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11 May 2015 04:49
18 Apr 2015 22:23
Add rabbitjumping09 on instagram and Google+
15 Feb 2015 23:37
Save a life - foster a dog
05 Jan 2015 19:38
My beautiful girl, left me on 5th November 2014 to make her journey to the bridge. sleep well my best friend. xxxxx
20 Dec 2014 01:48
Bobby the beauty Merry Xmas xxxxxxx
20 Dec 2014 01:37
xxxxxxxxxxxx Harvey so Beautiful
20 Dec 2014 01:33
I am now lightingcandles for both of my babies, Ashlar I hope you are running free with Anubis, I miss you so much my heart is breaking, you left too too fast, I love you always and forever my precious..your mumxxxxxxxx
28 May 2014 23:51
She is the latest to the Whammond house hold. Ive had her about 4 mths now and boy is she a handful.
28 May 2014 10:06
May your little Spangle is so cute xxxx
03 Apr 2014 10:14
my daughter is now 9 and we still have Paco with us he is getting a little slow but is you throw a stick he´ll fetch it like a pup lol
03 Apr 2014 10:12
Paco is my dog , we love him, it is a rescue dog from Spain, we have him now for 6 years and its my 4 year old daughter´s best friend , iff you can, rescue a dog .They need a second chance
my husband drived all the way to spain to bring him back xxx
03 Apr 2014 09:51
Just adore mini lops
03 Apr 2014 09:45
sooty fawn mini lop Lola xxx
soon to be a mummy
13 Mar 2014 17:41
Nice looking little bunny, what other animal´s does she play with?
12 Mar 2014 21:31
Amber is 6 now, still as cheeky as ever and gorgeous
12 Mar 2014 21:29
I´m Mistys owner and sadly we lost him last year he was 16 and had a wonderful life full of love. I miss him everyday my wonderful Misty cat in the sky xxx
29 Nov 2013 02:22
Lit a candle for you today my beautiful Boo, love you and miss you so much...keep shining bright in that sky xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
22 Aug 2013 15:06
Scooby passed away in my arms.I miss her more than I ever thought I would.God Bless and sleep well till we meet mum.**
04 Jul 2013 07:09
Happy Birthday Oscar xx
23 Jun 2013 00:54
August 30th 2001 - 3rd June 2013 Gone but never forgotten. xxxxx
06 May 2013 07:30
Amber was pts on 14th April 2013, a month after her 15th birthday. Ashes scattered on the tree planted for Helen in local park where they both used to walk. RIP.
29 Apr 2013 13:43
What a ´cutie ´you are x
25 Feb 2013 22:48
May your paws forever dance amongst the stars xxxxx sweet dreams beautiful dizzy x
25 Feb 2013 19:24
rip my little one i loved you so but your at rest now will always carry you in my heart will miss you so love mum xxxx
11 Feb 2013 22:04
Your beautiful Sally xx
11 Feb 2013 16:31
My little hamster has skin cancer what more can I do to help him
10 Feb 2013 20:40
Welcome to petstreet I have 6 JRT´s xx
31 Jan 2013 09:32
Welcome Little Tigg
31 Jan 2013 09:31
Welcome Harvey
30 Dec 2012 21:57
great action shot pedro
04 Dec 2012 21:45
Still miss you my precious girl love you so much, keep running your mum xxxxxxxxxxxx
29 Nov 2012 22:28
You is gorgeous Tigger xxx
28 Nov 2012 08:10
Welcome to pet street, i hope you find it informative and fun. Best regards, Mr Sir
16 Nov 2012 00:07
Hi Tiger
15 Nov 2012 09:59
aww wow youve got another beautiful little boy aww sue hes just lovely xxxxxxxxxxx
15 Nov 2012 06:40
Ho Tigger you are a beautiful boy xxx
12 Nov 2012 22:23
12 Nov 2012 22:15
Welcome to petstreet xxxx
12 Nov 2012 22:10
Hi ya and welcome to petstreet xxxx
10 Nov 2012 20:44
Hi Major, welcome hope to hear more about you x
09 Nov 2012 20:11
Hello Rosie I have a cat called Rosie too xxx
09 Nov 2012 20:09
Hello Misty you have beautiful markings xx
09 Nov 2012 18:48
Hi Dusty, welcome to petstreet xxxxxx
11 Oct 2012 18:27
Yappy Gottcha Mr B!
09 Oct 2012 10:37
Hi Freddie, so sorry to hear you have become a ´victim´ of the stupid DDA discrimination law and hope you are home soon, tell your mum to contact
They are very helpful.
Sending big hugs xx
08 Oct 2012 11:59
Hi Freddie, you look lovely, and I´m so sorry to read your story there. We´re sending positive thoughts your way, and hope you are soon back with your family, where you belong. Any dog could´ve reacted the way you did and I know just from looking at you that you are good boy (((hugs))) to you and your family xxx
08 Oct 2012 09:46
hi peanut aren´t you as cute as a button
08 Oct 2012 09:44
welcome freddie happy birthday for yesterday big bone for you handsome xx
07 Oct 2012 14:20
Welcome Freddie xx
07 Oct 2012 13:50
Hi Freddie welcome to PS, sending you a juicy bone xx
06 Oct 2012 14:51
your a real cutie xx
06 Oct 2012 14:50
Hi Peanut welcome, look forward to seeing more pics of you x
30 Sep 2012 10:48
i have a herman and he is 3 how old is yours
30 Sep 2012 10:46
i have i herman and he is three aswell
29 Sep 2012 10:36
Hi minstrel, look forward to some pics and hearing all about you x
16 Sep 2012 10:00
Welcome xx
16 Sep 2012 09:59
Welcome Eric to petstreet x
29 Aug 2012 19:41
hi handsome boy xx and cuddles from us all xx
29 Aug 2012 15:44
25 Aug 2012 10:24
hello little fishy
25 Aug 2012 10:23
hi andy nice to meet you
25 Aug 2012 10:23
24 Aug 2012 18:59
welcome to PetStreet x
24 Aug 2012 18:57
welcome to PetStreet Andy x
24 Aug 2012 08:12
Welcome fishy xxx
24 Aug 2012 08:03
Welcome Andy your a handsome boy xxx
24 Aug 2012 06:05
Hey big boy no more scaring your mummy, K9 is saying he can´t come visit you until up can walk again so hurry up Jaxy & get your back legs working again xxx
23 Aug 2012 08:32
sweetdreams handsome boy i love you and miss you beyond words xxxxx you and i where together before anyone else came along your eyes went straight to your soul and burn deep in my heart
22 Aug 2012 12:29
hi toby nice to see you
17 Aug 2012 13:06
i cant believe its almost a year since we lost you my precious boy i cant stop thinking about you love you
17 Aug 2012 09:41
Hi Rachel and Snowy. You look so much like our cat Mouse, come by and see the resemblance. He´s a one person cat as well and doesn´t like anyone else. xx
15 Aug 2012 14:54
naughty but nice xx
15 Aug 2012 14:53
what a pretty girl you are
31 Jul 2012 16:24
Hi Snowy, welcome to PS, you sound a real character x
31 Jul 2012 16:21
Leya you are very pretty, so glad you found a forever home x
26 Jul 2012 22:02
26 Jul 2012 22:01
Welcome to petstreet xxx
26 Jul 2012 08:11
You are a clever girl, sent you some treats x
21 Jul 2012 22:16
A big collie cuddle for my gorgeous Angel Penny, miss you sweetheart, you are always in our thoughts xxxxxx
21 Jul 2012 12:51
4 years today Penny, missing you still. Keep chasing them pesky Squirrels x love always from Aunty Wendy xxxx
20 Jul 2012 07:47
Beautiful xx
20 Jul 2012 07:44
Your gorgeous Gizmo x
20 Jul 2012 07:43
Welcome Sandy to petstreet x
20 Jul 2012 07:40
Your very cute x
10 Jul 2012 01:34
R.I.P Oli buddy, i miss you so much and you continue to inspire me to adopt not buy!
09 Jul 2012 16:44
Hi Binky and welcome to petstreet xx
09 Jul 2012 12:46
Hi Binky, welcome to petstreet x
06 Jul 2012 19:15
red roses left xxxxxxxxx
06 Jul 2012 19:14
Hi Angel, thanks for the welcome, Are you an ex-doggysnapper?
06 Jul 2012 19:14
thanks for the welcome
06 Jul 2012 17:55
06 Jul 2012 17:54
Welcome to petstreet x
06 Jul 2012 12:34
Run Free Little One xx
06 Jul 2012 12:32
Hi Hamish, hope your feeling better xx
05 Jul 2012 16:24
sweetdreams murdoch xx
05 Jul 2012 16:23
welcome hamish hope you make a speedy recovery
05 Jul 2012 14:28
aww so so cute!
05 Jul 2012 14:17
I so love cats! I dont have one though. I have a dog insteed
04 Jul 2012 10:56
Happy birthday to my little boy 7 today xxxxxx
03 Jul 2012 21:00
Just tried re-uploading a video from you tube, hope it works....
02 Jul 2012 09:36
Olympic torch is coming to town today, I´m staying in!!!!
30 Jun 2012 11:52
Hello all..... I am currently watching the world go by..... I could do this all day! :-)
29 Jun 2012 15:54
Welcome to petstreet xx
29 Jun 2012 08:37
Cheers... Still finding my way around, loving it though. :-)
29 Jun 2012 08:13
R.I.P., Dizzy. Say hi to my Tobes, if you see himxx
29 Jun 2012 06:36
Awww, sounds like you´ve finally landed on your paws there Kim. You lap it up, mate, and welcome to PetStreet x
29 Jun 2012 06:17
welcome to PetStreet x
27 Jun 2012 19:25
You are beautiful x
27 Jun 2012 15:46
27 Jun 2012 15:29
Our beautiful boy passed away yesterday, Tuesday 26th June 2012. Toby was 19 years of age, having lived a long and adventurous life. He came to us as a stray 16 years ago and was an absolute delight. Always gentle, kind and very dignified. He was a tough lad too and guarded his territory like a soldier. We are so sad for his loss, but are trying to console ourselves knowing that he lived a long time and remembering him the way he was before he became ill. We love you Toby and you´re paw prints are etched on our hearts. Goodbye baby, we miss you so much, all our love, Paul, Kitty, Dolly and Karin xx
26 Jun 2012 21:35
my wheel works as a food store and a nice place to sleep :)
26 Jun 2012 08:26
Hello fluffy nice to see you on here now xxxxx
25 Jun 2012 20:58
OMG, what a cutie welcome to petstreet tc3 xxxxxx
25 Jun 2012 19:56
Hi TC3, you look real cute xx
23 Jun 2012 17:35
Welcome to Petstreet Star xxxxx
22 Jun 2012 10:41
Welcome to PS Star x
15 Jun 2012 20:07
Sweet dreams little one xxx
15 Jun 2012 10:02
Welcome to Petstret Zack xxxx
14 Jun 2012 20:22
rip my little one will always love you xxx
14 Jun 2012 20:21
R.I.P Tinker (tc) play with the other cats in rainbow bridge xxxxxx
12 Jun 2012 05:51
Run free handsome Dizzy xxxxx
10 Jun 2012 17:44
sweet dreams beautiful boy xxxxxx
08 Jun 2012 21:23
Sweet dreams Dizzy, enjoy yourself at Rainbow Bridge with all the other Angels, they will all be there to welcome you xxxxx
08 Jun 2012 21:11
sweetdreams you handsome boy xxxxxxxxx
08 Jun 2012 13:29
love to you wonderful boy xxx
07 Jun 2012 09:35
Hi Honey, lovely to meet you x
07 Jun 2012 09:34
Hi Stella, lovely to meet you x
07 Jun 2012 08:47
Your a real sweetie xxxx
07 Jun 2012 08:45
Your beautiful xx
05 Jun 2012 20:11
Today i stayed in most of the day out of the rain. Slept the afternoon away in the warm Miranda said i was snoring but i dont think i was...was i?
05 Jun 2012 20:09
Today I trashed my hutch yet again its becoming one of my hobbies now. I managed to smash my carrot food bowl into pieces, still working on trying to break my hay rack. I didnt want to leave my hutch today as its way to wet outside. I stay in and sulked most of the day. Least i got to throw my food about again at teatime.I have to take my agression out on something you know!
05 Jun 2012 20:04
This morning a brought Miranda in a dead bird but I ended up eating most of it just left her the feathers and guts to clean up, for some reason she wasnt happy so ungrateful
05 Jun 2012 20:02
Today I came inside for a run round as the weather is horrid out there.Was nice to get out the hutch for a while and see Miranda
04 Jun 2012 01:51
Roses for you sweet Merlin Run Free xxxxxxxxxx
29 May 2012 19:50
How sweet can you get!
25 May 2012 11:49
I am loving the Summer sun and I am busy lazing around in the garden trying to keep myself cool after a dose of sunbathing. Its a dogs life! xxx
25 May 2012 11:44
Awwww how cute?! xxx
18 May 2012 16:04
Hi ya Barney you are gorgeous xxx
17 May 2012 20:53
Barney, Barney, are just too cute for words xxx
17 May 2012 08:50
hi barney and you the cutest little thing xxx
17 May 2012 08:05
hi barney, cant wait to hear more about you x
16 May 2012 21:16
hi little guy xx
16 May 2012 19:19
Today I have been out most of the day and making the most of the weather. Im asleep on the sofa now
16 May 2012 19:18
Today I have spent most of the day relaxing and sunbathing in the garden. I did try to fall asleep on top of the bunny hutc but miranda got me down.
16 May 2012 19:16
Today I enjoyed running round like a mad bunny through the tunnels in the run..Amber annoyed me as she wouldnt leave me alone glad miranda seperated us...I didnt bite her today as she helped me
16 May 2012 19:13
Today I went in the run outside and grazed on the grass with Ebony. Miranda had to seperate me from Ebony as I kept biting her and humping her.
14 May 2012 11:14
Yes, we´d defo love to see a picture coz you sound lovely and very unsual. Welcome to petstreet x
14 May 2012 11:11
Hi Mia, love your pic. Looks like you are having a serious think about something hehehe. Welcome to PetStreet X
14 May 2012 10:56
Hall Sonny, how are things with you? Hope you´re having fun. xx
14 May 2012 10:55
Hi Annie, what are you up to. Thought summer had come yesterday but now we´re back to the good ol´ rain. I´m out with my Dad today though I snooze most of the time so miss things. Take care. xx
14 May 2012 10:52
Hallo Cat, I bet every other cat envies you having all those little furry friends, hope you are friends!
14 May 2012 10:49
Hallo Diva, glad to hear you are settling in well and enjoying your new friends. xx
14 May 2012 10:47
Hallo Angel, no chance to do any sunbathing today, its raining here, still, it was nice yesterday. Mind those ears now. xx
14 May 2012 10:44
Hallo lovely Kitty, we like tuna too. xx
14 May 2012 10:43
Hi Toby, you´re a good looking lad. Sounds like you mean business! xx
14 May 2012 10:42
Hallo Dolly, you´re a very lucky girl to have found a nice home after your horrible experience. Tell Mum we´d love to see a pic of you.
14 May 2012 10:39
Hallo Rambo, you´re a lovely boy. Do come by and meet our clan.
14 May 2012 10:35
Hallo Mia and your Mum, what a lovely picture of you. We had a puss looked a lot like you a few years ago.
14 May 2012 08:55
Thinking of you today Poppy , sending big hugs x
14 May 2012 08:31
Good luck Poppy xx hope all goes well xx big hugs and lots of kisses xx
13 May 2012 21:30
Good luck with your little op tomorrow Poppy. We´ll be thinking of you xxx
13 May 2012 14:52
Today I have spent the afternoon inside sleeping as I was out in the early hours running round..
13 May 2012 14:50
Today I bit miranda and grunted at her as I didnt want to go outside my hutch.
13 May 2012 14:42
Today Ive been off my food think it might be the weather been out in the garden sunbathing miranda put suncream on my ears which i didnt appreciate and Ive still managed to burn my ears though!
13 May 2012 14:39
Thanks jacqui Ive been in my indoor pen today for a little while
12 May 2012 07:25
Hi Angel, welcome to PetStreet x
12 May 2012 07:23
Awwww, hello Amber. Hope you are feeling better. My Millie & Maddy have both recently been spayed so sending their sympathies and healing thoughts XXX
12 May 2012 07:19
Hi Chester & Bella, Millie says it´s great to see more springies on PetStreet X
11 May 2012 22:46
Hi ya, welcome to petstreet xxxxx
11 May 2012 19:08
Thx vena
11 May 2012 19:04
I did give in in the end as I new it was for my own good.
11 May 2012 18:58
Thanks tov and vena
11 May 2012 11:53
glad your on the mend
11 May 2012 11:53
i hope your spot on the chair is nice and sunny xx
11 May 2012 09:43
Hi Rambo, welcome to petstreet x
11 May 2012 09:42
Hi Ebony, you must take your meds so you can get better x
11 May 2012 09:40
Hi Angel nice to meet you, enjoy your zzzzzzzzz x
11 May 2012 09:38
Glad your feeling better Amber, bet your getting lots of extra hugs x
11 May 2012 08:09
Beautiful colourings super cute :)
11 May 2012 08:09
Beautiful Bunny :)
11 May 2012 07:52
This morning I popped home for breakfast and then went back out again I have plenty more places I want to explore...
11 May 2012 07:49
This morning sat with miranda and had a fuss made after breakfast I like looking after her. Anyway Im off to my fav spot on the chair to go back to sleep now....zzzZZ
11 May 2012 07:46
Today I tried to escape from having my meds lets just say I wasnt successful. I enjoyed some dandilion leaves for breakfast.
11 May 2012 07:43
Today miranda managed to tempt me to eat with a dandilion leaf. Im off my food at the moment still recovering from spay. I have managed to go to the loo finally so feeling a little better.
10 May 2012 10:20
wow Diva you truely have landed well this time what a wonderful family you have got yourself there your a very lucky girl, love to all of you xxx
09 May 2012 20:46
been thinking of you alot today by handsome boy love you xxx
09 May 2012 20:25
run free beautiful girl xx
02 May 2012 22:18
Hello lovely girl x
02 May 2012 18:20
Lovely doggie!
02 May 2012 18:19
Run free sweet Romany
02 May 2012 18:18
Sweet girl!
02 May 2012 18:16
Sweet Morag, so very sad.
01 May 2012 20:24
A very warm welcome to you.
30 Apr 2012 14:21
hi lyker big licks from us all
30 Apr 2012 14:19
i was sure i had left you a welcome message diva i must apologise you are one lucky girl and youve landed on all four paws getting such a lovely family and indeed them getting you big licks from us all
30 Apr 2012 13:46
oh beautiful have hit the goldmine girl...your new mommy is a wonderful caring lady and your new life will be oh so grand...
30 Apr 2012 10:45
Hello Sparrow, welcome to Petstreet x
30 Apr 2012 09:30
Kyra, you are the most beautiful girl and so lucky to have such a wonderful home. Have fun. xx
30 Apr 2012 09:27
Hello gorgeous Heiko, how are you? Thank your Mum for coming by and leaving comments. xx
30 Apr 2012 09:23
Hi Poppy, how are you these days. I bet you are getting to be a big girl now and such a pretty one. xx
30 Apr 2012 09:22
Sorry we missed your birthday Daisy, sounds like you had a fabulous time. You are a beautiful girl now you are all grow´d up. xx
30 Apr 2012 09:13
the girls are causing mayhem zinny your always in my heart my beautiful handsome boy xxx
30 Apr 2012 08:19
Hi lovely Angel. Smartie used to be scared of noises too but she´s blind and pretty deaf now, sad but a blessing in disguise in some ways. Love to you all. xx
30 Apr 2012 08:18
how you doing handsome boy big kisses from us all
30 Apr 2012 08:15
Hallo Dizzy, beautiful lad. Sending love and hugs. xx
30 Apr 2012 08:07
Hi Diva, we like your name. You´e a very lucky girl to have found a lovely home. Be happy. xx
30 Apr 2012 00:40
Welcome to our Street Diva lots of cuddles from us the mini little furry hoodie gang xxxx
29 Apr 2012 20:58
what a lovely story xxxx
29 Apr 2012 20:48
Oh wow, welcome Diva. I´m sure you´re gonna be loved to bits sweetheart xxxx
29 Apr 2012 15:09
Hi Diva, welcome to petstreet and your new home xx
29 Apr 2012 14:02
Welcome Diva to Petstreet, you will now be in your forever home with your new mummy & daddy & sister Angel, plus your lovely brother Dizzy xxxx
29 Apr 2012 13:53
Hi Lyker, welcome to petstreet xxx
29 Apr 2012 12:04
Welcome to Petstreet x
28 Apr 2012 20:47
big licks and hugs to you dizzy boy :@)
28 Apr 2012 18:37
Welcome to petstreet xxx
28 Apr 2012 18:34
Hi Lyker, welcome to petstreet x
26 Apr 2012 11:08
treats for when your feeling better beautiful girl xx
15 Apr 2012 08:43
RIP sweetheart xxx
15 Apr 2012 08:42
awww - great photo xxx
15 Apr 2012 08:40
Great piccy of Muggsy - woof xx
15 Apr 2012 08:36
Here you go - Fetch Rudy xxx
14 Apr 2012 13:55
Dolci passed away on the 21st November 2011 :(
14 Apr 2012 09:58
great pic muggsyxx
14 Apr 2012 09:28
hey gorgeous rudy sweeties for you xx
12 Apr 2012 22:06
to true xx cats are always superior beings
12 Apr 2012 22:05
hi beautiful x
12 Apr 2012 22:04
sweetdreams sugar xx
12 Apr 2012 22:03
hi muggsy im sure you and poppy would get on like a house on fire xx
12 Apr 2012 22:02
ive thrown a ball for you rudy xx
12 Apr 2012 21:27
12 Apr 2012 21:26
welcome jeffie
12 Apr 2012 21:25
hi brandy your beautiful
12 Apr 2012 21:25
welcome xx
08 Apr 2012 18:22
Welcome to petstreet xxxxx
08 Apr 2012 18:22
Welcome to petstreet xxx
08 Apr 2012 18:21
Welcome to petstreet xxxx
08 Apr 2012 17:45
Hi Stevie, welcome to petstreet x
08 Apr 2012 17:40
Hi Gyp, nice to meet you x
08 Apr 2012 12:47
Hi Trixie, welcome to PetStreet x
08 Apr 2012 12:46
Hi Jeffie, you are definitely a very handsome chap x
08 Apr 2012 12:45
Welcome Deku x
08 Apr 2012 12:44
Hi Brandy, you is very pretty x
08 Apr 2012 07:45
Nice to meet you Brandy x
06 Apr 2012 19:04
nice to meet you Oscar xx
05 Apr 2012 14:37
Hi Neo, nice meeting you x
05 Apr 2012 14:35
Hi Lola lovely to meet you x
04 Apr 2012 16:12
they home now after major search and going to appear in tomorrows evening mail!! :) thanks you olwen x
04 Apr 2012 11:15
really hope you find them soon xx
31 Mar 2012 13:00
email me at
30 Mar 2012 15:45
Thank you Sue xxx
30 Mar 2012 15:45
Thank you Sue xxx
30 Mar 2012 15:45
Thank you Sue xxx
30 Mar 2012 15:45
Thank you Sue xxx
30 Mar 2012 15:45
Thank you Sue xxx
29 Mar 2012 17:53
Welcome to petstreet xxx
29 Mar 2012 17:01
run free beautiful xxx
29 Mar 2012 16:10
Thank you for your kind words on the loss of Poppy. My heart is broken but in time I will be able to think of her without tears. She was simply the best.
29 Mar 2012 15:16
29 Mar 2012 14:30
sweetdreams poppyxxx
29 Mar 2012 12:18
Welcome to petstreet xx
28 Mar 2012 16:58
Lola says thank you, shes too young to write yet but as soon as I have taught her she would like to come on and ´fang´ you herself! ;-)
27 Mar 2012 17:10
Welcome Lola x
27 Mar 2012 09:53
welcome little lola
27 Mar 2012 09:52
sweet dreams little one xx
27 Mar 2012 08:29
your beautiful welcome to pet street
25 Mar 2012 07:26
You take a great photo Rosie. Welcome to PetStreet x
24 Mar 2012 22:41
Welcome to petstreet xxxx
24 Mar 2012 20:20
Hi Rosie, nice to meet you x
24 Mar 2012 19:58
your beautiful xx
24 Mar 2012 13:11
Hi Charlie, welcome to PetStreet. Must say, you look very smart in your bandanas x
23 Mar 2012 21:03
23 Mar 2012 20:59
hi charlie welcomexx
23 Mar 2012 17:30
nice to meet you charlie x
23 Mar 2012 16:39
Hi Charlie, welcome to petstreet x
23 Mar 2012 14:38
Welcome Charlie x
21 Mar 2012 16:14
Have sent you a treat hope you enjoy it Woof Woof, Kyra & Heiko xx
21 Mar 2012 11:26
Happy 8th Birthday Millie have fun xxxxx
21 Mar 2012 10:47
Happy Birthday Millie xx have a great day xx
21 Mar 2012 09:23
sweetdreams handsome boy xxx
21 Mar 2012 09:21
sweetdreams xxx
21 Mar 2012 07:42
Happy Birthday Millie - 8yro today !
19 Mar 2012 11:35
God bless x
18 Mar 2012 16:39
Run Free little ones xx
17 Mar 2012 21:57
Run free Max - you´re missed so much sweetheart xxxx
17 Mar 2012 19:46
Death leaves a heartache
No one can heal ´but´
Love leaves a memory
No one can steal x
Run Free Max xx
16 Mar 2012 12:47
Happy birthday Bram xx
14 Mar 2012 21:15
Run free, beautiful girl xxxx
13 Mar 2012 15:11
love and kisses for you handsome boy xxxx
13 Mar 2012 11:24
hugs to you dizzy xxxxxxxx
12 Mar 2012 10:50
sweet dreams xx
10 Mar 2012 21:11
12 years ago today I was sat in a really horrid concrete run, smelly, cold and dirty, wondering if I would be going to the Rainbow bridge tomorrow..... I heard them talking, vet was booked, not much hope for me then......... But then I heard a car stop outside, the hoomans were told they were too late and to come back tomorrow... I liked the sound of their voices, paws crossed they come back, and maybe it would be my lucky day......
09 Mar 2012 14:30
09 Mar 2012 02:22
Special Kisses for you Tara Run Free xxxxxxxxx
09 Mar 2012 02:20
Spring Flowers for you beautiful Merlin Run Free xxxxxxxxxxx
09 Mar 2012 02:18
Hello my gorgeous girl Anubis, well 18 months have passed and you are still leaving a large space in our lives and always will, miss you so much precious, you would have loved the snow this winter, can still see you running like crazy in it, I know you are running like the wind where you are though and my thoughts are with you always Love you and Miss you Forever and a Day your Mum xxxxxxxxxxx
08 Mar 2012 15:20
hi oscar how are you today big ligs the girls
06 Mar 2012 21:44
Welcome to petstreet xxx
06 Mar 2012 08:05
What type is your hammie
06 Mar 2012 08:03
What type is your hammy,mine are roborovskis
06 Mar 2012 08:02
What type are your hammys, mine are roborovskis
06 Mar 2012 08:00
What type is your hammy mine are Roborovski
04 Mar 2012 08:40
What type is your hamster mine areroborovski and they love sunflower seeds
03 Mar 2012 08:42
hi i am sam i own to roborovski hamsters
02 Mar 2012 20:50
Love your picture - bet you loved your ice cream too xx
02 Mar 2012 16:26
rip cuddles
01 Mar 2012 11:29
You are gorgeous looking Staffy xx
01 Mar 2012 04:43
Hello Indie,
You are a good looking dog, pleased to have you as a friend.
29 Feb 2012 22:22
thnx 4 the friend add indie is sooo adorable xxx
29 Feb 2012 19:18
Hi Indie - pleased to meet you! Welcome to Pet Street! Janet and the Zany Zoo x
29 Feb 2012 14:59
What gorgeous lugs Indie..lovely to meet you on here XX
29 Feb 2012 14:56
Hi lndie nice to meet you x
28 Feb 2012 20:29
You are a pretty kitty x
28 Feb 2012 15:09
Hi Clicquot, nice to meet you x
28 Feb 2012 15:07
Hi Bolly nice to meet you x
28 Feb 2012 13:23
It´s exciting being seems the neighbors love me too.
27 Feb 2012 10:04
HI, and welcome to petstreet xxx
27 Feb 2012 10:02
Hi ya, welcome to petstreet xxx
26 Feb 2012 19:05
Always in our hearts. Bless you Zinzan. xx
26 Feb 2012 19:04
Hello Daisy, nice to see you. We were at Doggysnaps too. xx
26 Feb 2012 19:01
Hello lovely Poppy, glad you´re enjoying your new home, you´re a lucky dog. xx
26 Feb 2012 18:20
Hi Odysseus, nice to meet you x
25 Feb 2012 12:57
your beautiful xx
25 Feb 2012 09:06
Your a real cutie xxx
24 Feb 2012 21:28
welcome to petstreet
24 Feb 2012 19:20
Welcome to PetStreet x
24 Feb 2012 19:19
Welcome to PetStreet x
24 Feb 2012 13:16
sweet dreams beautiful girl xxxx
24 Feb 2012 10:05
Welcome to petstreet xxx
23 Feb 2012 21:37
hi kalula, great to see you again :-)
23 Feb 2012 20:56
Hi Bonnie, nice to meet you xx
23 Feb 2012 18:36
Big hug for you Heiko, hope you are better soon xxxxx
22 Feb 2012 22:16
Run free at the bridge sweetie xxx
22 Feb 2012 12:33
Welcome to petstreet xxxxx
21 Feb 2012 22:12
love the dog x
21 Feb 2012 22:12
love the dog x
21 Feb 2012 22:12
love the dog x
21 Feb 2012 18:30
Welcome to petstreet xxxx
19 Feb 2012 19:08
Welcome to petstreet xxx
19 Feb 2012 19:07
Welcome to petstreet xxx
19 Feb 2012 19:06
Welcome to petstreet xx
19 Feb 2012 11:59
Hi everyone and thanks for a warm welcome
19 Feb 2012 09:55
hi nessa x
19 Feb 2012 09:54
hello maggie, nice to meet you x
19 Feb 2012 09:52
hi mac lovely to meet you xx
19 Feb 2012 09:01
Hi Minnie, welcome to PetStreet x
19 Feb 2012 09:00
Hello Maggie, welcome to PetStreet x
19 Feb 2012 09:00
Hi Mac, welcome to PetStreet x
19 Feb 2012 08:59
Hello Nessa, welcome to PetStreet x
19 Feb 2012 00:56
Thanks for the bonios Ben ver ver yummy! I can see you´re a starving Beagle ´cos your ribs are showing. My mummy says I shimmy now I´m a bit fatter than when she first got me, and then she says ´you need to go on a diet´. At that point I generally faint! DIET! Is she serious???!!!!
18 Feb 2012 20:20
well A mber my door as you know is always open but i have to tell you i is a starving beagle but whats mine is yours must admit Amber you do look starved leaves a couple of bonios xxx
18 Feb 2012 18:59
Hi Minnie Moo, nice to meet you x
18 Feb 2012 18:58
Hi Maggie, nice to meet you x
18 Feb 2012 18:57
Hi Mac, nice to meet you x
18 Feb 2012 18:47
Welcome Minnie Moo
18 Feb 2012 18:46
welcome Maggie
18 Feb 2012 18:45
Welcome Mac xx
18 Feb 2012 16:15
Oh Ben, no, my mum doesn´t feed me *glances over shoulder* and I´m starved of affection too *does another double take* Can I come and live with you and Sam?
18 Feb 2012 15:01
Amber now if you wanted to eat the roses glares at A mbers mum does your mum starve you as well you eat them i would watch out for thorns though wouldn´t like to damage your little tummy xxxx
18 Feb 2012 14:13
such a pretty face xx
18 Feb 2012 00:14
Hi my Beautiful Anubis, thinking about you as always, has been freezing cold here, remember how you used to love to go crazy running in the snow, wow did you go fast, miss you so so much, those beautiful eyes, look after all the little creatures that did not make it through the cold ok Love you, night night Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx
18 Feb 2012 00:08
thinking of you Harvey xxxxxxxxxxxx
18 Feb 2012 00:04
xxxxxxxxrun free beautiful Romany xxxxxxxxx
18 Feb 2012 00:03
Swift you sound adorable and you found a great new mum and dad, you really landed on your feet and we are really happy for you Love and wags Amie and Ashlar xxxxx
18 Feb 2012 00:00
We do love piebalds you are gorgeous leaving you some warm bran with linseed oil xxxxxxx
17 Feb 2012 20:43
Run free little one,.xxx
17 Feb 2012 20:37
Evening. Can you get useless hooman to put your gorgeous pics up please? Tell her to get her asp moving! Laters.
17 Feb 2012 20:36
Alright mate? Oh yes I sees you. I does. I sees you.
17 Feb 2012 19:16
R.I.P Jodie run free with all the other doggies in rainbow bridge xxx
17 Feb 2012 18:31
Sleep tight sweetheart xxxx
16 Feb 2012 23:47
Welcome to petstreet x
16 Feb 2012 22:48
Hi handsome and welcome to petstreet xxx
16 Feb 2012 22:48
Hi ya, and welcome to petstreet xxx
16 Feb 2012 21:31
Rufus. I am returning your quiet purr. I do not accept it. I shall not say why. I have eaten the sardine. That´s all.
15 Feb 2012 22:01
Hello Bruv! Mwah mwah missing you! Laddie´s OK though. Byeeeeee! *waves and runs off happily*
15 Feb 2012 22:00
Hello pretty girl - welcome to the street :-)
15 Feb 2012 21:59
Ooooh Ben, the chocs were lovely - was I supposed to eat them all at once? *blushes* the roses are very nice, but I wasn´t supposed to eat them was I? *looks sheepish* I only shredded one before I worked that out. xx
15 Feb 2012 21:55
You´re a real cutie! xx
15 Feb 2012 20:58
trots in clutching red roses and box of chocs forgive me Amber as i am either late or very early early for next year xxxxxx
14 Feb 2012 21:46
Hello lovely Smartie, just stopped by to say hello & leave you some yummy valentine´s treats. Hope you enjoy them xx Jodie & the hooligans xx
14 Feb 2012 20:41
Hi Meggsy, snow´s all gone here. Good while it lasted. Muddy mess mow though. love Swift xxx
12 Feb 2012 17:36
Welcome to PetStreet x
12 Feb 2012 10:55
Hi Kenny, nice to meet you x
11 Feb 2012 20:37
hello daisy and poppy jax says hi xx
11 Feb 2012 20:22
Hello Monty we think you arre brilliant for winning most Handsome Dog they certainly picked the right one there, well done and your Dad, leaving you a nice warming meat pie for the evening lots of wags Ashlar and Amiexxxx
10 Feb 2012 16:26
Hi Mickey nice to meet you x
10 Feb 2012 16:21
Hello Mickey, don´t you look smart in your coat xxx
09 Feb 2012 09:15
So sad, I can only imagine how hard it must have been.
08 Feb 2012 23:49
Just leaving you a flask of soup to keep your paws warm and a roast beef sandwich.....
08 Feb 2012 23:23
OOOO Ben, that was a very tasty fruit cake.. yum... i have brought you a flask of ham soup and some sandwiches. lov n li. Pogel. xxxx
08 Feb 2012 23:20
Hi Harv.. just leaving you a flask of ham soup, some ham sandwiches and a few slices of fruit cake, to keep you going through the night. love n lix Pogel. xxx
08 Feb 2012 22:02
Big kisses for Harvey - hope you have met up with your pal Penny xxxx
08 Feb 2012 19:38
Run free, my friend xxxx
08 Feb 2012 19:36
How are you settling in, young man? Sending you a big Woof from Carrick xx
08 Feb 2012 19:18
Sam, I have asked Many Times for a fish tank of my own but my requests fall on deaf ears so I must content myself with watching small buzzing things and the occasional mouse. I envy you. Truly. Purrs from Lexie xx
08 Feb 2012 19:14
Why thank you for checking up on me, Smartie. I am only slightly snowed under but me and the cats are keeping warm. Especially the cats. They are allowed on beds which I am not. Not really fair that as not only do they get to sleep on the human beds, they often sleep in my beds too! You keep warm too, my friend. Big woofs from Carrick
08 Feb 2012 16:22
Welcome to petstreet xx
08 Feb 2012 15:12
always thinking of you my handsome boy xx
08 Feb 2012 11:26
Welcome to petstreet x
08 Feb 2012 11:24
Welcome to PetStreet x
08 Feb 2012 08:02
You´re a cutie x
07 Feb 2012 22:09
Hello Shogun, long time no bark
07 Feb 2012 22:06
Miss Leah *tugs tail* it´s meeeeeee Little Harvey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
07 Feb 2012 20:09
Hi lovely Lexie, best stay under that duvet at the moment.....brrrrr!
07 Feb 2012 20:08
Hello lovely Rufus, hope you´re keeping warm. xx
07 Feb 2012 20:06
Hello Carrick, just came by to see if you´re OK and not snowed under! xx
07 Feb 2012 16:48
Hi Monty, wow are you handsome or what, welcome to petstreet leaving you a nice roast bit of ham Love and Wags Amis and Ashlar xxxx
07 Feb 2012 08:47
You are lovely! Have a treat and a woof from Carrick
06 Feb 2012 21:00
Hallo Dana, you look a sweetie. Come and see us sometime. xx
06 Feb 2012 20:57
Hallo Daisy, you look gorgeous, what a lovely face. xx
06 Feb 2012 19:46
Hi Shogun welcome x
06 Feb 2012 19:45
Leah bounces welcome xxxxx
06 Feb 2012 19:36
Hi Monty xxx
06 Feb 2012 16:58
whats up monty ???
06 Feb 2012 09:10
Welcome, dear lady! Towel?
06 Feb 2012 09:10
Welcome, lad! Big woofs from Carrick
05 Feb 2012 23:36
hiya Sammy you look a load of fun very cute leaving you and your kennel some sausages for supper Love and wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxx
05 Feb 2012 23:35
Lilies for you beautiful Klostis run free xxxxxx
05 Feb 2012 23:33
Hehe, hello Chester I have that trouble with my ears too flapping about, welcome to this new place I am Amie and my sister is Ashlar we live in France see you again xxxxxxxxxx ps you are very pretty
05 Feb 2012 23:31
Roses for you Beautiful Willow xxxxxxxxxxxx
05 Feb 2012 20:49
Hi Shogun sending some treats x
05 Feb 2012 20:47
Hi Leah nice to meet you x
05 Feb 2012 20:41
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Love you and miss you always. xxx
05 Feb 2012 20:26
Hi Monty welcome to petstreet xxx
05 Feb 2012 20:24
Welcome to petstreet x
05 Feb 2012 19:54
Nice to meet you x
04 Feb 2012 23:10
Hello Swifty xxxxx
04 Feb 2012 21:17
Never forgotten darling xxx
04 Feb 2012 20:58
hey swift jax here i think it was a good thing you did for your mummie guarding the home i would have done the same your a great one just like me and our packs are imprtant xxhave some of my human sisters cakes there yum yum xx
04 Feb 2012 19:11
Hi Whiskers nice to meet you x
04 Feb 2012 18:48
Hi Tilly nice to meet you x
04 Feb 2012 18:46
Hi Rascal are you friendly x
04 Feb 2012 15:31
Hi Oscar you look a big lad x
04 Feb 2012 15:30
Hi Lucky nice to meet you x
04 Feb 2012 14:00
Hi Harry you look cheeky x
04 Feb 2012 12:10
max are you in charge of the tv remote as well hope you are feeling better after your latest bit of botherxxx
04 Feb 2012 10:16
Hi Felix, nice to meet you x
04 Feb 2012 09:00
Hi Bella you look cute x
03 Feb 2012 15:04
Hi Monty and JR, long time no see. Hope you all are fine and well? Love Jess and Georgie boy xx
01 Feb 2012 20:39
lexie what lovely blue eyes you have my tank give me hours of pleasure you should get your owneres to indule you xx
01 Feb 2012 18:27
YoYo, sounds like you´ve landed on your paws in your new home. Can´t believe anyone could chuck out such a handsome little fella x
31 Jan 2012 18:47
I am grateful for the visit, Ms Blackiepuss even though t´were a silent one. Silence is in vogue now you know. I leave you a sardine and a very, very quiet purr. Rufus P. xx
31 Jan 2012 18:10
Awww Swift! what would your hoomans do without your help? I mean.... they just let these strangers into their houses without even giving them a sniff over....... all is well that ends well, and yummy cakies thank you... *wags*
31 Jan 2012 10:41
Sam, you lucky cat you! We wouldn´t mind a whole tank full of fish for our entertainment! Big purrs from Rufus and Lexie xx
30 Jan 2012 16:51
Run Free Little One x
30 Jan 2012 16:44
May your wings forever fly among the stars x
30 Jan 2012 16:43
Annie your so beautiful xxxx
30 Jan 2012 16:41
your gorgeous xx
30 Jan 2012 14:58
Hello poppit. xx
30 Jan 2012 14:57
You are gorgeous Freya. xx
30 Jan 2012 14:42
Often think about you Barney, life´s not the same without you. xx
30 Jan 2012 14:40
Always miss you dear Ollie. xx
30 Jan 2012 13:58
That´s a lovely name, suits you Sonny, as you look a happy little dog. Do come by and say hi to Smartie sometime. xx
30 Jan 2012 13:58
Hallo Annie, you´re a sweet looking girl too. xx
30 Jan 2012 11:25
You´re gorgeous, do tell us what your name is. xx
30 Jan 2012 11:21
What a lovely face Daz. xx
30 Jan 2012 11:20
I agree.
30 Jan 2012 11:18
You´re gorgeous Miss Mia. xx
29 Jan 2012 23:12
29 January 2012
Darling Anya, Five years ago you had to leave us. Love you and miss you always and forever. love Mam xxx
29 Jan 2012 11:04
Welcome to Petstreet x
29 Jan 2012 02:11
Belated Happy Birthday Molly, a very young 13, and such a beauty leaving you a huge iced birthday cake to share with the gang love and wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
29 Jan 2012 02:02
So so sorry for your loss, sleep tight little one, you were so sweet xxxxxxx
29 Jan 2012 01:56
Hello beautiful Anu just wanted to say thanks for the feather, know you are watching over us Love you sweetheart, Run Free xxxxxxxxxx
28 Jan 2012 18:41
Hi Swifty, Mum´s just come by to see what´s going on. Hope all well with you and you´re not getting up to too much mischief. Me neither! Love Smartie xx
28 Jan 2012 12:15
Hi Merlin, nice to meet you x
28 Jan 2012 10:05
I am the blackpuss and I sees you. I have nothing to say to you but I sees you. Oh yes I does.
28 Jan 2012 00:08
sleep tight x
27 Jan 2012 19:39
So glad you found a happy home, lovely girl. Big woofs from Carrick xx
27 Jan 2012 19:37
You are a handsome lad. Big woofs from Carrick xx
27 Jan 2012 16:51
thinking of you handsome lots of cuddles sent your way xxxxx
27 Jan 2012 11:25
Happy belated Birthday Molly, you´re a tearaway teenager now, gosh how time flies, hope you had a great day, lotsa love from Aunty Wendy xxxxxxxxxxxxx (13 big ones)
26 Jan 2012 19:56
thinking of you handsome boy big hugs and belly rubs tov and the girls xx
26 Jan 2012 19:16
You have a sweet face, Chudley. Nice to meet you xx
26 Jan 2012 14:21
Respec´ Mr B. Respec´ Auntie S needs kissy, kissy face and welcome dance when you next see her.........
26 Jan 2012 14:20
Blackiepuss, your owner/mum SORRY I mean SLAVE.... needs some sympathy. Will you? No? Oh, OK then, just let her know you care by throwing up a bit more (this time on the bed not the rug).... Waaaaaa haaaaaaaa !
26 Jan 2012 09:26
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have sent you a prezzie hope you enjoy it woof woof xx
25 Jan 2012 21:10
awe swift im so happy you found a good kind home xxx
25 Jan 2012 20:40
Welcome to PetStreet x
25 Jan 2012 20:38
Welcome to PetStreet x
25 Jan 2012 13:48
That´s a lovely smile :-)
Welcome to PetStreet x
25 Jan 2012 13:47
Hi Lassie, welcome to PetStreet x
25 Jan 2012 13:44
Run free at the bridge sweetheart xxx
25 Jan 2012 13:40
Welcome to PetStreet Dot x
25 Jan 2012 13:25
Your gorgeous xxx
25 Jan 2012 12:42
hi lassie your like my jax he loves to pinch footballsxx
25 Jan 2012 11:08
R.I.P Rex run free xxx
25 Jan 2012 10:24
Sorry for your loss
Run Free Little One x
25 Jan 2012 10:23
Hi Lassie nice to meet you x
25 Jan 2012 08:24
You are lovely, Humbug and have every right to be bad tempered when you feel like it! Big woofs from Carrick and purrs from Rufus and Lexie xx
25 Jan 2012 08:22
Hello, Jax - you are braver than me living with 6 cats - I only have to live with 2! Big woofs from Carrick
25 Jan 2012 08:16
Run free, beautiful girl xx
25 Jan 2012 08:15
Big woof from Carrick xx
24 Jan 2012 22:28
Beautiful girl xxx
24 Jan 2012 22:27
Gorgeous puss - and what a brilliant name xx
24 Jan 2012 22:23
Hi Carrick - Benji sends a big woof xx
24 Jan 2012 21:24
Hi Bobbi - big woofs from Benji xxx
24 Jan 2012 20:39
your a good looking puss lexingtonxx
24 Jan 2012 18:46
Love you Penny xx hope you´re keeping them pesky squirrels in check.
24 Jan 2012 16:27
Beautiful, stunning Penny. Sadly missed and NEVER forgotten..... xxxxx
24 Jan 2012 16:04
Hello Bobbi, welcome to PetStreet x
24 Jan 2012 16:02
Welcome Kalula, glad to hear you´ve got a lovely forever home x
24 Jan 2012 11:39
Hi Kulula nice to meet you x
24 Jan 2012 10:07
Helo Ting Tony, you look a bit lonely here. Maisie does a lot of snoring too. xx
23 Jan 2012 22:55
Hello My Beautiful Anubis, well, here we are on a new site, your sister Ashlar is here too ok, you have new buds on your Camellia bush already, nearly as beautiful as you are, you are still so missed, I love you and send you millions of kisses on the wind,night night precious xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
23 Jan 2012 21:22
hello nizzie we got matching patterns xx
23 Jan 2012 21:18
hi sam and welcome you like my nizzyxx
23 Jan 2012 21:16
hi ben welcomex
23 Jan 2012 16:07
Hello Ashlar, I love German Pointers, you are gorgeous xx
23 Jan 2012 11:22
Hallo beautiful girl. Lucky you to be so popular. xx
22 Jan 2012 20:35
Nice day out Meggsy. Always a good move being tied up outside a shop. Anya always used to have a crowd of admirers round her by the time the humans emerged, or so I´m told. Can´t see them leaving me outside though. There would be ´hell on´ or so they say! Bloomin cold wind here today. Hot butterd toast for you. love Swift xxx
22 Jan 2012 19:46
Hi Harvey, nice to see you. xx
22 Jan 2012 19:01
Hi Kimbo, Benji sends a kiss xx
22 Jan 2012 18:56
Run free beautiful girl xxxx
22 Jan 2012 17:41
You look like a real sweetheart Minxy - leaving some treats for you to enjoy from Jodie & the girls.
22 Jan 2012 17:30
hello shadow its nice to meet you your a beauty xx
22 Jan 2012 17:10
un free pretty girl. Your memory will be treasured for ever xx
22 Jan 2012 17:01
Cuddles & kissy licks for Dizzy from Jessie & the girls xx
22 Jan 2012 13:19
your gorgeous xx
22 Jan 2012 13:18
ho me aren´t you beautiful xx
22 Jan 2012 10:47
Hi Amie... cooo its a wet and windy day here, i will have to make sure my ears are well attached before we go out!!! nice to see you here, I think we will all settle in fine, it just feels a bit strange at the moment,.
leaving you a nice big bowl of coffee and a stack of butter croissants for sunday breakfast.... lov n lix Pogel. xxx
22 Jan 2012 10:00
Big purrs to you, Sam - it´s a bit different from Cat HQ but I think we are gonna like it here! Lexie and Rufus xx
22 Jan 2012 09:59
Still finding my way around, BBP!
22 Jan 2012 09:50
So glad you have found a happy home. Big purr from Lexie and Rufus xx
22 Jan 2012 09:49
a big purr from Lexie and Rufus xx
22 Jan 2012 09:48
A big purr to you from Lexie and Rufus xx
22 Jan 2012 09:47
So glad i found you again, Smartie! Big woofs from Carrick xx
22 Jan 2012 01:49
He he we like you, plenty of Attitude Dude you will go far, you are a true feline proud and beautiful wags (from behind the hedge) Ashlar and Amie xx
22 Jan 2012 01:44
Hello Smartie you look like fun, sorry you cannot hear much now thats great though in one way you can get away with a lot more tricks hehe wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxxx
22 Jan 2012 01:42
I bet you have had a very interesting life and long may it continue llok after your newbie YoYo wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxx
22 Jan 2012 01:41
Hiya Maisie how about giving up a little of your food for YoYo everybody gains, you are still beautiful xxxxxxxxxx
22 Jan 2012 01:38
Oh YoYo who could have chucked you out! now you have landed on your feet and got yourself a forever loving home, hope you get your weight up and keep sitting on those laps...wags Ashlar and Amie xxxx
21 Jan 2012 21:32
Hi Jax, just stopped by to say hello from me & the girls.
21 Jan 2012 20:36
It´s you! At last! Mam has a new oven and now thinks she´s Nigella Lawson, so sending home-made soup, cheese and onion flan and a chocolate muffin with proper cadbury´s chocolate on top. love Swift xxx
21 Jan 2012 20:16
Hello lovely Lexie, tabbies are my favourite. xx
21 Jan 2012 20:14
How nice to be able to meet some kits for a change, you´re lovely Rufus. xx
21 Jan 2012 20:13
Hallo Goregous Carrick, nice to see you here. xx
21 Jan 2012 18:47
Nice to meet you Meggsy, sounds like you have a very important role to play. Welcome to PetStreet x
21 Jan 2012 18:45
Welcome to PetStreet x
21 Jan 2012 18:45
Welcome to PetStreet x
21 Jan 2012 18:42
Hi Carrick, you look like a very handsome fellow. Welcome to PS x
21 Jan 2012 17:14
Run free Little one.x
21 Jan 2012 12:51
Run free Beautiful girl - gone but never forgotten xxxx
21 Jan 2012 12:49
What a gorgeous little Woofer you are! Come over & play sometime xx
21 Jan 2012 12:40
Run free gorgeous boy xx
21 Jan 2012 12:03
nice to meet you meggsy x
21 Jan 2012 11:26
your a beautiful dog xx
21 Jan 2012 10:42
Run Free Merlin, may your wings fly among the stars x
21 Jan 2012 10:39
Hi Tigs, a warm pawsome from Kyra & Heiko woof woof
21 Jan 2012 10:38
Hi Molly a warm welcome from Kyra & Heiko woof woof .
21 Jan 2012 10:29
Hi Meggsy welcome to PS, hope to hear more about your exiting life x
21 Jan 2012 08:52
thanks guys xxx
21 Jan 2012 03:45
What a beautiful story brought a tear to my eye, we are so glad Kyra you found such a loving home and you really are beautiful wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxxxx
21 Jan 2012 03:41
Hello Heiko thank you for the welcome we hope to see more of your handsome self over the coming time wags Ashlar and Amie xxx
20 Jan 2012 22:26
Kyra what a wonderful happy ending. I´m so glad you found your Forever Home xx
20 Jan 2012 22:23
Handsome lad!
20 Jan 2012 22:12
aww - hi Blossom xxx
20 Jan 2012 22:09
Lovely looking lad xxxx
20 Jan 2012 21:33
Hi Ben - Benji sends a waggy tail greeting xx
20 Jan 2012 20:39
Hello, Smartie! Nice to see you here. I am finally here too! Big woofs from your friend Carrick
20 Jan 2012 20:16
Hey just came to say hi, have some treats from me and the rest of the moggits, love max xxxx
20 Jan 2012 16:43
oh thank dog you made it Carrick! we need the keys to the wine cellar!!!!
bark to you late... Pogel,
20 Jan 2012 13:25
Hi Carrick welcome to PS x
20 Jan 2012 13:14
Hi Sam, welcome to PS x
20 Jan 2012 13:13
Hi Ben welcome to PS x
20 Jan 2012 13:10
Hi Charlie, welcome to PS x
20 Jan 2012 13:09
Hi Ashlar, welcome to PS x
20 Jan 2012 13:07
Run Free Little One, spread your wings among the stars x
20 Jan 2012 13:04
Bonjour Amie, welcome to PS x
20 Jan 2012 10:00
Hallo Humbug, you´re certainly looking good for 20, you´re entitled to be a bit bad tempered at that age. xx
20 Jan 2012 07:45
Cuddles & treats for Smartie - hope there´s some nice warm sunshine for you to snooze in today.
20 Jan 2012 07:12
beautiful Anubis, sending red roses and kisses to you in heaven xxxxxxxx
20 Jan 2012 06:15
Run free sweetheart xx
19 Jan 2012 22:36
Hi Ginny Moo, welcome, did you used to be on DoggySnaps too? xx
19 Jan 2012 22:26
Hi Shadow, hope you are well xxx
19 Jan 2012 22:14
love you sweetheat always think of you when it starts to snow xx
19 Jan 2012 22:06
I love ya bim bam xx
19 Jan 2012 22:05
I´ve ordered some new ones xx
19 Jan 2012 21:37
What a sweetie you are Winston. xx
19 Jan 2012 20:46
Hello Charlie. Have you got all the securidog uniforms? See you in the bar soon xx Sgt Laddie
19 Jan 2012 20:41
hi Laddie xx
19 Jan 2012 20:32
hi AMBERxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 20:27
OOOOO Sam...... let me give you some ear scritches.........
19 Jan 2012 20:19
I agree, gorgeous photos and cat.
19 Jan 2012 20:08
Harv.... Harv.... Little Ben is here.... we are a family again!!!!
19 Jan 2012 20:06
BEN! yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh.... *wags*

you are here....... oo the place is complete now! xxxx Momy Pogel.
19 Jan 2012 19:26
Wow Leah, we did not know about you! gorgeous do you speak? we love your eyes wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 19:05
oh dear Tigs poor Ben has just got 3 messages all the same from us oh oh, sorry! looking good sweetheart get some of that sandwich we left see you all soon Wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 19:03
Hiya Ben, found you all at last mum is finding her way around, needs help we say hehe get some of the sanwich we left the gang, need the strength wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 19:03
Hiya Ben, found you all at last mum is finding her way around, needs help we say hehe get some of the sanwich we left the gang, need the strength wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 19:03
Hiya Ben, found you all at last mum is finding her way around, needs help we say hehe get some of the sanwich we left the gang, need the strength wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 19:01
Hiya Rosie, looking good girl, get some of that sandwich we left off the gang wags Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 19:00
Hiya Molly, catching up at last finding our way round, yikes, sounds like you are ruling the roost Molly hehe big hugs to you and a nice smoked salmon sandwich wags from Ashlar and Amie xxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 18:57
Kisses on the Wind Beautiful Angel Tara xxxxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 18:56
Kisses on the Wind Beautiful Angel Merlin xxxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 18:54
Hiya Archie what a cutie, well we are on here at last looking up all our old friends, you will soon get used to it mum is shaking her head hehe lots of hugs to you precious Ashlar and Amie xxxxx
19 Jan 2012 18:53
Kisses on the Wind Beautiful Harvey xxxxxxxx
19 Jan 2012 11:29
19 Jan 2012 08:59
You are very pretty Blossom x
18 Jan 2012 22:10
Hello little fella, what a gorgeous boy you are, xxxx
18 Jan 2012 22:10
white roses sweetheart xxxxxxxxx
18 Jan 2012 21:58
yo!! little cousin how are you xxxxxxx daisy and poppy
18 Jan 2012 21:29
Hello Archie xxxx
18 Jan 2012 21:10
Sweet Mandy. I am so glad to see you again on here. Run free lovely xxx
18 Jan 2012 21:08
your a beautiful horse vxx
18 Jan 2012 21:07
Never forgetting you beautiful Penny. xxx
18 Jan 2012 21:03
awwww awwwww... Hello georgeous......
Aunty Pogel will be keeping watch over you until you find your paws. lov n Lix.. pogel. xxxx
18 Jan 2012 20:58
ho your a real beauty xx
18 Jan 2012 20:51
Run Free Little One x
18 Jan 2012 20:48
Love happy endings, so glad youve found your ´forever home´ xx
18 Jan 2012 20:44
Run Free Little One x
18 Jan 2012 20:23
Though you cant see me, im still around
Playing above you, im not in the ground
So don´t you worry and don´t you cry
l´m now an ´Angel´ up in the Sky x
18 Jan 2012 19:51
Hallo Patch, you´re beautiful. Our Maisie has gingivitis and she eats Royal Canin Oral biscuits and they are really good and keep it at bay. Just a thought. xx
18 Jan 2012 19:48
I don´t know too much about horses but you´re gorgeous McKinty, we´ve heard a lot about you. xx
18 Jan 2012 18:21
Awww Skamp looks just like Benji - simply gorgeous. RIP sweetheart xxxx
18 Jan 2012 14:30
sweetdreams beautiful girl xx
18 Jan 2012 13:57
Hi. McKinty are you and swifty doing. We are gonna give this site a little go. We ve been on before!! So my piccie is already on. Got to get Daisy on now . Love Ginnie n Daisy xxxxx
18 Jan 2012 12:34
Bridge Called Love
There is a bridge of memories
From earth to heaven above
lt keeps our dear ones near us
its the bridge that we call ´love.
;your pet in heaven :
18 Jan 2012 10:17
hey benji love your pictures xx
18 Jan 2012 10:02
angel kisses beautiful girl xx
18 Jan 2012 10:00
hi kimbo xx
18 Jan 2012 09:49
Though you cant see me, im still around
Playing above you, im not in the ground
So don´t you worry and don´t you cry
l´m now an ´Angel´ up in the Sky x
18 Jan 2012 09:41
Your a bonnie lad x
18 Jan 2012 09:20
hey shadow xx
17 Jan 2012 22:13
really special hugs to you dizzy xx
17 Jan 2012 21:20
my you are a beautyxx
17 Jan 2012 20:36
i can see why you were drawn to her shes beautiful what a lucky girl she is xx
17 Jan 2012 20:28
hello harvey your as cute as a button xx
17 Jan 2012 20:20
hello winston xx
17 Jan 2012 20:19
hi humbug xx
17 Jan 2012 20:19
hello nizzie
17 Jan 2012 20:18
hi tinkerxx
17 Jan 2012 20:18
hi trotsky xx
17 Jan 2012 20:17
hi dizzy xx
17 Jan 2012 20:16
hi handsome
17 Jan 2012 20:15
hi kim xx licks poppy and daisy
17 Jan 2012 18:32
Hi Daisy & Poppy - I´m still busy scratching my itch - driving everyone mad ha ha ha love Benji
17 Jan 2012 18:05
your so gorgeous xx
17 Jan 2012 18:04
your beautiful xx
17 Jan 2012 15:08
hi benji weve been digging all day and then our brother let us through to lie on sofa mummy says theres more muck in the house than outside she didnt look very happy , cant think why! daisy and poppyxx
17 Jan 2012 14:04
hello laddie xx daisy and poppy
17 Jan 2012 14:04
hi amber xx daisy and poppy
17 Jan 2012 13:55
hi benji how are you feeling today xx daisy and poppy
17 Jan 2012 13:50
hi angel big licks daisy and poppy
17 Jan 2012 13:49
big licks daisy and poppyxx
17 Jan 2012 13:46
Hi Poppy welcome to petstreet xx
17 Jan 2012 13:18
run free beautiful girl xx
17 Jan 2012 12:16
Run Free Little One xx
17 Jan 2012 11:21
coo coo wally xx
17 Jan 2012 11:20
hello shadow x daisy and poppy
17 Jan 2012 09:41
Bridge Called Love
There is a bridge of memories
From earth to heaven above
lt keeps our dear ones near us
its the bridge that we call ´love.
;your pet in heaven :
17 Jan 2012 09:33
Though you cant see me, im still around
Playing above you, im not in the ground
So don´t you worry and don´t you cry
l´m now an ´Angel´ up in the Sky x
16 Jan 2012 22:40
Hi Millie - great hair hee hee xxxx
16 Jan 2012 22:38
awww - what a sweetheart xxx
16 Jan 2012 22:15
Awww, Humbug me thinks you are a very handsome fellow. Love your piccie there xxx
16 Jan 2012 22:05
its devastating to lose them so young rip little one tov xx
16 Jan 2012 21:57
awww - run free sweetheart xxx
16 Jan 2012 21:56
Hi Poppy you look fun, Benji likes to dig holes and run off with shoes xxx
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:56
16 Jan 2012 21:54
Hi Crazy Daisy xxxx
16 Jan 2012 21:42
OOOO thank you for the Choocit muffins... very yum, perfect with my bowl of tea! I am looking forward to getting my kitchen sorted out and then I can start baking and cooking again *wags* just a box of biscuits today... lov n lix pogel. xxx
16 Jan 2012 21:41
awwww - so cute xxxx
16 Jan 2012 21:40
Lovely looking dog - rip sweetheart xxx
16 Jan 2012 21:24
Lovely tribute on youtube xxx
16 Jan 2012 21:13
awe your a cuteyxx
16 Jan 2012 20:16
awe sandra thats awfull but one hell of an obituary to penny she sounded like one hell of a character and typical collie she sounds much like our jax in character also rip penny xx
16 Jan 2012 20:11
hi sweetie xx
16 Jan 2012 20:10
what a pretty girl you are xx
16 Jan 2012 20:09
hello beautiful xx
16 Jan 2012 20:08
whos a pretty girl xx
16 Jan 2012 20:07
hey cheeky xxx
16 Jan 2012 20:06
sweet dreams beautiful xx
16 Jan 2012 20:05
sweetdreams angel kisses xxx
16 Jan 2012 19:57
hi humbug nice to meet you xx
16 Jan 2012 19:45
Hi Humbug, you´re looking good sweetie xx
16 Jan 2012 19:29
Welcome to PS xx
16 Jan 2012 19:20
welcome humbug xxx
16 Jan 2012 18:24
God bless you sweetheart, run and play with my Tara and Merlin xxx
16 Jan 2012 18:23
oh aren´t you gorgeous xx
16 Jan 2012 18:05
miss you to holly xx
16 Jan 2012 18:04
dont you mean mummys plants xx
16 Jan 2012 18:02
16 Jan 2012 18:01
arent you lovely xx daisy and poppy
16 Jan 2012 17:59
loving the hair do daisy and poppyxx
16 Jan 2012 17:58
Your beautiful xxx
16 Jan 2012 17:58
you sound like youve landed on all four paws good for you your lovelyxx daisy and poppy
16 Jan 2012 17:57
run free big one xxxxx
16 Jan 2012 17:53
hi heiko what a handsome boy you are big licks daisy and poppy xx
16 Jan 2012 17:51
sweetdreams handsome boy xx
16 Jan 2012 17:41
Hi Daisy, welcome to PS x
16 Jan 2012 17:41
Run free at the bridge little one xxx
16 Jan 2012 17:39
Ha, sounds like Daisy is getting you well trained. Hope you enjoy PS x
16 Jan 2012 17:37
Run free xxx
16 Jan 2012 17:25
Hi Poppy ,nice to meet you x
16 Jan 2012 17:20
Hi Daisy, welcome xx
16 Jan 2012 16:49
your girls are here xx poppy and daisy
16 Jan 2012 15:45
hey crazy daisy nice to see you xx
16 Jan 2012 13:48
Hi Swift my friend, glad you´re here OK. There´s nothing better than a nice home is there? We know about the poor dogs in Ireland as one of the charities we support rescues dogs from there on a regular basis. You´re very lucky. Would you like to share one of my chewy biscuits? Love Smartie xx
15 Jan 2012 21:57
welcome swift how nobody could want you i dont knowxx
15 Jan 2012 21:55
red roses fcr you sweetheart and kisses on the breeze xxxxxxxx
15 Jan 2012 21:44
What a sweetie. Run free at the bridge Morag xxx
15 Jan 2012 21:42
Welcome Swift, I enjoyed reading your story. My own pupster Maddy was abandoned in Ireland. Now she´s been with us for 1yr and can´t understand why anyone would do such a thing to such a lovely doglet. Hope you enjoy PS x
15 Jan 2012 21:35
Hello Honey, you are very pretty. Welcome to PS xxx
15 Jan 2012 21:35
Hello Milo, your a cutie. Welcome to PS xxx
15 Jan 2012 21:23
Beautiful Angel Anya our lovely merly girl xxxxx
15 Jan 2012 21:20
Hi sweet angel Romany Ree - miss you beautiful xxx
15 Jan 2012 21:17
awwww R.I.P Morgan x
15 Jan 2012 21:12
Awww sweet Morag, miss you sweetie xxx
15 Jan 2012 21:07
Hi Swift - thought that was your handsome face - mum worked out how to put your photo on then xxxxx
15 Jan 2012 18:47
Hi Tigs - Benji sends a woof xxxx
15 Jan 2012 18:45
Sweet dreams Tara xxx
15 Jan 2012 18:44
Hello beautiful Molly xxxx
15 Jan 2012 18:43
Hi Rosie, how gorgeous are you - beautiful colouring xxxx
15 Jan 2012 18:20
welcone benji xx
15 Jan 2012 18:06
hello Harvey you´re gorgeous
15 Jan 2012 18:05
Gorgeous boy xx
15 Jan 2012 17:34
your a cutey toxx
15 Jan 2012 17:33
your a cuteyxx
15 Jan 2012 17:32
oh your a beauty xx
15 Jan 2012 17:29
what a sweeheart xxx
15 Jan 2012 17:17
shes bonniex
15 Jan 2012 14:17
Not a problem mom, I like to help. Ohhh I brought you some choccit muffins xxxxx
15 Jan 2012 13:31
OOO Charlie... thank you for your help wit the furniture.. *wags* I have left the key for Mr B... I do hope he likes it! bark you soon.... lov n lix Pogel. xxxx
15 Jan 2012 10:51
Welcome to PS Honey .
15 Jan 2012 10:50
Welcome to PS Milo x
14 Jan 2012 22:53
Hi Smartie. Hope you are feeling better now from your stay at the vets. Lots of Love, Kimbo xxxxx
14 Jan 2012 22:48
Hi Benji....I know all about about you Westies, we had Skamp for 15 years, he went to Rainbow Bridge in 2008, and you sound exactly like him....he was a HUGE dog too nose to the ground all the time to see who he could sniff out!!! xxx
14 Jan 2012 20:39
Sending a big hug and a belly rub especially for you Dizzy xxxxxx
14 Jan 2012 20:30
Sweet dreams Angel Merlin - thinking of you xxxx
14 Jan 2012 17:47
Just dropped in to see if you are comfy little man? just give me a yip if you need anything.... Lov n lix POgel. xxxx
14 Jan 2012 17:16
Hi there Teddy old bean, how nice to see you again. xx
14 Jan 2012 12:25
your as beautiful dog xx
14 Jan 2012 12:24
wow what a beauty you are x
14 Jan 2012 12:24
your so cute xx
14 Jan 2012 12:22
beautiful doggy xx
14 Jan 2012 12:22
your a beautiful African grey xx
14 Jan 2012 12:21
your a beauty xx
14 Jan 2012 12:21
gorgeous dog x
14 Jan 2012 08:48
14 Jan 2012 08:47
14 Jan 2012 08:46
14 Jan 2012 08:45
14 Jan 2012 08:43
14 Jan 2012 08:40
14 Jan 2012 08:38
13 Jan 2012 22:18
OOOO Maxtat! just thought I would drop by and give you some ear scritches.... lov Pogel. xxx
13 Jan 2012 22:17
*comes in with choccit cake crumbs on her snout* OO Charlie you have done an excellent job on the furniture, thank you, I would never have got it done on my own.... I hope we can all get together again soon for a drinkies... lov n hugs Pogel.. xxx
13 Jan 2012 21:27
Hello Finn, hope you are looking after your gorgeous sister
13 Jan 2012 21:25
Hello my gorgeous Pip XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
13 Jan 2012 19:55
You´re gorgeous Charlie
13 Jan 2012 19:39
We love labs and crosses too, you´re very handsome Jack. xx
13 Jan 2012 19:36
What a pretty girl you are Gemma x
13 Jan 2012 19:29
Yay xxxx
13 Jan 2012 16:34
13 Jan 2012 12:04
Ohhhhh Harvey you´re here......xxxxxxxxxxx
13 Jan 2012 09:56
Hello Trotsky, sounds like you´re a handful. Beautiful with it though. xx
13 Jan 2012 09:55
Hello Tinker, we´ve got several fluffies in our family too. xx
13 Jan 2012 09:43
Hallo Kim poppet. Smartie says hi, she´s indisposed at the vets today....yuk!
13 Jan 2012 09:23
See my boy! I told you I would be waiting for you! and I got you safe and sound in my paws again... ((hugs)) love Pogel. xxxx
13 Jan 2012 08:55
Ho my your so beautiful xxx
13 Jan 2012 08:51
Awww your so sweet xxx
13 Jan 2012 07:54
Hi there Kim....nice to see you here....x
12 Jan 2012 22:38
i sees you. I does. I sees you.
12 Jan 2012 18:47
Cute Benji xx
12 Jan 2012 12:44
Hi Zoro, welcome to PS x
11 Jan 2012 21:43
Big hugs sent up to Rainbow Bridge xxxx
11 Jan 2012 14:01
Awww Harvey, please keep an eye on your mummy from up there, she misses you. Flowers for you Angel xx
11 Jan 2012 13:55
Mmmmmm bacon butties Yum!!
11 Jan 2012 13:54
Mommy whats going on, whys the door locked? I came to paint the securidog offices.
Hmmmmm, not here either ver strange. *leaves choccit cake with charlie paw print icing*
09 Jan 2012 22:48
Charlieeeee.. good to find you have made yourself comfy, I like the plans for mr B´s den.. I will try to get it painted this week. Thank you for the yummy buns, they went down a treat! hope to bark with you in the bar soon... lov n lix Pogel..... OOO I brough you a stck of bacon butties just in case you get hungry... xxxx
09 Jan 2012 12:19
Leaving a treat (a la DS) for you Smartie and dogly hugs and woofs from Laddie & Amber xx
08 Jan 2012 19:00
Welcome Dizzy x
08 Jan 2012 18:47
Welcome Tinker x
08 Jan 2012 18:35
Hi trotsky, you have beautiful eyes, welcome to PS x
07 Jan 2012 22:45
Hi Chester, Benji loves the settee too, especially the bit you are trying to sit on, he squeezes next to you then keeps pushing until you move then rearranges the cushions around him hee hee
07 Jan 2012 09:29
You are one smart looking cat Klostis. Welcome to PS xxx
07 Jan 2012 09:27
You´re a cutie Chester. Welcome to PS xxx
06 Jan 2012 16:41
You´re gorgeous Amber. xx
06 Jan 2012 16:36
Hallo Shadow, you´re a lovely boy. xx
06 Jan 2012 16:31
Hallo Skye, we couldn´t decide which of your beautiful family to visit so we came to you because you are black and white like our Smartie. xx
05 Jan 2012 22:11
Hi Sammy, welcome to PS from another ex-DS family :-)
05 Jan 2012 22:11
Hi Sammy, welcome to PS from another ex-DS family :-)
05 Jan 2012 18:39
Hi Sammy, another ex Doggysnapper?, it´s nice to meet you. Some gorgeous photos xxxx
05 Jan 2012 17:20
Hi Sammy welcome to PS x
05 Jan 2012 17:12
Hi Chester welcome to PS, look forward to hearing from you x
05 Jan 2012 14:40
Hi Chester, you look a lovely lad. How are things?
05 Jan 2012 14:39
Hallo Sammy, nice to meet you. We´re new here too and still finding our way around. We´ve got a gale blowing at the moment and Smartie has jut had her walk but she´s not too keen on days like this. Bye for now. xx
04 Jan 2012 09:59
Hallo Jen and Rolo. We´re new to this site too. We love Staffies. x
03 Jan 2012 22:49
Big woofs to Smartie love Benji xx
03 Jan 2012 22:44
Hi Kyra - you sound like fun xxx
03 Jan 2012 22:40
Hello Heiko you look a gorgeous boy xx
03 Jan 2012 20:40
Hi mouse welcome to PS x
03 Jan 2012 20:23
What a beautiful girl. Hope she gets to stay with you.
03 Jan 2012 12:26
Hello Coco...nice to meet you our names are Finn and Pip ....(we´re new here...)
03 Jan 2012 11:03
Hi Rolo ,welcome to PS x
02 Jan 2012 20:47
Hi Benji welcome to PS x
02 Jan 2012 20:07
*trots in with the secret plans*
Hey mom just popped by to leave you with these sketches for Mr Bens new office.
Have you been and seen my new kittys :)
I brought you some buns, I´ve been baking like you taught me. See you soon Charlie xxxxxx Ps max sends you a purrrr
02 Jan 2012 20:03
Hi Snowball welcome to PS x
02 Jan 2012 16:11
Hello Coco, you look lovely. We´re new too. xx
02 Jan 2012 16:08
Hallo gorgeous Nudger, you´re a little like our Maisie. Come and have a look.
02 Jan 2012 15:46
Hello Benji, you´re lovely. We´re new to this site as well. xx
02 Jan 2012 15:44
Hallo dear Pip, so glad to see you. We´re all a bit chilly today as our boiler has packed up and we´ve got no heating or hot water.....brrrr! Plumber´s got a day off so have to wait until tomorrow. Hope your day is going better. xx
02 Jan 2012 15:42
Hallo Finn old pal, nice to see you again. xx
02 Jan 2012 15:37
Thanks everybody. Jessie is a typical staffy, loves people (kids particularly!) very affectionate & a little over-protective me & her JRT sisters. That creates a few issues with other dogs every so often, but over time she has learn to trust my judgement. Now if a strange dog unsettles her she looks to me a split second before she reacts, giving me a chance to avert disaster :-) It´s great to see how far she has come.
02 Jan 2012 13:54
Welcome to PS Finn x
02 Jan 2012 13:52
Welcome to PS Pip x
02 Jan 2012 13:48
Thanks Sue...x
02 Jan 2012 13:37
Hello handsome!
02 Jan 2012 11:27
Welcome to PS Thembi x
02 Jan 2012 11:25
Welcome to PS Shinga x
02 Jan 2012 11:22
Run Free Shilo x
02 Jan 2012 11:20
Welcome to PS Ruby x
02 Jan 2012 11:16
Welcome to PS Naka x
02 Jan 2012 11:14
Welcome to PS Jodie x
02 Jan 2012 11:03
Just love happy endings, welcome to PS Jessie x
01 Jan 2012 20:53
Hi Pogel,enjoyed reading your story and so glad you´ve found your forever family xx
01 Jan 2012 19:32
Hiya, thanks for the info - think I´ve got my profile sorted now to cover all options ;-) Totally agree with Sweet Charity - oh for the old & familiar!
01 Jan 2012 15:03
Hi Jessie and welcome to petstreet xxxx
01 Jan 2012 15:00
Hi Mr Ben welcome to petstreet xxx
01 Jan 2012 14:53
I´m getter cuter my the minute I try to get mammys attention whenever charlies not looking I don´t mind Charlie but whenever I run I play chase with Charlie so he cant see me in the garden I´m 2 cute for him I like Charlie hes the only dog I like as I´m nervous of the rest of them
01 Jan 2012 01:24
Happy New Year Mr B....
a New Year and a new start, hope its a good one for you and your hoomans... lov n Lix Pogel. xx
31 Dec 2011 21:27
beautiful dog xx
31 Dec 2011 20:41
Hi Coco, lovely to see you here x
31 Dec 2011 20:32
Hey boss xx
31 Dec 2011 20:31
Hey sweetie xx
31 Dec 2011 18:12
Wishing you all the best for the New Year....Love Ann Finn and Pip xxxxxx
31 Dec 2011 17:37
Yoyo you will settle in before to long xxx
31 Dec 2011 17:36
I have 2 cats that look just like you Maisie xx
31 Dec 2011 17:35
You are a gorgeous looking cat xxx
31 Dec 2011 17:33
Hello Smartie - nice to have you in the neighbourhood xx My little Oldie JRT Jodie has Cushings Disease too - Left you some cheese to enjoy.
31 Dec 2011 17:33
You are a sweetie xxx
31 Dec 2011 17:17
Hello Pogel and Mum, this will soon be just like DS again. Not sure we´ve got it all sussed yet, oh for the old and familiar!
31 Dec 2011 15:45
Hello Ann, Pip and Finn. Guess who? Its nice to see an old faces.
31 Dec 2011 15:42
What a beautiful white JRTyou are xxxx
31 Dec 2011 15:41
wow at first I thought I was looking at me Skye you are the mirror image of her xx
31 Dec 2011 15:39
Ruby I love your bat ears xxx
31 Dec 2011 15:37
Naka you look just like me K9 & Dottie xxx
31 Dec 2011 15:36
Jessie you are a beautiful looking Staffy xxx
31 Dec 2011 13:19
Hi Harvester, nice to see you! xx
30 Dec 2011 20:24
if you click on the "clubs" I have opened an ex doggysnaps one so we can find each other easily...
30 Dec 2011 19:53
Welcome to PS Maisie, Kyra & Heiko x
30 Dec 2011 19:51
Welcome to PS Kyra & Heiko xx
30 Dec 2011 19:49
Hi Amber welcome aboard, look forward to hearing all about you
Kyra & Heiko xx
30 Dec 2011 18:37
i can see your full name under the owner details, but you can edit that out...
30 Dec 2011 06:19
Hi Pogel! Nice to find someone else from DS on here. We´re still finding our feet but no doubt we´ll see you around :)
29 Dec 2011 09:55
You are a beauty xxx
29 Dec 2011 09:54
You where a lively girl by sounds of things xx
18 Dec 2011 21:51
hello little dottie how are you and your familly hope mummie is being nice ehehehe xx
18 Dec 2011 20:25
hello there skye hows hubbie todayxx
18 Dec 2011 19:26
hello rosie may xx
18 Dec 2011 17:34
Hi ya Nizzie xx
18 Dec 2011 17:33
hello little guy you looking after mummie?xx
18 Dec 2011 17:32
Hi Jax xxxx
18 Dec 2011 17:23
hello there billy is mummie treating you wellxx
18 Dec 2011 16:57
hi Nizzie xxxx
18 Dec 2011 16:56
Hello terror xxxxx
18 Dec 2011 16:55
Welcome Jax xxxx
18 Dec 2011 16:21
Ronnie you are a handsome boy xxx
12 Dec 2011 22:53
Very awesome! Agility, love to see it.
12 Dec 2011 18:02
welcome guys xxx
12 Dec 2011 17:57
you are a lovely boy Sidney. xx
11 Dec 2011 12:28
Hi Ronnie, you are gorgeous xxxx
10 Dec 2011 21:25
Thanks for the friends request x
10 Dec 2011 17:03
Hi Billy, you are a lovely looking cat xxxx
10 Dec 2011 00:21
Hello Mason,
You look like a fit dog jumping the hurdles,
pleased to meet you,
20 Nov 2011 13:37
Welcome. :)
I have been on Pet Street for well over a year and I have just discovered I can send gifts..!!!!!!! Doh! doh! doh!
Enjoy your time here.
Best wishes Creena and her family :)
18 Nov 2011 12:53
You are a very lucky dog Brax :)
Love your lugs :))
I´m sure will be delighted with the warmth of friendship on here.....the warmth of weather is a different thing & I can understand the shock to your system.

Best wishes to you & your family XXX
18 Nov 2011 11:34
Hi! My name is Brax (after the Braxton´s on Home & Away!). I´m a Greek rescue dog brought over and rehomed with Kevin and his family by the charity Friends of the strays of Greece. I´ve only been in the UK since the beginning of November but have already settled in well. It´s a bit of a culture shock what with the cold weather, having to learn a different language, actually having a home & being loved and of course not being chased or beaten every day but I think I have landed on my feet and so will try to be as good as possible for the time being at least!
18 Nov 2011 11:08
Hi Brax, you are gorgeous x
17 Nov 2011 12:08
Hi there,

I hope you are well, I love your doggies as we have been looking for bedlington whippet puppies for so long.. so hard to find! I know a beautiful dad called Fido whos a bedlington whippet cross and nice small size and gorgeous! Hes looking for a lovely lady too! I wonder if there is any chance they could have some puppies together?! I would love too hear your thoughts, Im not suer what area you are in so perhaps it may be too far but we live in Gloucestershire near Cirenecester… is that anywhere near you? thank you so much , greatly look forward to hearing from you,
My very best wishes,
16 Nov 2011 11:08
Please meet Mr Ben. A 15 year old who had to find a new home when his old owner had to go in to residential care!
12 Nov 2011 21:47
Sorry for your loss. Claire
12 Nov 2011 00:34
Hi Boots i used to have 2 cockers a red one like your self called Samaul. And a blue roan called Becky. I bet that you get up to lots of mischief like they did x
31 Oct 2011 23:27
basset hound forum
26 Oct 2011 16:41
oops u do,im oing
26 Oct 2011 16:40
Nikk you have no name here,did u forget.hahahahaha
20 Oct 2011 17:00
Welcome to petstreet xxx
18 Oct 2011 20:41
you are a real beauty Lucy & you are so lucky your wobbly legs are supported by such a loving family... I hope you keep well little one XX
17 Oct 2011 15:27
Lucy you are a gorgeous girl and so lucky to have found a loving home:-) xx
17 Oct 2011 15:20
Lucky you, having found a loving home!
17 Oct 2011 11:14
Hi Marley, welcome to petstreet x
17 Oct 2011 11:12
Welcome to petstreet George x
17 Oct 2011 11:12
Hi ya Calvin x
17 Oct 2011 11:11
Hi lucy xxx
07 Oct 2011 12:52
Hi Jasper welcome to petstreet x
01 Oct 2011 20:56
Im looking for a turtle mate.
01 Oct 2011 18:05
Aww - She´s beautiful and very like my Bobby. :)
23 Sep 2011 18:22
I passed away today at 6am in my mummys arms...I was 8.
31 Aug 2011 22:51
Hi and welcome to petstreet x
30 Aug 2011 10:37
Hello Maxi, happy ZzzzzzZzzzzzzZZzzzzZZZzzz ;D
14 Aug 2011 15:55
Good if the pups look half as beautiful as abbi then that would be woudeful! Thanks
12 Aug 2011 22:06
Thats sad that you only had a short life. Bet your owners loved and cherished you .
12 Aug 2011 20:52
Hello Twinkle are you a greyhound ?
12 Aug 2011 11:35
That timing sounds great! i would love to here any news about abbi when the time comes. One thing i wanted to ask is if abbi has a history of producing all boys or all girls because we are looking for a female friend for Ruby.
11 Aug 2011 18:00
heyy are you still breeding abbi as she is beautiful and her pups are too! we are looking for a friend for ruby(are female cocker). We also want a show dog as ruby is a working cocker and its hard to show her. we have no hurry in buying one and we´re willing to wait upto 2years!
03 Aug 2011 19:37
Hello Freddy, lovely to meet you. How are you today? I have two little chaps like yourself and they make me smile everyday. Pussy cats are the best! Take care -- Karinx
29 Jul 2011 11:11
What a lovely dog, just what i wanted but for some strange reason ended up with dax.
20 Jul 2011 14:42
rip paddyyy :(xxxx
20 Jul 2011 14:42
17 Jul 2011 12:47
Hi, I also have a black labrador called called Bonnie. She is 8 years old and is a proper fusspot. Labradors have a lovely temprament don´t they!?
17 Jul 2011 12:43
Awww, I have a black labrador called Bonnie
16 Jul 2011 12:44
Hello Henry, pleased to be your friend
13 Jul 2011 11:33
happy birthday sis! been thinking about you lots today xxx
12 Jul 2011 20:43
Hi Beano welcome to petstreet x
02 Jul 2011 20:45
scrum my is a very pretty little thing but bet she´s lively with it lol!
02 Jul 2011 20:43
hello Monty, you is gorgeous. we love springs in our house, love Millie & Maddy x
20 Jun 2011 20:58
what a hansom boy. x
16 Jun 2011 19:22
Hi Rocky x
16 Jun 2011 15:16
aww, she´s lovely xxx
15 Jun 2011 22:16
Hello Rocky,
Pleased to be your friend
15 Jun 2011 19:28
Shes gorgeous xxx
15 Jun 2011 17:27
Welcome to petstreet x
15 Jun 2011 12:21
Hi Rocky welcome to petstreet x
08 Jun 2011 15:25
awww you look just like my rabbit beano he´s a albieo Netherland Dwarf buck xx
03 Jun 2011 13:09
Ahh! She has a very cute little face. Looks like she was posing for her pic!
02 Jun 2011 21:00
Hello Sara, it´s lovely to hear from you. My 2 boys were stray cats and they adopted me & I´m so glad, cos my life has been enriched from having them in it. You are a very beautiful puss. Karinxx
01 Jun 2011 06:26
Looks the same as my the cat my neighbour used to have and they called it smokey
31 May 2011 19:18
you 2 are real beauties xxx
31 May 2011 19:14
you are lovely Stoker xx
28 May 2011 12:33
hehe thank you. I dont really get on with other dogs my old own brought me up 2 fight with other dogs he use to beat me if i didnt but cheryl and her family took me in a now im really happy but iM sure i could change for jax xx
27 May 2011 10:36
R.I,P Spooky
26 May 2011 22:43
you are a lovely looking kitty
25 May 2011 20:43
you are a beauty my jax would like you to play with he loves staffiesxx
23 May 2011 19:14
thank you she a hand full thow lol
23 May 2011 17:36
you are a beautiful dog xx
23 May 2011 15:42
such a lovely little lady...
22 May 2011 22:51
thank you xx
22 May 2011 19:13
Welcome xx
22 May 2011 07:37
Well done to you both. Jess you are a stunning looking girlee - brains as well as beauty eh?!
21 May 2011 16:01
What a nice Lurcher! Welcome Tracy and Jess!
18 May 2011 17:40
Welcome back Sophie gorgeous girl x
18 May 2011 16:54
Hi and welcome Jess x
17 May 2011 19:10
welcome to petstreet x
17 May 2011 12:55
I love elephants too! Went to Zimbabwe about 10 years ago on holiday and took part in an elephant safari (elephant riding)which started early in the morning. Was able to get really close up to other animals like zebras and giraffes as they only see the elephant that you are sitting on and don´t feel scared!Fed my elephant at the end of the day and stroked its ears which felt surprisingly soft.
17 May 2011 12:49
Hope you are having lots of fun exploring the great outdoors and having nice adventures!xx
16 May 2011 11:24
Welcome to Petstreet Frank! Looking forward to hearing all your news and seeing your pics.
11 May 2011 12:43
Welcome to Petstreet little Luna. You look very cute!
09 May 2011 22:28
Your gorgeous sophia
06 May 2011 22:36
Hi all..
04 May 2011 06:17
Great pic Muggsy. Welcome back x
02 May 2011 18:56
Happy Birthday Charlie...lots of love Millie & Maddy xxxx
01 May 2011 19:19
Another cute dog xx
01 May 2011 18:41

your a little beauty hello there
30 Apr 2011 11:56
R,I,P Sugar x
30 Apr 2011 11:55
Good seeing you again Rudy xx
30 Apr 2011 11:52
Hello Furrio hope your Daddy been looking after you xxx
30 Apr 2011 11:52
glad you are back Muggsy x
28 Apr 2011 20:10
Hello Kobi, you are very sweet. I hope you recover from your illness very soon. xx
28 Apr 2011 14:24
welcome Kobi xx
24 Apr 2011 11:31
Gorgeous !
23 Apr 2011 21:35
Diesel welcome to petstreet xxxxxx
23 Apr 2011 21:34
Hi Calais welcome to petstreet xxxxx
23 Apr 2011 20:02
you should start getting noticed now eheh
23 Apr 2011 20:01
hi peter and the gang youve arrived welcomel
23 Apr 2011 19:59
23 Apr 2011 19:57
Wecome to pet street gang x
23 Apr 2011 19:18
12 Apr 2011 22:41
Nudger has asked me to say hi, and thanks for your comment :)
07 Apr 2011 18:48
Hi Nudger you´re lovely you remind me of one of my old cats!
26 Mar 2011 16:48
Thanks Jan - it´s a very fine line between bravery and stupidity ! But it´s NEVER boring ! LOL
26 Mar 2011 14:19
Hi Dave - and welcome back! You certainly like "living dangerously" - just kidding! Love Jan, Billy, Bobby and the Zany Zoo xxxx
26 Mar 2011 12:55
Sooooo cute!
23 Mar 2011 10:23
my boxer dog joe.who is atotal caracter n absolutley adorable.x
21 Mar 2011 21:34
Happy Birthday MIllie
21 Mar 2011 16:35
Hi Lexi, welcome to petstreet x
21 Mar 2011 07:46
Happy Birthday Millie...can´t believe that you are 7yro today sweetheart. Look at you now - a bit different from that tiny 6wk pup we brought home and OH spent your first week with us sleeping on the sofa with you coz he thought you were too little to be on your own. xxxxxx
18 Mar 2011 18:13
Welcome to petstreet, you are gorgeous xxxxxxx
15 Mar 2011 10:39
hey masie i is back mommy remembered her password bol silly mommy xxx
15 Mar 2011 10:35
i see back now xxx
14 Mar 2011 19:26
Luna your lovely
10 Mar 2011 21:05
Glad to hear you have settled down and are happy with your family. Sounds like you are having lots of fun!
09 Mar 2011 21:59
They are absolutely adorable! LOL.
07 Mar 2011 18:42
Very Sad News For Me. I have to get re-homed, so if anybody knows someone who wants me I will love you forever I am great
06 Mar 2011 18:25
I was devastated when I lost my wonderful Allie in December 2009 but fate brought Billie to me three months later via All Dogs Matter, a dog rescue charity started by a friend whose website I "just looked at". How could I resist this girl?
It was tricky convincing her that Amber was the Alpha female dog in this house but I think I got away with it, which will make Amber´s life easier - she definitely is not the "playing" type of dog. She has HUGE pawprints to follow but I have to say she´s doing very well.
04 Mar 2011 16:54
Jesse has now sadly passed away, just a few weeks before his 20th birthday. I will miss him so much R.I.P Jesse I love you lots x
04 Mar 2011 12:15
I am very sorry to hear about Tabitha. I think you did the right thing. It must have been a hard decision to make but you did what was best for her.Take care of yourself and give yourself time to grieve.She was with you for such a long time and I am sure she was very happy with you. xxx
28 Feb 2011 12:19
Love the name, your destined for high places xxxxxxxx
28 Feb 2011 11:38
Hi Elvis you are gorgeous x
23 Feb 2011 19:52
lost my beloved frosty on monday devastated
23 Feb 2011 13:34
Hi, thanks for inviting me - must be a very rewarding job that you are doing.
22 Feb 2011 17:45
hello stacey bonnie and oscar
mandy and nala say hello a dog psycholologist and trainer sounds good like a dream job i would love to work with dogs all the time
21 Feb 2011 20:00
Oh, you look adorable, Jack. I be you´re so loved. Good boyx
20 Feb 2011 22:57
meow !!!
20 Feb 2011 15:49
welcom to petstreet
20 Feb 2011 15:46
reilly is so cute lovely coulour as well
18 Feb 2011 20:39
Beautiful photo! Pea
17 Feb 2011 16:30
i can see by your owner´s picture your tret the way mini dachshund´s like it.
17 Feb 2011 16:29
ok Blossom i found your name. Very pretty name for a very pretty girl.
17 Feb 2011 16:25
I love mini dachshund´s they are all so cute. Come and find the dach club page and jion us.
17 Feb 2011 16:24
17 Feb 2011 16:23
What a little cutie. What´s your name?
17 Feb 2011 16:22
17 Feb 2011 15:42
i am smelly i love my owem so much
17 Feb 2011 15:41
i am smelly i love my owem so much
14 Feb 2011 20:13
your dog is soooooooooooooooo cute :)
14 Feb 2011 13:38
Bella you are beautiful x
14 Feb 2011 13:20
you are a real beauty
14 Feb 2011 13:19
lovely dog x
14 Feb 2011 12:43
Radley´s so cute!
13 Feb 2011 11:52
Welcome Radley
13 Feb 2011 11:50
Welcome Minnie xx
13 Feb 2011 11:33
Welcome Dillion to petstreet
13 Feb 2011 05:42
Thanks for the greetings X All contributions gratefully received (Valium, Vodka, etc ! LOL )
12 Feb 2011 22:53
i miss you harry :(
12 Feb 2011 22:44
aww hell hes in a right state i really do hope that a vet can help him the poor baby
12 Feb 2011 21:49
Beauitfull, what a looker :)
12 Feb 2011 21:39
welcome to pet street, Basil´s story made me laugh, have a new pup myself who is behaveing the same, little mare´s :)
12 Feb 2011 20:46
Hi and welcome to petstreet xxx
12 Feb 2011 20:37
Hi Basil, you sound a right character, our kinda guy
Kyra & Heiko .Woof Woof !
12 Feb 2011 18:38
Thanks Tina :-) Let´s see how many VIRTUAL friends he can now make, as he;s not too good at making ordinary friends (with other dogs, anyway ! LOL ).
12 Feb 2011 18:12
Welcome Basil to petstreet xxx
12 Feb 2011 17:32
Hee hee hee *slams u wiv jaw*
12 Feb 2011 14:42
Hi Jordon (I like that name) and of course Diesel a very warm welcome from me & Merlin. You sound a very clever dog. Like Merlin whi is now 9 and a half years he still acts like a puppy. Are you a black and tan as there is no picture of you.
10 Feb 2011 12:53
10 Feb 2011 12:34
Hello, thanks for your messages
10 Feb 2011 09:08
I have requested clarification of these images. If I dont hear back soon Ii will be informing the RSPCA and suggest they try to find out more about Angie Johnson. Hopefully there is a rational explanation though.
08 Feb 2011 15:56
Hello Jack & Karen Nala & Mandy say hello x
08 Feb 2011 14:12
Hello jack & Karen ...thank you for the invite....enjoy the site :)
08 Feb 2011 13:01
Any other Lurcher dogs out there?
03 Feb 2011 19:17
No, that´s Willimina.
03 Feb 2011 16:14
u have a big square jaw
03 Feb 2011 16:13
03 Feb 2011 13:54
awww diesel your ADOREABLE :D
03 Feb 2011 13:51
your photos are amazing :D
03 Feb 2011 13:50
your photos are amazing :D
31 Jan 2011 15:54
Hello my name is Miss Tibbles and I new to pet strret xx
29 Jan 2011 21:33
Thank you Vena
28 Jan 2011 19:30
So sorry for your loss x
Run Free Jackson xxx
28 Jan 2011 19:03
Today our beautiful Jackson passed away at approx 2pm. He died of bowel cancer and we didn´t know he had it, he has left a huge hole in many lives today as he was loved by so many.
Worst thing is his little friend Goldie keeps running downstairs to look for breaks my heart but at least he´s no longer suffering.
RIP Mr Jackson!
26 Jan 2011 22:56
your rottie is lovely i also have a rottie her name is tilly she is 2 she will be 3 in may its like having a naughty child but on the other hand there so loving always wanting cuddles
24 Jan 2011 18:48
Hi Luna, you are a cheeky minx, sneaky attacks on Duchess, I bet you are best friends really. x
21 Jan 2011 22:23
Oh dear. I am so sorry to read this.
21 Jan 2011 18:06
archie is such a cutie
21 Jan 2011 08:25
what a cutie!
20 Jan 2011 17:17
is fairfax the one with the wobbly belly?
19 Jan 2011 21:03
your boxers are lovely dogs and the pups are so cute
18 Jan 2011 19:46
welcome to pet street
16 Jan 2011 22:02
Oh Louis that new profile pic is adorable!!!
16 Jan 2011 20:17
Hunter your real cute and will grow into a handsome boy x
16 Jan 2011 12:15
You will always be much missed, and loved you were a beautiful mare, and my best friend, you are at rainbow bridge now darling xx
15 Jan 2011 20:58
She is beautiful xxxx
12 Jan 2011 13:03
Happy New Year Jan and fur babies. Love Janet and fur babies xxx
12 Jan 2011 12:57
Happy New Year Laura and fur babies. Love Janet and my fur babies xxx
12 Jan 2011 12:53
Happy New Year Barry and Guy. Love Janet and the fur babies xxx
12 Jan 2011 11:18
Hi Louis - you are a beautiful boy! Love Janet xxx
09 Jan 2011 23:35
sorry to hear bout ur cat an he looks nearly excatly like my cat
07 Jan 2011 20:53
how is Jigsaw getting on, is she settling down now xxx
05 Jan 2011 17:08
Inca you are beautiful xxx
05 Jan 2011 12:03
your one gorgeous little girl xxx
05 Jan 2011 07:17
Awwww, you are very cute Jigsaw.
04 Jan 2011 17:50
what a hansome boy x
03 Jan 2011 22:05
Hello Jigsaw how cute are you, enjoy a beauitfull life :)
03 Jan 2011 18:12
you are a beauty and jax says so alsoxx
03 Jan 2011 18:10
hi laney from me and jaxxx
02 Jan 2011 16:44
AWWW! sounds lyk me little pippa sooo much! xx
02 Jan 2011 15:59
Welcome to petstreet Twinkle xxx
02 Jan 2011 10:10
Hi Twinkle welcome to petstreet xxxxxxxx
01 Jan 2011 14:48
Hi Luna I´m sure your the best of dfriends and love to cuddle up with one another. x
01 Jan 2011 14:45
Hi Asia thanks for your invite Duchess looks a very cheeky Lady but lovely. xx
01 Jan 2011 11:56
Hi Hamish, you are beautiful! Welcome to Pet Street and wishing you a Happy New Year. Love Janet and the fur babies xxx
01 Jan 2011 02:23
why has tinsel been delete of facebook
31 Dec 2010 23:00
AWWWWWWW Jigsaw you are gorgeous and welcome to petstreet xxxxxxxx
31 Dec 2010 20:49
Aww welcome jigsaw you´re lovely x
31 Dec 2010 20:08
Thank you for the invite :) I do like your very grand looking kennel ;)
31 Dec 2010 19:16
wilbur is bein torn to shreds hehehe
31 Dec 2010 19:14
Welcome jigsaw you are a real beauty xxx
31 Dec 2010 15:18
id give you a big fuss your a gorgeous looking rottweiler x
29 Dec 2010 20:07
Hi ya and welcome to petstreet xxxxxxxxx
28 Dec 2010 07:25
So cute ! :):):)
26 Dec 2010 19:00
Hi Lily - you are a beauty! I used to have two Yorkie boys, just like you. With Love from Janet and the fur babies xxx
20 Dec 2010 12:26
Bethel Bunnies, Marlow, Jntc.4, M40
Rabbits Free to Good Home !
19 Dec 2010 20:58
this is my rabbit persey
18 Dec 2010 20:44
you are so beautiful xx
18 Dec 2010 20:44
you are beautiful just like your brother xx
18 Dec 2010 10:58
We can´t wait either but have been forced to postpone collection which should be today, due to the heavy snow we´ve had overnight. Our new girl is currently being fostered in Surrey so we are watching and waiting for improvement in the weather before we attempt such a long trip.
16 Dec 2010 19:09
cant wait to see it
16 Dec 2010 16:51
what type of lizad are u ? i´m very intested.
16 Dec 2010 16:50
u look stunning love ur couloration too
16 Dec 2010 16:50
Can´t wait x
15 Dec 2010 20:55
Hello Fluffy, how are you today? You look lovely and a real character. My Toby has been with me since 1998 and I hope for a long time to come.

Hi Colette, thank you for your invitation. Nice to meet you and your little friend Fluffy.

Take care out there - Karin
15 Dec 2010 19:41
Pretty girl :)
15 Dec 2010 19:40
You´re so handsome!
14 Dec 2010 10:48
I´m so sorry May what a heartbreak for you can only imagine how you are feeling xxxxx
13 Dec 2010 23:26
I would like to travel with my dog to Hungary.This trip is very long 15-16 by car.
I would be most greatful if anybody could tell me witch is safe to give my dog some herbal sleeping tablets?
13 Dec 2010 23:14
11 Dec 2010 22:47
hey pepper...nice to meet ya...i LOVE your suits you....pun intended ...hahahaha..
07 Dec 2010 17:19
You´re adorable!
07 Dec 2010 12:37
hello gorgous
06 Dec 2010 21:09
Jax your a lovely looking dog
06 Dec 2010 11:47
Hello cutie xx
04 Dec 2010 19:20
I love this kitty! She looks so cute in her pictures!
04 Dec 2010 10:10
Hello Spike welcome to petstreet x
30 Nov 2010 17:42
Your very pretty xx
30 Nov 2010 17:40
Hello portia what a pretty girl x
30 Nov 2010 16:20
awrhhh mwah
30 Nov 2010 16:17
awhh i have a skewbald shetland and 4 horses lovin da pick tough xxx
30 Nov 2010 16:11
29 Nov 2010 16:34
blueberry is snuggling up in her blanket now after having a bath.
29 Nov 2010 00:36
like your dogs name lucky
29 Nov 2010 00:29
welcome to pet street lovely dog ah
29 Nov 2010 00:26
welcome to pet street jake is a lovely dog he looks like a collie there a nice dog to have collies
25 Nov 2010 21:47
great photo Amigo
25 Nov 2010 20:59
Having lost Benjie so tragically we now have Leo and new dog Harvey but Benjie will never be forgotton and always loved so much.
25 Nov 2010 16:34
Agree with you maisie I love elephants too, have you seen the Boon Loot website, amazing.
24 Nov 2010 18:48
aww thankyou :) xxxxx
24 Nov 2010 17:43
aww your so cute
24 Nov 2010 17:29
Mums really angery at me coz i killed a little bird this morning but she had to go to school before she could tell me off. I hope she´ll be in a better mood when she comes home.
24 Nov 2010 16:37
Hi and welcome you both look very cute x
24 Nov 2010 11:37
It is with great sadness that Fatbum has passed away, my heart has been broken and the tears keep falling. RIP Fatbum, I´ll never forget you and will always love you.
23 Nov 2010 22:23
i like you amigo x
23 Nov 2010 21:21
cooooool :)
23 Nov 2010 20:24
welcome to petstreet
23 Nov 2010 12:59
Hi Saul and Princess Patricia. Thank you for your friendship. Welcome to Pet Street. Janet and the Zany Zoo X
22 Nov 2010 20:47
Welcome to petstreet x
22 Nov 2010 19:35
i was going 2 maybe have this name now my owner thinks we will be copying you
22 Nov 2010 18:39
Hi maisie nice to meet you x
22 Nov 2010 18:09
Miss you lots Floss! Hope you´re happy in heaven and not as crotchety as you were here with us!! Lots of love, Karin, Toby and KitsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
22 Nov 2010 17:20
Hello nice to meet you x
22 Nov 2010 17:18
Hello beautiful boy, lovely to meet you. There are so many names to choose, where do you start........ Take care x
22 Nov 2010 16:51
what a stunner! her name really suit´s.
21 Nov 2010 20:18
like my horse.HOPE U DOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Nov 2010 20:17
be my friend
21 Nov 2010 20:17
be my friend
21 Nov 2010 20:16
ha haw ya doin
20 Nov 2010 19:03
Welcome to petstreet you are gorgeous xxxxxx
20 Nov 2010 19:02
Hi cutie welcome to petstreet xxxxxxxxx
20 Nov 2010 16:48
you are beautiful x
20 Nov 2010 16:48
you are very cute xx
20 Nov 2010 09:17
Such a pretty girl.
20 Nov 2010 09:16
Frank, I think you is gorgeous. Love your avatar look very handsome and have a lovely glossy coat.
19 Nov 2010 19:57
you are a little beauty xxx
19 Nov 2010 13:38
Thanks for letting me know Vena
19 Nov 2010 13:18
Havent seen Nerys on site for a very long time.
18 Nov 2010 22:20