish line in my album springtime proving i did it lol.
06 Jun 2010 16:34
its with a sad heart to tell all my friends jessie passed away in her sleep on tesday 1st of june she was a wonderfull quite dog faithfull to the end and she will be sadly missed by all who had the priviledge of knowing her R I P my friend
05 Jun 2010 22:11
Attended first Dog-watch meeting with Duke but had to have a walking meeting due to Duke not being allowed in the council building. The date for our Dogwatch launch is 17 July at the Dog festival located at Furzton lake Milton Keynes. While at our walking meeting we came across an abandon stolen motor Bike so they wanted a photo of Duke one paw on Bike like one of them hunting trophy photo´s showing Dukes first discovered stolen exhibit! im thinking of buying Duke a deer stalker hat LoL! how smart he will look ;-). The packs for dog-watch members are nearly completed and will be ready for our launch, just waiting to have photo´s done of Duke meeting the mayor of Milton Keynes and the Area commander of Thames valley police. Duke will be attending the Bletchley carnival on the 12 June on the neighborhood-watch stand to promote Dog-watch launch on the 17 July. Bedford and Cambridge police are interested in our Dog-watch, so fingers crossed Dog-watch will be in many areas promoting and encouraging responsible dog owners. Busy and exciting times to come!!!
01 Jun 2010 22:27
June is National Microchipping month and veterinary practices all over the country will be taking part. Vets will be offering microchips at reduced prices and holding microchipping events, in an effort to get as many pets as possible chipped

What are microchips?
Microchips are small devices that are only about the size of a grain of rice. They are inserted under the skin at the back of the neck and each contains a unique number which can be read by a special scanning device. Microchips are completely harmless and often you cannot even feel them once they have been inserted. They cannot be removed unless in exceptional circumstances, so your pet will always be identifiable.

Why should I microchip my pet?
All responsible pet owners should have their pets microchipped. All animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds, can be microchipped. If you pet is lost or stolen, anyone with a special scanner will be able to find the chip and the number. All vets, the RSPCA, the Dog Warden and the police have the scanners. The unique number in the chip is held on a central data base with all your contact details. Also, if you are thinking of travelling abroad with your pet under the PETS travel scheme, they will have to be chipped in order to leave the country.

How is my pet microchipped?
The microchip is inserted via a needle into the scruff, which is the lose skin on the back of your pets neck. The needle is quite large, but the injection is over very quickly, and many animals can be distracted with a tasty treat or a big cuddle! If you are concerned, you can always ask for a nurse to hold your pet instead. If your pet is going to undergo an anaesthetic, if, for example, they are being neutered, ask your vet to do it then. Your pet won´t feel it and often it is cheaper.

So, if your pets aren´t done, get them down to your vet this month and have them microchipped (and pinned!)
01 Jun 2010 21:47

Had a fantastic time visiting my friends in Cyprus, but some very sad sights! Kittens left to fend for themselves and on our way home to the airport a young puppy was dumped on a roundabout!! thank god it was dumped on a British army base and the lady who found her found her a new home with one of the army families we were all in tears over breakfast when they said they would love to take her home, at least that puppy had a happy ending but how many are not so lucky! :-(
When i got home gave Duke the biggest hugs and kisses (of course and hubby and kids ;-) ) and then more tummy rubs and hugs and kisses. It was lovely to see old friends and catch up but also great to be home again :-)
01 Jun 2010 20:59
hi all sorry if i am not suppossed to do this but having finished treatment for quiet advanced cancer last year and still in remission i am doing race for life on sunday if it´s ok i would like to ask for sponsers i have the link below if anyone would like to donate sorry again if it isnt allowed and thanks if it is .

01 Jun 2010 19:46
hey all so we moved house and cagney is now home and about 3 weeks ago now i took on a 3rd doglet his name is diesel he is 10 months old and a blue staff, he has issues reguarding a learnt behaiviour where by through observing him with other dogs he goes into dominant state and feeds on the weakness of other dogs, hopefully with a little help from lacey he will be a good dog once he knows how to behaive like one!!
01 Jun 2010 11:36
i might be wrong but she was squeeling in the door way this morning cause i went for a wee and lifted a leg up ?dont know why i just felt the urge to do it like that but mum was well happy so i ran for a love then went straight back and did it up another tree in the garden and she squeeled again and i was told lots i am a good boy so i think maybe thats how i shall wee in future as i felt very pleased with myself as mum was happy
01 Jun 2010 11:31
and i quiet like it i laied on the lawn and had some toast breakfast alfesco
01 Jun 2010 11:15
sammy and bobby just went for a squelch round the garden and sammy cocked his leg ya go sammy!
going to book my race for life place tomorrow can you take dogs??????????
31 May 2010 18:27
its my birthday today 31th may I am 3 year old now, my mummy as spoiled me today, she as brought me a new ball, teddy-bear, chews, a big piece of cod which I had for my dinner also had a birthday cake it was yummy & I had a ice-cream from the van that came in to our street, she also got me a new lead its a flexi lead it´s 10 metres long & fits in to the handle & as a torch in handle also,
mummy don´t like using flexi leads but sometime when we are walking I have to stay on a lead because there are lambs in field, now I still have freedom but still under mummy control. xxxxx
31 May 2010 09:37
I thought this was quite funny and ive had the same asked me a few times now.
I was returning from our morning walk today and this chap was getting into his car after getting his morning paper, He looked up and said "Good morning" I replyed with "Good morning" back to him and carried on walking. He then asked me "Are they all yours?????" I replyed "Oh Yes" he replyed with "WOW" I carried on walking and had a little chuckle to my self.
This is a question ive been asked quite a few times since I added Masie to the fur family just over three months ago. Itf funny as when it was just Tinsel and Angel no one ever commented or said are they both yours and just by adding another little papillon people seem to be amazed that I own three dogs. (To me its nothing lol) I feel like saying you should meet some of my friends lol.
I am very proud (most of the time) when im out with my three well especially when they are on lead as they all walk so nicely and behave so well that to me its just not a difficult task at all.
Do any of my Petstreet pals who have multi dog homes ever get this question asked???????????
30 May 2010 17:29
i sat down to listen to the songs and music and had a play with a puppy and became friends with a rescue westie that was found in a puppy farm
29 May 2010 13:48
This is such a sad story, please sign if you feel able:
*Below follows an extract from Lennox´s owners:

"Lennox is a loveable 5 year old family member. He´s an American Bull dog cross that we have owned since he was a little pup. On Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from our family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. The Council, without seeking any proper professional guidance declared Lennox to be a breed of "Pitbull Type" and so they wish to kill him simply because he has the appearance of said breed. Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the council have removed him from his home where he lives with my wife, myself, our 12 year old Daughter and his soul mate Juicy, a 2 year old female boxer. Belfast City Council are pressuring our family to sign him over to them to be destroyed however we feel the need to fight his case, he cannot speak but we will be his voice! If this was a human we would declare this racism. We ask every kind hearted person for your support, don´t let them murder him."

Thanks for your time,

28 May 2010 18:47
28 May 2010 08:53
Army surplus are goods and equipment that the military people use. The military usually sell these materials or dispose when they no longer need it. These goods and commodities can be purchased at surplus stores. These items include clothing such as trousers, jackets, footwear, sports equipment, headgear, camping and useful tools. These clothing and footwear are extremely tough and durable, ideal for outdoor activity, camping, hiking and for keeping out the elements.

Army surplus first became popular after the Second World War when there was a huge surplus of military items which are great as durable clothing. Today more and more people prefer to use these items because of their uniqueness. These are not only sold at local market but also it has spread its dominance to online stores.

This army surplus has a great value for movies for depicting army background. One can get these items from the retailers like shops and websites who have a proper contract or agreement with the distributing body or company.

Army surplus are not only sold new and undamaged but some used and damaged products are also sold. But these are available at a cheaper rate. Generally these old items include clothing and footwear apart from tents and other outdoor equipment that are leftover to requirement by the Ministry of Defense or other government organization across the world.

Usually, the army surplus is sold through retail outlets by the specialists in camping and outdoor activities. But some official websites also sell a comprehensive range of products in these stores. The large items like mobile kitchens, vehicles, trailers are sold by the specialist auction teams at auctions worldwide. Few of the items like helmets, swords and uniforms are important collectibles. These are very expensive.

To discover more about it, visit our website at:

27 May 2010 20:20
Why does Pippa piddle indoors even when the back door is open and she know about it? I really need to know!
Ciaz X.x.x.x.x.x
26 May 2010 19:45
if mammy didnt call me off the road i would have got killed by a speading car coming down the street
26 May 2010 18:04
yo yo i have no idea how ps works so soz if i don´t reply coz i´m dumb and i d
26 May 2010 15:21
This is a memorial to my past wild bunnies that my cats caught each year.
2007 - Velvet I
2008 - Velvet II, Flopsy, Poppy, Lucky
2009 - Nutmeg, Smartie, Skittles, Thumper
2010 (just recently) - Fudge
26 May 2010 13:26
In my experience, hoomans are difficult to train but after many years I fink me mum is getting the my age I fink I need to save me energies for important stuff like sleeping etc, so now whenever I´m hungry, I just sit in front of me mum miaowing me head off until she lifts me up to the countertop where me dinner is...hehehehe. Then, I nip out through me catflap, scale a 6ft fence and settle down to some serious sunbathing atop me favourite shed...i don´t fink she´s noticed, hehehehe...
25 May 2010 18:38
Incredible what I found out about a Canine Influenza (Dog Flu, H3N8) that I was completely unaware of. It’s spreading between dogs in 2010 and it’ll eventually spread out in the coming years as well. The first dogs ever infected were greyhounds. My dog is an Italian greyhound so I’m making sure I gather as much information as I can.
Dogs lack preexisting immunity to the virus. Although they can recover they retain immunity to re-infection for an undetermined time period. The most efficient transmission occurs by direct contact with infected dogs and by aerosols generated by coughing and sneezing. This virus is highly contagious and it can occur year round unlike human influenza. It’s now prevalent in Colorado, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania but not much evidence of dogs being infected in any other country.
The most common clinical signs include fever, coughing, depression, muscle soreness, anorexia, etc. But don’t freak out, there are things you can do to prevent your lovely canine companion or unique family member from having the worst nightmare ever. Your doggy can survive it all. Just take his body temperature with a talking touch free dog thermometer. I use thermopet by Sanomedics and it works fine.
The more severe disease involves pneumonia, including a high fever (104º to 106º F) and increased respiratory rate and effort. Make sure you take him to the Vet as soon as some of these symptoms show up. Also, make sure you wash your hands; the virus is easily inactivated by washing hands, clothes and other items with soap and water. Good luck.
25 May 2010 18:34
Dog bronchitis usually affects small to medium-sized breeds that are over one year of age. The causes of dog bronchitis are not always known. However, researchers say that cigarette smoke and urban pollution could be one of the causes that lead to bronchitis. The overpowered immune system of a dog with frequent viral or bacterial infection is most of the time unwilling to protect the dog from such infection. Therefore symptoms such as wheezing, loss of appetite, frequent gagging and sometimes fever may occur. A dog´s weight is very important factor to control the aftermath of bronchitis. Usually average-weight dogs with bronchitis display less severe symptoms than obese dogs. Cigarette smoke, dusts, or sprays must be removed from the dog’s environment in order to facilitate their fast recovery. Consult your veterinarian if severe symptoms such as fainting after coughing or fever occur. They usually prescribe cough suppressants and anti-inflammatory drugs. Till next time, good luck in life and health.
25 May 2010 18:31
Start your pet’s dental care early and the results will be rewarding in the long term. Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three, and just like humans, there can be serious consequences of poor dental health. Infected gums and teeth aren´t just a problem in the mouth. The heart, kidneys, intestinal tract, and joints may also be infected. If your dog is suffering from an infection in a tooth due to bacteria in the mouth, it could form into an abscess. Symptoms may include: fever, lack of appetite, reduced desire to drink, and unusual head tilt. With regular dental care, you can prevent some of these more serious side effects. Talk to your Veterinarian at the vaccination appointments on how to initiate a good dental care program at home. Most Veterinarians are happy to provide brushing lessons, and many carry brushes and toothpaste specifically for dogs and cats. Also, they can recommend you the right thermometer for your dog’s needs. I use a touch free thermometer for dogs by Sanomedics and my doggy loves it. Many dogs with bad teeth will be put on an antibiotic a few days prior to a dental cleaning to calm the infection and reduce possibility of complications.
25 May 2010 10:40
Ruff Luck Rescue is the rescue centre that im fostering for. It is two women who are doing their best to help so many dogs that have been abandoned or mistreated etc... As you can imagine they really struggle as they have to pay full kennel prices for all of the rescue dogs they take in, so are desperate for fosterers. I know that last month they had a kennel bill of £2000.
If anyone wants to have a look at their website, even if it just to tell them that they are doing a great job the website address is:

These ladies really deserve all the support that they can get, they really are making a huge difference to the lives of so many dogs.
23 May 2010 19:25
a young child tried to hit me yesterday mammy didnt like it and called me she was going to compain to the childs mum and dad only for they were not speaking english lucky for me i did not get hurt
23 May 2010 19:22
i followed mammy into the sea today to go for a paddle the sea was nice and cool and i really enjoyed it after my paddle i shook the water off me and then rolled around in the sand
23 May 2010 08:48
Okay guys. You all got very confused about Wedge and what my 6 year old cousin typed in. Yes, it was my 6 year old cousin, not me! So I´m going to ask you if you think I should keep Wedge or delete it all together. Your Choice!

Thank You,
Ciara X x X x X x
22 May 2010 21:13
It has been so hot today that I have been dozing on the window ledge in the sunshine for most of the day, only getting up to have a wander over to my water and food bowls. Evelyn tried to tempt me to play by waving a big feather in front of me. She had found it outside and I inspected it by sniffing it. I batted at it a few times but then decided it was too much effort...and resumed my position on the window ledge with eyes closed and front paws curled under me!
22 May 2010 18:04
a woman in the park told mammy she should enter me in the shows as i would make a good show dog she couldnt get over how placid i was for a young dog
21 May 2010 17:02

Im of on a girls holiday tomorrow :-) 9 days of just being me! No kids, no hubby and no cares :-)
20 May 2010 20:58
When we take our dogs for a walk we usually think about many things that don’t have anything to do with our pet. We tend to forget our pets communicate and they do so with sound and body language. For example, a dog may communicate he is sick when he is not wanting to move, itching and scratching, losing appetite, and when he has some mouth problems such as bleeding or soar looking gums, along with discolored teeth or teeth loss. As in humans fever is number one symptom when dogs get sick. So next time you take your dog for a walk pay attention to his body language. He might be trying to tell you something.
19 May 2010 20:03
i have just joined the german shepherd rescue site its such a good cause .I could not belive the mess some of these dogs are in and thank god for people who really do care.I was horrifed by some of the images and i cant imagine any of my puppies growing up to be dumped like that also when i seen how the council deals with the strays and how the can just throw them in a plastic bag and in a dump really upset me .I mean where is there compasion i hate these people now they make money out of the dogs being there and then they destroy them and despose of them in the moast aweful way this really upset me my heart was breaking i class them as murders . I also found out the most descusting thing ever some big coprative companies buy these poor inocent dogs bodies and put it threw dog food t he most horiffic thing i have ever heard of . So i appeal to people to keep there dogs safe and sound . The german shepherd rescue has provented thousands of dogs ending up in this mess and there on face book please give them support as they need it thanks
19 May 2010 15:07
19 May 2010 09:21
Have just been making sure all Millie´s microchip info is up to date, and came across this little report about Millie´s weekend with Barking Mad. This is the only time she´s ever stayed with strangers. Here´s the report from Ray & Jean who had the pleasure of Millie´s company, lol:-

"Put Millie to play in the garden on arrival, as she was taking everything she could reach - Little Miss Dynamite!

Went for short walks near home on her first day on the long lead. No bother with her food, she ate everything - toilet roll, face flannel, kitchen towel, the list goes on. Millie sat on the settee in the evening and we both watched tv. She slept very well in her crate, no noise at all.

Saturday afternoon went for a long walk across the fields - 11/2hrs. I hoped she would have been tired out - no chance, she busted 2 footballs and shredded my gardening gloves - still full of life! But, on the bright side, she has stopped next doors cat from coming into my garden.

Millie is a lovely dog. She has a beautiful face and she is full of mischief. Having Millie to stay has been an experience.

P.S. sorry about the squeaky ball, Millie just chewed it to pieces.

best wishes
Ray & Jean"

It´s just that sentence at the end that always makes me smile - "having Millie to stay has been an experience" hahaha - bet they´re thanking their lucky stars they´ve never had to repeat it, lol!!!!
17 May 2010 21:24
Today I´m in mourning, no longer will i be able to come and go as i please, no longer will i be able to nip over and visit friends...................................Why????

My daughter passed her driving test today!!!! no longer will i have free use of my OWN CAR!!

17 May 2010 14:14
Just thought I would tell you that im having a dental next Tuesday.
Mommy found a tooth on my bed (well it was half a tooth) it was one of mine.
Even though mommy has always fed me on high quality doggie food. I have dental sticks hide chewies and even doggie tooth paste (yuck) ive ALWAYS had really brown horrid teeth and bad breath.
The vet says its because of my hard start in life and how I missed out on all the goodness plus my broken leg. You should of seen how skinny and lank I was as a pup ;-(
So my teeth have never been great (im six in August) although need a dental already.
Well i will be having it on Tuesday next week then i will have pearly white teeth just like my sisters and mommy can stop calling me "fishy breath BOL"
The only thing is this means another anaesthetic (ive had quite a few you see when i was a pup with my poorly leg and then when i was spayed too)
Have any of your dogs had a dental????? My old brother Brian Horatio had to have one. But hey at least my mommy is looking out for my teeth and I will have sparkling white teeth on tuesday.
Love Princess Tinsel Mary xxxxxxxxx
17 May 2010 10:16
Hi, my name´s Riley and I´m a Greyhound x Whippet. When I was born I´d been bred for coursing, but my breeder found out that I have a slight splaying of my front paws which meant that I wouldn´t be able to run as fast as I should. So they decided to have me put down. I was really lucky because Rachael found me when I was 12 weeks old and I came to live with her.

Since then I have grown big and strong (I´m now over 5 months old) and am a happy puppy. I have lots of toys to play with and go for lots of fun walks outside in the park with Rachael and with her friends. I am supposed to sleep on my bed on the floor, but I always manage to cuddle up on the sofa! I love to curl up after a walk and Rachael says I snore (I´m sure I don´t though). If I´ve been a good boy then I get a pig´s ear or knuckle to munch on which is really yummy.

We started going to training classes and it´s a lot of fun. Rachael is learning a lot and should soon be very well trained! The best bit is she has now learned to blow a whistle and give me bits of sausage when I come back to her in the park which is brilliant because it means she doesn´t have to be on the lead all the time so I can go off and have a run!

16 May 2010 23:54
i loves ya babe your a wee star and your so funny thanks for waking me up so early in the morning but do you think you could learn what sunday is my wee princess so mummy can have a wee lie in hows about 7 am its only an hour out loves and kisses mum and dad
16 May 2010 23:45
i cant stand people that steel other folks dogs they cause some amount of heart break we should see them get what they deserve because its just a rotten thing to do and why because they want to make some money .why dont they just get a job scum
15 May 2010 19:09
I have been wondering, how come hedgehogs have spikes?
15 May 2010 12:32
as a breeder i come in to contact with loads off people wanting dogs but not everyone gets one because i think you can tell by the way they act around dogs my fav thing to do hi put a hairy dog blanket on them with the pup am showing them to watch their reaction
15 May 2010 12:13
hi i am on face book wre there is a direct link to my web site every pet owner welcome just look for a pic of the puppy under leanne cochrane
15 May 2010 11:35
i love my dogs
14 May 2010 23:51
Really lovely news, i have found Blade a really lovely new family. I am taking him to them next week all being well. Im going to be so sad to see the boy go, i love him very much, but he will be so happy, and the new family have said that they will stay in touch, and that i can go visit him! So new foster dog time... i will be fetching ´Chicco´ from Ruff Luck Rescue next week, his story will follow shortly. xxx
14 May 2010 11:30
This looks a great site, and look forward to finding my way around..bit about myself, I´m a dog lover, and moved (two years ago) to sudbury Suffolk, i still don´t know anyone, and there don´t seem to be much in sudbury to do, coming from a very busy place. I want to meet new people (gain some friends with a common interest perhaps), and thought i can´t be the only one who feels like this. so i thought I´d like to organise a dog walking group, where other people perhaps are looking to gain some new friends, or just enjoy walking their dogs with some company. thought it would be good exercise for the members and good socialising for the dogs. any tips?? do you think I´ll be standing alone next Thursday? what time of the day do you think would be most popular? anything to add? any comments well be most welcome.. thanks
14 May 2010 09:49
As everyday passes, I realise more just how happy my dog ´Tonic´ makes me feel.

After taking him on just 2 months ago, he has brought joy and laughter into my world.

On first sight, he rushed up to me, and went all silly and sloppy.
I´ll never forget that day. He was thin, his rib cage was very apparent. Yet still he was a happy chap. I remember bathing him for the first time and I cried as I felt every bone. He didn´t eat for days, he didn´t even want to walk.

I personally have gone through a lot of trauma after having to put my ´Mojo´ down. The loss was so great I never thought I would bond with another dog. Not only the loss of him but also more personal problems.

Anyway 2 months on. I have moved house and I am settled although I feel pretty isolated as I´m in an area where I don´t know a single soul. Yet everyday ´Tonic´ and I venture off down to the river and the woods. The scenery always takes my breath away. He enjoys himself and has made a few doggy friends.

He has helped me so much, being out and about people do talk to you, and always comment on him. It´s early days for me here and in September I have signed up to do my A levels in Humanities. A late starter but best late than never I say.

I sat watching ´Tonic´ last night and OH my he is getting big. His intelligence just makes me smile, his ways and the love he shows me...

Is the only TONIC I need.

Tonic by name and Tonic by nature.

Thanks for reading folks. :-)
13 May 2010 22:35
So.... Yuup. Since I have last managed to get on here mum has bought me a girlfriend.... At least she tells me it´s girlfriend. It looked more like noms to me! Was size of mum´s thumb. She says food is much bigger now, and still female, she says I may get ´babies´ soon... whatever they is... something to nom maybe?
Have used my cuteness to sit on many more boobs, the ladies seem to love me! Though who wouldn´t!? Have you seen me? You should look at me.
Anyway, mum has been feeding me my mix noms, wax worms and wax moths as usual. However I have a complaint to make! First she starts sharing my mix with the food she says is my girlfriend, then when said food got big enough mum started giving it my wormies! And NOW mum got a weird hoppy thing that is too big for me to eat, and she gives it my wormies too! It is an outrage. I am to be bowed to! You tell my mum to feed me ALL my wormies kay?

- Ori the great.
13 May 2010 22:25
I am very sad frog today. Nose hurts lots. Mean cricket bit me on nose, then bit my food worm.
Hand removed mean cricket from home, mean cricket scare me. No eat mean cricket. Food bringers appeared and offered me damaged white worm, nomnomnom it taste good. Food bringers give me 3 more worms, then I feel lots better. Hand and Food bringers come back soon. Bring more worms. Clean water. I swim in it, nice and muddy for hand to clean yes?
12 May 2010 16:09
Bertie had his first puppy training class today, went really well.
12 May 2010 12:48
I was in big trouble last night. Evelyn came home to find her chilli plant had been knocked to one side on the coffee table with the soil spilling out everywhere. She was very cross and gave me a telling off. I crept away and hid in my little pet cage while she was busy cleaning everything up and stayed out of her way until she put out some dinner for me.
10 May 2010 19:52
mammy went on her holidays for a short break and i was crying when she left
05 May 2010 17:58
The June copy of ´Your Dog´ magazine arrived in the post this morning and I was delighted to find a four page article about my work. The feature writer had brought her lovely giant schnauzer to me and it was really interesting what the article reveals!

It´s still pretty manic here reading the proofs for my latest book Angel Pets before it goes on the press next week, all very exciting I must say.

If you missed seeing my piece for Sky HD ´Pet Nation´ you can catch up online via the Sky website. it was great fun to do.
04 May 2010 19:31
tomorrow i am going to buy flea treatment for Amber and Lucky and Charlie i use the flea drops on them and i find them good
03 May 2010 18:44
mammy said she is going away to killarney for a few days next week so she will bring home a present for being good as i am staying at home last year she got me a blue lead and a blue collar wonder what she will get me this year
03 May 2010 10:43
Some sad new´s to report....our lovely Bahia Grey Bird eating spider ´Taranaki´ passed away back on the 2nd May 2010, we are believing down to age, because I got her when she was an adult some years ago and she has been eating and doing everything fine up until her last week or so.

She lay´s buried beside the pond in our Japanese garden by some Arum Lilies and Bamboo.

May she forever scuttle amongst the clouds and her eight tiny feet, be swathed in the colours of the Rainbow...Rest In Peace little spiddy!.

02 May 2010 15:46
and of course of much loved

I love maine coons in particular, hence the search was based mostly for maine coons, however I´m sure these sites have other breeds and loving kittens to offer up for care. pets in need of responsible loving owners!

Its been pretty hard hunting down sites that had people-looking-for-people to take over kittens for free or a low price. I boycott animal adoption centres simple because its a waste of time - those who have been through it would understand what I mean - in short - it´s alot of hassle to go through them to adopt a cat.

I simple believe that mature pet owners or breeders would source using the online media for their own caretakers and would probably make better and quicket decisions based on experiences. Through the understanding of the breed, sex, and environmental characteristics, one could definitely make a quicker decision with less people and paperwork involved by finding a kitten/cat a loving home.

I´m speaking about cats here, dogs are a different matter, I give thumbs up to dogs adoption centres as they require much more care and attention to than cats in my opnion.
01 May 2010 21:23
what a birthday i had it was second time going to the vets in a week as i have a bad stomach infection the vet checked me out and but me antibotics and another tablet all im doing is sleeping a lot as i dont have much energy and mammy has to rest me until i get better after the vets she got me a blue squeeky ball in the petshop and i loved it but was not in the form for playing ball outside
30 Apr 2010 21:28
Charlie will be 2 tomorrow i am going to bring him to petshop to buy him presents tomorrow and i will give him then he will have chicken for his dinner

happy birthday Charlie from Mammy, Amber and Lucky XXXXXXXX
30 Apr 2010 06:53
hi im soooo cool
30 Apr 2010 06:42
I´m so excited coz tonight Millie and I are going to our first ever clicker training class at a place called Dig it Dogs in Sandbach (google it folks, it looks fab and I´m sure I´ll be trying other classes too). We´ve never been there before and I´ve only recently discovered this place exists. Millie and I have been to classes before and we´ve done our KC Good Citizen Bronze Award, which I´m very proud of but for one reason or another, we haven´t done any classes since. However, I did invest in a clicker training book called Dog Tricks by Mary Ray & Justine Harding and we´ve been having a go at some of the stuff in there and Millie can now shake with each paw on command.

Slightly worried about OH and daughter coming too but bruv and nephew meeting us there so hoping they can entertain Lois QUIETLY!!!! Also hoping bruv might bring camera...
29 Apr 2010 21:17
The moral progress and greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals.
Taking in a rescue dog will not change the world but it will change the world for that dog!
29 Apr 2010 19:53
Found this on another has one or two minor doggie amendments (apologies Mr L), but it´s Millie´s view on mud, no doubt of that :D

I´m in love with mud,
It´s sad, I know, but true,
I just can´t help but splash in it,
Or stomp a path right through.

It´s sticky and it´s dirty,
And it covers all my nose
But when I see it lying there,
A voice inside me grows...

You can´t resist, you know I´m right,
It´s fun to play in mud!
Look at it just sitting there,
I really think it´s good!

I splatter in the grimy gloop,
I can´t resist the ooze!
I run, I jump, I splash about,
It drips on my owner´s shoes!
28 Apr 2010 21:01
mammy kept telling me i was good girl when i was walking around the garden when mammy was trying to do some gardening i kept rolling on my stomach she said i am great company and that she would miss me terrible if anything every happened to me she even called me in off the road so that i would not get knocked down
28 Apr 2010 12:26
happily took the love birds 2 finches the kakarikis and not forgetting fluffy the hamster along to playgroups to day to help kids understand the importance off looking after animals big and small.
kids are now looking forward to meeting the rabbits and guinea pigs tomorrow
28 Apr 2010 08:37

27 Apr 2010 22:04
27 Apr 2010 15:09

It is Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK and vets all over the country are offering free rabbit health check to support the initiative. However, knowing how to give your bunny a regular once over at home is a useful skill and a great way to ensure they are healthy.


Your rabbit´s coat should be smooth, shiny and free from any skin flakes or matts. Rabbits can get fleas just like cats and dogs, so also look out for flea dirt which resembles small flecks of dirt. You should check their underneath everyday; their bottoms should be clean and free of faeces. Some rabbits can get large build-ups of poo at their backends, caused by problems such as a poor diet, obesity or a dirty hutch and this can leave them very vulnerable to fly strike. Dental problems are common in rabbits and they can make them over-salivate, which causes the fur on the chin to be soggy or matted.


A rabbits eyes should both be open, bright and free from any discharges. As they are quite close to the ground and often, due to the hay and straw, live in dusty environments, rabbits are vulnerable to eye infections. These cause the eyes to be weepy and sore. The discharge is often a milky-white colour and can make the fur around the eyes very sticky. They can also get cataracts which make the pupil of the eye a white colour and can cause blindness. A very common problem in rabbits is over-grown teeth but not many people know these can cause eye infections by blocking the tear ducts.


The ears should be smooth and clean on the inside. Sometimes rabbits suffer with ear mites which make the ears sore and cause a build-up of sticky black/brown wax in the ears. Also, in Lops with long ears, make sure the tips do not become scratched and sore from trailing on the ground.


Dental problems are one of the most common reasons for illness in animals, so regularly checking their teeth is vital. However, it is only possible in a home examination to see a rabbits incisor teeth and even then that can be tricky! The best way to look at the is to sit the rabbit on a table or or lap facing away from you. Keeping your arms close to their sides and leaning over them (which helps to keep them still), gently lift up the upper lip. The teeth should be short, smooth and aligned with each other. The only way to look at the molar teeth is with a special scope in their mouths but signs of problems from the outside are lumps on the jaw bone, weight loss, appetite loss and excessive salivation.


Rabbits have very strong nails which are designed to be digging and shifting dirt all the time. They should be regularly checked as often in domestic rabbits they become over-grown.


Obesity is a big problem in pet rabbits and, as most people think they should be cuddly, often over-looked. In a rabbit who is a healthy weight, you should be able to feel their ribs and spine with only slight pressure and, when they stretch out they should have an obvious waist behind their ribcage. Female rabbits will have a dewlap under their chin but it should not be excessive. Obesity is cause by a combination of over-eating and inactivity. A rabbits diet should consist of a majority of hay, with a maximum of a tablespoon of pelleted diet twice daily and they should be able to run about freely at least once a day.

Rabbits tend to be very secretive if they are poorly and often weight loss is one of the only symptoms of illness. So, get into the habit of regularly weighing your bunny so you can pick up on any problems early.


Rabbits are naturally inquisitive and lively creatures and a happy rabbit is an alert rabbit. If your bunny ever becomes withdrawn, quiet or refuses to eat for any length of time then there may be a serious problem and they should go to the vet. Sometimes rabbits can become very bored, especially if they are kept in a small hutch and never let out, or are kept on their own (rabbits are sociable creatures and should always be kept with at least one other bunny) and this can cause them to become quiet, simply because they have nothing to do.
27 Apr 2010 13:00
I always like to wander around the flat several times sniffing at things and checking that everything is ok.Last night Evelyn opened a kitchen cupboard which is low on the ground to get out my yummy dinner and left the cupboard door open. I could see all my spare feeding bowls inside and some boxes, so I wandered in to have a better look.She caught me inside the cupboard inspecting all my food supplies and laughed out loud! It is a good job she didn´t shut me in cos the cupboard was very dark!
26 Apr 2010 22:06
I got home today to be greeted with the news that Dylan had passed away while I was out... His cagemate - Nutmeg - died last Thursday & I suspect poor Dyl was missing her... :(
He was up at the gate this morning waiting for breakfast so I had no reason to expect this
I got him from a rescue centre while I was at college in 2001 so he´s had a long life. Even so, he was my boy (and second favourite to Spike) & I shall miss him.
Elsewhere on PS I´ve written about him rolling over to have his chest rubbed when he had a cold... He was a real character & now that´s 4 piggies I´ve lost in as many weeks... Hope that´s it for a while......
26 Apr 2010 14:04
Well I dont no what mum was thinking of, bringing that dog back here AGAIN. Biscuit I think his name is, but Im not having it. I refuse to play or show any interest in him at all WOOF.
Angel seems to like him so I dont think I will be talking to her either.
Every time he comes upto me I run away, Im not scared just dont want to be his friend WOOF WOOF.
26 Apr 2010 09:52
I have been happily munching on the pot of chives on the window ledge. It looks a lot like grass and has become lopsided due to my snacking!
26 Apr 2010 09:42
Biscuit my friend is coming to visit again today.
Im so excited we had great fun last time he was here.
Dizzy is not very happy tho WOOFWOOF.
23 Apr 2010 10:14
Thought it was time for a new profile pic so here I am aged 6 - before colour film was invented..... :-)
22 Apr 2010 09:57
It has been very exciting for me sniffing and inspecting the little pots that Evelyn has put out onto the lounge window ledge which is very sunny in the mornings. She says the curly parsley is fine for me to eat but so far I haven´t done so although that plant is growing quite big now. I had a little munch on the chives plant today because it looks similar to grass!
22 Apr 2010 08:05
We all need to bombard our goverment to concider a nhs for pets. We can call this PNHS. I´m currently looking into the best way forward to get the ball rolling. watch this space
21 Apr 2010 09:44
tj has learnt to play fetch in the park just hoping this good behaviour lasts :)
20 Apr 2010 21:13
lm a scotish wildcat that was taken in by a farm when my parents disappeared without me l am a endangered species but was neutered before anyone realised what l was l love climbing trees and lm very timid and though l have been in three diferent homes l have only ever bonded with one person, my mum. l wont go near anyone else and will run up the tree and hiss at them if they try come near me unlike domestic cats l have no interest in copying either human or dog charactaristics, why should l l`m a cat thats the best creature on earth and l certainly wouldnt lower myself to fetching bouncy balls like my brother Tigger l dont like humans, dogs disgust me and l barely put up with the other cats unless l want a wash or cuddle but its on my terms l love hunting and will break out the house in the middle of the night (yes l can open windows this benifits me) but l am friends with a family of foxes and together we go hunting rabbits mind you mum says they dont know lm a cat as lm too big
20 Apr 2010 21:01
i don´t normally do these things, as i never know what to say.

i´m bad tempered, have yellow nails (yeah, seriously!), am left handed, have the pc mouse on my left, am vegetarian, i wear pyjamas in bed, i read books, i drink tea, i rarely drink alcohol, i only get dressed when i have to go out, so i´m in my pyjamas most of the day, with my nose in a book, i like harry potter (the books, not the films, though i do have the films), i have over 100 dvds, i think. my favourite land animal is cats, and my favourite sea animal is dolphins. i love stitch, the little blue alien. my favourite colours are pink, purple and yellow. i have a tortoiseshell cat. my brother once called me ´the cat lady´, as at the time i had quite a few cats! now i only have the one. my pyjamas have cats on them. i like shaun the sheep, and i have three of his dvds. i also like watching timmy time and ooglies.
20 Apr 2010 12:40
The bowl of cress has been removed. I wasn´t eating it at all so Evelyn has realised that I am not keen on it!
20 Apr 2010 12:39
No! It isn´t because I have got fatter! Evelyn has put some plants onto part of the window ledge. I have been sniffing at the green ones and Evelyn says they are safe for of them is a pot of parsley. I also stuck my head into a bunch of roses!
19 Apr 2010 15:16
hey all, my cat Maggie caught a baby mouse last night we´ve been feeeding it my hamster food and it seems to like seeds. I don´t know if its weened yet but it seems to like a few drops of milk and a tiny bit of butter. I hope this will help other people with their problems like this but can anyone tell me what i should do?? We might let it go tonight if it looks like its ready to go. We´ve had it since last night at around 9:00 or 10:00 pm.

I´ll post some pics soon :)
18 Apr 2010 18:22
mammy is going to spoil me rotten on my 2nd birthday with is not far away as its the 1st of may
18 Apr 2010 15:36
yay 2 on the 29th!!!!!
18 Apr 2010 14:00
cookies and gingers next show - sunday 9th may at easton college (redwings show)
and.............. cookies birthday, yay!!!
18 Apr 2010 08:38
a quick message, thomas who i homed was sadly killed after a car had been speeding and mounted the pavement. he was from tuffers litter and will be a sad loss at just 11mnths old. he was due to come back to us in the near future to be with his brother and sister as soon as he was big enough to cope around tuffers as he was the runt and being ousted by him.
17 Apr 2010 14:19
My boy, Spike, left me in the early hours of yesterday morning. He´d gone off his food the day before & was beginning to look very weary. He wasnt ill but was a very old gentleman (9 years old) so it was his time. I´d been dreading the moment for months.
We snuggled up together on the settee watching Animal Planet then, in the early hours, he licked my fingers & was gone....
Spike was a naughty, cheeky, funny, loving guinea pig and was a legend among gp´s.
This week, for the first time this year, he was able to get out on the grass & for that I´m grateful. At least he saw another Springtime.
Things wont be the same around here without ´my boy´ but I count my blessings that I´ve had 9 years with him. Goodnight little man - be seeing you xxx
16 Apr 2010 21:05
I went to Edinburgh (from Nottingham) on the Monday by plane on a uni trip, we had to study groups of animals at the zoo, specifically studying dominance and optimality theory (vigilance vs feeding). I´ve taken lots and lots of pics and was due back today...been watching the news? yep...couldn´t fly back because all flights were cancelled thanks to mr. volcano. Thankfully another student offered me a lift back so instead of an hours flight it was a 5 hour drive! But glad to be back lol.
16 Apr 2010 19:38
This afternoon after phone calls and emails we got in the car and drove the few miles to Mary´s house. She was so friendly and we instantly felt at ease. Firstly she introduced us to the proud parents, Maggie May and Murphy... Murphy was soon making a fuss of us though Maggie was quite wary which was totally understandable... strangers around with her babies indoors!! We were taken inside while Mary went to fetch the pups and as soon as she walked through the door that was it.. we were all totally in love!!!! I don´t think I could have stayed seated on that sofa if my life depended on it, within 2 seconds was knelt on the floor and surrounded by german shepherd puppies.. was in my idea of heaven lol We both instantly fell for Koda.. he was so striking with his silver markings and really snuggled in for a cuddle when I held him.. even tried to struggle back to me when he was handed to my husband :) He´ll be 5 weeks old on Monday and is doing so well already.. is eating solids and doesn´t have anything from Mum now. Have just over a week to wait until Koda can come home and really can´t wait!!! :)
16 Apr 2010 14:41
if you are looking for a new friend don´t buy it , give a rescue dog a second chance .
16 Apr 2010 14:40
if you are looking for a new friend don´t buy it , give a rescue dog a second chance .
15 Apr 2010 19:16
mammy got me on night of her birthday i was only 3 months old then but i was a surprise present for her as she had to go to shop to buy cat food for me and the following day she bought lots of stuff for me
15 Apr 2010 19:04
i was telling them about the dog attacks hear and they were horrified
15 Apr 2010 14:50
people were asking mammy were i got groomed yesterday and they said i look gorgous and was a beautiful looking boy
14 Apr 2010 12:26
when charlie barks at me i just ingore im and stand my ground to show him i was here before he came
14 Apr 2010 10:19
I have been enjoying the sunshine for the last two days...sunbathing on the window ledge and watching Evelyn go out to work.Last night I had a surprise- a feather for me to play with! I picked it up in my mouth and was running around the room, pouncing on it and batting it with my paws.
14 Apr 2010 06:56
Friends, please come and join our new forum. We need your help! Once Loved Dog Rescue works with ex pound dogs, mostly staffies and we would love to have you on board our forum.

Please visit here:

Thank you!
Cathy Lane
Once Loved Dog Rescue
12 Apr 2010 19:49
We had a friend to visit today, his name was Biscuit and he was a red Staffie and was 5 yrs old.
I played with him and he was my friend. Dizzy didnt like him, think he had the hump. Every time Biscuit went in the garden Dizzy went back inside, how rude. Biscuit has some dinner with me, and we drank from the same bowl, I hope he comes again he was nice.
09 Apr 2010 17:59
l was born in a feral colony in october 2008 but something happened and my mum went out to get me and my brother something to eat and just didnt come back we were so hungry and cold and it had been raining for days so mum had put us a the back of some bins so after hours of her being away l started calling and calling but nobody came even the other cats weren`t coming near because we were still too small and mum might have thought they were hurting us, after a while l had no choice but to go and try to get help (my brothers bigger than me but he`s such a scaredy cat) but l got wet and l fell in something that a dog had left behind it stank, l tried to wash it off but couldnt bring myself to actually touch my tongue to my fur soon l was soaked through and nearly gave up hope when the door to the next garden over opened l mewed as loudly as l could and wobbled my little legs over near to the fence a pair of hands came through and lifted me up l was a little worried and mewed back to my brother who answered but was still too scared to come out the big human that lifted me (my new mum) took her jacket off wrapping me in it and handed me over too another female human then kicked off her heels and jumped the fence and carefully lifted my brother out of the bin shed after that it was a bit of a blur l got a bath which l didnt like very much and some warm milk which l did and taken home to my new mums where l met Tigger and Bacardi and the dogs, we were still so tiny that my mum had to feed us warm formula every four hours but we soon got bigger and we love our home and our family and nowadays l cant really remember being anywhere else
09 Apr 2010 11:05
My life is as simple as any other creature i live in this 25"inch cage with Yoda
i get fed 2 times a day (day and night) drink fresh vitamin water Sasha gives me and then
play with our little brother Hurley then rest thats how i live!
08 Apr 2010 18:15
i would have got terrible fright and might have rang away on mammy if i heard the loud bang but i was safe inside and didnt here anything which is good as i am still nervous at times
08 Apr 2010 18:12
i starting barking like mad at bedtime when i heard a loud bang as i knew something was going on and kept barking to alert mammy after she said go asleep to me so mammy go out of the bed and went onto the street to see a car at the top of the road on fire and when she came back i went asleep in her bed and cuddled up near her as i got a fright when i heard the bang when mammy woke up this morning i was still cuddled up to her
07 Apr 2010 12:58
I found a bunch of green stuff growing in my spare water bowl last night! It was right next to my other water bowl and my dinner bowl! I kept staring at it. Evelyn says it is called cress and is good for my tummy. I think it is because she knows how much I miss not being able to go out and nibble on the she has given me my own supply of greens.
06 Apr 2010 14:55
A few weeks ago I started reading a few books and looking at a few sites about reptiles and their behaviour, the care of, illness and disease etc so decided to plonk all what I´d learnt into a word far I´m past 8000 words and most of it is bullet points and notes, I´ve only actually written around 1500 words worth into proper structured sentences. Now if only I could put that much comitment into my uni assignments lol.
06 Apr 2010 12:05
This is my personal way of marking the first anniversary of losing our beloved little Jack Russell JUDY.We lost her a year to the day but by date,a year tomorrow.
So many memories but unfortunately the only ones that keep haunting me are of her last few days...although she was 13 and did have a few major health problems,I just never allowed myself to even think of the possibility of her not always being there.So when it came I entered such a bad place that I wanted to go with always think that you´re the only one hurting but suddenly realised that my big strong husband was as equally as devasted as I was......and why should I be so suprised at that?....I realised that I had to get another animal as quick....BUT NOT a dog...that would have been too much to Socks came into our lives......unknown to us as the rescue centre did not divulge that she had congenital cat flu(said it was the sniffles) we are grateful for her company,and we don´t blame the centre at all......I would have done the same,and hoped that her new owners would understand,as if they´d told the truth,she would probably have never been rehomed.....and she is a lovely little cat.I have succeeded in distracting myself just thinking of JUDY has had the usual effect.....but I can´t keep ´going there´,if doesnt help. Well, I hope that I have done my beloved little friend JUDY proud......I will do something memorable tomorrow and ´adopt´ an animal in the Welsh Mountain Zoo,Colwyn Bay,where I her name will be proudly displayed as well as being permanently in our thoughts and hearts.TAKE CARE EVERYONE......HILARY.
04 Apr 2010 12:48
I hate easter time, so much chocolate and its all bad for me!

mind due i got a doggi easter egg today woo hoo
04 Apr 2010 12:48
I hate easter time, so much chocolate and its all bad for me!

mind due i got a doggi easter egg today woo hoo
03 Apr 2010 11:02
I just wanted 2 say thank u all for your gifts.. but since i had my lap top fixed i cannot get any of my pics up .. so i have not been able 2 give any gifts.. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
02 Apr 2010 19:27
What a day, i love it when mummy and daddy go shopping. grace always says

morissons always do off cuts of meat cheap and all the animal love a bit of ham or chicken from the deli. Just found out today you can freeze it. Brillo!
02 Apr 2010 19:26
What a day, i love it when mummy and daddy go shopping. grace always says

morissons always do off cuts of meat cheap and all the animal love a bit of ham or chicken from the deli. Just found out today you can freeze it. Brillo!
02 Apr 2010 18:58
i discovered a new game barking at the birds and trying to follow them when i dont feel like playing with all my toys
02 Apr 2010 18:44


I´m reading about Bruce the pit bull mix

Banned from his family because of what he is.

I´m wiping my tears, I´m hurt inside

Thousands of signatures, a petition - no crime.

Dogs like Bruce are pushed out of sight

They are dragged away, they have no rights

They are banished with no bail, they mourn, become frail...

In the darkness of ignorance there are no wagging tails.

These dogs are removed from where they grew up

With teddy bears and play toys and arms that hugged

With people that smiled, with families that loved

There is no forgiveness? When is love not enough?

I´m upset once again and I quietly cry

I´ve read so many stories of the bully breeds plight

So many are taken by Breed Specific Legislation

An unworkable law for any dog loving nation.

Discriminating, cruel, hurtful, unfair

An act of horror on paper written by those who don´t care

Used by those in high places who think they are clever

Think of the hearts they have broken forever...

BSL is destructive, it will never be humane

It´s a horrible trick of name and shame

It´s a bad deed unto dog lovers and the dogs that they love

Responsible owners are given the shove

While real villains and abusers who hang around on street corners

Are beating the system ´above´ law and order

They continue to fight their dogs and deal drugs

And good people that care are treated like thugs

People who take their dogs to the vets, who microchip, neuter

Hope for the best...

Good dogs are forgotten when BSL strikes

It cuts rough and deep, regardless of ´bite´

I could call ´you´ a pit bull Mr politician

Would you be dragged away? Would you need a petition?

This poem is a way to express my sorrow

As I wipe my tears and worry about tomorrow

BSL is a nightmare, a political farce

It might even be funny if it didn´t cost lives

Your neighbour could say your dog is ´a risk´

And then you could find his name on a list

Your beautiful pup, your elderly mix

Where will you stand if he´s seized by police?

So speak up LOUD and speak up NOW!

For the rights of families to protect their hounds

Speak up and speak out before it´s too late

BSL is a law based purely on hate!

When the knock comes to the door and your dog starts barking

How will you stop this law from working?

What will you say when they muzzle your friend?

When they drag him away and tell you he´s banned?

When he´s labelled a ´problem´ because his face fits a ´look´

And they tell you he is dangerous, when you know he is not.

Who will be there for you if politicians don´t care?

When your dog is destroyed just because he is there...

Who will protect the over bred pups

Whose lives are cut short in a game called luck?

Who will you look to when your dog makes the list?

When he´s banned and brutalised, no parole, no release…

He´s your pet; he´s your brother, your sister, your friend

She´s your family member, the one you defend

Who will you turn to when BSL strikes?

Speak up one and all - because justice is right.

I´m a lawful good citizen; I do good deeds if I can

But BSL stinks and I raise my hand

I will never uphold a law such as this!

It´s an almighty mistake and your dog could be next...

It´s inherently cruel, unbearably bad

When the law is an ass good people get mad!

Write letters, get marching, the time surely has come

We must kick the backside of the BSL bum!

They will tell you it´s only ´for your protection´ - oh yes!

They will spew lies for England, for they do it best!

But this lie isn´t working, it won´t pass the test

For your Staffies, your Mastiffs, your bully breed friend

You have every chance to bring BSL to an end

Take the bull by the horns and never give in

Say NO to this rubbish, send BSL to the bin!

Maria Daines

01 Apr 2010 12:53
She got home very late from work and was very tired this morning so when her alarm clock rang, I had to walk onto her bed and nudge her with my head, lick her hair and give a few little meows to remind her- It´s time to feed me my breakfast!
30 Mar 2010 19:30
sadly charlie passed away to day, he was an adorable cat and altough he only spent a short time with us he will be sadly missed. we love you charlie you will always be in our thoughts xxx R.I.P
29 Mar 2010 23:03
Im Elmo but im called lots of nick names like Momo, furry pants, gremlin, little dude, thats only a few im always here there everywhere i love to be busy i have to boss monty around and let him know im the man of the house even though im smaller and younger than him.I insist on drinking out of the bath i dont like water bowls very much, i love playing out in the rain and snow and digging up montys bones he thinks hes buried very well.Im always a happy chappy with lots of cuddles and kisses to give.
29 Mar 2010 22:41
My names Monty but im called allsorts i have been in my 4th or 5th home now for 9 months and im settling in very well, when my mummy got me i was skin and bone and covered head to toe in ticks i didnt know humans spoke to me or that i even had a name and i had never been in a house before but it only took me minutes of being in the house to find my mummys bed and sprawl out on it. My mummy was told i was badly beaten in one home and if she didnt take me i was most probabley going to be put to sleep. My mummy says im hard work as i havent had no interaction at all and i couldnt believe my luck when i see two other dogs i jump all over people i dont care they shouldnt be in the way im having fun, but im getting better now and learning manners i love sitting on peoples laps for a cuddle and licking them and playing with my best mate elmo.I will be 4 years old in november.
29 Mar 2010 21:11
Caz is 12 in July and apart from suffering from a seizure every now and again she is as fit as a butchers dog.I got her at 16 months old as she wasnt wanted because she wouldnt be mated and she wasnt a guard dog.She is very well behaved and even wees and poos on demand.
29 Mar 2010 18:06
a dog was abandoned in our street yesterday it was a big dog but sadly i couldnt keep it but i tried to look after it for an 1 hour by giving it attention it was very nervous and thin as well so someone else fed it i phoned the animal welfare about so hopefully they collected it as i didnt see it around today hope it gets a good home as it was placid but very nervous it was skinny as well
28 Mar 2010 20:52
It´s been one hell of a day today...
Millie a very, very old rabbit was looking on her last legs yesterday & Spike (guinea pig) was struggling with a chesty cold.
I half expected to find one (or both) of them gone thos morning but they were both up & ready for breakfast.
What I wasnt expecting was to find another gp on his side & very near death. Ben Black (man in black) is Spikes son & lives with Dougal. When I put their breakfast in, Dougal kept running in & out of the house squeaking.. When I looked to see what he was making a fuss about, I found Ben. There wasnt a mark on him so they hadnt been fighting. But I put him in the cuddle cup & held him. Within a very short time, he had gone.. I cant believe it. He was absolutely fine last night & bouncing all over the place as usual.
A very dear friend of mine told me that you should always make sure that cagemates of deceased gp´s know that they´re gone so I put Ben back in the cage for a few minutes. Dougal came out of the house & kept butting him with his nose, then he licked his ears & eyes & snuggled down next to him.
That seriously broke my heart. I didnt take Ben out until Dougal had moved away.
It´s so hard when they go suddenly for no apparent reason.
I shall miss my little man in black.. :-(
27 Mar 2010 22:53
i was out walking with mammy on a short walk and we passed a cat i didnt chase it or i didnt pull mammy along i just took it easy and sat down when mammy told me to sit mammy gave me some treats when we come home from the walk and told me i was a good boy
27 Mar 2010 11:59
Many owners encounter problems with dogs that will not come when called while out walking, this is not only frustrating for the owner, but it can also be potentially hazardous. The following training tips can help to prevent recall problems:

#1. From an early age train the recall in a positive way: Find a good puppy class, preferably one where many fun games are practiced off-leash. For example one handler gently restrains Fido while his owner shows him a treat, the owner then runs a little distance away, holds out arms in a welcome gesture and calls Fido in a happy tone of voice. When the handler is confident that Fido is focused on his owner Fido is released and runs over to his owner, and he receives the treat, lots of positive happy verbal feedback, and petting. Keep practicing and as Fido gets good at this game, gradually increase the distance he is required to run. If you don’t have a helper to hold Fido, then simply run backwards and encourage him to follow you, and reward with treats, praise, and petting.

#2. Never deliberately scold your dog when he comes back to you: This is a typical scenario, Fido runs off to investigate some interesting scent, when Fido returns to us, our first instinct is to be annoyed and to scold him. However, in effect we are not punishing the behaviour that Fido engaged in while he was away from us, but rather the act of returning to us. Fido soon learns that it is not much fun to come back to us! It is vital that we always welcome our dogs back to us, no matter what they have done.

#3. Do not inadvertently teach your dog that “come” means end of walk, play, and freedom: This is a very common mistake and it is very easy to do. Many owners do so accidentally in the following way. We only call Fido back at the end of the walk and then always put his leash on and take him home. Fido learns “come” means an end to fun, friends and freedom. We can prevent this by calling Fido back during the walk several times, hold his collar gently, give him some treats, then send him off again. Mix it up a little, call Fido back, and ask him to sit, attach the leash for 30 seconds, wait for eye contact, and then reward him with freedom. Make sure that calling your dog does not always signal an end to walks and play.

#4. Reward your dog in various ways for coming when called: There are many ways we can reward Fido for coming when called. Generally in the early stages of teaching the recall we can use food rewards, but as we progress it is important that we make use of other rewards and “life rewards”, a few examples:

* A quick game of tug
* A throw of a Frisbee/ball
* Freedom
* Opportunity to greet other dog(s)/resume play with other dog(s)

In addition if we pay attention to activities that Fido enjoys while out on walks, we can use these activities as rewards (as long as they are safe). This means that when Fido comes back when called we can instantly reward him with an activity which he wants most at that moment. Of course for reasons of safety there are times when Fido must stay close and be on leash when we call him back. However if we call him back regularly and reward him by releasing him, then the occasional time that we have keep him close and on leash will not be detrimental to his training.

#5. Never play chasing games with your puppy: Every so often I see a puppy dash away from its owner at the last possible second on a recall. The puppy will then bounce at the owner and offer a play bow, and will run off again as soon as the owner gets closer. This is frequently a direct consequence of people in the puppy’s family chasing it for fun. It can be very cute when Fido picks up a toy or sock and starts to run away from the humans around him. It is hard to resist giving chase. Unfortunately this teaches Fido that it is great fun to run away from his owners, rather than towards them. Therefore it is better to teach Fido that all play begins when he comes to us and not when he runs away.

#6. Be your dog’s best PR; positive reinforcer: A simple way to encourage Fido to come when called is to be rewarding, fun, and nice to be around. If we are always irritable or unresponsive to our dogs when they come to us, where is the motivation for them to return? Conversely, if we are a source of fun, games, affection, and make use of the endless list of life rewards at our disposal, our dogs will find us very reinforcing to be around.

#7. Walk your puppy off-leash in safe environments when possible: Create safe opportunities where you can walk your puppy off-leash. If you have a securely fenced off garden make good use of it. Walk Fido around the garden and reward him for staying close, giving you eye contact, responding to his name, and of course for coming closer when called. Young puppies are typically very dependent on their owners and it is generally very easy to shape the behaviour of staying close while walking, yet the puppy is still walking freely. So make the most of puppyhood and find safe enclosed areas for short walks.

#8. Play the follow me game: If we follow Fido around or run after him when he goes off, then he will learn that we will join him soon enough and he will simply go on his merry way. So we should avoid this, and instead when Fido goes off in a direction of his own make a noise to get his attention and simply walk or run in the opposite direction. Play hide and seek! At random moments during the walk when Fido is not paying attention to where you are, hide behind a tree. (Make sure you can keep a watch to ensure Fido is safe, but he cannot see you). When Fido comes looking for you, reward him with lots of praise, treats or a game. You can take this a step further and turn it into a really fun game by having a family member or friend hold Fido while you go off and hide. Fido is then given the cue “go find” and is released.

#9. Be unpredictable on walks: It is very normal for us humans to follow a routine when we walk. We get to the park, beach, woods, etc., and we walk a predictable route, then leave or head back to the car. Fido very quickly learns this routine and the problem is he learns at a certain point the walk is over, end of fun. This is when Fido will take great measures to dodge you because he does not want the walk to end. So be unpredictable and keep Fido guessing. Vary the route you take, change direction several times, recall Fido at various points on the walk, attach the leash, walk a little way, and remove the leash.

#10. Walk in varied locations: If possible, try to walk Fido in various locations do not go to the same place every day.
clicker training 4 dogs, shaping behaviour 1 click @ a time
26 Mar 2010 13:42
Evelyn came home yesterday and got a fright when she spotted a big black spider by my water bowl. Then she realised it wasn´t moving and was all curled up...dead. I got given extra treats!Hooray! I don´t know why she is scared of them, I like playing with spiders and batting them with my paws. Sometimes they curl up and pretend to be dead when I sniff and lick them but when they get moving again, I bat them again!
25 Mar 2010 22:12
Had to let my Acer go to sleep today, could not let him suffer, my beautiful, loving, happy soldier...only 6yrs, everyone who met him just loved him to other two are pinig for him too, heartbreaking, just awful........
25 Mar 2010 16:59
hi all well am still going strong am 8 now just had a birthday in Febuary.
Mum has a new dog who I keep well under my thumb as she will be quite big but she loves me very much, she is 27 kilo and is 7 1/2 months old very sweet and is going to be our guard dog.
But Mum recued her and she was a bit upset when she came to live with us. but she gets on fine with everyone and loves to go walking with mum. at virginia water.
And we all go to work with mum every day to its great to meet all the new pepole and there owners.
Spirit makes a great pillow and am looking forward to training her up with mum.
25 Mar 2010 08:55
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24 Mar 2010 22:22
please feel free to add me to your facebook, or twitter etc as friends, hope to see you around the net.
kind regards
24 Mar 2010 12:22
Last night Evelyn came home and said she had something yummy for my tummy. She had a pack of rabbit in gravy in a sachet and I was meowing with excitement when I smelt the gravy. Then she let me lick the wrapper before I ate my dinner! I love gravy!
23 Mar 2010 19:42
its my pics i cant see them 2 upload them .. i used 2 be able 2 but now all pictures shows is empty files but the pics are still there just cant see em .. its really diff 2 explaine xxxx
23 Mar 2010 14:20
Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) In Rabbits

Most rabbit owners have heard of Myxomatosis and know they should have their rabbits vaccinated against it at least every year. But what about the other injection the rabbit has? The one which is given two weeks apart from the Myxo vaccine and protects them against something called VHD? Responsible rabbit owners will always follow their vet´s advice and have this injection as well but many will not be aware of VHD as a disease, which is not nearly as common as Myxomatosis but is just as deadly.

What is VHD?

VHD is a very infectious viral disease of rabbits. It was first diagnosed in the UK in 1992 but had been a worldwide problem for many years before that. Up until 1996 it was a ´notifiable disease´, which meant if vets found it they had to report it to the Government so they could try to control the spread. However, it soon became so widespread that the attempt and reporting was abandoned. The virus survives well outside a rabbits body and can remain active for several months, which is why it spreads so easily.

How can my rabbit catch VHD?

A pet rabbit can catch VHD from either direct contact with an infected bunny (either wild or pet) or from the virus being carried on things like their owner´s shoes or clothing or infected bedding (so called ´in-direct´ contact) Therefore both indoor and outdoor rabbits are at risk from the disease and those who live in rural areas close to wild rabbits are particularly vulnerable.

What are the symptoms of VHD?

A rabbit infected with VHD will become very sick very quickly; they can collapse and die with no warning. However, more usually they will become depressed, anorexic and have a high temperature. They may also have trouble breathing, develop nose bleeds and can even fit. These symptoms are related to the virus causing both internal and external haemorrhages (hence the name). The virus takes between 1-3 days to cause symptoms and most infected rabbits die within 12-36 hours of becoming poorly.

How is VHD treated?

There is no treatment for VHD and the vast majority of infected rabbits will die, even with intensive nursing care. Only babies less than eight weeks old are unaffected if they are exposed and they will go on to be immune for life. Vaccination and prevention is the only cure!

Please note, this is an advise only article, if you have any specific concerns or questions about your pet, you should contact your vet.

22 Mar 2010 11:08
Video of Abby being loud:
22 Mar 2010 00:21
It was completely my fault, I´d accidentally left the vivarium door open after changing her water during the afternoon.

I came back into the room a few hours later and thought.."Oh my god why are the doors open!!!" checked all around for her but she was gone!!! I completely turned the room upside down looking for her and checked in other rooms too just incase she decided to explore the house a little but no sign.

I stayed up the entire night locking the cats in the living room with me so there was no chance of poor JD getting hurt by them, I´d left some food out for her hoping to encourage her out of hiding and checked every few hours but nothing...later the next day my mum was kind enough to help look but after hours of searching we took a break.

Me mum then noticed the tv in the room where the snakes are kept wasn´t working properly so she went round the back of the tv and guess what she saw? JD´s little face poking out of a gap IN THE WALL!!!! She knew she couldn´t pull JD out with only her face sticking out of this little gap so she picked up JD´s dinner that was still sitting there from last night and lured her out, thank goodness JD is such a greedy little snakey, she happily slithered out of hiding for a snack...

then my mum comes into the living room where I was and says "look what I found!" I leapt up and gave her a big kiss and hug lol, she coiled around my arms bless her and even my brother came and gave her a pet...there she was centre of attention lol, she´s such a character and we´d all be devastated if anything happened to her!

I´m so happy she´s back! :) One things for certain, I won´t be making that mistake again!
19 Mar 2010 18:40
When the sun is out and Evelyn has made sure the roller blind is up, I like snoozing on the lounge window ledge.She says I look like a toy cat because I am very neat when I sleep with my stripey tail curled around me and my two front paws crossed on top of each other!
18 Mar 2010 16:05
Yesterday mumand Jamie took me out for a nice walk in a park id never been to!
Just as we were finishing i was hot and thursty so i decided to go for a roll in some niiiice muddy smelly water.
Take a look at my pic, if mm can work out how to add videos shell put that on of me in action to. The story doesnt end well for me though becasue i stank out mums car and when i got home I had to have a shower and some flea drops.

But it was good getting in mums bed and falling asleep with my ball.

17 Mar 2010 19:17
i went to see the parade and sat watching it a young labrador puppy training be a guide dog that was walking in the parade came over to sniff me after the parade i got my photo taken with my mammy and the mayor
15 Mar 2010 15:49
Hi All!!!

I am planning to do a Skydive for The Cats Protection in June 2010 and need all the sponsorship I can muster :o)

Please please please help and donate to help me reach my target...every little helps! :o)

Donation page:

Hayley xx
14 Mar 2010 15:05
At last I´ve finished the manuscript for my new book ´Angel Pets - incredible true stories of animal miracles.´ It´s published in August.

Just putting the finishing touches to my teaching presentation for New York, and looking forward to meeting the pets and the people who come along to my lecture and workshop.

Spring is around the corner and it´s great to see the birds in our garden nest building, and already there are bees buzzing around too. A badger has been digging in the lawn, last year a female brought her 2 cubs onto the patio, and it was amazing to see them. There is also a Muscovy duck living in next door´s garden, he appeared about a month ago, and often sits on our house roof!
14 Mar 2010 14:46
My little man (the 3rd member of the ´builders gang´ of Winter White hammies) died yesterday. Only Reg left now.... :-(
Neville was a star hammie. Such a friendly little chap. Some new friends, that I only met last year, bonded with him big time and are devastated today that he´s gone... He came out of his house when called, was always up for a bit of toast & butter, climbed the bars constantly for attention, never bit anyone & was very handsome.
Lately he has shown his age with thinning fur but his activity increased (often the way when they dont have long) & his appetite never waned. He was like a pensioner on speed most of the time.
He was buried a little while ago with his mates in the garden & we´ll light the candle lamp for him tonight.
Bless your heart little man. Goodnight xx
13 Mar 2010 22:00
i saw this and had to show u all
09 Mar 2010 12:49
i contacted my local city council who raised awareness about the shortage of dog bins the said there short on staff to them
08 Mar 2010 15:41
This is soooooooooooooooooo hilariously funny,I just had to add it...please watch all the way through.

I promise you,you will NOT be disappointed! (PMSL)
08 Mar 2010 13:42
Evelyn says the water on the window is CONDENSATION.I don´t like it when it stops me from looking out so yesterday I started licking it away until there was a clear bit of glass about the size of my head,big enough so I could look through. Then Evelyn came along to have a look and wiped the rest of the window for me cos she says it has got bits of my fur all over it...hee hee!
08 Mar 2010 13:21
If I snuggle under the blanket that Evelyn puts onto the sofa, it is a nice warm hiding place, good for having a little sleep...hee hee!
08 Mar 2010 13:20
Evelyn was ill all weekend. She kept sneezing very loudly and stayed in bed extra late in the mornings even though I padded over to her early at 6.30am as usual. After putting out my food and water and fixing my litter tray, she went back to bed. I gave a few meows of protest and licked her hand and she rewarded me by stroking my head, which I love!
07 Mar 2010 17:06
I´m such a spoiled kitty today when mommy and daddy got back from the shops i had a new pink collar, some cat nips treats and a toy that dispenses food when i play with it! I havent quite got the hang of it yet but mommys trying to teach me and when i give her my puppy dog eyes shes shakes it for me :)
07 Mar 2010 15:39
thank you all for wishing me good luck in my operation and asking about me
06 Mar 2010 22:59

It will love you if you forget to feed it,
if you step on its tail,
if you´re too busy to take it on a walk,
or too busy to brush its hair.

A dog will feel pain, but understand,
when you have to pull out a tick.
It will love you when you show no praise
for learning its favorite new trick.

A dog can tell you´re not feeling well...
will stay by your side until you do.
It will greet you when you get home from work
with tail wags to show its love for you.

A dog will find excitement
in doing the same things each day,
like taking a nap, chewing a bone,
and going outside to play.

A dog will love you unconditionally,
it will be there till the end.
Doesn´t it deserve the same
when it is truly "man´s best friend?"
06 Mar 2010 21:41
im giving mammy lots of kisses since she came home and looked after her when she went for a rest she said im a very good boy
05 Mar 2010 18:25
Well Monday is upon us this is to be my most big day, my partner is going to give me a top grooming on Monday morning, then it all starts. I told him is he going to wear his medals as he has been spit polishing his shoes ready. I cannot wait but hold my partner got to sort out my evening meal as we will be the road home so he better stop off and give me my meal
05 Mar 2010 10:51
Wetnose Awards for ‘Stars’ In Animal Rescue
At 3.30 pm on the 3rd March in Central London, there was a glorious array of Stars, but none shone brighter than those who were to receive the prestigious Wetnose Animal Awards. Fourteen animal rescue groups were to be honoured for their devotion and tireless effort in rescuing and protecting animal species by Wetnose Animal Aid with the assistance of a dazzling line up of celebrities. Three RAF service dogs with their 5 handlers were to receive a special award for bravery.
Wetnose Animal Aid International (the animal alternative to Red Nose) was launched 10 years ago by Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger. Having run their own boarding and rescue centre for 12 years, they are well aware of the stresses and strains of trying to help and protect animals in need, and in their own words:
‘Some rescue work, especially abroad, is the most harrowing work imaginable and can be very upsetting and emotional. These caring people, who often put their own lives at risk, deserve more support and recognition’
The financial recession of 2008/2009 has hit the smaller animal rescue organisations hard. Donations have suffered a deep decline and there has been an increase of cruelty cases and strays. These groups struggle to keep going and it is only with the help of their supporters that they can continue their work in animal rescue.
Jenny Seagrove made a special plea on behalf of Sara Tuppen of the Horse Refuge Sanctuary:
“I know for a fact that this lady has had little more than two nights sleep in her own bed over the past few weeks. The refuge has been given a six week eviction order and is due for closure unless they receive help very soon.”
Wendy Turner did an exceptional job in hosting the award ceremony and as did Ingrid Tarrant who was there to present an award and interview the guests as they arrived.
Listed below are the 2010 Wetnose Animal Aid Award Winners and presenters of the individual awards:
Safe Haven for Donkeys in Israel award presented by Right Honourable MP, Anne Widdicombe to Lucy Fensum
Sussex Paws Rescue award presented by Roger Mugford to Stacey McSpirit and Sheila who have been rescuing animals for 32 years
Animals at Risk award presented by Lorraine Chase to Maggie and Peter Morrison
Willows Animal Sanctuary award presented by Russell Floyd and Gary Webster to Kate Robinson
Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary award presented by Nicola Duffett to Fiona Oakes, who is a keen runner covering 100 miles a week and has also, entered the London Marathon.
Animals in Need (animal casualties, domestic and wildlife) Northampton awarded presented by Lester Middlehurst to Roy Marriot.
Dartmoor Pony Training Centre ‘Best Training Workshop’ award presented by Nick Altman to Natalie Torr
Farm Animal Sanctuary, Worcester the award was to be presented by Joanna Lumley who was unable to be there but sent a very charming message in her absence. However Susan Jameson stepped in to present the award to Jan Taylor.
Pussycat Lodge in Brentwood award presented by Gary Webster and Ingrid Tarrant to Jacqui Duly
Home and Away Animal Welfare (Sri Lanka) award presented by Sylvia Tidy-Harris to Janice Down
Borneo Orangutans Survival welfare achievement award presented by Nick Knowles to Grainne McEntee
Elephants for Africa conservation achievement awarded presented by Caroline Langrishe to Nick Knowles on behalf of Dr Kate Evans
Animal Kingdom in Philippines (who are responsible for stopping illegal slaughter of dogs over there) award presented by Clarissa Baldwin CEO of the Dogs Trust to owner of “Sweet” Charles Wartenburg.
The Horse Refuge Sanctuary (home to Europe’s tallest Shire Duke) and facing a 6 week eviction order if £500,000 cannot be raised. The award presented by Jenny Seagrove to Sara Tuppen
RAF service dogs, Billie, the Springer spaniel working in arms and explosives and recently returned from Iraq, Kubo the German shepherd who originated from the Czech republic working as a police dog, Duke spaniel X working in vehicle search and their 5 proud handlers received the Special Award for bravery.
At the close of the ceremony London Dog Forum had the pleasure of meeting gorgeous Max, a Gordon setter belonging to DJ David Hamilton, a long time supporter of Wetnose who has now been included on our list of celebrity dog lovers.
Finally a big thank you must go to Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger, the founders of Wetnose International Animal Aid, who had the foresight to recognise the need for supporting these animal rescue groups and to give them the recognition they deserve. Donations and sponsorship are always welcome

04 Mar 2010 14:00
Ginger was pts today just before 11am she had become very poorly and it wasnt fair to let her suffer. She spent her last half an hour in the sun and has gone to be cremated now. We should get her back mon/tues and have already got her fave spot ready for her. We have also put her collar and fur aside ready for her memory box, dont think there´ll be any more pets now this is too hard to go through. x
02 Mar 2010 13:16
28 Feb 2010 10:51
please can you sign this petition
i think its terrible
to think what this poor dog has gone through :curse: :´( :´(
27 Feb 2010 18:29
There was a lot of squeaking going on this morning &, when I looked, naughty Pip was challenging Bella as ´top gerbil´.... Bella is such a sweet natured girl and would normally give any of her naughty ´teenage´ children a quick cuff with her paw & it would restore harmony...
Unfortunately, that didnt work today & Pip turned on her mum big time. I had to step in & get Pip out. Bella has quite a nasty bite so after bathing it & calming her down I put her back with the others. Dot was first on the scene to snuggle up to her mum, followed by Lily but Willow stayed back. Not a good sign I thought so I watched them for over an hour. Willow eventually began doing the dominance behaviour that Pip had done earlier so I got her out too before she could set upon poor Bella.
So now I have yet another tank - this time with the naughty twins Pip & Willow in it. Sadly, Dot has lost her playmate but it had to be done. In any case, I would have been gutted if Dot had been set upon &, the way things were going, that was a strong possibility.
Harmony is once again restored but my nerves are shredded.....!!!
25 Feb 2010 15:09
Do you or have you ever had that feeling that when you switch on a programme on the TV,or start to watch a film or even start reading a particular book...that you just know the ending is not going to be a happy one ????.

Well that happened to me last night as I watched ´Natural World´ on BBC 2 about the true story of a wild Orca called ´Luna´.

To brief those that didn´t watch it for whatever reason (maybe your partner wanted to watch the footie like mine did for a bit - tut,tut,tut),I´ll just go over lightly what the programme was about so as to put you in the picture.

´Luna´ was an orphan,whom for some reason or other had got left behind when the family Pod moved onwards away from Vancouver Island in British Columbia - she was just 2 years old and soon made friends with locals and visitors who used the waterways in the harbourside.

She´d approach any boat or swimmers with no fears or hang ups about the humans she met,she loved nudging playfully the boats (small or large) and she adored playing with the props and engines and following in the wake of the vessels.

She came to be known as quite a local celebrity in ´Nootka Sound´ and spent 4 years in total there having been filmed by two documentary makers,but her playfulness and chosen home wasn´t so popular with local fishermen and she made a few enemies who wished at times to shoot her.

Whilst many petitioned that she should be helped to return to her Pod that were now some 200 odd miles away,´The Department of Fisheries & Oceans´ stepped in and threatened to impose a $100,000 fine to anybody that touched the whale - to add more cooks to the broth,then stepped in the local Indians who claimed that the whale was actually their old Chief in his next life and were convinced by this because following their Chief´s death (who before he had died told them he would oneday return to them as a whale), 3 days later,´Luna´ turned up in the Sound.

The Scientists decided that ´Luna´ was best off returned to her Pod and tried to corral her into a pen so to be able to transport her home but the Indians took to the water and encouraged ´Luna´ to follow them instead - it became a huge tangle of love and hate for the whale.

´Sadly though back in March 2006,it was reported that ´Luna´ had tragically been killed after an unfortunate incident with a vessel´s prop - she had died instantly after the collision and mourners united in their grief for the young lonely whale.

Combine this story with the wonderful video footage that was captured by film makers Suzanne Chisholm & Michael Parfit over the 4 years of being with this Orca and the touching,emotional narration,told in a way that any person with an ounce of compassion in their body could be moved to chin wobbling and tear-pricked eyes and then finally add the haunting and moving music to accompany the set throughout and at the end when you see the last picture taken of ´Luna´ playing in the film maker´s boat´s wake which is then incorperated into the Local Press´s Headline´s that ´Luna,the Orca Dies Following Collision´ end up with one total,blubbering mess - YES ME!!!.

It take´s alot to move to me tears BUT BOY!......this wonderful and memorable documentary really did shatter me to other half had to get up and make me a rather stiff drink (LOL).

Seriously,though...if you see this programme re-advertised for another viewing,it´s well worth the watch BUT bewarned - tissue´s and LOTS of them WILL be an essential accompaniment.
23 Feb 2010 17:53
Thought I´d put up an interesting update... I´ve got a trip with the Uni coming up (12th April -16th April) going to Edinburgh Zoo to study dominance hierarchies within a group of animals and a study of optimality theory - which will involve recording time spent foraging compared to time spent being vigulant for predators. I´ve got my transport and accomadation sorted, booked the zoo tickets through the uni - we will also have behind the scenes tours and keeper talks! Only problem is I have a terrible anxiety disorder and this is the first time I´ve traveled so far on my own so will be utterly nerve-racking for me but got to keep telling myself "you´ll be able to take lots of pictures of pretty animals when you get there" lol.

Will be going to Chester Zoo with the Uni 17th March too! That trip will be much less nerve-racking for me though lol.

Have also picked up a few supplies from the hardware store so I can get to work customising the snakes vivarium! I´m going to do a fake rock background with a couple of ledges which I´ll place hides on so they´ll have several different hides to choose from rather than just the 2 that I can fit in the viv at the moment! I´ll also purchase lot´s of fake leaves decorations and a climing branch too. It´ll be so much more interesting in there for them once I´ve finished it! :D

JD and Benny have also been seperated ultra early this year so no chance of any more little babies...well...unless JD´s managed to retain some sperm from last year and impregnates herself...I will be very disapointed in her if she does lol, as I plan to actually go on holiday this year! :P
23 Feb 2010 12:29
She kept hugging me over the weekend and said I make a good hot water bottle. I don´t know what she means but it was nice to be hugged! I love being hugged and stroked so I always remember to purr loudly to show I am happy!
21 Feb 2010 19:12

Feb 21, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Professional dog trainer Cesar Millan has lost a dear friend as his pit bull Daddy has passed away. It has been revealed that the much loved dog died on Friday and was 16 years old at the time of his death. Cesar Millan’s family has stated that the dog passed away due to old age and was surrounded by family and friends when he breathed his last.

In a statement that has been released by Cesar Millan following Daddy’s death, the dog trainer remembers his old friend’s contribution in shaping the behavior of almost an entire generation of dogs. On Saturday, Cesar Millan expressed his gratitude for the unending condolence messages received by his family following Daddy’s death through a social networking site. The demise of his best friend has surely come as a rude shock to Cesar Millan given the fact that he was instrumental in training the pit bull since almost his birth.

Daddy was originally owned by rapper Redmond but soon came under the care of the much acclaimed dog trainer as he was called by the rapper to take proper care of the dog, who was then just four months old. This marked the beginning of a long term association between Cesar Millan and the pit bull. Daddy continued his work with the professional dog trainer and gradually developed into a successful pit bull partner, who would play a pivotal role in helping Cesar Millan train other dogs- even those with hostile nature. The duo specifically grabbed attention when they appeared in the National Geographic Channel show “The Dog Whisperer.”

More at : Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull ‘Daddy’ Passes Away
19 Feb 2010 14:31

19 Feb 2010 14:30
U can only pick one ...
19 Feb 2010 14:25


The family´s dog was bought for a guard,
Chained to a post in a chilly backyard,
Housed in a shed that was airless and dark,
And every few weeks had a run in the park.

When boredom set in with no fun and no work,
One day it broke loose and went quietly berserk
Pa couldn´t fathom just why it went wild,
As it flattened his wife and then bit his child.

The police were called in to sort out the mess,
And the whole sorry tale was revealed by the press,
The Rescue Society was really annoyed,
So, the dog was re-homed -- and the owners destroyed
19 Feb 2010 13:39
Found some yummy new treats in my bowl after I had eaten my dinner...Evelyn rattled the funny shaped box and said "Katzinis! "Apparently they contain vitamins which are good for me. She calls them my vitamin
19 Feb 2010 11:25
I need some help please.......

Had a weekend in London with friends & came back with 2 more gerblins needing names.... (Usual story - unwanted pets after 10months)..

They DO have names but I hate them.... They are D & G (Dolce & Gabanna) yuk...

They are both jet black. One has a white ´zip´ on her tummy & the other a white ´bib´ and an orange eyebrow.
I will get pics up asap but at the moment they are settling in to their new home..

Any suggestions girls????
18 Feb 2010 15:52
This is so beautiful & very very touching...whoever wrote this has really hit the spot and given thought to all those whom have never known love nor kindness at the hand´s of Mankind!.

**** Rainbow Bridge for Neglected Furkids.****

At Rainbow Bridge it has been said departed pets, who have been dearly loved by owners in life, play and wait in meadows. When they hear their loved ones call, they rush to meet them and they cross Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.

What has not been told is the fate of the orphans, the strays the unloved, abused or neglected fur babies who also play in the meadows and wait for someone to call their name and cross over the bridge with them.

In life these fur babies had no special person to love and care for them. And even though they may have been beaten, kicked, starved or otherwise abused or neglected, their hearts are only full of love and forgiveness!

Every time one of these special ones sees a human soul, they too become excited, hoping maybe this will be the person who will love them and take them across the bridge.

Sometimes their wait seems long, but suddenly one hears his name being called. Startled, heart beating wildly, he looks in the direction of the voice. All fear and sadness depart and he runs eagerly to meet his new loved one. Tears and licks, hugs and nudges abound.

The person who has called his name also was unloved, abused or neglected in life. Now they both have found purity of unconditional love that was missing in life and together they cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

~~Author Unknown
18 Feb 2010 14:25
I know that when Evelyn´s alarm clock rings then it is nearly time for me to eat some breakfast. My latest trick is to lick her hair to wake her up before the alarm rings. Then if she doesn´t get up immediately, I lick her hair again...hee hee! A good trick that always works!
18 Feb 2010 11:22
Hi guys i just wanted to let you all know that bob, fred and zorro are no longer living with us. My parents moved house and before they went a couple of other people on the street said they had been helping to look after them too and would continue to do so if we wanted. So although it broke our hearts we took the decision to leave them behind with the neighbours as it was a 20 mile move and we couldnt have kept them indoors whilst they adjusted. I hope you all understand.
17 Feb 2010 16:05
Me & Tony & my father in law went out to the market on Monday
After walking round god knows haw many stalls
we went to a cafe for something to eat & drink
but we hadn´t been to this one before
& I needed the loo
I got fern to take me to the loo
I went to the loo the disabled ones was full
So I went to the other toilets
when I went it was very quiet no one was in
so anyway when I had finished
I came out to wash my hands while I was washing my
hands an old man came out just looked at me
& said ´alright love ´´ me thinking the that the
daft old guy had gone in the wrong tolilets
until I saw 2 more men come out from the loos
I just said IM in the wrong toilets aren´t I
& the old guy just laughed at me & said
yes you are but you´ve cheered me up for the rest of the day
& then to make matters worse my father in law came in to go to the loo as well
i don´t know who was more embarrassed
I just said sorry & came out very red faced
I looked at fern & said your sacked
she just looked at me wagging her tail
Tony had a good laugh at it as well I didn´t expect anything less from Tony
16 Feb 2010 14:06
They can be anything .. no matter what age u are just things that stick in your mind ..

Like on my birthday i was 6 (yes i know its hard 2 think of me being 6) but i was heee .... my mum brought me a moggy .. (thats a doll type thing) popular in 1950 / 1960 anyway i loved this bliking thing and one day i left it in the garden and it rained (the insides were straw ) and it was usless 2 play with after that .. so i made mum have a burial service in the garden for it ..

The nabours must have seen her burieing something she really got some funny looks after that hahahahahaha xxxxxxxx
16 Feb 2010 13:32
I´ve just put a selection of signed photo´s on Ebay kindly donated by the celebs to raise funds for wetnose animal aid.
15 Feb 2010 17:42
I was naughty this morning and broke the string thing on the lounge roller blind that makes it go up and down. I always like to play with anything dangling down and it was an accident. Evelyn has now tied up the string thing high up where I can´t reach it. I tried to stretch up to get it but she called my name in a warning tone which meant she was a bit cross with me.
14 Feb 2010 17:02
Jasper hasn´t been feeling very well these past couple of weeks.

He had perked up and became his usal self, so I thoughI was being paranoid.
However sadly he went very ill very quickly. He had stopped eating, and then drinking, and yesterday he was swaying as he walked, if he could walk at all.

Last night we had the biggest cuddles and I forced some water down him using a syringe... gave him cuddles and kisses. He wasn´t talking or running. However at 2am when both myself and Tom thought it best to go to sleep. we gave him one last cwtch and kiss, and he squeaked and purred. I think this was him saying goodbye.

This morning we came down to a peaceful guinea pig.

May you Rest in Peace Baby Boy

14 Feb 2010 10:49
Meg has been with us 1 year now, love her to bits x x x
13 Feb 2010 21:16
New updated photos are here. Or, you can see more detailed information at or our personal web site
13 Feb 2010 17:51
In October last year (2009) we adopted two rescue cats Benny and Charlie, brothers,aged 10.
Benny is all black and Charlie is white with black patches.

After losing Boris 11 months before we thought the time was right and knew Boris would want us to have some more cats from a rescue centre.

They have settled in well and we fell like a family once again.

Benny was run over when he was about 5 years old and crushed his hip, he gets about fine but is not as active as Charlie who leaps about all over the place and can jump up onto the 6ft fence. Benny has to think about jumping up onto a chair and when he comes down the stairs he does so with both his back legs together. He can charge about when he decides to and when Charlie decides to chase him aroung the house or garden.

They are both large cats but Benny is a bit on the skinny side so after having a chat with the vet we have decided to get him checked to see if he has a thyroid problem. This apparently can be treated quite easily with tablets.

We still miss Boris so very,very much as he was so special and such a bright cat, but as I said before we are now a family of four and it is still early days with our new boys.

We are looking forward to the spring so we can all get out into the garden together and have some more fun and enjoy the warmer weather.
12 Feb 2010 21:00
11 Feb 2010 18:53
i was very bold on my mammy today i found a hole in the hedge and went into the neighbours garden and started barking like mad mammy has to get the garden fenced in or tie me up when not going for a walk as she heard yesterday i was digging up a neighbours garden rutting for stuff she is not happy about it all or either is her mum
i was told off and just ingored everyone and started sulking like a baby mammy found out nobody is willing to do a good job on the fencing so i will be put on my long line after my walks its like an extension lead
11 Feb 2010 09:55
Hi Guys
Having a bit of tough year so far so not able to get here very often but still thinking about all my pat street friends xx
10 Feb 2010 23:47
hi all, ive been off line for a bit so so busy working. Tuffers is now almost as big as sky and hes only 6mnths old!!! hope u all well
10 Feb 2010 20:51
mammy booked the mobile groomer so she is coming on monday to give me a haircut as my hair is long i even got jam in today dont know how that happened but mammy got a baby wipe and wiped the jam off my ear
i was delighted to see my friend mia today who got groomed as i didnt see her for a while so we had a great play together to tire me out
10 Feb 2010 20:31
I´ve recently discovered that it´s possible to attach an SLR camera onto a telescope through use of a specific adaptor which attaches to the front of the camera and slides into the eye peice of the telescope. I also remembered my neglected telescope that´s been sitting in the garage for the last few years lol so think I´ll indulge in a bit of astrophotography once I´ve purchased the correct accessories to do so!

This be my telescope

Eeeeee can´t wait to get started with that! :D
10 Feb 2010 13:13
I can always tell when Evelyn is coming home to the flat. She calls my name from outside and waves to me when she sees me jump onto the window ledge in our lounge!
09 Feb 2010 13:55
My new cat insurance papers arrived in the post and Evelyn laughed saying it is called Supercat as if I am a super hero or something!I am not sure what it means to be a super hero but I assume it is something good :|
09 Feb 2010 13:44
Before Evelyn could leave for work today I was racing around the living room at high speed. First I jumped onto the window ledge, then raced across it ( it is nice and wide) and down onto the floor then round the coffee table and finally up onto the sofa to start all over again onto the window ledge.
It is my high energy time first thing in the morning.She says I am like a little race horse! I think she was pleased with me as she left some milkie for me to drink saying it is good for my teeth and fave treat is milkie!
09 Feb 2010 11:29
Last night I hid under the sofa! Evelyn heard a scratching noise on the wood floor and thought it might be mice but then caught sight of my little tail sticking out from under the sofa. She was very surprised as she hadn´t seen me squeeze in there before...hee hee!
08 Feb 2010 14:15
Evelyn spent the whole weekend at home with me and noticed that as my cat bed is under the wooden coffee table, it makes my bed look like a very grand 4 poster bed with pillars...hee hee! I love snuggling in there with my fave toys- Mousey in pyjamas, squeeky Robin, Bluey mouse, Rosie mouse, little duck and my fave stripey mousey ( my baby toy!). I can even see the tv from there when it is on!
08 Feb 2010 14:10
Every morning I am up very early because I can hear the birdies singing outside...but when I go to the window ledge and look out, I can´t see any of them:(
I wonder where they are? Evelyn knows that I miss the garden from our last home where there were birdies and squirrels to watch plus butterflies in the summertime. She says the birdies live in trees which are nearby but we can´t see them because they are too far away. I was meowing a lot this morning before my breakfast time and she knew it was because I wanted to go outside...I have a special meow of protest noise that I make which is the same as when she wakes me up and I don´t want to be disturbed. She gave me lots of hugs and some treats and I think she felt upset for me today.
07 Feb 2010 21:00
my cat Amber was lucky to survive when he got poisened as he was kept in for 2 days in the vet a few year ago it was a very worring time for me
07 Feb 2010 20:19
i am looking after my mammy every night and sleeping in her room when she goes for a rest in the evening and goes asleep at night i will miss her terrible when she goes in
07 Feb 2010 14:46
mammy was doing croquet which she is learning to do so i thought it would be fun to play with her wool she didnt want me playing with it all so in the end she gave me charlie miniture teddy and i had lots of fun with it even though charlie wanted it back mammy said to charlie to share your toys so in the end i managed to keep it until he went asleep
07 Feb 2010 14:37
my mammy was practiseing croquet as she is only learning it and i thought it would be fun to play with the wool and croquet hook i thought she had new toys for me
07 Feb 2010 12:37
Win a soft toy Siberian husky ( approx 15" L x 11" H) For just a £1 guess the name of the husky, for more details visit <a href=""></a>
To find out more about Wetnose Animal Aid visit
You can also join the Wetnose causes on Facebook.
07 Feb 2010 11:36
National Geographic Channel’s Cesar Millan aka The Dog Whisperer, has issued what he considers to be the seven most important tips for owners of new dogs. Millan believes in order to prevent problems down the road, it’s important that owners establish routine and boundaries early on.

1. Create a schedule that includes a daily walk in the morning. This is
critical for your dog’s health, both physical and mental. If you have a
puppy, talk to your veterinarian about the risk of long-term bone
development problems, parvovirus, and other health issues before
implementing an exercise routine.

2. Set aside time every day to provide mental exercise by maintaining
rules, boundaries, and limitation