Fully Fitted Conservatory Sales Leads

There are limited ways to generate new sales leads & prospects no matter what type of direct selling to businesses or general public is being carried out and, if we ignore direct enquiries, they can broadly be seen as:

  1. cold calling.
  2. referrals.
  3. print advert.
  4. online advert
  5. e-mail & “snail-mail” campaigns.
  6. have a website.
  7. buy a list.
  8. buy sales leads.
  9. outsource everything!

It’s a fact, direct sellers have to go out into the market and prospect, if you sit & wait for customers to come to you then your business could end up failing really quickly.

For the purposes of this article, I want to “trash the competition” and just focus on buying sales leads, in this case for conservatories.

Advantages: (over all the others)

  • fixed cost – you decide your budget.
  • targeted audience – consumers in your product range
  • pre-vetted info – all contact details are already confirmed.
  • declared interest in your product range – you only get leads for products or services that you specialise in
  • no win – no fee – if the lead turns out to be bogus, you get a replacement, refund or both.
  • local leads – you can specify the region that you cover.

The whole idea is that you can specify your criteria to the sales lead provider, and they tailor a package for you – less time wasters, better conversion rate, manageable costs and an excellent financial return on your investment.


For conservatory sales leads, learn more at www.exclusivehomeimprovementleads.org.uk

Buying Conservatory Sales Leads